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ALC SightHD Outdoor 1-Camera Wireless Hardwired Mounted Micro Sd (Included) Micro Sd Security Camera System

23 Reviews
  • Keep an eye on your front door with the video doorbell
  • Remotely view just outside of your door from anywhere anytime 24/7/365
  • 2-Way audio lets you communicate with passer byers


  • Keep an eye on your front door with the video doorbell
  • Remotely view just outside of your door from anywhere anytime 24/7/365
  • 2-Way audio lets you communicate with passer byers
  • Motion detection and Human detection software
  • Record video in Full HD 1080p
  • Weatherproof design
  • Wide angle 145-degree lens
  • Night vision
  • Onboard recording with MicroSD card (up to 128GB – NOT included)
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 7 × 5 in

Latest reviews

  1. IVIG Mom

    The ALC Video Doorbell with full HD, 1080p Wi Fi Camera with on-camera recording was easy to install by connecting to my old doorbell wires. (Please note that this unit is not compatible with wireless door bells. This connects to already existing mechanical and digital door chimes) Simple, free app setup using the ALC SightHD app which can be downloaded from App Store or Google play. The picture quality is on point. There is clear colored images during the day as well as black and white during night. You are able to watch either live or recorded images. The IR Lens filters are amazing. You can also answer the door remotely with two way audio. I love that there are zero fees to worry about paying monthly or no contracts to be locked into. I am pleased with unit as there are many positives: 1080p full HD camera, human motion detection, up to 20 feet night vision, weather resistant, built in microphone and speaker, no monthly fees or contracts. I would say my one negative with this doorbell is the size. Its much larger than I expected for a doorbell. It definitely looks like a security camera when approaching the door. Overall, I can overlook its size for the added convience of being able to answer the door anywhere and the security I now have.

  2. iamharv

    This doorbell camera is attractive and well made. The housing is comprised of metal and has some weight to it. I would have liked to see its mounting bracket made with metal as the bracket is, however, made of plastic. You receive two brackets that are designed to nest together or to use the main one for a different mounting location angle. I found the install to be less than 20 mins if you have decent length wires. If you don’t, I recommend putting a connector on then to extend them and then adding the connectors to screw into the doorbell. I used quick disconnect connectors so I could just pull off the wires if I needed to remove doorbell for painting the house, etc. The lens used on it allows for great field of view. I have it mounted on my garage entry door and I can see my front porch, the neighbor’s drive and the house across the street clearly. It must be used with their own phone app which overall works well, but in my experience has been a little buggy. Also, make sure you don’t put special characters in your admin password for camera during setup. Once I corrected that issue, I was able to use the cloud features and they work great. The audio and doorbell feature work great too.

    -Well built, and attractive housing.
    – Great camera and field of view
    -Comes with everything needed to do a basic install.
    -Software allows for remote viewing, talking and recording.
    -Built in memory card for recording to.
    -Cloud capability for extended storage options.
    -Motion detections works and can be confined to certain areas of image.

    -phone app seems buggy
    -Mounting plates are made of plastic.

    Overall this is a great security addon for the home and allows you to keep an eye on things while your away.

  3. Bhriv

    Just received this ALC AWF71D SightHD Video Doorbell with 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Camera and already love it. It’s an added addition to my protection and peace of mind before opening the door to anyone.
    When activated by motion, it alerts me that someone is there and I can decide if I wish to answer the door by opening it or respond by voice.
    It’s easy to install by using the existing wired doorbell. If you don’t have a wired doorbell, you’ll need to have the added expense of getting one installed.
    The bonus is that there’s no added expense of a monthly fee for the app and it uses your home wi-fi to alert you.
    I’ve very pleased with this and recommend it!

  4. My2Cents

    An eye on your doorstep when you’re away.

    Let’s face it, how people shop today is significantly different than it was a few years ago. So many products are delivered to our doorstep every day, while we are at work. Knowing what is going on when your away is a surprisingly exciting.

    Video doorbells are a game changer and there is no going back. While they don’t stop all bad things from happening, they are a deterrent and a witness that records both audio and video. This ALC AWF71D is a great product, easy to set up and feature loaded.

    In addition to the security benefits you would expect, the doorbell offers increased functionality by allowing you to communicate with a visitor on your doorstep. The product packaging does a good job at listing all of the features of this product. I will focus on the features most helpful to me and explain what installation steps need additional attention.

    Installation: If you have an existing wired doorbell, it is very easy to swap out the equipment with no additional expense. Two screw drivers (normal and small) would cover most installations. New installations would require additional components such as a transformer, wire and the door chime as well as additional tools to run the wires and connect the transformer (inexpensive components would probably cost around $50.)

    The basics: You will need a WIFI connection where the doorbell is located, a smartphone with a data plan, the ALC SightHD app, you need to create a free account using an existing e-mail address and register your ALC device.

    Once the system is loaded, you can access the controls using the SightHD app. The instructions tell you the initial steps and provide you the factory passwords.

    The features I love are the remote viewing with 2-wy radio. While at work, I can surprise my girls when they wait for the bus. The system notifies me that there is motion at the doorstep and I log-in and start talking to them.

    The motion detection is very good and you can customize the sensitivity. Night vision is also effective but the infra-red dots draws attention to the doorbell at night.

    No fees or contracts to access the doorbell and paired with google drive allows you to save video in a secure off-site location.

    Issue 1: After a few hours, I heard a hum coming from my mechanical door chime. I think it is because the power for the video doorbell comes from the transformer and it has to pass minimal voltage through to function. So, I bought a wired, digital door chime and installed according to the instructions using the extra dongle in the package. Initially, it didn’t work and I was freaking out. Fortunately, I checked the settings in the SightHD app and discovered that the initial set-up was for a mechanical door chime and I had to switch it to a digital door chime and increase the number of seconds to 15 to accommodate the melody that I chose. This is one area where the instructions could have been clearer. It is important to note that when I want to change the melody, I have to ring the doorbell so that it powers the digital chime allowing me to switch the selected melody.

    Issue 2: We have vinyl siding and the doorbell is longer that the ridge spacing. I was not going to cut into the siding to flush mount the doorbell, so I cut a piece of rigid foam as a backer. While this is a temporary fix, I plan on buying a proper backing plate at the hardware store to provide a flat surface for the doorbell to press against. (I’ve included a photo of my alteration)

    Issue 3: The WIFI connection at my door is a little weak. It takes a few seconds to access the live video. I think signal strength may affect the speed the app connects to the doorbell.

    There are so many more great things that I could say about this product. I’m a fan. It is a great product and I plan on getting other ALC monitoring products for my home.

  5. Chrisarpin8912

    I recieved this camera 3 days ago. The results are already in. This camera has a great quality in its build and performance. I am in love with the 2 way audio. The picture quality is amazing. This allows me to check the door without even leaving the couch. I can now tell those door to door salesman no thanks without much bother. It hooked right into wiring of my old doorbell. It also has the notion sensor. And lastly the price was very nice compared to other products that do even less. I would recommend this to all.

  6. JuliaCPhT83

    This Video Doorbell is a nice addition to your existing doorbell. You wire it up with your existing doorbell wires and you still hear your original chime when the doorbell rings. The nice perk of this addition though is that your cellphone rings as well once you have downloaded the app. You can answer your doorbell from anywhere that you have your cellphone. You get a nice high quality visual of who is at your door when you get the call on your phone. You then have the option to answer the doorbell from your phone. You can speak to the person at your door through your cellphone as well. It’s a really nice feature and addition to your original doorbell.

  7. Hotdiva411

    I have been very pleased with the ALC AWF71D Sighthd Video Doorbell with 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Camera. The installation was easy. It came with brackets which made it so much easier to get the perfect angle to see the whole front door area that I was needing it for. It took about 45 minutes to hook up to my existing doorbell and it was all set . I down loaded the free app that is used with it with no problem and it was ready to go.
    I really like that I can be anywhere from home and see who is at my door as long as Im connected to WiFi . The picture quality is great and the sound is clear. I’m able to see and verify who they are and not have to worry about strangers. The only thing that I can say negative about the doorbell is the size of it. It is a little bigger than I had expected one to be but it does the job and does it well.

  8. njreviews

    It’s easy to install, connecting to your old doorbell’s wires. The camera is pretty good, and there’s a motion detector feature so if you want to know who is coming onto your front steps but not ringing the bell (like UPS deliveries), you can. It’s kind of big, so it’s obviously a camera to people coming to the door, but I think that’s the point, right? Not bad for the price, and no monthly fees, so it’s nice as a way to try out one of these “security doorbells”. After you’re connected and set up, your cell phone rings when someone pushes the doorbell and you can see them right on your phone.

  9. Jsotam76

    I really researched different video doorbells for a very long time. I was very off put by other brands that were a touch to small, unattractive and wanted to charge me for monthly storage.

    After a bit of deliberation I finally settled on this one. I love that it wired directly into my old traditional doorbell. Installation took less than a half hour and I was up and running. The app was a bit different than others I have used but I adapted to it pretty quickly. As well the motion detection was very sensitive but a quick tweaking within the app and I was good to go.

    Plus the savings over the lifetime of this video doorbell that I won’t be spending on storage fees will pay for this one over and over again.

  10. kedalgo83

    The doorbell camera came quickly with detailed and easy to understand installation and usage instructions. It took us around 20-30 minutes to install and although we are not experts installation wasn’t very difficult with the instructions provided. It was simple to immediately connect to wifi then to view from our phones. I love the wide range camera and that I can received notifications to my phone if there is motion or if it is pushed. I also love that there are no monthly fees and I am able to store the recordings on google drive. It has definitely helped me to feel more secure leaving my mother in law and children alone while my husband and I work or are away from home. I do not have any complaints and recommend this!

  11. Anonymous

    I recently received this ALC AWF71D SightHD Video Doorbell with 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Camera and I am so impressed! First of all when I opened the box I couldn’t believe how heavy duty the door bell itself is. The quality is incredible. I feel confident that this doorbell will hold up great. I found that the directions included in the box were very clear and included both visual and written instructions which I really appreciate. I was able to install this myself very quickly and didn’t run into any problems understanding the directions. Once it was all set up I downloaded the app and I was ready to go. The picture from the doorbell is very clear and the 2 way sounds is easy to hear on both ends. I highly recommend this product.

  12. Madz64

    This is such a great product and has so many features that it is also a great value! The installation was somewhat easy as we already had wire from a preexisting doorbell. Yet I want to mention an area I was stuck on while installing. I found it did not mention to put the wire through bracket first; the bracket needs to be mounted first then hooked to doorbell. The instructions states to hook up to doorbell and does not mention the bracket. As a result, this part was confusing and took most time to install. Yet, I am not tech savvy and thus this may not be as complicated to someone else and may be evident. Otherwise, instructions were detailed and clear with images to guide.
    After installation, downloading the free ALC SightHD app was uncomplicated as it clearly guided me with connecting the doorbell to the app. Under settings, there are various options to personalized your doorbell such as timestamp color and where you want it to appear on the screen, chime melody type and volume, email setting if you want email alerts when someone rings your doorbell or approaches your door(this door bell also senses motion!), push notification when doorbell rings or motion is detected, adjust video record quality, SD Card settings(one-minute video recordings are saved on the app until you delete or upload to your Google drive). It was so much fun making this bell my own and experimenting with its features.
    This doorbell not only alerts me when someone is at my door before they actually ring the bell, but provides a wide and clear view range of the front and side of my home. It also provides a wide view of my street and several homes in front and to both sides of my home. Furthermore, the night vision is superb! It is clear 24/7! I can also clearly communicate with anyone on my porch and can hear birds chirping, cars driving and someone walking onto my porch!
    This doorbell has the look and feel of a security camera to deter anyone who has negative intentions and serves as your doorbell! The best part is that I can be in control when I am not home; I will receive alerts when someone is near my porch and can see who is there and it automatically records any motion detected for future reference.
    I highly recommend this valuable product for a peace of mind!

  13. Lilbenceleste

    All I had to do was connect it to my existing doorbell wires and install the app. and I was good to go. It couldn’t have been easier. If someone rings the bell I get a call, if I answer the call I can see the person and talk to them if I need to. It’s so nice when I’m not at home. The motion sensor works great, so if they dont ring the bell it still captures them on camera. It really makes me feel safer. It is not a hidden camera, if someone comes to my door it is very obvious they are being recorded. Great deterrent.

  14. Aduhh

    Having this video doorbell gives me a piece of mind knowing I can see who is at my home any time. The two way audio is also very nice so when I’m going to be just a moment I can let the waiting person know I’ll be there soon. I’m a stay at home mom so it gives me comfort to know I can look at who is at my home before opening my door. I also receive a lot of packages and have had some issues with people stealing in our neighborhood. With this video doorbell, I can review footage if anything ever goes missing.

  15. RobertM

    This doorbell is very cool. Easy to follow instructions for setup, easy to connect to home wifi, and easy to understand how it works. It’s powered by my existing doorbell power wires. Camera is high quality and images I get on my phone are crisp. This doorbell has a “security camera” look to it, so visitors will understand they’re on camera — in my neighborhood this will come in handy, so many porch pirates! Very satisfied with this product at the moment and hope it works for years to come.

  16. bkelly217

    This is a nice product if you’re wanting a doorbell camera for your home.
    The setup and installation was very easy. I love that I can access my doorbell camera from my phone’s app.
    This product is water and weatherproof so you don’t have to worry about harsh weather harming it.
    It can record and you can upload the recordings to your google drive for later on. I think the picture is great and the product is really effective.
    Great price point compared to similar items as well.

  17. JChan

    This review is about the ALC SightHD Video doorbell with 1080p full HD Wi-Fi Camera. First and foremost, it was not complicated to get working and that is a big deal. It uses the same wires as your doorbell uses so no additional work needed. The video quality is very nice and it works great at night which I was concerned about. It is so nice to be able to see who is at the door now before opening it. You know to always ask, but to literally be able to see them is terrific.

  18. Anonymous

    This doorbell was so easy to connect, but you have to make sure that your home is prewired for it before purchasing this device. Most old homes are not prewired, but usually newer homes are. The app is very intuitive and simple to use. The picture and video quality is great, and I was impressed that the night vision is pretty sharp. This is a great doorbell choice because, unlike other smart doorbells, you do not have to pay for a service to record/save the videos after installation. With this doorbell you can save it to a microSD card and then upload to Google Drive directly. It really is that simple! I travel a lot so this helps me see who’s knocking at my door while I’m away; I also have had issues previously with stolen packages, but with this doorbell it rarely happens anymore. This truly helps keep my home safe.

  19. Lisalou5150

    I received this video doorbell to test and review. It was super easy to install from my existing doorbell. I absolutely love that it connects directly to my cell phone. Now I can see who is at the door anywhere I am. It’s great knowing that I have that extra little but if security. In today’s age it’s nice to know you have a second set of eyes watching over you. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a little extra security without spending a bundle.

  20. Jessie

    I moved to a new place and this video Doorbell came handy. I always like to have a camera where I live because I am constantly working and I do get a lot of packages daily. I am really impressed with the quality and the efficiency of this video Doorbell FULL HD 1080p camera.

    Firstable, it is very easy to set up. What I love the most is that there is no monthly fee or contracts. You can also answer from anywhere. But overall I love that I can view live or recorded scenes in FUll HD. The videos are very clear from day to night. Also love that is weather resistant. It has motion detection as well as night vision up to 20 feet.

    It has a built in microphone and speaker. The sound is great. I can also transfer my videos to cloud storage. It is just amazing. Now I feel like all my packages are safe when I am on the go or at work. Great way to save money. Highly recommended.

  21. Anonymous

    oh wow I can’t believe how wonderful and awesome having a video doorbell is. It has great features like being waterproof, Multi-angle, night vision which is just awesome. Very easy to install. Living way out in the country it’s nice to be able to see the house when I’m at out. I get a lot packages delivered and it’s great to know when and who is delievering them. I’m in love with my new video doorbell.

  22. Tangalyn

    This is a really nice product to add a little extra security to your home. It looks nice and works great. The video and the audio are both top notch… Installation is easy enough for most homes I would say. I really like being able to pretend I’m not home when I know who is knocking.. Hehe, feels so dirty biut so deserved after all these years of opening the door blindly. Ah the world today.

  23. jenhamilton412

    I love this video doorbell. It was very simple to install and easy to operate. It makes me feel so much better and safer knowing I can open the app and see who is at my door at all times. This is very easy to operate and I like knowing I can even check in while I am at work. The instructions included are very easy to follow and very user friendly. It did not take long to install at all.

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