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Alpine Corporation Replacement Bulb

19 Reviews
  • Chemical-Free Uv Sterilizing Box: Makes sterilizing your smartphone and other daily items quick, easy and chemical-free with full 360° UV sterilization
  • Kills Bacteria And Germs: Sterilizer emits ultraviolet light to kill 99% of viruses and germs in 6 minutes
  • Aromatherapy Function And Easy To Use: UV box is simple to operate for hassle-free sterilizing while also featuring an aromatherapy function


Keep your smartphone clean, charged and smelling great with the Multi-Function UV Light Sterilizer and Phone Charger with Aromatherapy box from Alpine Corporation. The multi-functional sterilizing box makes sterilization quick, easy and chemical-free. This multi-use UV sterilizer box utilizes 2 UV light bulbs that offer wide wavelength coverage to keep your smartphone, keys, face mask, eyewear, and other compact items sterilized. To promote a healthier lifestyle, this compact UV box allows you to keep your devices clean without the use of harsh chemicals. By emitting ultraviolet light, this box helps you sanitize everyday items quickly and safely in 6 minutes. This practical and helpful gadget also features an aromatherapy function that allows you to add some drops of your favorite essential oils to provide a wonderful scent to your sterilized items. It also offers both wireless and USB charging for your smartphone. This box measures 8.5″L X 5″W X 2″H to keep your smartphone and other items sterilized without taking up too much space on your counter, workspace or other indoor area. Alpine Corporation is one of America’s leading designers, importers, and distributors of superior quality home and garden decor products. Alpine’s award winning in-house design team continuously develops new and innovative “statement pieces” for your home and garden. Your outdoor living spaces will be the envy of the neighborhood with our wide assortment of fresh, fashionable and contemporary products, from beautifully crafted solar garden stakes featuring patented motion and fiber optic lighting technology to gorgeous glass and glow-in-the-dark birdbaths and feeders.
  • Chemical-Free Uv Sterilizing Box: Makes sterilizing your smartphone and other daily items quick, easy and chemical-free with full 360° UV sterilization
  • Kills Bacteria And Germs: Sterilizer emits ultraviolet light to kill 99% of viruses and germs in 6 minutes
  • Aromatherapy Function And Easy To Use: UV box is simple to operate for hassle-free sterilizing while also featuring an aromatherapy function
  • Wireless And Usb Charging: Charge your smartphone wirelessly or with the USB cables (phone charging time varies by device)
  • Compact Size: This sterilizing box measures 8.5 in L X 5 in W X 2 in H for use in almost any desktop or counter space
Weight 15.15 lbs
Dimensions 17.32 × 10.64 × 12.8 in

Latest reviews

  1. Wannabj

    This Alpine UV Light Sterilizer seems to be doing everything it’s supposed to do. Of course, I have no way to test to see if there are germs left on my phone, but I’m trusting the sterilizer is working. The lights come on indicating it’s sterilizing, charging my phone, and I can smell the essential oil I put on the little sponge to do the aromatherapy. I put a couple of cloth face masks in to sterilize and they came out smelling fresh with a hint of patchouli! My phone does actually charge wirelessly while it’s inside, even with my Otterbox case still on.

  2. Val_D

    I finally got one of the pandemic gadgets I wanted! This little, good looking UV box gives me peace of mind knowing that my cellphone and keys (what I touch most during the day) are clear of germs. I used to clean my phone with disinfecting wipes which I also know they are not the greatest for electronics so having this device is great! I have not try the aromatherapy feature because I haven’t found an oil scent I like but I’ll try it as soon as I find it.

  3. Mike375

    The UV Light Sanitizer from Alpine is a great way to sterilize phones, credit cards, keys, etc. The black rectangular box looks stylish with a textured square and diamond design on the top. The lid opens to reveal an large rectangular opening. It fit my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone with a bit of space to spare at all sides. As soon as the lid is closed, the sterilization cycle begins which lasts for around 5-6 minutes, and a button in the front turns steady green. When the cycle finishes, the unit beeps and the light turns off. The sanitizer also has UV lamps both at the top and the bottom so it’s not necessary to turn your phone over and begin another cycle. The wireless charging feature built into the sterilizer box is nice but it’s not a fast charger so it may take longer for your phone to charge. Also the charging feature can be used even when the phone is not actively sanitizing. The included USB-C cables can also be used if your phone does not support wireless charging. Another cool feature is the aromatherapy option. You can put a drop of your favorite essential oil inside and press the button on the front to turn the light blue, so your phone or other small items smell nice afterward.

    The unit looks to be well-made with a high quality plastic all around. One minor thing is that it is a bit thick and bulky which may take up a bit more space on your nightstand or counter.

    Nevertheless, the Multi-Function UV sanitizer is a great eco-friendly product that disinfects your phone without using disposable wipes that may harm your phone and the environment or may not be in stock because of COVID.

  4. Lina

    I got this a few weeks ago and it’s amazing! It fits all devices (my iPhone 12pm and boyfriends galaxy note 10 with cases on). The uv light kills the germs but doesn’t remove topical dirt. The only way to get rid of that is to wipe it clean. This device is only meant to sterilize. It can also charge your phone as you let it sit in there.

    Great for those that also want the essential oil options but not for me since I have allergies to fragrance. But love it!

  5. Kittymama

    I have been using this for a little while now and I am pleased knowing my articles are thoroughly sanitized after being out of the house with a pandemic out there. Things like eye glasses, car keys, cell phones. We don’t always think to clean these things. But the past 2 years have opened my eyes and I now sanitize those things and more. I feel confident using this sanitizer and think everyone should have one.

  6. Smcfar08

    So, at first I struggled with how to work it. The green light wasn’t coming on and it wouldn’t charge my phone. I don’t know what happened because when I tried again the next day it worked perfectly! Easy to use, pretty decent size too. My IPhone 12 Pro fit pretty well. I like that you can charge it via usb cable as well, my case is a little too thick to regularly use the wireless charging. I will say the wireless charging works fast! Just set your item in, close the door and wait 6 minutes for a sanitized item.

    I haven’t gotten to use the aromatherapy feature yet but I’m excited to do so

  7. iamisay

    My ALPINE UV LIGHT STERILIZER is so very sleek and good looking on my nightstand. It is right there and easy to use to sterilize my mask and then my phone and even charge it while it is being sanitized. My sterilizer even does my glasses and keys and credit cards. It is so easy to use and only takes 6 minutes to do. Wonderful product that keeps your items safe and sterilized.

  8. Suzhappy

    I’ve been wanting one of these multi-function UV light sanitizer and phone charger for a while now and this one from Alpine Corporation does not disappoint. Although I wish the box itself was a little larger to hold more items and bigger items, it does what it’s supposed to do and I love it! I feel good knowing the most common things that I use every day like my phone and TV remote are getting sanitized in just a few minutes time. I even put my face masks in there! The whole thing seems to be very durable and not flimsy and I would definitely recommend it my family and friends!

  9. Slothy

    With Covid we want to make sure our items are sanitized. This is about the size of a children’s pencil box so it doesn’t take up too much counter space. I love how it comes with 3 different charging cord adapters – apple, usb micro and usb c so it works with all of our devices. There are extra sponges that the aromatherapy oils (sold separately) can be used with to make your items smell nice after sanitizing. It takes 6 minutes to sanitize and it has a quiet beep when it is done. If you don’t hear the beep the front light will shut off to tell you it is done. I didn’t give it 5 stars because I don’t really know how well it sanitizes. It claims it does, it smells nice when it is done, but does it really remove the germs?

  10. Bevybev

    I sanitized my glasses, cellphone, and some cash, and I must say that I had fun doing it! 6 minutes and bam, done! The only thing is the aromatherapy, I used peppermint and while the things that were sanitized slightly had that peppermint scent, I don’t know why this function was added as I couldn’t really smell peppermint at all and that was disappointing. But overall, I would recommend this product to quickly sanitize small belongings. I also don’t know why they included remotes, well mine at least was too long to be sanitized.

  11. Katiemoemoe

    I am so weird about germs on little items. Keys , phone I hate touching change!!! I have been cleaning my phone with Clorox wipes and hurting it and now I can just stick my phone in this and clean it in 6 seconds! Because of this I also bought a UV water bottle I am so into the technology. It also has a place to put oil to scent your items and you can also charge your phone while in there. It’s big enough for your masks and keys and earbuds. I am really glad I got to try this item in exchange for a review I am a fan.

  12. Jskrogirl

    Easy to use updated contemporary looking design of this makes it a great addition to my desktop area.
    Large enough to sanitize other things like my glasses and remote control! Has ability to sanitize top all around the item without having to flip over!
    I’ll be bringing on my next hotel stay for sure lightweight but sturdy enough to withstand many years of use!
    Aromatherapy with my essential oils is a plus when sterilizing my face mask for sure is awesome!
    I’d recommend this as an essential addition to your life!

  13. Pattie

    I just received the sanitizer and have used it for my phone, glasses, keys to mention a few. With all the germs going around, you wash your hands constantly then touch everything else that never get sanitized until now! It only take a quick 6 minutes and your item is pretty close to germ free. If nothing else, it definitely gives you peace of mind. I love this product.

  14. Jennie-O

    I am so glad I got the opportunity to try Alpine Corporation multi-function uv light sanitizer and phone charger with aromatherapy. I love the fact that I can sanitize and charge my phone at the same time. The added bonus of adding aromatherapy. I feel so relieved that I can sanitize my keys, mask and phone in about 6 minutes.

  15. One Inc. Mama

    I have been using this UV sanitizer for about a month now and I like it a lot. Since the pandemic, I have been using a sanitizing wipe or spray on my phone and that leaves it wet and streaky. Since using the UV sanitizing box, my phone is no longer wet. The UV box is quite sturdy but a little bulky. It is however, large enough, to fit my Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, with a case on it. The sanitizing cycle is about 6 minutes long. The UV box is able to charge my phone wirelessly, while it is being cleaned. The charger is not a fast charger though. It also has an aromatherapy option that you can use when sanitizing the phone. At the end of the cycle, the light at the front of the UV box changes to green so there is no need to set a timer while it is cleaning. I have also used the UV box to sanitize other things like my masks, small remotes and my key fobs. So far, they have worked perfectly after being sanitized. Overall I am very satisfied with this item and would recommend it.

  16. lrunboy

    I am something of a power hoarder. I always like to have everything that can be plugged in plugged in, particularly things that need to be charged-cell phones, ipads, etc. This allows me to plug in my phone and while I am sanitizing my phone. Fast, easy and brilliant

  17. Keke

    I’ve had this product for about a month now. I use it everyday. As soon as I get in the house I put my phone and keys in it to be sanitized. I love the fact that while my phone is being sanitized it can also be charged with the charger inside it.

  18. averylovesmommy

    Such a smart product I feel like everyone shoul own it. It’s super easy to use and feels so clean after it’s sanitized. Love the essential oil part too making my phone smell nice!! Wonderful!! Highly recommend.

  19. ajhaus13

    This product seems to work just fine. The only issue is that it has to be plugged in to work, which can be inconvenient

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