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Alpine Industries 2-Pack 40-oz Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

25 Reviews
  • The Alpine automatic foam sanitizer/soap dispenser has a smart motion sensor which makes it simple to get hand sanitizer without touching it.
  • The sanitizer dispenser can be wall mounted or stand mounted and it works with most universal stands, especially Alpine sanitizer stand.
  • The electronic heavy duty sanitizer dispenser requires 4 4C batteries for a long term usage or a 6V adapter for an even longer term usage.


Working with most foam hand sanitizers or foam soap, this Alpine Industries 1200 ml. Automatic Foam Hand Sanitizer Soap Dispenser in White with Floor Stand and Drip Tray is ideal for use in offices, schools, warehouses, food service facilities, manufacturing, hospitals and much more. It’s also ADA compliant in force and one-handed operation, making it accessible to people with disabilities. Made with durable ABS plastic construction that is resistant to chemicals, heat and impact, this product is made to provide long-lasting strength and use, ideal for high-traffic areas such as restrooms, kitchens, break rooms and lunchrooms. Top dispensing technology reduces risk of leaking valves. Automatic, hands free operation for improved hand hygiene. Quiet, powerful battery-operated dispenser uses four C batteries (not included) for longer life. High 1200mL (40 oz) capacity dispenser helps reduce maintenance. Equipped with a site window so you can easily monitor the soap level refill when needed. Dispenser is equipped with lock and key. As a bonus feature, this dispenser includes a drip tray to catch excess soap or sanitizer to keep your floors and counter tops remaining clean.
  • The Alpine automatic foam sanitizer/soap dispenser has a smart motion sensor which makes it simple to get hand sanitizer without touching it.
  • The sanitizer dispenser can be wall mounted or stand mounted and it works with most universal stands, especially Alpine sanitizer stand.
  • The electronic heavy duty sanitizer dispenser requires 4 4C batteries for a long term usage or a 6V adapter for an even longer term usage.
  • The universal soap dispenser can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, porch, classroom, office, airport, hotel, restaurant, hospital, school etc.
  • The Alpine foam sanitizer/soap dispenser has automatic, hands-free operation making it ADA compliant.
  • The automatic soap dispenser has a 1200 ml (40 oz.) soap or sanitizer capacity and works with any FOAM soap or sanitizer.
  • The foam soap dispenser features a lock to prevent theft and vandalism and comes with a key.
  • The sautomatic sanitizer dispenser has an attached drip tray that catches any extra sanitizer so the floors remain clean.
  • For added convenience, the Alpine Industries foam soap/sanitizer dispenser comes in a convenient 2-count package.
Weight 4.2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 12 in

Latest reviews

  1. Chris1979

    We got this and filled it with hand sanitizer and put it in our school wall so everyone that come inside easily to clean their hand.
    Installation process is easy! You just need to keep the unlock key with taping it on the place that you can remember so you easily can open the dispenser to fill it up again.
    The only downside is they not included the cable. So you defined need your own cable and install this near the wall that has an outlet.
    The hand sanitizer get flow easily and we do have to clean the drip tray once in a while.
    Overall we satisfied with this Alpine brand!

  2. DsReView

    These are perfect for home or office. It is very easy to set up and mount to the wall. I love the one we have set up outside for anyone coming to the house. It dispenses the right amount to clean your hands. I do recommend it.

  3. EsaBella

    I got this few weeks ago and I have installed this in my home for soap and sanitizer dispensing. It is so convenient to have this as a automatic sanitizer dispenser in the entryway. My family is in the habit of sanitizing hand right when we get in our home. The other unit is used for soap dispensing in one of our bathrooms. the white color goes well with our modern decor and it is very easy to refill. With its high capacity, we don’t need to worry about refilling for a long time. the unit was very easy to mount on the wall, it came with all the necessary hardwares.

  4. Twwagoner

    I use these at my auto shop for the convenience of bot getting oils and grease everywhere. I love that this are automatic. It puts out a decent amount of soaps but in the profession I am in, I need a little extra. Of course I use the gritty soap to get hard dirt off but if my hands just have a small bit of dirt, these do the trick. It does require C batteries, 4 I believe. So far, it’s been going strong for a little over a month and I haven’t had to change batteries. It does have a place to plug it in to an outlet but I did not receive a power cord for it. Installation was easy and fast. Took less than 5 minutes. Super easy to use and refill. Awesome dispenser.

  5. Cats74

    This foam soap dispenser works really well. I used this dispenser for foam hand soap/ hand sanitizer and it consistently creates a beautiful rich foam lather. Can be powered by DC adapter or 4 C-type batteries. The drip tray help to contain any spills which everyone should expect. It has cool purple light that light up automatically. I installed one of this at the entry door to remind everyone to santize their hand immediately. The downside is the refill can be expensive compare to regular hand sanitizer or hand soap. On the positive side, it last much longer than regular hand soap/sanitizer due to efficency the machine creates. The drywall anchor is not very secured. I recommended to get different type of anchor that can securely attached to the drywall. To refill the container, you need to use proprietary key to open the cover. Make sure to keep the key in secure place.

  6. LizKin

    These dispensers are perfect! I volunteer at a not-for-profit farm that specializes in animal rescue and has a small petting area that’s open to the public. Before getting these, they were simply using large bottles of hand sanitizer with the pump on top. People would make a mess by squirting out way too much, the pump itself needed to be sanitized each day and it was just not a good setup. Once I installed these it made a world of difference! It dispenses just the right amount each time and there’s next to no maintenance other than filling it up and replacing the batteries once in a blue moon.

  7. mamabear31641

    We are loving this soap dispenser, it dispenses the perfect amount of foam and no waste. We have 4 teenagers and now they love washing their hands just to get to use it. We have been using it several times a day and it is still almost full, ‘i thought it was about empty and was very surprised how full it still was. It was super easy to install and you just wave your hand under it and it dispenses

  8. Lovleylucy

    I got the Alpine Industries 1200ml wall mount automatic foam hand sanitizer or soap dispenser comes in white with a drip tray. I used mine for soap, it was easy-to-use install and very convenient to have with all the pandemic situation. Also it comes in a set of 2 that was a plus !

  9. Karina_8

    Very convenient dispenser which can be used for hand sanitizer or hand soap. I got two and installed one in the garage and one in mud room and can’t understand why I didn’t do it earlier, it’s just so helpful to have automatic dispenser at home. These dispensers are made from high quality durable plastic. I really liked that it works automatically from batteries and comes with the drip tray so no more mess on the counter and floor. Dispenser is really quiet. Its volume is actually great, now we don’t have to refill as often as we did before with the regular soap dispenser and it’s very easy to refill. Also loved that I can actually see level of fill through the front window. Overall, I am totally satisfied, this product works great and I recommend it

  10. adk713

    The auto durable and sturdy.. The wall mount is easily attached to the wall, which works well for people who are not very handy. The drip tray makes it convenient for mess. No drips on counter. The battery compartment is easily found and all the hardware you need is included. The fact that it can be refilled with your favorite type of foamy hand sanitzer is a really nice feature. I use this several times a day to keep my hands properly sanitized and free of germs. Alpine makes quality products.

  11. TueLe37

    I got a pair of these automatic foam sanitizer dispenser for our house. It works really well for their purposes. Living during a pandemic really makes one prioritizes what is important, which is keeping my family safe. I mount these right at our front door and one in the bathroom. It helps to remind us and our quests to sanitize our hands when we get in or out of the house and after using the bathroom. The dispenser work really well and dispense a good amount each time.

  12. Norrel122

    I have been using this in my kitchen and have it installed right next to the sink. It makes washing hands a lot easier, especially when you’re in a rush. Its one of those things that you do not know you need it until you have it. It also makes not having to clean up spills from hand soap bottles as it has a drip tray. This product comes in a pack with two. I intend to put the other one in the backyard near the tools to make cleanup easy. I recommend this product.

  13. Tanita75

    1200 ML Wall Mount Automatic Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a GREAT product that is reliable, durable and a very good value for the money. It allows my family to sanitize their hands without touching a bottle or pushing a button. The amount that is applied is consistent. It is enough to sanitize our hands every single time. This product looks great and is constructed well. It’s made to last. It’s easy to mount on the wall and very functional.

  14. y2kbird

    This is something that is excellent to have during a pandemic I live in an apartment building and there are many people in-and-out it’s good to be able to wash your hands sanitize your hands after other people have touched the doorknobs and Banisters after every time they come in-and-out it’s good to be safe than sorry.

  15. KeyshaKey81

    I absolutely love this product. This battery operated manual foam soap dispenser is great for home and business. It was very easy to install. Just the right amount of soap comes out and it has a drip tray. It goes well with just about any decor. It also turns liquid soap into a foam. I highly recommend this product.

  16. Jcw66rr

    This came as a two pack. These are nice, easy to install and use. They use many brands of soap bags so you can use the kind you like. Works great and dispenses the right amount, easily. These have the catch trays underneath and I highly recommend them because soap on the floor becomes a hazard

  17. Nikki3

    This foaming hand sanitizer works great. It’s easy to install, easy to add refills, and sleek looking. Not to bulky, it looks good on the wall. Perfect for offices, industrial kitchens, hospitals, doctor offices, or even at your home. We plan on putting one in the garage.

  18. Sumholland

    I’m very happy with these dispensers. They were simple to mount to the wall. The directions were clear. I like they can work with multi brand soap and sanitizer. The drip tray helps keep the floor dry. It’s auto-magic and hands free! Very good product!

  19. 716Klutch

    These were very easy to attach to the walls in my employee restrooms and with the large capacity of 1200 ml they don’t need to be filled too often. As an automatic dispenser there is no need to sanitize the hand sanitizer more than once a day.

  20. Jesscio

    These dispensers are very convenient and easy to use. They are easy to set up and install and I love having a place to quickly sanitize
    Thus would great for residential and commercial purposes. I would recommend this product

  21. Malou78

    These are really nice day arrived I didn’t know if I was going to make them but they took up a good amount of the liquid and I’ve been using it so far and I actually like it and it helps the kids portion off what they need

  22. Kate’s mom

    This product is a life saver. It is so much more convenient than having bottles of hand soap taking up space on a counter. They are very easy to fill and refill with whatever hand soap that you prefer to use. Great product.

  23. Peace92

    I use these hand sanitizers as hand soap and they are the best. Batteries aren’t included make sure you get the right size batteries! The keys are included and it dispenses the soap quietly!! Would highly recommend!

  24. MarisaT

    This was a greated addition to my house as I have three kids running in and out I put this By the front door and it has come in grade handy. It is so easy and simple to use. The refilling process is just as simple.

  25. Yaz18

    Wall mount automatic hand sanitizers are the best! They save space and soap ! I have one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. The tray is a plus because it helps avoid messes sometimes it dispenses soap twice

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