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AdirOffice 67-in-Drawer Table Utility Cart

29 Reviews
  • The chair and table cart has a heavy duty design with crossbars made with 14-gauge steel and vertical bars made with 7-gauge channel steel.
  • The heavy-duty trolley allows for a deployment of up to 42 folding chairs and 12 folding tables, and includes bungee cords to strap tables on for transportation.
  • It is designed to move freely and fit through most doorways, the cart rests on four 4 inch thermo plastic rubber locking wheels.


The AdirOffice folding table and chair combo cart is a versatile solution for moving and storing your folding chairs and tables. This cart allows for seamless deployment of up to 42 folding chairs and up to 12 folding tables from its heavy-duty steel frame. The cart body rests on four 4 in rubber swivel caster wheels that are designed to float freely so that the cart can be easily and safely maneuvered. It is also built to universally accommodate most plastic and metal folding chairs.
  • The chair and table cart has a heavy duty design with crossbars made with 14-gauge steel and vertical bars made with 7-gauge channel steel.
  • The heavy-duty trolley allows for a deployment of up to 42 folding chairs and 12 folding tables, and includes bungee cords to strap tables on for transportation.
  • It is designed to move freely and fit through most doorways, the cart rests on four 4 inch thermo plastic rubber locking wheels.
  • The cart is designed to universally accommodate most plastic and metal folding seats and tables.
  • The utility cart is a must have for hotel owners, and perfect for a quick set-up and break down, with no physical strain.
  • ABOUT OUR BRAND – AdirOffice was founded with the lofty objective to offer high-quality office supplies and equipment at a revolutionary price
  • The utility cart includes bungee cords to strap tables on for transportation.
  • The folding chair and table cart has dimensions of 67in x 65in x 33.7in
  • The cart fits through standard size doorways 80 in H x 36 in W.
Weight 51.5 lbs
Dimensions 33.7 × 67 × 67 in

Latest reviews

  1. Krissy3

    Nice product. Was not hard to assemble. Holds my chairs and tables nicely out of the way. 2 of the caster wheels lock and 2 don’t which is nice for leaving in one place then if it needs moved just unlock the 2 casters and roll it where you need it.

  2. jetapia22

    I recently decided I needed to organize all my tables and chairs that I use for family events. I found the AdirOffice Folding table and chair combo cart had been such a time and space saver! The quality is very sturdy and easy to put together. Will be very long lasting. I like that it has wheels which makes it very easy to move around which is a big plus. I am short and it was easy to hang the chairs and load the tables on the cart with no problems. The chairs stay hung and the tables very secure. If you are looking for a great way to organize all your tables and chairs. The AdirOffice Combo cart for tables and chairs is the best choice!!!!

  3. jcksrobbins

    This is perfect if you have a table and some folding chairs that you need to store out of the way when they aren’t in use. It is a super sturdy cart and can hold up to 12 folding tables and 42 chairs, although it is working great for us to hold a couple of tables and a half dozen chairs. I really love how easily mobile this cart is. The caster wheels swivel and make it very easy to move the cart around without hassle. If you are looking for an easy way to store your table and chairs when not in use, this is the solution. It is fairly compact and moves around easily while being a very sturdy cart. Perfectly fits into the corner of a garage.

  4. lluvia30

    This set is extremely strong and durable. It’s not hard to put together and it just comes in a long box. That’s why I liked it. I will say that it is a bit heavy, but my husband carried it to put it together, he was the one who helped me, but that is a good thing since it is very well built. I was able to store all of our tables and chairs as it holds 42 chairs and 12 tables and they can be neatly kept using this as it is so much better than leaning everything against the wall so we can have it in the garage which makes it easier when one needs them Just know this is for the storage rack only, and does not come with table/chairs..

  5. Telleferro

    This table and chairs trolley is very strong and durable. On summer nights when we’re getting chairs and tables out for movie on a lawn, this does the work of carrying all that heavy stuff. It’s perfect as I am close with a pastor of my church at the corner of my block, as I can help on Sundays for gatherings. This trolley holds up to 46 nice size foldable chairs and a large table. Even if you don’t need or have that many chairs it can help transport them. I have it in my garage waiting on spring and summer for events to open up since this pandemic is coming to an end. I can’t wait. I definitely recommend this for friends and people who love having events that need to carry so many chair’s and tables. It’s easily assembled and has casters (rollers/wheels).

  6. Goatleyrtrd

    This thing was easy to put together and seems sturdy enough. I currently only have one table and a few chairs on it because the rest is in storage but now I will be able to store it all together in one place which will be so nice. This rack is pretty big but cool because it keeps everything organized and neat, out of the way, until needed. I’m really happy to have found such an item and love how it turned out! Love no longer having chairs and tables falling over and in my way!

  7. Nikkib313

    I am a perpetual hostess and I have a large family that come over for dinners quite a bit. I also have a small home which forced me to buy a few tables and folding chairs. This cart keeps my basement organized. I like that the tables are off the basement floor and everything is all in the same place l! I have to say the directions are not that easy to follow but the metal seems quite durable and should last for quite a few years.

  8. Sun510

    The table and chair cart is easy to assemble. The instruction manual could have been more elaborate than it actually is, but nevertheless we installed it in a short amount of time. Holds 12 tables, it is compact and easy to move around. The wheels on them are really nice too.

  9. Perfect Solution 2

    AdirOffice folding table and chair cart combo has been a godsent. For anyone who socializes often, has outdoor functions or simply utilizes the folding chairs and folding tables this is a MUST. This product is very well made. The materials are solid, the instructions were not confusing and the manufacture made certain to provide the necessary equipment to put the combo together correctly. I have been using mine for a few weeks now and it is still holding strong and looks like the day I took it out of the box. No chips in the paint, no rust and nothing bent. This is top quality. I am so pleased with this product that I am considering an addition for the youth group. After all, who does not like organization?

  10. Kris0911

    We have several tables and chairs that we use for different events. Birthday parties, BBQ, boils, etc.. This cart has come in handy for storing them all and keeping them out if the way. It’s so convenient too. It is a little heavy when it arrives in the box, but assembly wasn’t hard at all. The instructions are clear as day and easy to follow. It can hold up to 12 tables and 42 chairs. It is mobile, so you can easily move it around without the hassle of having to unload and reload it. The wheels swivel which makes it easier to move around. It is very sturdy, it’s big and keeps everything together and out of the way until needed. Highly recommend if you have as many tables and chairs and me. It saves you so much room.

  11. Mickey Mickey

    Prefect way to organize my table and chairs in one place

  12. cupcakegrandpa

    My girlfriend and I put this together downstairs when I got it. It weighs a ton, and it was better to do it where all the chairs and tables were. It wasn’t hard to put together at all and all the parts and instructions made it easy. Then we took all my tables and chairs and got them al on there and rolled it to the back part of the basement. So easy to roll around and not have chairs falling all over and tables sliding over. This is the best invention I’ve ever seen! I have a walk out basement and it rolled right out the door and we set up the tables and chairs for a barbecue, then rolled it back out there and put them all on it and rolled it back in the basement. All in one hall instead of 20 trips dragging tables and chairs. I LOVE IT!!

  13. MovingManAr

    My wife is an event designer, and she has serval tables and folding chairs in the shed. The table and chairs take up a lot of room. The AdirOffice Cart for folding chairs and tables is a must-have. The Cart is sturdy and easy to move with the wheel on the cart. and the cart itself can hold about 18 chairs and about 6 or 7 tables. The cart helps with space issues, and with the loading and unloading of the equipment. We are purchasing another AdirCart for the rest of the chairs and tables my wife has, and I do recommend this product.

  14. Garner99

    I received this amazing cart to try out, and let me tell you, as a family that has several functions each year, the cart will come in real handy! We have several long plastic tables, and fold up chairs that just lay up against our garage wall. Now we have a place to keep them all in one spot, and off of the floor! We are super stoked to have this sturdy cart to keep everything organized. It is made of heavy duty quality metal, and the casters make the cart so easy to maneuver around the garage! We love our cart!

  15. Christine12359

    We have a big family and holiday dinners are always stressful for trying to figure out where everyone will sit/eat. We had a ton of folding chairs and a few tables. Storing them was always an issue. Now that I have this, it fits in the corner of the basement and since everything stacks so nicely on the rack, it saves us so much room. I highly recommend getting of these for your personal use or for your business. It’s very well made, nice heavy duty materials. I’m positive this will last for many many years

  16. Debra B

    While the assembly instructions for this unit were not great, it didn’t take long to figure it out and get it assembled. We have 12 Lifetime 6ft tables on the bottom and 40 chairs on the hangers. They fit wonderfully. We are very happy with this purchase!

  17. SunniD

    I got this to use at work for the few events we have throughout the year.
    Instead of just laying the chairs and tables against the wall or shoved in a closet, I felt this would make things look a little more neat and tidy.

    The instructions were unclear but it’s not hard to put together without them. The pieces felt okay, after putting everything together it didn’t seem super sturdy but again, it works for what we need.
    I wouldn’t move it a whole lot, but it holds the chairs and table fine.

  18. Vicki_d

    If you’re like me and have to drag out tables and chairs at least twice a year, the AdirOffice folding chair and table cart is for you! It is SO much easier to load this cart, and unload this cart, all at once rather than having to drag out every table and a couple of chairs at a time! The casters make the rolling process smooth and painless and storage is so much cleaner/neater! I would definitely recommend this cart to anyone who has more than a couple of tables and folding chairs!

  19. Duke41981

    I was very impressed with this Chair and Table Combo rack. It was very easy to put together, and I was immediately impressed with the quality of the frame as well as the castors used in manufacturing. The cart holds up to 40 chairs I believe, and it also holds 12 tables. I was amazed that I was able to move this cart fully loaded with chairs and tables with relative ease. Yes, the cart was heavy, but it didn’t take much to get it moving. It was also easy to turn.

  20. Always falling

    I bought this for my church. Tables and chairs were always stacked up against the wall and the wall was starting to show major damage. I love this sturdy rack. We can roll it easily from the closet to the floor which savea us from carrying heavy tables for a distance. This heavy cart stores all of our chairs and tables which is a big amount. I love that 1 person can easily push it where needed. It rolls and turns with much ease. The church loves it!

  21. cajun_mom

    The AdirOffice 65 in x 33.7 in. x 67 in. Folding Chair and Table Combo Cart is a major help with keeping our plastic and metal chairs and tables in order. The cart was easy to assemble and it has wheels which makes it very convenient and easy to store it in our garage. I like that it holds 6 folding tables and up to 42 folding chairs because we use these a lot during crawfish season when we have crawfish boils. I would definitely recommend.

  22. Blessedmemaw

    I received this product in exchange for my honest review. This came in time for our youth group opening at church so we now have somewhere to store the tables and chairs when it’s game time!! This is a very sturdy product and is easy to move around and holds plenty of chairs and tables. Considering buying another one we like it so well! Thank you for the opportunity to try this magnificent product out. Would definitely recommend.

  23. J2222

    I’m so pleased with my AdirOffice folding chair & table combo cart. No more clutter of table & chairs everywhere. I can safely & neatly store my folding chairs & tables with ease now. The cart is nice & sturdy & can easily store up to 42 chairs. Which is way more than I have. But this has made a huge difference in my garage. I needed the extra space this cart has given me.
    I definitely recommend checking them out too.

  24. Melissa k

    This cart makes my life so much easier when it comes to storage of folding chairs and tables. The cart can easily deploy 42 folding chairs and 12 folding tables from it’s heavy duty steel frame. The cart body is on 4 in. rubber caster wheels designed to float freely so the cart can easily be moved. And this cart is even built to accommodate most plastic and metal folding chairs. Would definitely recommend it!

  25. Staceygurl17

    I got this for free from tryit sampling for my honest opinion. I have a huge family and we always love to have family gatherings, especially around the holidays. I always had to dig my tables and chairs out of the basement because I had nowhere eles to put them. Well with this cart, I’m able to store them properly and very easily. This perfectly fit my table and chairs and comes in handy. I recommend!

  26. Bam1129

    Recently used this to set up a graduation at an elementary school. It’s a life and back saver. It made set up and tear down quicker and easier by being able to move tables and chairs at the same time. Assembly was easy and this cart is very sturdy. I also like that it’s still easy to maneuver even when loaded down. Great purchase for schools, party venues, or businesses that rearrange a lot.

  27. Adriana085

    I have few chairs and tables just stock up at my garage and only used on special occasion. This cart is amazing, and doesn’t need to much space. I put my tables and chairs and they fit perfectly and looks so neatly. I definitely recommend it if you have tables and chairs for special occasions or company that do rentals. Easy to put up and has wheels so it’s easy to move.

  28. Dayana

    This is exactly what i needed to organize my tables and chairs, we have a lot of them because my family is big and we use them frequently, since i am the one in charge of storing them this product saves a lot of space in my garage and it holds 20 tables and 40 chairs very well! It wasn’t that hard to assemble, it only took a few minutes, the quality is very good!

  29. Tiff94

    The Folding Chair & Table Combo Cart makes moving folding chairs and tables around so easy. All you have to do is place the chairs and tables on the cart and push them to wherever you need them. It’s so much more efficient and faster to be able to move several at one time versus carrying the chairs and tables by hand. Not to mention, it saves my back!

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