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ANTOP Contour Multi-Directional Indoor/Outdoor Hd; Uhf; Vhf TV Antenna

16 Reviews
  • 60-mile to 70-mile reception range from point of signal origination
  • Multidirectional reception, UV coating, and weather-resistant finish
  • Mountable on wall, roof, attic, or balcony


Watch free local TV with the ANTOP AT-401BV Big Boy Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna. It is powerful enough to feed multiple TVs providing a convenient whole-house solution. Engineered with a patented design to match performance of traditional mechanical antennas, it includes VHF enhancer rods, the exclusive ANTOP smartpass amplifier and 4G LTE filter. It has an amplified multidirectional reception range of up to 70 miles and is compatible with digital converter boxes.
  • 60-mile to 70-mile reception range from point of signal origination
  • Multidirectional reception, UV coating, and weather-resistant finish
  • Mountable on wall, roof, attic, or balcony
  • Engineered and designed in the USA
  • All-in-one design allows an easier connection and delivers the correct balance between short and long range reception
  • Built-in filter blocks 3G and 4G wireless signals for noise-free digital reception
  • 24-hour access to manufacturer online customer support and installation assistance
  • Dimensions: 23.62 in. x 7.09 in. x 5.12 in
  • Includes power inserter with smart switch, AC/DC power adapter, indoor stand, VHF enhanced rods, 39 ft. coaxial cable, wall/pole mounting bracket and instruction manual
Weight 7.8 lbs
Dimensions 25.25 × 8.3 × 7.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Jeffrey J.

    Tired of paying cable charges so I decided to look into antennas. Didnt really think they would work but ordered this one just to give it a try. Took about 10 mins to assemble and hook up to my tv. Just for a quick test placed the antenna in a corner near a window INSIDE the house. Result of scan: 28 channels. Ok, so now took outside and mounted on back of the house about 12 feet off the ground. Performed scan again…56 channels! Watched regular tv (abc, cbs, fox, nbc, pbs) in high def and 5.1 surround sound WITHOUT costly monthly cable fees! Amazing. I would definately recommend this antenna. It seems to be working great.

  2. Chicagoland Kane County

    40+ miles west of all primary HD transmitters. Moving unit from ground floor window to attic gained 30 channels ! Adding VHF "arms" brought in weakest major channel (CBS). Total of 80 channels (but I don’t speak Polish or Spanish however….). Got all the Chicago OTA biggies !
    Full disclosure: my location is somewhat high (this is Illinois !), clear LOS (per TVfool reception map) and no immediate obstructions. I am using pre-amplifier included.
    HD picture on primary channels better than all Web feeds !
    I got everything that I was looking for from this product.

  3. Anonymous

    Camped in remote area of northern Michigan. I figured I’d probably pull 3-4 stations if I was lucky. I pulled 23 HD stations and am very pleased with product! A hint: I removed the old RV batwing from the crank-up antenna and mounted the Antop on the original mounting plate. A few minor modifications had to be done so the new antenna would mount correctly. I gained 5 stations after raising the old antenna arms. You don’t rotate the extended antenna because it’s Omni-directional. The added height is the reason for this modification.

  4. someone in Ohio

    Look no further if you want an OTA antenna…..I put this in my attic and it is really doing a great job….I have several other amplified antenna’s up there and this one works the best….Does a great job and I am sure it would do a lot better if mounted outside..Thinking about that but we get a lot of heavy winds here…It is a little pricey compared to the others but it is made in the USA and is very sturdy and well built and worth it….Cant go wrong….It is somewhat directional to get the best results….

  5. Kent

    This is the only device that gets all the channels I want. It did not get the one channel I really wanted until I got it at least 20ft above the ground. Extended it to 30ft and got all channels crystal clear. Tried Channel Master, RCA, and the Antop with out the VHF ears, with no luck. There are a couple of channels way off in a different direction I could get, but it would not justify the cost of a rotator and amplifier. Only for bragging rights.Very happy, and would definitely recommend this antenna.

  6. WLH B&B

    WOW! I am so surprised! I have tried several antennas with absolutely no luck! I got this this morning and did a test run to see how it worked. I simply placed it in the attic and hooked it to one of my TVs. Did a channel scan and immediately got 16 stations! The fcc says I should get only six. Cable boxes go back today!
    The antenna is heavy for what it is and is a bit on the large size but it works better than expected.

  7. aromapro

    I really love this antenna. I’m using it indoors, and I still get most of my local stations, very clearly. I haven’t had cable for a long time, and I’ve tried several antennas. This one is the first to pick up the hard to get stations around me. The VHF side bars are just what I needed. One day I hope to get it installed outdoors. I’m sure I’ll get even better reception then.

  8. Anonymous

    I had an OTA that I purchased a few years ago and scanned over and over and couldn’t get more than 4-6 channels. I used this one and was able to pull more than 60 channels on the first scan and it was just sitting on the floor inside my house. I imagine once it’s actually in my attic, I’ll be able to pull even more when I scan again.

  9. Anonymous

    We have had this antenna up for about a month. We are in a very rural area and are almost out of the blue fringe area. This antenna brought in channels better than we had ever had. With the converter box we get 35 digital channels as clear as our friends get cable. It’s so easy to assemble it because we decided to mount on roof top.

  10. Chuck

    The antenna arrived in great condition and within the estimated time frame. It was easy to installed and set up. It works great and haven’t had any issues, even in Central Florida area with our daily thunderstorms. Would definitely recommend this to family and friends who are ready to cut the cable.

  11. Joebobcat3

    works very well. I received more stations than I had in the past with a tile type antenna. I am using it strictly indoors ,but I’m sure it would be even better if outdoors. no complaints. easy set up and installation.

  12. Betty

    Great antenna. Got more stations than I thought I could get. Also reception is clear and does not breakup like previous antennas. I use it indoors up on wall in 2nd floor coop. Can be used outdoors.

  13. Anonymous

    This antenna replaced a much larger and more expensive one which I removed because of some wind damage. The package arrived today, and I spent an hour or so installing it and putting it into use. The instructions that come with it are very good, but I did not use them, preferring to use my own sequence which worked very efficiently. I mounted it at a height of about 13 feet above ground near a corner of a gable end, and I grounded it properly.
    My location is about 25 miles east of Arizona. I just pointed the antenna in the general direction of the city and locked it in place. The first scan gave me 47 stations. I culled out the shopping and other unwanted stations, which left me over two dozen that I want to keep, including all the local network stations, PBS, etc. Even at this low height, about ten feet lower than the former antenna, the reception is excellent, better than with the old antenna.
    All necessary parts came with the antenna, everything fits perfectly, and assembly takes only minutes. Because of its small size, wind damage is not expected unless we have some very serious storms.

  14. Peter

    Have been using this for few months. I have mounted it on the attic but reception is not what I expected for. I will have to move again in hopes that reception will be better.

  15. Oliver M.

    Improves reception compared to any outdoor antenna I tried. Very easy to mount to side of roof. Turned on signal booster and doubled the channel I receive.

  16. AMC

    Love this Antenna awesome picture and sound quality and more than 70 miles reception on the second floor of my house.

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