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allen + roth Sumter Oil-Rubbed Bronze 1-handle 4-in centerset WaterSense Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain with Deck Plate

10 Reviews
  • Allen + Roth single handle bathroom faucet in oil-rubbed bronze from the Sumter collection
  • Single-handle faucet design for quick and easy water control using a single lever
  • WaterSense certified allowing you to conserve water without sacrificing performance


The Allen + Roth single handle faucet from the Sumter collection features an oil-rubbed bronze finish and a matching push pop-up drain. This faucet is detailed with simple curves and a waterfall style that allows water to smoothly cascade from the faucet. This single hole installation comes with an optional deck plate that can be used to cover bathroom sinks with 3 holes and 4 inch centerset installations.
  • Allen + Roth single handle bathroom faucet in oil-rubbed bronze from the Sumter collection
  • Single-handle faucet design for quick and easy water control using a single lever
  • WaterSense certified allowing you to conserve water without sacrificing performance
  • 1.2 Gallons per flow rate helps to conserve water
  • 1 Or 3 hole install with optional deck plate to fit your upgrading needs
  • ADA compliant lever handle for easier operation
  • Push pop-up drain with overflow included
  • Ceramic cartridge for drip-free performance
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 17.13 × 8 × 3.15 in

Latest reviews

  1. Houseof4

    Love this faucet. I upgraded my upstairs bathroom sink with this faucet. Installing this faucet was simple (old faucet not so much). Directions are easy to follow. I love that the drain stopper is finger operated. Just push with your finger to put up or down. The oil rubbed bronze warms the look of our bathroom. Please note that the deck plate in my photos is not included. I purchased this separately because I have a wide set faucet. I included a photos of the deck plate that is included and it matches the faucet perfectly.

  2. Pete

    Pretty straight forward and easy install. Cat hasn’t broken the drain yet, so it’s fairly durable. I love the finish and it has held up to a bunch of scrape tests.
    Install was straight forward, I only wish it had come with adapters to go from the common 1/2″ fitting to the newer 3/8″ fittings. The included block off plate covers most standard 3 hole setups.
    The ball valve control is accurate and smooth. It is very easy to get any temp you could possibly want.
    There’s a healthy flow. I’m not sure how good it will be for rinsing out razors and stuff, but it looks classy as all heck.

  3. Tommy

    This is easily the nicest bathroom faucet install I’ve ever done. From start to finish, it only took about 30 minutes to remove the old and install the new without leaks. From the start, I could feel the quality in the manufacturing. The faucet itself has good heft to it, and the handle has enough resistance to feel like it will stay where you put it. The finish is attractive, and matches well with our other oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. The only tools and materials necessary for the install were a small adjustable wrench, the deep well wrench that comes with the new faucet, and a little bit of clear silicone. It was pretty intuitive. I did read the instructions, but would have easily figured it out without them. The only thing to watch out for is that the hot water line is not obvious. The instructions say it is marked with a label, but the label doesn’t actually say that it’s the hot water line – it’s just a generic warning label. The deep well socket is necessary for attaching the single hold down nut, and makes easy work of installing the faucet. It clips onto either of the water lines after the install is finished so that it is available should you need to use it again later (see pic). The water lines don’t require any sealant as they have all they need straight out of the box. The pop-up style drain is just as easy to install and didn’t require any plumber’s putty. After all is said and done, I’m extremely pleased with the quality, look, and feel of the new faucet. I most definitely recommend this. Before and after pictures attached.

  4. Jeff

    For starters I absolutely love the design of this product. It match the style I was going for and completed the look in my bathroom however there is one major thing I despise about this product.
    Unlike other products this product does not have a good finish to make it spot resistant.
    As a result you’ll be constantly wiping it down to make it look better; included are pictures of a spot resistant Faucet (pfister) compared to a non-spot resistant Faicet (allen-roth) I HIGHLEY recommend to buy a spot resitant faucet. You can see the difference, the pfister which i purchased from is spot resitence i have not cleaned it since i put it in 3 weeks ago. However the Allen Roth faucet was just cleaned and still has a bad finish.

  5. Johnny

    First time using an Allen+Roth fixture. And I love it! No problems with it and love the design, seems like every company has one of these in their faucet style. Water flow is perfect, no splashing around edges as I would have expected being that the water comes more forward then straight down at the drain. And instant compliments from everyone using the sink. Just watch out if you have a cat around that can get on the vanity, since they can easily nudge the one handle water to ON, lol. The only thing weird is the drain. It is bigger then the base of it as seen on pic and the base is just plastic, not brushed nickel look.

  6. Gaary

    I recently built a live edge vanity for our log home. This fawcett looks awesome with the “flintstone” type bowl. Was very easy to install and the directions were clearly written. It was packed very well and is available in the popular oil rubbed bronze. The faucet is sturdy and the control lever is smooth without play. Installation would probably only take a novice about 1/2 hour to install. It took me longer since I had to make a build up mounting to use with raised surface mounted bowl. Very pleased with the look and quality of this fawcett.

  7. IndyMom23

    We are completely gutting one of our bathrooms ourselves in order to save some money. This faucet is so gorgeous and looks like it costs a lot. It is super high quality and I love the way the water flows out of the faucet. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because the pop-up drain assembly is made out of plastic so I worry that it could crack. Other than that, it is beautiful!

  8. Andrew

    Finish of the faucet is great, and operates very smoothly. The baseplate, if you choose to use it requires a little more care to ensure the two pieces of it line up (metal top and plastic base). The baseplate also requires silicone to seal to the sink surface, and does not include a rubber or other flexible gasket. Overall we really like the look of this faucet. It may require a little more cleaning, or a simple wipe once in a while due to the way the water flows, but hopefully this is minimal. If you have really hard or staining water, this may be more visible on the faucet over time.

    The water flows “out” of the faucet instead of directly down to the sink, so it is much nicer to be able to wash your hands without having to bend down as far to get your hands directly under the faucet.

    Installation was super easy, of course removal of your old faucet varies, so make sure your water is off under the sink or at your main shutoff, and open the old faucet (hot and cold) briefly to relieve and pressure. Remove the old faucet, wipe/clean the counter/sink surface, and you are ready to install the new faucet. This faucet uses two flexible hoses, integrated to the faucet, that connect right to the shutoff valves. This is more common these days and is a great timesaver. The only other pieces for the faucet are a washer and a nut, both of which you will have to attach from under the sink. Luckily, this should be pretty straight forward, and THEY INCLUDED A CUSTOM TOOL TO INSTALL THE NUT. THIS IS AWESOME!!! Installation went very smoothly with this included tool, without it you would have to find an extra deep socket (impossible in the depth required) or fight with a wrench under the sink where you can’t see what you are doing. When you are done tightening the nut, and the faucet is secure to the counter, the tool actually clips onto one of the water lines so it does not get lost = GREAT DESIGN!!!! 🙂 Lastly, tighten the lines to the valve, not overnight, finger tight first and then lightly tightened with a wrench, and turn the water back on. Check for leaks, run hot, check again, wipe everything dry, and then check again in an hour.

    For installing the sink stopper/drain assembly, it also follows a pretty typical installation. Apply silicone to the sink surface or the stopper assembly and insert the drain, thread on the components to the “tail” beneath the sink and tighten. Reassemble the rest of the trap, drain components, etc as typical. Installation for this is super simple because it is a push/tap to open/close drain, and does not require the valve arm and plunger adjustment to get everything right.

    It came with an allen wrench also, I have no idea why. The drain stopper uses a Philips head screw, maybe it was supposed to be allen head previously?

  9. Kennedy013109

    Product came neatly packaged. Instructions were clear and very easy to follow. Super easy installation. The faucet looks great! I love the brushed nickel look. The water flow isn’t very powerful, but that was to be expected. I love the design and the waterflow. It’s a gentle running faucet. The drain plug is also very neat. It is a push button type design. Because of this, less parts are needed. Gives it more of a clean look and makes the installation super easy. Looks great! Very modern! Would definitely recommend.

  10. almiele

    I installed this in our master bath vanity. My Pros: It really nice nice looking especially while on, very calming and pretty! Fairly easy to install, I used the mounting plate to put it over our previous 4″ center set holes with putty. The drain plug is nice and round, and the largeness is very sleek!

    The Cons: Thinking over it though, I’d really highly recommend not installing this where teeth will be brushed, or especially with kids. ANY spit/backsplash will hit that faucet if you’re not careful. (Especially so with kids!) so when you wash your hands… Yep, it rinses onto you too. Hard water? I’m only thinking of the nightmare future of having to clean up in there with a tiny brush so it’s not stained with lime in a few months. This is something you’d definitely HAVE to keep up on cleaning VIGILANTLY; especially if you have hard water.

    If this was installed in a half-bath/powder room, it’d be much easier to care for. Definitely an eye-catching piece, so why not have it in a room to show off to guests?

    Only other issue would be back to a kids bathroom. If you don’t clean the sink daily from spit, to close the plug is to put your hand down into that mess. Not that one needs to that often, but if you DO fill your vanity sink often; think of where you have to touch and what would need to be cleaned more than twice a week!

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