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allen + roth 21-in 3-Light Black Modern/Contemporary Vanity Light

26 Reviews
  • Black finish and modern design will complement many styles
  • Includes elegant etched glass shades
  • Requires three 60-watt standard base bulbs (not included)


This attractive vanity light with an elegant black finish is an excellent addition to your room. The unique oval etched glass shades and black finish combine for a stunning appearance. This fixture will add form and function as well as beauty to your room.
  • Black finish and modern design will complement many styles
  • Includes elegant etched glass shades
  • Requires three 60-watt standard base bulbs (not included)
  • Fixture dimensions: 21-in L x 9.88-in H x 7.75-in D
  • Can be installed facing up or down to suit your preference
  • Great for modern style decor
  • ETL listing demonstrates this product has met minimum requirements of widely accepted product safety standards
  • Easy to install with mounting hardware and instructions included
Weight 9.68 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 9.75 × 7.75 in

Latest reviews

  1. David

    Noticed rust less than a year after install, completely rusted in about 2 years. Bathroom has an exhaust fan. The 2-prong bulbs cost about $8 each and don’t last…I figure about $100/year in bulbs. I replaced it with a Delta from …hopefully it will last longer. I’ll never buy this brand or a fixture for this type bulb again. Disappointed would sell such a low quality item. Wish I had looked here before buying it. Maybe I can send the globes to the previous reviewer.

  2. lugal78

    Recently updated our main bathrooms and used these to update the old 1990’s fixture. Found this one on sale and I’m so happy we bought it. I think it looks amazing! We did have to go back to Lowe’s to get shorter screws so the light would not wobble but other than that it is PERFECT! I’m a 40yr old woman and I installed it myself! Super easy!!! Love my new light fixture!

  3. bluesparkles

    I like the light. It’s pretty. However, this is the second Allen + roth fixture I’ve purchased, and will be the last.

    The first light was a square ceiling light which was physically impossible to install square to the room. The installation plate just didn’t line up correctly in any configuration.

    This light is missing an integral part to make installation a breeze. There’s no bolts for the machine screws. The bolts are necessary to hold the machine screws in place so when you push the fixture up to the wall, the screws don’t back up into your wall box.

    Secondly, the installation plate doesn’t line up well with either the fixture or the wall box. Finagled, it works ok, but I’d be much happier if it just fit, rather than me having to make it fit.

  4. Crystal

    I’ve had this light fixture installed in my bathroom for almost a year now. I have not experienced any rusting or discoloration as other reviewers have posted, but will keep an eye out. My two kids shower in this bathroom on a daily basis and there is no window but I do have an exhaust fan. This was easy to install and provides great lighting.

    For those of you who’ve experienced rusting in a short amount of time I would take it back to Lowe’s. I used to work there and they are good about customer satisfaction and even if you don’t have the receipt at least she’ll get store credit since they still carry the item.

  5. Crystal

    I’ve had this light installed in my bathroom for almost a year now. I’ve noticed people have mentioned rust, so I’ll keep an eye out, but so far so good and my two kids shower in that bathroom on a daily basis, no window but I do have an exhaust fan. I’m very pleased with the look and the light that this transmits.

    If rust starts to accumulate, I have my receipt and will return it to . I worked there for two years and they are very good about taking things back and customer satisfaction. If they still carry the product and you don’t have your receipt, they will give you store credit, so I never hesitate buying something at Lower.

  6. susieq

    I purchased and my contractor installed this. Subsequently, one of the frosted glass shades fell and shattered. I have made so many attempts to obtain a replacement one, and except for somehow trying to reach someone in China (where they are made) I have not been able to get one. It’s frustrating that you buy something like this that is not made in the USA, does not carry replacement parts and you’re out of luck. I therefore will never recommend buying this.

  7. yeah

    This light looked beautiful at first but the back plate has rusted completely in just two years (yes, I have a working ceiling fan).

  8. taximom212

    We love this light fixture! It was replacing a 1970’s light bar so…really anything would have looked great, but we really like this! It was fairly easy to install.Pay attention to the installation instructions and you should have no problem. It will definitely be easier for you if you have a octagonal box rather than the rectangular one like we had. But now it’s up and we love it! Gives out plenty of light!

  9. Goose

    I have bought many Allen and Roth products in the past and have been happy with them. However, I bought two of these light fixtures almost two years ago and the rust is almost more prevalent than the original shiny chrome finish. These fixtures are not cheap either, at about $84.00 a piece. I am going to go to my local and see what they can do for me?

  10. coastie

    It comes with two 8-32 x 1 1/2” bolts. TOO LONG. Buy two 8-32 x 1” bolts. This will save you some consternation. You’re welcome.

  11. Dave

    Only one option to install – to the outlet box. Screws provided don’t fit a standard box. And, you really should always get a couple install options.
    Then the mounting bracket holes didn’t align with the canopy holes. This was all hardware provided – how does your own stuff not line up?! Not even close. And the bolts were the wrong length!!! So, had to fabricate my own solution.
    Surprising in these days of easy install and decent quality standards – this wasn’t rocket science to delivery an easy install design. Such a miss.

  12. KYMom

    This is an attractive, inexpensive lighting solution. The instructions are vague and very general, however all required parts are included. The circular mounting bracket included is “universal”, meaning it is probably supplied for various fixtures by this manufacturer. If the individual performing the install examines the mounting plate they will see it has numerous slots and/or holes for mounting to outlet box and/or fixture canopy. It just requires determining which slots/holes are suitable for your particular installation PRIOR to actually mounting the fixture. Anyone with some intelligence should have little trouble with the installation. As for the rusting….we will have to wait and see.

  13. thatguy

    Hot showers didnt take long for this to rust. Here is a pic two years after owning. Ues it was chrome the day I got it

  14. Betty

    I just renovated my bathroom and had this fixture installed. I like the appearance and the quality so far.
    It looks more expensive than what I paid and I hope it lasts a long time. I use it with a dimmer control so
    it also can look more ‘classy’ than the price.

  15. supermom3

    Loved the look of this light, so I bought two to update our bathrooms. In our front bathroom, which has a shower, the light started rusting within two weeks of installation. We have a bathroom vent, but still manage to have a lot of condensation. Our master bath has a tub only, and so far that light hasn’t rusted; however, not feeling too confident. did take back the rusted one, because it was less than thirty days. I will most likely lose out on the second one when it starts rusting! Money and time wasted! Don’t waste yours!

  16. Frank

    Looks nice and for $84 I thought I was getting a well made light fixture. Boy was I wrong. The screws that attach the bracket to the outlet box didn’t fit. Then the screws that attach the bracket to the base were too long. After a trip back up to to buy new screws, I finally get the light fixture up and noticed that the light bar was crooked as can be. This item is garbage!

  17. Tony

    Nice looking fixture however considering that it is a vanity light, one would have expected that it would not rust so quickly and extensively. 2 of the fixtures were installed in a brand new bathroom, both are now eye sores due to the extensive rusting. Purchase something else.

  18. CHA777

    It was difficult to find a fixture that fit our space requirements. Ultimately this one fits the bill, but was difficult to install. The screws were metric as well as too long. Maybe its a problem of not being an electrician, but these fixtures are supposed to be designed so that anyone can install them. We had to make another trip to the store for screws, wasting our time.

  19. Jabry5

    I liked the way the fixtures are curved along with the brushed nickel adds a really nice touch in a small bathroom.

  20. a400

    Having read some of the other reviews, I’ll say that ease of installation depends on how old a house and its light boxes are. You may have to drill a hole or two in the mounting bracket, or use screws from the previous light fixture. I feel any adapting was worthwhile to get the new look and function. As for the chrome totally rusting out, that seems pretty odd. Leave the bathroom door open after use. These lights do a nice job of diffusing and hiding the bulb.

  21. Maria

    I like the shape of the fixture but would prefer a brighter bulb. Only goes to 60 watt.

  22. Redb

    This is a nice light fixture. The metal parts are well designed and constructed. The glass globes are on the thin side, but decent. The biggest flaw comes during installation as the provided screws that go from behind the wall mounting plate and through the fixture’s base are too long, by about 1/2″. This necessitated a separate trip to purchase of two 8-32×1″ (1 1/4″ might fit, too) bolts to fit appropriately. Bad design!

  23. Fagan

    The product looks great on the wall but the instructions were horrible on how to put it there. The descriptions were vague as to where the screws go and the plate did not fit a regular wall outlet to where you could attach it in the holes. Buy this product if you have the time to take into putting it up and through trial and error to get it right.

  24. Bobby

    The light fixture is very nice looking and was easy to install. It gives off great light and adds a great touch to the appearance of the bathroom. Only problem was one of them had been opened and I had to do some modifying to get it installed.

  25. SeanHannity

    It’s chrome plated right? Then why would it corrode and rust after 5 years? I guess that’s about what you get with all these Chinese made things. Chrome truck bumpers from 1965 have less rust than my bath fixture.

  26. Robert

    Product was difficult to install and after installation, one of the lights flickered. I had to bend the tab in the socket to get the light to stay on. Still doesn’t work properly.

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