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Architectural Mailboxes Post Mount Black Metal Extra Large Lockable Mailbox

20 Reviews
  • Constructed from heavy-gauge galvanized steel for durability
  • Equipped with a locking access door with stainless-steel cam lock
  • The Oasis Classic can be mounted to the decorative post (model number 6215B)


Architectural Mailboxes Oasis Classic post-mount locking mailbox features rubber seals on doors to assist in keeping deliveries clean and dry. The hopper door makes it convenient for those that enjoy catalog and online ordering. The stainless-steel body features a powder-coated finish for corrosion resistance.
  • Constructed from heavy-gauge galvanized steel for durability
  • Equipped with a locking access door with stainless-steel cam lock
  • The Oasis Classic can be mounted to the decorative post (model number 6215B)
  • A spreader plate can be used to mount 2, 3 or 4 Oasis Classic mailboxes
  • 4 in. x 10 in. bolt mounting pattern
Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 20.6 × 17.8 × 15.2 in

Latest reviews

  1. Audrey

    We recently bought the Architectural Oasis mailbox for a secure large box. Someone just broke into it by prying open the lock. This is not secure.

  2. Jim-Fix-It

    I’ve got to go buy another one of these. Ours was destroyed last night by what we assume a very large firecracker. The 3 am blast awoke my wife and the box is located nearly 100 yards from our house. The entire front was blown off.

  3. Church

    This is the mailbox that I should have bought all along *(having a curbside mailbox). Had a locking mailbox before this one but poor construction and design.

    This mailbox is made from thick metal with solids door(s) and strong lock with a key that is easy to duplicate for other family members. Doors swing open wide for packages and close easily with a solid feel. It even installs easily. Great choice if you have a curbside box location and worth the price for a piece of mind these days.

  4. Jon-Vallejo

    It is easier to install if you do have the correct hardware, i.e. wood screws or lag bolts with washers. Holes in base aligned well with the cross-member lumber already in place. Did not need the mounting plate (has to be ordered separately). That is required if mounting directly on to a 4×4 post. Again, not required since sharing with neighbor’s mailbox and had two 2x6s in place underneath. Still requires mail delivery to be pushed in so not accessible. Sometimes large envelopes do get caught and may offer to be snagged if adept with holding open door. Otherwise safe for all regular sized mail. Impressed that sprinkler and rain did not cause any leaks. Solid construction all around.

  5. Steve

    Like others, I wanted a locking mailbox to have a bit of extra security from mail thieves/vandals. While the mailbox works as advertised, it is very open to break into with a screwdriver or any other lever. My box was broken into TWICE in one week (Sep 2016). The design of the box does not guard against someone from sticking a lever down the retrieval door to force it open. Also, the latch which secures the door is made of a soft metal that bends quite easily. Needless to say, I’m exploring other options.

  6. Bill

    Replaced our “standard” mailbox with this one because a school opened next door and we had problems with the kids messing with our mail. Has worked well. Other malboxes next to our are being damaged by the kids hitting them but this one is a heaver gauge of steel and shows no damage. We get some foul weather, lots of rain and wind, and the box protects the mail better than our old mailbox IF THE DELIVERY PERSON CLOSES THE DOOR ALL THE WAY. If the door is not closed all the way, the design of the security tray is such that rain water POURS into the middle of the mailbox, soaking the mail. The door has a rubber gasket all around it and is held closed by a strong magnet, but not much you can do about lazy postal people. Otherwise great.

  7. JavaGirl

    Was looking for a replacement locking mailbox. Found this one, but it was a little bigger than we had before. All the other locking mailboxes did not have a secure top where mail is dropped in. Anyone with the right size hand could still reach in and get the mail, or the top had no flap at all in the top to block someone from reaching in. Go figure! This mailbox had a secure flap, as well as being built better. Decided to get it and glad we did. Metal thicker than it’s competitors and really like the idea of a bigger box to hold bigger packages.


    The mailbox is sturdy and locks. However, it was difficult to attach to the post due to the clumsy position of the mounting screws in the bottom of it. The box containing the mail box neglects to inform purchasers that you need to buy a separate mounting plate to affix the mailbox to the post (had to go back and buy that) and they also didn’t tell you that the mounting plate doesn’t come with adequate screws. Had to buy those “extras” also. So, be prepared not just to buy the mailbox. Add 20% to the price (or more if your post isn’t sturdy enough to support it.) Fortunately, mine was, but if not, that would have cost another $40….

  9. Sooo

    I selected this mailbox in particular for a couple of main reasons – the fact it locks and is safe from theft and the fact that I can receive small parcels in it. I live 6 miles from the main post office and I’m on a semi-busy country road. The box is strong, compact looking and holds 2″ house numbers, of which I have five.
    I also bought the matching metal pole and plate (Standard 46.5″) online which made the whole assembly very easy.
    I dug the whole and did all the assembly myself!
    Although the risks aren’t as great these days, I had transitioned to a P.O. Box because of vandalism. The box is getting increasingly expensive, so I decided to return to this nice strong, secure box.

  10. John

    I purchased this to go inside a brick mailbox I built. I love it. If I could just keep my five-year-old from playing with the keys and losing them. The only con is that sometimes if we have a large envelope, it won’t go all the way down into the drop box until you open the top slide and it slides down. Other than that this is a great mailbox and we love it.

  11. Steve

    I installed one of these a few months back and enjoy the peace of mind of having my mail under lock and key. I’m getting a new one today though since it just suffered its third contact with a vehicle. It’s still usable but a neighbor just paid me to replace it since she hit it with her car last night. It took the mirror off her car and put a nasty scrape down the side of the vehicle but the mailbox is still standing. The previous two vehicular contacts were by the mail carrier even though they never ‘fessed up to it. Anyhow, it’s a solid mailbox and some neighbors might question the cost but the math is easy. Say you get a box of checks stolen out of your mailbox and the punk thieves go crazy. The price of the mailbox will seem very reasonable at that point.

  12. Mikey

    Easy to install, don’ t forget to get the peddistal. It has rubber seals around the doors so rain won’t come in. I rigged mine with a spring, because the mail man had a bad habbit of putting the mail in and leaving the door hanging. Now he puts in the mail and the spring pulls the door shut. Works great. Wish it came with the spring, but you can just pick up a spring from an old dish washer door.

  13. Mutz

    My old box finally lost to the State Snow Plow. I looked at the half a pipe type box but size was an issue. Then I thought that we live out rural and mail theft did come to mind. I did think this one would be really heavy (weight wise) but it wasn’t. Mounting to my post was easy with the various holes that are in the bottom of the box for mounting. So far the snow plow has been through 4 times since I installed this box and all is fine. The mailman has adjusted but some packages we get are too big to fit though the door of this box. We’ve told him not to even try to deliver the bigger packages just leave a note telling us to pick up at the post office which is on our way home from work..

  14. GrandmasPad

    Mail had been stollen several times. Bought this junior because of the size. Ended up getting a metal post because wood rots easy in our climate. The plate and post did not include a cross support like the wood posts. I need to get a support bracket for it. The mail box is just what I wanted. Very secure you cannot get your hand inside. Very stronge metal. I put a piece of black tape over the magnet because you needed to give it a good pull to open it. That works perfect now. It would take a truck to pull the mailbox out. I feel better about having the secured box and don’t need to be at home to watch my mail delivery.

  15. Billanator

    The person responsible for the addition of the magnetic catch on the upper door, and the neoprene gasket seal around the bottom door is to be commended. Very durable construction and coating, easy to mount with the number of holes available. Nice size to hold several days, or a couple of weeks or so of mail. Can accept small packages.

  16. Alice

    I bought this for my mother so she wouldn’t have to worry about her mail being picked or stolen. I found it to be sturdy and was easy to attach to the post. You don’t need a special post, but it’s pretty easy to just cut a piece of board to be screwed to the bottom of the mailbox and then mount that to the post you already have. A cedar fencepost in the case of my mother. If you really want your mail to be safe, pay for a Post Office Box, but this is the next best thing in a reasonable price range. And it doesn’t look so bad either.

  17. Superma

    I love this mail box. No more having to forward mail when out of town. A little pricey, but made well. Easy to install and looks very nice. I would recommend this to my best friend

  18. James

    We bought this mailbox so we could have a locking mailbox. It has a lock on the bottom door and the top door opens so the mail can be delivered. There is also a clip inside the top door so you can leave outgoing mail.

    It does have plenty of holes in the bottom and I was able to install eight 3/8″-1.5″ lag bolts into the 2×6 our old mailbox was on. The only trouble I had was I needed to return to to buy the lag bolts, washers, and house numbers. It would help if mounting requirements were printed on the exterior of the large box it comes in. Inside the box there is a sheet of paper with mounting suggestions and ordering information for specially matched posts and mounting brackets.

    There is nice weather stripping around each door so it should keep out the rain. However it’s easy for the top door to stay open. With a much higher price than plastic or non-locking mailboxes, it should be rigged to close automatically – either with weights or springs. These would be inexpensive to add and make the features and design EXCELLENT (instead of just good).

    Sturdy all metal construction (including red flag & handles).
    Weather tight seal on both doors.
    Outgoing mail clip inside top door.

    Fasteners not included.
    Door can be left open to let in rain.

  19. Eve

    My mailbox was blown up – I assume by juvenile delinquents. Never had that happen in my long life before.
    I went online with , picked out my box, bought it and picked it up the next day. Great Service! The
    box is well made….much better than my old one….and metal and big enough that I believe the culprits will
    leave this box alone. Thanks for your quick and efficient service.
    E. L., F.

  20. fallfap

    The keys can’t be copied at a key-maker. You have to call the manufacturer and they will send you a pair of new keys (by mail!) for free. Which means that all their mailboxes have the same lock. The idea is probably to have the key work just as a handle, or a knob. It is fine, though, because it can’t just be flipped open by any passer-by. I would suggest to the manufacturer to pack four keys into the original box at the store, instead of only two.

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