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Agri-Fab Capacity Broadcast Tow-Behind Spreader

15 Reviews
  • 110-Lb capacity
  • Rustproof poly hopper and spreader plate increase product life
  • On and off control accessible from tractor seat for convenience


The Agri-Fab 110 lb tow spreader is a good choice when you need to start, re-start or weed and feed your lawn, spread everything from fertilizer to seed to ice melt with this spreader. Solid construction and reliable design ensure even and continuous flow and spread of materials, eliminating streaks. Its large 10 ft. spread covers approximately 17,500 Sq. Ft., so you can cover more ground in much less time quickly and efficiently. The hopper is constructed of heavy-duty polyethylene for rust- and corrosion-resistant performance in all weather. Its heavy-duty steel tubular frame can handle years of use. And with its at-your-reach flow control, you can adjust flow from the reach and comforts of your tractor seat. Boasting a universal design, this seed and fertilizer spreader conveniently fits all brands of riding lawn tractors. Its large, 10 In. tires provide sure-grip traction and smooth-rolling maneuverability. With a weight of only 30 lbs. the spreader delivers no-hassle storage in your shed or garage, as well as exceptional portability and maneuverability.
  • 110-Lb capacity
  • Rustproof poly hopper and spreader plate increase product life
  • On and off control accessible from tractor seat for convenience
  • Pneumatic tires allow for smooth transport
  • Up to 12 foot spread width for reliable coverage
  • Heat treated steel gear
  • Need help with assembly check out the Agri-Fab YouTube brand page for step-by-step assembly videos
Weight 30.45 lbs
Dimensions 28.3 × 24.5 × 14.2 in

Latest reviews

  1. Bill

    bought this to spread pelletized lime. Very impressed when I got it assembled took about an hour. 6 bags in, wheels are locking up. Turned it over and the plastic stabilizer that supported the distributor and gear is busted. 1 hour down the drain. taking it back

  2. Sparty52

    Recently purchased this spreader through and posted the following review on Agri-Fab’s site. I just received an email from Agri-Fab’s stating that they were not publishing my review on their site…so much for being honest with customers!

    Lack of parts!
    Couldn’t put it together when it was delivered since it was missing 7 out of 12 hex nuts and all 9 washers. Emailed Agri-fab for what I needed and they only sent me 2 hex nuts (but I did get the 9 washers – YIPPEE!). Called when I was shorted the hex nuts, now have to wait at least another 5 days before I hopefully get the parts that were supposed to be in the original box and can finally fertilize my lawn. Priceless!

  3. Tony

    Cheap plastic “stabilizer” supposed to keep gear axels in line is worthless. Can’t handle 80 lbs of fertilizer. Failed after 2 acres.

  4. Paul

    I bought this spreader to replace a hand push spreader I’ve had for 20 years. My yard is 1 acre of grass so I thought this model with pull behind the yard tractor would be easier. I assembled it, loaded it with fertilizer and started to work. Half way through the job, The rear wheel and gear locked up, causing the wheel to stop turning. Upon investigation, the cheap plastic shaft holder for the drive rod had completely broke apart. This is a key component of the gear system ad it is cheap. This spreader is pure junk and should not be used for pull behind. May be it works for the manual push mode, but don’t waste money on it for trying to pull it behind your lawn tractor, its cheaply made and won’t hold up.

  5. Buckethead

    Purchased this unit to spread fire ant killer over a large lawn. The supplied instructions were clear, however I had to return it to
    due to missing parts. The staff at in Lexington S.C were very helpful, they exchanged it for another one with all the parts. I really like being able to add enough fertilizer/pesticide at one time, not having to fight pushing a spreader over a rough area. I found the Agri-Fab spreader was very stable even when towed fully loaded over rough and hilly terrain.

  6. Nobodyyouknow

    I read the reviews before purchasing and figured the people complaining about missing parts were a fluke. Nope. Step 1 in assembly calls for inserting 2 – 2″ bolts through the handle. Guess what wasn’t in the package. Neither bolt and one of the nuts. Ok, I had some and could get past that. Next step – insert plugs (3) – nope – only have 1. Not a huge deal, we’ll skip it. Next step – insert axle bushings (2) – nope, only have 1. Can’t put it together without that piece so the whole thing went back in the box and returned it to . I’ll find another brand elsewhere.

  7. Alan

    Just wonted to say this unit is easy to assemble . I saw a couple of reviews they are saying the door won’t shut all the way well yes it does you have to adjust it . The adjustment is on the Bracket that attaches to the tongue it has slots in it that you can move the bracket forward or backward and it will adjust the door to make it close all the way read the instructions people . I’ve used it three times now on 5 acres no problems . If you take your time and assemble it right you will have no problems read the instructions and get the washers in the right place .

  8. Papajohn

    I had a similar spreader but the drive unit had nylon (or plastic?) drive mechanism. I searched high and low for one that was metal and Agri Fab fit the bill! It works great and is easy to use! Couldn’t be happier!!!

  9. Mark0756

    First off, the Agri Fab spreader comes in a box with about 75 pieces to assemble. The instructions are ok. Mine had one wrong part and was short a 2 bolts and two nuts. Agri Fab said that they were aware of the wrong parts being packed with these spreaders and shipped me the correct part.

    After assembly, I used it to spread Scott’s Triple Action fertilizer. Agri Fab basically advises you to guess at the spreader settings. The application rate for Agri-Fab broadcast spreaders is a general setting of 3 to 5 for light to heavy application You will not find exact spreader settings on either the fertilizer bag or on Agri Fab’s website or product manual. It is all very haphazard. However, that is not even the biggest problem. I tow the Agri Fab spreader behind my zero-turn ride on. You can’t reach the spreader flow control so I had to open the flow control then get on my mower to pull it and spread the fertilizer. However, when you do that, fertilizer starts pouring out of the spreader right away resulting in large amounts of fertilizer pooling in the yard. It’s the same situation obviously if you stop while pulling the spreader for any reason. I tried to spread the fertilizer out where this occurred but missed one spot in my front yard which burned badly.

    Save time and money and look for another spreader. Quite honestly I am not impressed with Agri Fab nor this poorly designed product at all.

  10. gardenmom

    I purchased this last Saturday, and in less than 30 minutes it was assembled and ready to go. The controls were easy to use and I recommend to start with your slide plate opening around 5 and do a short test. The frame is sturdy with a wide stance which I liked. Overall this made it so I could get the yard work down quicker and easier

  11. enfd2590

    Long story short…..look closely at the picture. The vertical shaft that drives the agitator bottoms out into a plastic housing. Hmmmmmm, let’s see….a spinning metal shaft against a cheap plastic housing. How long do you think that’ll last? Less than 30 minutes and I was done. The plastic housing MELTED!!! accepted the return without question, but the woman that took the return was “less than nice.”

  12. Mike

    Caution: Reading other reviews about broken drive gear. I noticed the pin in the small brass looking gear was not driven in all the way from the factory. If I would have used it this way I would have broken something. Make sure you spin the drive wheel and everything turns smoothly before you start using it.
    Also, read instructions carefully, I missed bushing #40 on the shaft/cross brace and had to take the whole thing back apart. I only noticed this when I had extra parts at the end of the build.
    I haven’t used it yet, I upgraded from the $114 Agri-fab spreader because it tipped over on a hill and spilled and killed a big patch of grass. I’m hoping this larger and wider wheel base won’t tip over as easy.

  13. Anonymous

    This is my second purchase of this spreader as the first broke in the drive line area on the first use…I like how beefy the spreader felt and I’m very mechanically inclined so I figured if I got another one I could space the drive line and keep all the parts in place and from breaking the plastic parts that house the shaft that turns the plate. I’ve used it two times since then and it is working perfectly…I gave it 3 stars because when you buy something you shouldn’t have to add spacers to keep it from breaking. However other than that issue the unit seems very well built…

  14. Jim

    Excellent spreader. Has great controls which are more precise than other spreaders I have owned and used. I would highly recommend this spreader and it sure feels like it will last a long long time. Only downside is it took longer to assemble than what is advertised. I bought this spreader to service a 5 acre lawn and it works beautifully.

  15. Michael N

    The gear that drives the spindle inside the hopper locks up causing the drive tire to lock up and drag. Material hangs up in the hopper and does not feed to point of discharge.

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