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Alfred DB1 Black Bluetooth Compatibility Single Cylinder Electronic Deadbolt Lighted Keypad Touchscreen

7 Reviews
  • Choose up to 20 unique pin codes
  • Includes key override, with 2 keys
  • Add the Alfred Connect WIFI system (sold separately) with your Alfred Lock to allow you to control your Lock remotely via the Alfred home App, you also gain access to Google assistant and Alexa to be able to control your lock with your voice


DB1-A smart deadbolt black with built in bluetooth and key override. Simplicity at your front door. As your stylish personal concierge Alfred DB1-A locks makes your smart home, a little smarter. Forget your keys at home, with up to 20 programmable key-codes you won’t need them anymore. With the DB1-A model you also get the key override built in, so if you enjoy the benefits of a smart lock but still want a pair of keys as a backup, this is the model for you. Also open your door with a single touch using the blue tooth™ functionality and Alfred’s one touch unlock feature. Take full control of your door with the Alfred home app. Lock, unlock, set one-time or temporary pin codes, perfect for short-term rentals. Introducing Alfred part butler, part bouncer.
  • Choose up to 20 unique pin codes
  • Includes key override, with 2 keys
  • Add the Alfred Connect WIFI system (sold separately) with your Alfred Lock to allow you to control your Lock remotely via the Alfred home App, you also gain access to Google assistant and Alexa to be able to control your lock with your voice
  • Easy DIY install by replacing your existing deadbolt, download the free BILT app which will walk you step by step through a set of digital install videos
  • One-touch entry – with your phone near by, simply touch the unit to unlock your door (Alfred home app required)
  • Low battery warning – the lock will alert you when the battery levels are low, should your batteries fail, the lock can be powered via a micro USB port on the bottom of the front panel
  • Alfred DB1-A model features a glass touchscreen keypad and key override (see DB1 or DB1-C model if you want to go keyless)
Weight 1.54 lbs
Dimensions 3.88 × 10 × 8.32 in

Latest reviews

  1. Maria

    I can’t give this a rating at all. I ordered this product as a “deal of the day” through . I had to order it online-I couldn’t go to the store and pick it up-there were none in stock at my store. The product arrived and I unboxed it-and began to install it on my door. I made the mistake of not thoroughly inspecting the product prior to removing my old dead bolt off of my door and beginning the install of the Alfred deadbolt. When I pulled the plastic off of the front face plate-it had clearly been used and had scratches all over the front. (see pictures below). I called customer service and the gentleman I spoke with was fantastic. He was able to order me a new lock for the same price I had originally paid and told me to return the one I had to the store. I waited a few days for the replacement to be delivered-and as soon as I got the box I knew that it was also a used product. I immediately noticed the outside of the box was damaged. As soon as I opened the box-my fears were confirmed. There were scratches all over the different pieces needed for install-the papers on top of the box were dirty and stained-and sure enough when I took the plastic off of the face plate-it was also scratched. I will be returning both of these to the store-and this time I’m not bothering to call to order a new one. Clearly this company (Alfred) boxes and sends used products to customers-so I won’t be purchasing another of their products again. I also hope considers this when selling their products in the future.

  2. Margaret

    This smart lock has it all with great looks and lots of features. The only lock that looks better than the DB1 is the DB2, but from a functional standpoint, it is slightly more responsive than the DB2 (at least with my dry hands). It also has almost all the same features as the DB2: one touch entry, embedded passcodes, long battery life with a hidden micro usb power port if you miss the warnings on the lock itself and in the app, phone app access which you can log out of through the use of another phone if you ever misplace your phone and A GASKET.

    I have the DB1 on my garage door so it doesn’t get the UV and sun, but it does get the 100+ heat in the summer. So far it has held up well.

    Easy to install, easy to use and easy on the eyes! The DB1 is a great lock.

  3. PJWarn

    I needed a lock that would automatically lock after a certain period of time (kids). This lock fit the bill and also allows keyless entry into our home. Installation was pretty straightforward and the app is intuitive. I do wish there was a longer 30 second delay-auto lock option, but it’ll do. I like how the software lets you program different pins for different people and the logging of the lock actions. Great product!

  4. jts 1

    I was impressed with how easy this was to install and program. Works better than any i have previously owned.

  5. sam

    I read the reviews and it was excellent. Now I know why. The app is a must. I followed the step by step instructions and it was perfect

  6. Sam C

    Works like. It should. Always responds to my hubitat. Keypad is responsive and it looks great.

  7. Ryan

    Very easy to install product is highly recommended

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