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Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) – Charcoal

14 Reviews
  • With a 10.1 inch HD screen that’s designed to move with you, video calls, recipes, and shows are always in view
  • Video call friends and family or take a picture while the 13 MP camera with auto-framing and motion keeps you front and center
  • Set up compatible zig bee devices or smart products without a separate hub


Meet the echo show 10 -designed to move with you. Move around the room during video calls or while watching a TV show and the brilliant 10.1” HD screen will automatically turn to face you. You can stay focused on who you’re talking to or what you’re watching.
  • With a 10.1 inch HD screen that’s designed to move with you, video calls, recipes, and shows are always in view
  • Video call friends and family or take a picture while the 13 MP camera with auto-framing and motion keeps you front and center
  • Set up compatible zig bee devices or smart products without a separate hub
  • Securely access the built-in camera to remotely monitor your home anytime with the Alexa app or other echo show devices
  • Ask Alexa to play your favorite shows, music, and podcasts from Prime Video, Netflix (coming soon), Amazon Music, Spotify, and more
Weight 5.64 lbs
Dimensions 9.9 × 9.1 × 6.8 in

Latest reviews

  1. lon123

    Received this unit several days back and have been using since. Setup up is very easy, I love this thing it is awesome where I have it on my kitchen counter it is so nice to be able to look up a recipe and have it right in front of you right away also to have music and streaming tv will never miss a show I want to watch now . I did have some tech problems with my unit loading sometimes but that was all due to my internet provider and nothing to do with the Echo itself live in the sticks and service is really bad for internet at times. Love the way it follows you to see screen and also another feature is the camera you can control the shutter . Love this unit Thank you Amazon Echo Awesome Product

  2. Jazmyne

    I absolutely love this Amazon product. It’s super cool and fun to mess around with. It has a bunch of neat little features! For starters, it’s quite a bit bigger than I expected, which is a good thing! It’s perfect size to actually enjoy what you’re doing on it. The screen is large enough to comfortably watch movies, play videos, video chat, etc.. the actually Alexa/speaker is also quite large and sounds great as far as audio goes. It doesn’t sound muffled and actually has pretty good bass to it. I love watching my regular shows on it. I like that screen goes all the way 360 degrees and can follow you if you want. I personally doesn’t use the follow feature because it is slightly off due to the camera being on the right side and not centered. So with that being said, it doesn’t look straight at you when it follows, which is a bit annoying. I tend to turn the camera off – close it with the little close feature. That feature is pretty neat for those not comfortable with it being open/on. Something else that is a bit annoying would be the fact that Alexa can’t answer a lot of things you ask her. She tends to say something about not knowing the answer to it. It would be cool if she could have casual conversation with you. She sort of can as far as good morning, thank you, goodnight and stuff like that goes. There are also other cool features such as the weather, alarms, reminders, display settings, and so on. I like that it can be used with smart plugs and turn on/off lights, cameras, fans, and really anything electrical. You can also use it as a security thing when away so you can see your home (whatever room it’s in). There are definitely a few flaws and things that can be improved, but overall I really enjoy using it. I looks very nice and super fun to use. My mom calls it “boujee” – HA!

  3. SPadilla64

    Where do I begin? This is the most amazing echo show period. Set up is easy. Has motion which follows you perfect in the kitchen when cooking or following a recipe. You can command Alexa to provide weather, temperature, fun facts etc. You can ask Alexa play music. You can add your favorite photos as a background on your screen. You can watch or listen to anything you want. Speaker is pretty loud and just perfect! You can make phone calls. This is the most amazing gadget to have hands down. You can cover the camera area if you don’t want screen to follow you. Hands down awesome! Everyone should own one! You won’t regret it. Definitely would recommend!

  4. Kmill

    I have and love and use an Echo Show 5, so when I had the opportunity to pick up the Amazon Echo Show 10 | HD smart display with motion and Alexa I did not hesitate. The good news is everything I love about the Echo 5 is here, but in a larger, more functional, and better sounding design.

    Having a smart home already built upon Alexa, the Echo 10 was seamlessly integrated into the family of devices. Music, dinner alerts, and device controls can be made from any of the units, making control simple, convenient, and energy efficient.

    After our first Echo, we bought our parents the 8 for Christmas (they loving it as we do), so communication is fun and simple, especially during times of quarantines and social distancing. The grandparent and grandkids owe much of their relationships the past year to devices I’m such as the Echo.

    Again, it’s easy to set up, especially if you already have the Alexa app, as we do. Light and cameras go into different zones or rooms, grouped so they are easily and quickly controlled. Too, it integrates perfectly with my non Amazon smart devices (such as my doorbell camera), so I don’t have to juggle multiple apps. My doorbell cam displays perfectly on my Echo 10, for example.

    I decided to place the Echo Show 10 in the kitchen, thinking mostly that the video and hands free operation would be most useful where the food is being prepped, and it’s perfect for us there. No more do we have to touch our phone to see a recipes, touch food, forget a step, was our hands and reawaken our phone (over and over). Now the recipe is constantly available visually on the Echo Show, and Alexa and help answer any question like “Alexa how much salt did you say I need,” with the convenience I have when my mother in-law is actually with me in the kitchen. To the Smart Display with motion will actually follow you around as you move about (a function that you can turn off with the flip of a switch, if you’re concerned about privacy.) This feature is particularly useful during online virtual meetings as you aren’t tethered in one spot, but can instead multitask while meeting with work or friends.

    The speaker is obviously much larger than what was in the Echo Show 5, and while I was happy with the previous versions sound quality, the Echo Show 10 is vastly better, offering deeper, filler sound, and louder too. It’s fun to follow along with the lyrics of sounds on the screen, and adjusting the volume is as easy as telling Alexa, “sound up,” or “volume 4,” or whatever. She’s a very clever girl, this Alexa.

    Other things I love and use constantly are weather reports, alarms, and photos reels. And really I’m just scratching the surface, as the Amazon Echo Show 10 seems to be endlessly functionable. I obviously recommend, and am excited to see what Amazon comes up with next to improve and simplify my life!

  5. Frank

    Perfect interface and immediate response from device

  6. Carlos H

    I honestly was not sure how much I’d like this. I got it specifically for my kitchen – wanted a good speaker to listen to music and having alexa built in is perfect (setting timers, controlling lights, thermostat etc.). Would like it if could be paired to sonos, but I can see why sonos probably doesn’t want to allow this.

    Where this is an absolute game-changer is for watching videos while you cook (not only cooking ones). You can ask alexa to pull up specific youtube videos with your voice! then camera tracks you as you move along kitchen. So you can wash disher then switch over to stove and keep watching. Same thing for doing video calls through it! absolutely awesome!

  7. Eklypze79

    We have had this for a couple of weeks now and we really like it. I have it set up on the kitchen counter. I am able to video call and just walk around like regular talking and it just follows. I don’t have to yell for it t pick up my voice, and the sound it plays is very clear. I can just ask Alexa to set a timer or to play some music, what ever I am feeling at the time I can check in on my house when I am away to see what my pets are doing. I do wish Alexa was able to understand a little better but overall a great thing to have in the house.

  8. nataliedt728

    This is sich a great device to have either in your living room or kitchen at home.The echo responds efficiently to most questions you have, can help you with reminders, weather and so much more. Furthermore, what I think is the best, is you can play your music easily by just naming a playlist or artist. It’s also very loud and can def be used for small home parties. The Amazon echo also has games such as Song Quiz which is super fun to play with others. Moreover, this device efficiently moves and follows you as you talk, making it much easier to always see the screen. You can also use the camera to make video calls and just watch your house. Overall, this smart device is so much fun and super easy to use. Futuristic and super helpful to have !

  9. Nesmom90

    This echo is amazing. Setup was simple and straightforward. Picture and sound quality are superb. Really great upgrade from the previous models. I love that this Echo has a swivel feature. It rotates anytime I move so I’m always in frame when I am video chatting. The screen is perfect for watching movies, chatting with family members, listening to music, checking amazon orders, geting weather updates etc. This device is a must have. I have no complaints.

  10. Emry

    We’ve been using more smart products in our home and I’ve been super excited to try out this one! I’m happy to report that it’s lived up to my expectations and I love it!

    Ours is in the kitchen and I’ve used it to watch shows, listen to music, and pull up recipes while I cook. The motion tracking has been really cool, but it can be turned off if you need it to stay put. The sound and video quality are great. We have a couple of Echo Dots and Smart Plugs and I love the functionality of them together, it makes things much more efficient! I also love having our pictures as the background, super cute touch.

    We also have been able to use it to check in on our dog during the day, which has been so helpful now that we’re back at work. It also has a cover for the camera, so you can enjoy peace of mind if that’s something you’re worried about. Definitely recommend!

  11. jgross0341

    This little gadget is really impressive. We’ve never owned a “smart” device like this (apart from smart phones of course) and we’re thoroughly impressed. Honestly I had never even heard of the Echo Show before this so was not quite knowing what to expect from it. I have to say it’s really cool! First, it is HEAVY! The base where the speaker is and where the screen attaches to is the heaviest part which makes it sturdy. The speakers are really nice quality and from music, to watching tv, to video chatting is great quality and clear sounds. I really like the multiple ways to help product privacy- it comes with a camera shield and microphone muting button so it helps with that feeling of being “watched”. There’s so many things you can have this device do, including using it as a home security system. We actually want to buy more for different areas of our house! We truly have no complaints, this Echo Show is a really great product.

  12. Shaunna

    I love the Echo Show. Design is perfect and the display screen is big and shows pictures sharp. It was super easy to set up and I now have all my devices on one app. I connected it to my ring doorbell as well so it shows me anytime someone is at my front door. The voice command is perfect as well. I love how customizable the screen is! Great job

  13. Anonymous

    We use this as a family hub and we all love it! The display is large and clear. It can move with you as you’re cooking a recipe, or simply scanning the room while you’re away. It is easy to program and keeping us organized is a breeze. It works flawless to voice activate some things we have in smart plugs and is awesome with our Ring doorbell.

  14. Sjp7

    The echo show 10 is an awesome addition to our kitchen. We use it as much as any of our countertop appliances and it’s definitely better looking than all of them. Alexa is definitely the most advanced virtual assistant in terms of understanding requests and her number of skills. We use her to tell us the weather, the news, and to look for how to videos all the time. The kids love asking her random questions as well. The screen on the device is gorgeous—both streaming videos and video calls look sharp, bright, and have great color. The show 10’s coolest trick though is it’s ability to follow you as you move around. The motion is not a gimmick, it lets you participate in calls or even watch videos without needing stand in one place. In the kitchen, it means I can keep cooking or whatever else and the Echo show is always facing me. Overall, a powerful, good-looking device that provides a platform to integrate Alexa in your day to day activities.

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