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allen + roth Dunmore Brushed Gold 2-handle 4-in centerset WaterSense High-arc Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain

29 Reviews
  • 3-hole Deck Mount Installation on 4-in center
  • Brushed Gold Finish with Physical Vapor Deposition process for a durable lifetime finish
  • Meets WaterSense® criteria to conserve water without sacrificing performance, with a max flow rate of 1.2-GPM


The Dunmore collection by allen + roth® exudes a soft contemporary sophistication brought to life with rounded curves. Faucets meet WaterSense® criteria to conserve water without sacrificing performance. The Drop and Twist™ drain allows for quick and easy installation in as little as 5 minutes. Dunmore sink faucets coordinate with the collection’s bathtub and shower faucets for a complete look.
  • 3-hole Deck Mount Installation on 4-in center
  • Brushed Gold Finish with Physical Vapor Deposition process for a durable lifetime finish
  • Meets WaterSense® criteria to conserve water without sacrificing performance, with a max flow rate of 1.2-GPM
  • Ceramic disc valves assure smooth handle operation and drip-free performance
  • Durable metal construction with simple assembly: mounting hardware requires no special tools
  • Featuring the easy to install Drop and Twist ™ Drain Included
  • ADA compliant for safety and ease of use
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
Weight 3.63 lbs
Dimensions 11.42 × 6.3 × 6.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. BethE

    I absolutely love this faucet! The matte black finish is wonderful!!!!! It does not leave streaks or watermarks and cleans up beautifully! It also looks amazing for company. The hook neck is slender and elegant, but has a lovely presence. This facet has all the vibes of modern and new, but also brings in farmhouse charm and cottage character. It is a classic!

    Now for the details:
    -This has a 4″ center set, and 3 holes.
    – The water pressure is better than many that we have had in the past.
    – Super easy to install! ( It was so easy to install that my 14 year old could do it for me. He was able to install with ease.)
    – pop up drain will transform the way you think of faucets!

    I definitely recommend this!!!!

  2. SoccerMom

    Love the look of this faucet. Instead of rounded type faucets this has more squared look. My old faucet was peeling and getting a bluish tint to it. I like how this one is higher in the air. So you don’t hit your hand on the faucet when you are washing your hands. It has a smooth black satin type color. Really nice. I don’t think it will flake off like my other one. Really nice classy look.

  3. v

    I am in the process of remodeling a basement bathroom. I haven’t found the vanity I want yet but I am planning to have a white one with black fixtures. This faucet is perfect! Everything you need comes in the box. It is quite substantial and looks and feels expensive even though the price is very reasonable. I did run water through it just to test the functionality. The water stream is strong enough for any bathroom function. The handles turn easily without feeling loose at all. It seems to be very well made. It has a smooth surface that will be easy to clean. I can’t wait to get the vanity and get it installed!

  4. Ma Dukes

    Updating the vanity and faucet for my guest bathroom has been on my list for some time. I have brushed gold hardware in my kitchen so I wanted to give this color a try in the guest bath. The old faucet and drain worked, but were a little outdated. The Dunmore centerset proved to be perfect. The install was simple. I always like clear directions with pictures. I installed a kitchen faucet years ago so I was up for the challenge, but definitely challenged by the small space under the sink. I’m 50 something and I’m still not sure how I got under the sink, but thank God I made out alive with my back in tact! I only needed a couple of ibuprofren later on. Like my install years earlier the most difficult part was removing the old faucet and drain. So if you have never installed a faucet before, just know that most of your time will be spent on removal. Once I got out the old faucet and drain, replacing them was pretty easy. The faucet fit perfectly in the holes and I really appreciate the pop up drain vs. the old one with the pull on the handle set. The pop up is so much more practical. The faucet and drain is a “relaxed” brushed gold which makes it just the right amount of glam (more like real gold, not so yellow). I love the contemporary design of the arched faucet and sleek handles. The water pressure is great! I’m a little concerned about water stains because of the color, but that’s not an issue thus far. Kinda wish I had gotten the brushed nickel because now I have to change the hardware in the shower/tub. I recommend this faucet set. It “classes up” my guest bath a little more and has inspired me to update the master bathroom faucets.

  5. David

    The Dunmore faucet arrived, packaged very well. No damage either outside or inside. The contents were packed snugly to prevent movement during transit and this keep everything in place.

    The faucet is beautiful. It has a very nice design and is pleasing to the eye. The aesthetics fit well with the decor of both sink and room. It was exactly as described online, in the literature, and on the box.

    Opening the box and unpacking the faucet was easy. While it was securely closed there was no difficulty in laying all the parts out for installation. There was only three main parts! How much more straightforward could it be?

    This installation was by far the most effortlessly faucet installation I’ve ever done in nearly 50 years of home ownership. A beginner without any real plumbing knowledge could do this. Everything was in the package that is needed to install, except a wrench. My home is older and has metal water supply lines and I would suggest swapping these out for flexible supply lines. They are much easier to work with than old ones that are difficult to bend or line up with existing shut-off valves.

    Now it’s installed, replacing a department store faucet that didn’t last very long at all. This Dunmore looks great. Works wonderfully. I love the way the handles feel when turning on and off the water. It is so precise and “clean” feeling. Immediately starts and stops the water flow with no drips, squeaks, or much effort. Oh what a great faucet and great addition to our home. Remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for?” Well, here you get much more than you’ll paid for. It is top quality and made from high grade material. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

    Without reservation, I can recommend the Dunmore faucet. You won’t be disappointed. I love it. If you are upgrading your faucets, this ought to be on the top of your list for consideration. If you just want to add style to your bath or kitchen to will exceed your expectations.

  6. JK

    I requested this faucet to begin updating our hallway bathroom. From start to finish this took approximately 30 minutes to remove the old fixture and install the new one as well as new water lines (water lines were not included, we had to purchase them). We needed to use plumber’s putty to seat the faucet but the drain is made with rubber gaskets and no tape was needed. The black color is very pretty and the faucet feels very durable and should easily handle the grandchildren. This project did not require too much knowledge and the directions were very easy to follow. Very pleased with how the faucet looks now that it is fully installed, definitely prettier than I expected. Everything we needed was included in the box except for the water lines and putty.

  7. mrsblue21

    Love this sleek stylish black matte finish and the high arch faucet. Lever handles and high arched faucet make it easy to wash dirty hands. Simple install of faucet and drop and twist drain. Easy to keep clean. Good water flow 1.2 gallons per minute flow and good water pressure. Can be used in traditional and mobile homes. Anne used with any decor…country, industrial, cottage or modern. Sleek and elegant design. Easy install. Everything comes in the box. Made from high grade materials. Totally recommend this faucet.

  8. MKJ

    As advertised, this faucet was very easy to install. It only took about 10 minutes to remove my old faucet and replace with this new one. Everything you needed was in the box. My old cheap faucet started to rust out after having it for about two years. I love the modern nickel finish look. The hook neck is classy with a nice sleek appearance. The water pressure is great and the handles turns very easily as well.

  9. Agv

    This matte blackish-brownish faucet has been great so far. It has a smooth design, very modern. It is easy to clean – it doesn’t have any hidden crevices where dirt can get stuck. The handles are easy to use, it motivates our kid to turn the water off while brushing teeth. It was easy to install, everything was included. I haven’t found anything I don’t like about this faucet, we’ve been using it for about 2 months now.

  10. Jan

    The style of this faucet is functional and beautiful. I had it installed by a plumber, but if you are handy, you could it yourself. I personally liked the higher level of the water flow.

  11. RC

    In the middle of building a house. I received this product (Dunmore Matte Black 2 Handle 4-in Centerset WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain and Deck Plate) thinking it would match up to other products that I had on order. The products came in and were installed by the plumber. This product didn’t match but planning an outside building that will have a sink installed and this will be used there. Product looks to be fine. Matte Black finish. Has a plastic pop-up drain. Limited lifetime warranty.

  12. Shar3560

    Received this gold faucet fixture as part of my loop.. It’s very pretty and has an elegant look. I love the long neck feature, it just doesn’t match any of my hardware that I already have. I am going to add this to my next bathroom upgrade in the smaller bathroom, in which I will also add all gold fixtures. The style is a plus and the water flow seems efficient. No issues there. The handles are easy to turn. I would definitely recommend this product.

  13. Lenorae

    Sleek looks

  14. Velvet2012

    This faucet is solid, I’m shocked how low the price is for something that is really good quality. Easy installation, my husband took about 20-25 minutes to put the faucet in and it works perfectly. The water pressure is super good too! Got it for all my bathroom faucets to have a nice sleek and modern look.

  15. jessie

    replaced an old faucet that was there 10+years, oh am I glad I did!!… this elevates my entire restroom, and the reach is perfect, don’t have to duck to wash my hands anymore..

  16. Kim

    We bought three of these faucets, installed them in less than one hour and cannot love them more. They have a sleek, simple design and excellent water pressure. We haven’t had any issues and would absolutely recommend these to any homeowner. The install was very easy and the results are perfect.

  17. LivD

    Great price for great quality

  18. Tiny T

    The black is very nice. Not too flat if a color. Easy to clean. The only thing I think could be better is the stopper. It seems a little basic.

  19. Modernhouseenthusiast

    I can’t comment on the longevity of this product because we have only had it a week but it’s beautiful and sturdy! I want to replace out other two faucets with the same now!! Perfect mix of modern and timeless.

  20. Kaylie

    It’s very high quality and nice looking for a cheap price.

  21. vinnie

    I bought 2 faucets, both of them are leaked, do not buy, even it free do not waste tour time to install, i am going to buy different one. But i am going to use the drain stopper.

  22. Modern

    Very cute and sleek. Love it and barely shows water marks.

  23. Tinam

    Beautiful. Love it. Especially the classy drain plug.

  24. idesign

    #1) This faucet runs even after turning the handle to the off position for about 3 seconds. (see video) Customer service told me that is the design. It’s supposed to do that. Maybe I have been spoiled by faucets that don’t do that. #2) smudges show up (see video). This is a new 1 day old installed faucet. #3) the stopper does not appear secure. It’s a push in stopper, not a lever pull stopper.

  25. ShaniB

    This is a beautiful faucet. Higher angle head than a moen faucet I was deciding between. Boiled down to the side to side twisting of neck and I chose moen. But having 2nd thoughts because it is so much more nicer looking.

  26. Honey25

    This is a beautiful faucet and easy to install, it took only five minutes Installed love it.

  27. Jczona

    Easy install, moving parts operate smoothly,and easy to clean.

  28. Concon

    Very nice looking and has plenty of room to wash your hands.

  29. Nate

    Beautiful and modern! Just what was needed for our remodel.

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