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Alfred DB2 Gold Bluetooth Enabled Electronic Deadbolt Lighted Keypad Touchscreen

12 Reviews
  • The sleekest lock on the block, the Alfred DB2 smart lock comes in black, chrome and gold
  • Know who enters, and when, with up to 20 unique pin codes, single use pin codes, or time sensitive pin codes
  • Add the Alfred Connect WIFI system (sold separately) with your Alfred Lock to allow you to control your Lock remotely via the Alfred home App, you also gain access to Google assistant and Alexa to be able to control your lock with your voice


Simplicity at your front door. As your stylish personal concierge Alfred makes your smart home, a little smarter. Forget your keys at home, with up to 20 programmable key-codes you won’t need them anymore. Or open your door with a single touch using the blue tooth™ functionality and Alfred’s one touch unlock feature. Take full control of your door with the Alfred home app. Lock, unlock, set one-time or temporary pin codes, perfect for short-term rentals. Alfred looks quite dashing as well, coming in black, chrome, or gold to match your style. Introducing Alfred part butler, part bouncer.
  • The sleekest lock on the block, the Alfred DB2 smart lock comes in black, chrome and gold
  • Know who enters, and when, with up to 20 unique pin codes, single use pin codes, or time sensitive pin codes
  • Add the Alfred Connect WIFI system (sold separately) with your Alfred Lock to allow you to control your Lock remotely via the Alfred home App, you also gain access to Google assistant and Alexa to be able to control your lock with your voice
  • Alfred is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin
  • Easy DIY install by replacing your existing deadbolt, download the free BILT app which will walk you step by step through a set of digital install videos
  • Low battery warning – the lock will alert you when the battery levels are low, should your batteries fail, the lock can be powered via a micro USB port on the bottom of the front panel
  • Connect to select smart home hubs with addition of Alfred Z-wave module (sold separately)
  • One-touch entry – with your phone nearby, simply touch the unit to unlock your door (Alfred home app required)
  • Alfred DB2 features no moving parts, or buttons only a touch screen, if you want to add a manual key override please check out our DB2-B models
Weight 4.0131 lbs
Dimensions 10.2362 × 3.937 × 8.2677 in

Latest reviews

  1. Anonymous

    I really enjoy not having to bust out keys to open the door. The one-touch feature is really cool because the app notifies you when you enter the zone and you just have to wake the screen up and press it. The lock looks so sleek and modern. I haven’t had any issues and I like being noticed through the app when the door has been manually opened from the inside vs. unlocked with the code from the outside. The auto-lock feature got me a bit nervous but it works well too. Just note, if you leave the door open like if you’re bringing in groceries or moving furniture the auto-lock feature will still run so the dead bolt will stick out. No issues so far!

  2. Dranoel

    Bought this lock to replace current one, I stumbled across the name ‘Alfred’, I must say, easy installation and programming. Built tough and durable. It pays for itself first time I used it. No more figiting with the password code that is I’ll not unlock my door.

  3. Margaret

    This smart lock has it all. Not only is it the nicest looking lock, it has all the features making it one of the best functional ones. There are so many great features:

    * One touch entry: I’m a cyclist with little kids–so opening the door at a touch is not just handy, but a safety feature!
    * Embedded passcode: for when you mistype the pincode–not just to prevent someone from discovering your code
    * Long battery life with a hidden micro usb power port if you miss the warnings on the lock itself and in the app.
    * Phone app access which you can log out of through the use of another phone if you ever misplace your phone.
    * A GASKET — every lock should have one of these as you might discover when you take off the old one and have to deal with the marks left behind

    The lock and app are both easy to use and intuitive. I’ve used it a year now in the AZ sun (between 9-12 am where it’s seeing 120+ F temps in the spring/winter/fall–I wouldn’t install it on the back door in the full afternoon heat in the summer). The battery is at 52% and the touchscreen looks and acts like it did coming out of the box. The team is still improving the features. For instance, the app now logs when the lock is enabled. I’m impressed. It is by far the prettiest lock out there, but it also has the features to back it up. Love my DB2!

    *This review is going to say I received a review lock, but in all honesty, I wouldn’t have worked with the team for one if I didn’t think I would love it–much less drilled the optional (USE THE BILT INSTRUCTIONS!) in a door I just painted prior to installing. My old keyless lock worked just fine and I’m generally not the first to try out smart/tech devices. This lock was more than worth the switch.

  4. Pinoballa22

    Quick and easy installation. High quality electronic lock with 20 users code usage.

  5. Gpghomeimprovements

    REad carefully – not wifi compatable can only use w bluetooth which means you have to be close to door. Confusing setup and relies on app to show you how to setup.
    Obviously bad translations in the app and paperwork. Invest in a better translator and proofreader please.
    Ordering another brand and will swap this out when i get bew one and return it

  6. Joe S

    This has worked out great. I’ll had add on Smart locks and did not work as well. Z-Wave module work worked flawlessly even in s2 mode. Seems to work really well. The only comment I could add is the Alfred software can be a little bit more intuitive and cleaned up a little bit.

  7. John D

    Fantastic lock. Easy to setup and integrate with my smart home system (Home Assistant) via Z-wave. The exterior design is very sleek and I love that there is no key slot. Battery life appears excellent as well. Still showing 100% even after several weeks of use.

  8. Knox Knock

    Great step by step directions. Great 3D views, very helpful. I think more detail of hardward such as screws. Bag has similar sizes so it is difficult sometimes to choose the correct one. Maybe closeup of each part.

  9. Jeff

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The lock is user-friendly, and installation was very easy. The BILT App was very helpful in guiding the install. The app is also great.

  10. Teresita

    The deadbolt does not have a emergency Key option
    Since it is battery operated what happens when the Batteries die.

  11. Aaron C.

    Absolutely love it. The phone app makes programming all the functions on the door a breeze.

  12. Zeke

    This is the best looking smart lock, and it works great

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