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Alpine Industries 40-oz Touch-Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

20 Reviews
  • TOUCHLESS SOAP DISPENSER-Alpine Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Makes it Simple and Easy To Get a Shot of Hand Sanitizer Without Having To Touch, Squeeze or Pump a Dispenser, It’s Designed With A Smart Motion Sensor
  • Alpine Universal Soap Dispenser Can Be Used in Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, Porch, Classroom, Office, Airport, Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital, School, University, Supermarket, Commercial, indoor, Outdoor AND It Works With Any Liquid sanitizer You Desire
  • WALL MOUNTED OR ON A STAND-Alpine Hands-Free Soap Dispenser Can Be Wall Mounted (accessories included) Or Stand Mounted and It Works With Most Universal Stands Especially With Alpine industries Hand sanitizer Stand


Working with most gel hand sanitizers orliquid soap, this Alpine Industries 1200 ml. Wall Mount Automatic Liquid Gel Hand Sanitizer Soap Dispenser in White is ideal for use in offices, schools, warehouses, food service facilities, manufacturing, hospitals and much more. It’s also ADA compliant in force and one-handed operation, making it accessible to people with disabilities. Made with durable ABS plastic construction that is resistant to chemicals, heat and impact, this product is made to provide long-lasting strength and use, ideal for high-traffic areas such as restrooms, kitchens, break rooms and lunchrooms. Top dispensing technology reduces risk of leaking valves. Automatic, hands free operation for improved hand hygiene. Quiet, powerful battery-operated dispenser uses four C batteries (not included) for longer life. High 1200mL (40 oz) capacity dispenser helps reduce maintenance. Equipped with a site window so you can easily monitor the soap level refill when needed. Dispenser is equipped with lock and key.
  • TOUCHLESS SOAP DISPENSER-Alpine Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser Makes it Simple and Easy To Get a Shot of Hand Sanitizer Without Having To Touch, Squeeze or Pump a Dispenser, It’s Designed With A Smart Motion Sensor
  • Alpine Universal Soap Dispenser Can Be Used in Kitchen, Bathroom, Garage, Porch, Classroom, Office, Airport, Hotel, Restaurant, Hospital, School, University, Supermarket, Commercial, indoor, Outdoor AND It Works With Any Liquid sanitizer You Desire
  • WALL MOUNTED OR ON A STAND-Alpine Hands-Free Soap Dispenser Can Be Wall Mounted (accessories included) Or Stand Mounted and It Works With Most Universal Stands Especially With Alpine industries Hand sanitizer Stand
  • BATTERY and ADAPTER OPERATED-Our Electronic Heavy Duty Soap Dispenser Requires (4) 4C Batteries For Long Term Usage (Not Included) or A 6V Adapter For An Even Longer Term Usage (Sold Separately)
  • Automatic, hands-free operation making it ADA compliant making it ADA compliant
  • 1200 ml (40 oz) soap or sanitizer capacity
  • Lock to prevent theft and vandalism, comes with key
  • Requires less frequent refills
  • Works with any liquid soap and gel hand sanitizer
Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 4.48 × 6 × 11.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. lady34

    We put the liquid hand sanitizer in and when you put your hand underneath it distributes A quarter size of sanitizer in the palm of hand.
    It is very nice looking and goes along with any color of wall.

  2. Pdvdb69

    I’ve been looking for an automatic hand soap dispenser for my bathroom. I got an Alpine Industries 1200ml Wall Mountable Automatic liquid/gel soap dispenser and am very happy with it. No more touching soap dispenser handles! The unit I got can be wall mounted with accessories included, or stand mounted with most universal stands. I chose to mount it close to my bathroom sink. The kids almost like it too much! It uses 4 C batteries that you have to purchase. The large 1200ml capacity means less frequent refills plus it works with most liquid gel/foam liquid soaps. It’s easy to install and I
    do recommend it.

  3. ron5487

    I love the alpine 1200 ml. wall Mount Automatic Foam Hand soap dispenser. It get made putting and replacing soap in our main bathroom so much easier. It comes with a 1200 ml tank. This last for many months. The design is pretty easy. You install 4 C batteries or use a power adapter. It has had made a big difference since I have kids and they usually make a mess with dispensing soap. I absolutely love it.

  4. Momof3ballers

    I run a daycare program in my home. With all the covd stuff the state decided we needed to be as hands free as possible. This is a great system to help my kids get there own soap and helps teach them to be independent in there developments in bathroom skills. It was super easy to fill and install. My 3 year olds have no issues using it. So far no drips or leaks.

  5. Sbailey59

    I installed this in our small bathroom, the one most used by the grandkids. They love it. I love that it’s no touch, especially now with covid-19, the less touching the better, one squirt is the perfect amount to wash hands. I would recommend this for anyone. Especially where more than one person is using it.

  6. 1RSweet

    Initially I was excited to get the dispenser but after getting it I was disappointed that I have to install four c batteries and I was a bit confused about the kind of soap I need to buy. It is good to have a hands free device to wash my hands for sure. Now I appreciate it very much.

  7. laurie25

    I really like the Alpine Industries-1200 ml. Wall Mount Automatic Foam Hand Sanitizer/Soap Dispenser.It was easy to install to the wall and then put the batteries in.The next step is to add the soap to the refill bottle,then close the container.I would then turn the on button and it’s ready to use!All you have to do is put your hand underneath the container and the light comes on and the right amount of soap comes out!This is a great product and I would recommend to family & friends.

  8. KennyG

    I have been asking my wife for a year and a half now if we could do motion sensor soap dispensers since Covid started and I have finally gotten my way. It only makes sense that when you have been out in public and possibly have Covid on your hands that you dont bring it home by touching a soap dispenser for the next person to touch. Kudos for this product. Makes me feel safer. I do wish however that it would have came with the charger…..hence the reason for only 4 stars.

  9. Stray81

    I put this Wall Mount Automatic Foam Hand Sanitizer out in my garage. It’s so convenient to have while I’m working on my cars or doing yardwork when I don’t have an immediate water source or I don’t have time to run into the house. The dispenser words really well. It’s automatic and it takes batteries to work. The foam comes out nice and thick and sanitizes my hands quickly. This dispenser was easy to mount as it comes with everything you need to mount it.

  10. Chrissymb77

    Whether you own your own business or just want something convenient and easy to use this item is a no brainer….. Especially with a global pandemic going on. I love that you can choose liquid soap or hand sanitizer for this particular model. Ot functions perfectly, haven’t had any hiccups with heavy daily use at all. I love the fact that it is motion activated and that it is easy to fill and refill. It also mounted easily onto the wall.

  11. suggestion boxer

    We are pleased with our Alpine Industries 1200ml. Wall Mount automatic sanitizer. I would give it 5 stars but the directions do not say which type of sanitizer to use to make foam. We used hand sanitizer and it comes out as gel, not foam. It is very easy to install, easy to fill (the lid is attached so no need to set it down) and runs off 4 C batteries. It also has a DC port on the side. There is a convenient on/off switch on the side. I

  12. be1805

    Very impressed with this Wall Mount Automatic Hand Sanitizer. It’s perfect for our busy household and use of hand sanitizer, it’s easy to install, efficient, so much better then using the typical pump sanitizers, the soap dispenses easily and doesn’t make a mess. My family really likes it and has asked for more in the kitchen and Master Bathroom. If your on the fence on rather to purchase this, go ahead, well worth the investment!

  13. KK1993

    I recently received my new Alpine Automatic Hands Free Liquid/Gel Hand Sanitizer Soap Dispenser and I absolutely love it. With it’s sleek design, I was able to install it in my home bathroom and it looks great. The hands free feature make life easier without worrying about cross contamination of germs.It dispenses the perfect amount every time.Thank’s Alpine for making such a great quality product!

  14. detroitmommy

    This couldn’t have come at a better time. School is starting virtually this year but we still have people in our household working outside of the home. I placed this on our porch, right next to our door. It was fairly simple to install but did take some planning on my part. (needed double-sided tape). Everyone coming in is required to use it. I currently use mine with bulk gel sanitizer I bought from a local store. I LOVE that the inside container is refillable & doesn’t rely on me placing a pre-filled bag inside (they are too hard to find right now). We use 4 C batteries but I appreciate the fact that you can also use a DC adapter (which is not included). The dispenser itself works really well & is hands-free & has a sleek design so it’s easy to wipe clean. The dispenser also comes with a plastic “key” that you insert to open it up. This way no one else can tamper with the insides. Definitely recommend.

  15. jujubeans142003

    This is very nice and well made. With the virus going around I decided to put this by my front door so that we can sanitize every time we come in the door. It was very easy to install, it only took about 15 minutes and it was ready to go. It works great. It dispenses very easily. It is durable and should last a really long time. I would definitely recommend it.

  16. Gstan80

    We have this hanging inside our door and we love it. You can fill it with your own soap/sanitizer and you have the option for a standard flow or you can switch to a foam. It holds a lot of product so you don’t have to fill it often. It was so easy to install and I love that all you have to do is wave your hand and you have the sanitizer! No touching anything!

  17. Afshin

    My family loves to use liquid soaps. But my kids waist it because they pump more than required amount and that cost extra money to refill. I really like this touchless technology. You don’t need touch the pump with dirt hands and leave gerrs on it. It give you just the right amount do no extra wastage. And it looks stylish. My entire family loves it.

  18. STACEY333

    Having only one of these in my home is just not enough, yes you can get little automatic dispensers at the department stores, I’ve had them. They do not compare to this Alpine Industries one. These are made for industrial use so they’re definitely going to outlast. This is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom and even in the shower. Why not.

  19. Melanie G

    Got this to install in my bathroom. Honestly I love this for the kids. No more soap all over the counter tops. It was super easy to install and fill with soap. Put a couple batteries in it and you are good to go. You just hold your hand under and you have automatic soap dispenser. So far it wpels awesome. And my kids think it’s so cool.

  20. Germ free

    This wall mounted, automatic hand sanitizer dispenser works great and is very easy to use and install. It is very well made and looks nice mounted on the wall. I have this by the front door so it can be used when we come into the house. It is very convenient and dispenses the right amount for sanitizing our hands.

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