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Alpine Industries 40-oz Touch-free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

22 Reviews
  • Works with most bulk foam hand sanitizer and foam soap
  • 1200 ml capacity
  • Automatic, hands-free operation


Working with most foam hand sanitizers or foam soap, this Alpine Industries 1200 ml. Automatic Foam Hand Sanitizer Soap Dispenser in White with Floor Stand is ideal for use in offices, schools, warehouses, food service facilities, manufacturing, hospitals and much more. It’s also ADA compliant in force and one-handed operation, making it accessible to people with disabilities. Made with durable ABS plastic construction that is resistant to chemicals, heat and impact, this product is made to provide long-lasting strength and use, ideal for high-traffic areas such as restrooms, kitchens, break rooms and lunchrooms. Top dispensing technology reduces risk of leaking valves. Automatic, hands free operation for improved hand hygiene. Quiet, powerful battery-operated dispenser uses four C batteries (not included) for longer life. High 1200mL (40 oz) capacity dispenser helps reduce maintenance. Equipped with a site window so you can easily monitor the soap level refill when needed. Dispenser is equipped with lock and key. As a bonus feature it includes a floor stand for a freestanding option.
  • Works with most bulk foam hand sanitizer and foam soap
  • 1200 ml capacity
  • Automatic, hands-free operation
  • Battery operated
  • Lock to prevent theft and vandalism
  • Requires less frequent refills
  • ADA compliant
  • Requires 4 C alkaline batteries
  • Batteries not included, sold separately
Weight 12.12 lbs
Dimensions 4.48 × 6 × 45 in

Latest reviews

  1. Suebunny64

    I absolutely love this. Having OCD and working in the medical field; I truly appreciate having this automatic hand sanitizer. Especially now with covid. It’s easy to use, convenient and saves money and time. My 3 yr old grandson inherited my need for cleanliness and uses it constantly. A d I love the fact that there is no cross contamination of people touching the pump on a traditional hand sanitizer. Awesome product!

  2. Pepsi

    This hand sanitizer with floor stand was easy to put together. It dispenses the soap automatically. You just put your hand underneath it. This is so much safer than the traditional kind especially in this era. There is a window which lets me see when I need to refill the soap. There is a tray beneath it to make sure it does not get my floor wet. It runs on four C batteries which are not included. It is sturdy but not difficult to move around if you should change your mind about where you want to place it. This works well in a business or a private setting. It is very relevant for the times we live in.

  3. RetiredinOk

    We have it at the front door so when our customers come in they can just put their hands under It.
    It was easy to put together, there was about five nuts and bolts to put together for the stand and the hand sanitizer unit I had it together in just a couple of minutes. The key to open it I have on a string attached to one of the bolts in the back so that I never lose the key. It is battery operated and that’s a great feature the battery area is easy to get into. In the times that were in this is a great unit to have as you enter your business. I would recommend this to everyone.

  4. Nicole

    Very pleased with this hand sanitizer stand, it is very good quality. Completely touchless so a step up from the pump dispenser were using in the interim. Base is heavy & solid, but not so heavy that it’s difficult or awkward to move around as needed. Design is very modern & sleek which I appreciate a lot, I noticed many on the market are very clunky looking. It is also great that it has a “catch” underneath so that if someone misses it doesn’t get all over the floor. The dispenser itself is your standard wall mount dispenser, nothing special but seems good quality, really like the light up feature when a hand is placed underneath so you can see what is going on. Refillable reservoir is great, I was worried it would require the bags which I prefer not to use due to plastic waste, very glad I can use my bulk sanitizer I already purchased inside! My only complaint would be how the dispenser attaches to the base, it is not the sturdiest or securest way in my opinion so you need to be cautious changing the batteries or refilling, doesn’t effect it’s use for a customer however so not a big deal. Also wish there was an option to get a non-locking version, I realize thats a feature some want but in our application it’s unnecessary and really just results in employees misplacing the key! But overall, a great dispenser, would highly recommend.

  5. AA-Ron

    Very happy with the sleek design and small footprint of this Hand Sanitizer. Completely touchless dispenser is a perfect size for the entrance at our office. We opted to use the included stand to locate the sanitizer just outside the front door. Although, the wall mounting looks easy to do as well. The dispenser puts the perfect amount of foam sanitizer into your hand and does not drip on the floor. This works great and can also be moved around the office as needed. Easy to fill / replace the container. Definitely recommend!

  6. Kedough

    This hand sanitizer / foam soap dispenser is an excellent product. It is easy to assemble and I appreciate that it can either be installed on the wall or used on the stand. It requires 4 C batteries which allows it to be absolutely handsfree. It has a 1200 ml capacity with a key to lock for refilling. We have had many large parties this summer and have used this for each event. Our friends and family love the accessibility!! It’s excellent!

  7. cruntr

    My daughter and I have compromised immune systems and we go through bottles and bottles of sanitizer at our house. This is a great product for us to have in our home. The kids automatically use it when they leave the house and when they arrive home. Initially, when this first arrived at my house I was dumbfounded at the amount of batteries it took. I will say the batteries are still going strong for almost three months now. Highly recommend

  8. Bjrm60

    This hand sanitizer or foam soap dispenser is really well made product. It is easy to put together. You can either install it on the wall or use the stand. It requires batteries for it to work and it’s handsfree. The 1200 ml capacity is great because it will save us from refilling all the time. This soap dispenser comes with a key so it can be opened for refill. We really like it and we highly recommend it.

  9. Kayla30

    Very happy with my sanitizer stand! It is very sturdy and very well made but also is not heavy so easy to move around if needed. I love that it has a tray that catches the sanitizer that someone missed so it doesn’t get all in the floor and it’s very easy to clean up. It has a window so you can see how much sanitizer you have left so you never run out. I just love how easy it was to put together and use!

  10. Duckie

    I got my Alpine Automatic Hands Free Foam Hand Sanitizer/Soap Dispenser about a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! It came with a floor stand so you can have it free standing or mount it to the wall. I love the fact that I can move it to where ever I need it. I will purchase more . If your looking for a hands free hand sanitizer or soap dispenser I recommend this one. Its great!

  11. Lawman

    During this Covid-19 crisis, I have Hand Sanitizers and Anti-Bacterial Soap everywhere throughout my house for my family and visitors. We everyone coming and going I thought if I could have some sanitizer right near my entrance/exit door that would be great. Then I found the 1200 ml. Wall Mount Automatic Foam Hand Sanitizer. Problem Solved! Thank you so much!

  12. Beanz

    I got this product to try and write an honest review about it. This automatic hand soap dispenser is a great addition to trying to stay clean without the worry of who touched the handle last. You just hold your hand under the dispenser and then the amount of soap you need comes out without any touching. The stand was quick and easy to put together.

  13. RB Mom

    I do arts and crafts boutiques and wanted this for my booth. First customers and fellow crafters loved that I provided hand sanitizer in my booth. It actually brought more customers! The base and stand are substantial and I love that the dispenser is refillable with whatever I buy in a jug. So there’s no weird bagged stuff I have to order less waste!

  14. Ashcatchem

    I have wanted one of these for so long. Able to get one, an automatic one at that. Easy to assemble, runs on batteries (C), and easy to fill the bladder. Since it is stand alone and does not need to be mounted on the wall, it is placed at our front door ….will be great for cookouts! It has a port for an adapter, but did not come with one.

  15. vwood063088

    I recieved my automatic foam sanitizer and soap station about a week ago and love it. I love the sleek design, I really like that you can switch out soap or sanitizer, whatever you prefer in its refillable bottle. I love the touchless feature making it easier than ever to get your soap and sanitizer. Overall this is a great product!

  16. Rickster1221

    With the way thing are now, this product is well worth it. I must say this is a sturdy and safe product. Though the product is very good for my needs, one thing I think I would change is the batteries. I feel that is you could use AA or 9 volt, reason being that they are more common.

  17. Tnt0731

    My son is getting married so we got this to keep by the buffet so people feel safer with the pandemic thing going on. It’s ADA accessible so it’s easy for anyone to use. Works with just about any foam hand sanitizer. Hands free so you don’t have to touch anything.

  18. DRH Architect

    I got this for hand sanitizer and have place it at the entrance to my office. I added a sign encouraging everyone who enters to use before proceeding into the office. It is so easy to use, just place hand under it and it automatically senses and dispenses the right amount of sanitizer. That and the built-in tray on the stand eliminate any dripping of the sanitizer on the floor. It is quiet, so does not disturb the office personnel. The large capacity makes refilling infrequent. This is appreciated, since it is used a great deal. The site window allows easy checking of contents without opening the unit. It is built very sturdily, with a heavy base so that it does not get tipped over and the ABS construction feels substantial.
    During these very trying times this is an essential piece of equipment to keep us all safe. But even when this virus is hopefully gone, this item will remain where it is and anyone coming into the office encouraged to continue to use it. Germs, viruses and the flu will always be with us.

  19. Ladyvet

    I am using this foaming hand sanitizer dispenser in the bathroom of my business. It is a stylish addition to the bathroom and promotes quality hand washing, which is so very important in the face of the COVID pandemic. I am very happy with this dispenser.

  20. Nashon29

    I brought the wall mount automatic foam hand sanitizer about a month ago and it’s the greatest thing I brought all year. I have kiddos whom touch everything and never want to wash their hands. They can walk pass this put hand out and sanitize their hands.

  21. Dani

    This product is so easy to install. Super easy. Distributes an equal amount of sanitize every single time. It’s at the perfect height for children as well as adults. It’s adjustable. It is movable. It’s great for when multiple people are passing threw.

  22. aknudsen411

    I was so happy when I got this in the mail. During this pandemic this is such a nice thing to have around. It is not hard to assemble and put together. I would definitely recommend this product as it has been such a nice add on in my workspace.

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