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BLACK+DECKER POWERBOOST 20-volt Max 100-CFM 130-MPH Handheld Cordless Electric Leaf Blower 2 Ah (Battery & Charger Included)

20 Reviews
  • POWERBOOST increases power to clear stubborn debris
  • Up to 25 minutes per charge
  • Lightweight design of just 3.7-lbs


When leaves and grass clippings start to pile up, this sweeper with POWERBOOST clears even stubborn debris from driveways, sidewalks, decks and all your hard surfaces. With up to 25 minutes of runtime, this quiet sweeper gets it all done.
  • POWERBOOST increases power to clear stubborn debris
  • Up to 25 minutes per charge
  • Lightweight design of just 3.7-lbs
  • Premium micro texture soft grip provides comfort and control
  • Low noise design allows for quiet operation
  • Part of the POWERCOMMAND™ family of tools EASYFEED™ POWERCUT™, POWERBOOST – helps solve common user frustrations when using outdoor power equipment
  • Part of the 20V MAX System – 1 System, Endless Tasks, Power for your Style™
  • Includes: (1) LSW321 20V MAX POWERBOOST Cordless Sweeper, (1) LBXR2020 20V MAX Lithium Ion Extended Runtime Battery, (1) Charger, (1) Blow Tube
Weight 4.95 lbs
Dimensions 19.13 × 6.73 × 8.15 in

Latest reviews

  1. CJ

    This is certainly a smaller, lightweight blower! It’s not heavy to handle at all! It took about 5 hours for the battery to charge initially. I was able to blow off my front porch (100 sq. ft.), my sidewalk and its edges, my steps (about 80 feet in length), and my entire 1-car garage (and what a dust storm THAT was). Those tasks took close to an hour, and the battery was not dead. Then the battery recharged in 2-3 hours. The leaves were somewhat dry and that helped. I’m hoping it will blow off light snow as well! So far it seems to be just what I need for my tasks. It probably is NOT a heavy-duty blower for wet leaves or lawn areas.

  2. Thomas

    For my needs this blower was good. I own a 120V wired blower and it always was a pain to get the extension out and used to to blow some small amounts of leaves away from my front door and driveway. This blower, while not very powerful, was adequate for my light blowing needs. So if your in the market for a light duty, battery operated blower, this one should do the trick. Btw, a nice feature it has is, when you have the need for a stronger blast of air from the blower, it has a power-burst button which gives a stronger blast of air but this draws a bit more power from the battery shortening the battery’s charge but that is a very handy feature and works great.

  3. Orrman52

    I purchased the LSW321 blower a month ago and have used it almost daily since. I was a little hesitant to buy because many reviewers said it had no power and short battery life. But I have several other of the matching 20 volt products and have found them to be excellent good quality products. It works perfectly on hard surfaces. I have used it on my patio, porch, deck, and driveway blowing off leaves, dirt, and grass clippings. It has done a great job. I tend to use the powerboost mode most of the time and the battery life has been excellent. It has exceeded my expectations and this is fast becoming one of my favorite tools. I recommend this blower to anyone who has hard surface cleanup needs.

  4. DavidInFla

    I bought this leaf blower because I already had B+D shop tools that use the 20V Max batteries. Those 20V batteries provide sufficient power for those tools (drill, reciprocating saw, etc). Unfortunately, they don’t provide anywhere close to enough power for a leaf blower. This model has a power-boost button, but even that doesn’t provide enough power to move leafs that are the slightest bit wet. To blow off my back deck, carport, and circle drive takes me three (3) 2.0 MAh battery packs. If I had to do it again, I would pay the extra money to buy a 60V blower and not worry about maintaining compatibility with the batteries for my B+D tools.

  5. Chip

    This is a great little blower for limited use. We just redid our garage floor with a flecked pattern, so hard to see anything on the floor. This gets used often to blow out the garage. Perfect for that, quiet and not so strong as to stir us a dusty mess. This is exactly right for light jobs, and the battery seems to provide a very long use time. So enthralled, I did start using in on the sidewalk for (S Fl) winter leaf fall. Works well, and the extra-power turbo? button proved power for a decent pile of small (scrub oak) leaves.

    This is great value and well performing for the right sized use!

  6. Phil

    I’m very happy with this tool, for what I paid for it. I bought it hoping it would do some light clean up, and it did. I was able to do my garage, driveway, my walk that goes up to the front door and around to the back, and my back patio. The whole job took about 15-20 minutes. I carried an extra battery in my pocket, I didn’t end up needing it, but it was probably good to have on hand. I used the power boost about half of the time. With it on, it moves small stones and mulch, without it, grass and the occasional leaf gets handled just fine. Very happy with it, just hope it holds up.

  7. raphman

    I needed a leaf blower to clean up the driveway and sidewalk after mowing my lawn, and this little guy does an awesome job. A lot of reviewers bash it because they’re expecting to get the power of a gas blower or much higher-priced electrics, but that’s clearly not the intent of this tool. If you want something powerful for blowing tons of wet/soggy leaves that are weighed down on your lawn, get a potent blower; this is for light duty and performs perfectly.

  8. DocC

    Was VERY hesitant about buying this tool after reading all the reviews describing its lack of power. I couldn’t be more pleased! I have a 1/4 acre corner lot in a subdivision. I use a wonderful Honda HHT35 for weed eating and edging. Self propelled Husqvarna mower does the bulk of the work. But I was always left with debris on our ‘mile’ of sidewalk. I hate dragging out all that drop cord to clean it up. Then I found this! Works fabulously! Clears dirt and debris as fast as I can walk. Switch works easily and I don’t even need the “power boost”. Time will tell how durable it is, but at this point I’m VERY satisfied!

  9. Scott

    My old black and decker leaf blower had plenty of power to do the job. After 7 years, they are finally wearing out. Asked for a new one for Xmas. Much smaller cylinder than the old one which scared me, but this one has a power boost button. I have copd and I can blow harder then this thing. They made it smaller and cheapened it. Can’t believe the designer couldn’t figure out you can’t get more force thru a smaller cylinder. Just went out to use it a 2nd time, the on off button broke! Then they cheapen the charger by making it smaller to take much longer to charge. I have 5 B&D batteries that I’m gonna have for just my weed eater, I dread when that goes bad! So disappointed!

  10. Terry

    Great for surface blowing, porches, driveway and sidewalks. The power boost switch is also a nice feature. being light and not bulky also allows for easy storage.

  11. Steve

    I specifically chose this model because I have the cordless hedge trimmers and wanted to have two batteries of the same type. My yard is not very big (maybe 15’x60′) and I wanted to gather some scattered leaves into a few smaller piles that were already formed from a previous windy day. Battery quickly died because I had to use the “Powerboost” button the whole time. Probably great for use on concrete or other hard surfaces, as far as grass or landscaping areas I don’t feel its the right product.
    I will say that it is lightweight, balanced well in my hand and the controls were placed well on the blower. Sorry Black n Decker, I made the wrong choice this time

  12. kballs

    Light, quiet, quickly blows off decks and sidewalks. This is not a leaf blower, they call it a “sweeper” for a reason. It’s designed to blow off hard smooth surfaces without knocking over your patio furniture and without having heavy “overspray” that you’d get with large air volume, and it’s so light it really makes the job fast and convenient. I have a couple patios, less than 100ft of sidewalks, and a 400 square foot driveway and the battery can do all of that and more at high power. I just got done and my outdoor surfaces were cleaner than my house (I then couldn’t stand it and had to vacuum the inside).

  13. grandma52

    First thing that caught my eye was the fact it was cordless — my yard isn’t large,but dragging a very long extension cord around would make the job take that much longer. The battery doesn’t take long to charge and it stayed charged until I was wore out from bagging leaves. It still had some charge left. The Power Booster was great — really moved the leaves.

  14. Beeeds

    I was looking for a replacement for the 10 year old Black and Decker blower/sweeper that finally wore out … The 130 mile an hour mentions seemed like it might ne a good replacement,, but it produced about half as much air as my old one did. Since I’ve used it probably several times I will probably donate it the good will and continue my search for another more powerful substitute Since I’ve used it several times, I will probably donate it to Goodwill and continue my search for a more powerful replacement. This works OK as a light sweeper to blow out the garag or to blow dry leaves off sidewalks.

  15. SheriffJohn

    The package and instructions are explicit, It’s for light duty, side walks and patios. I wanted something light weight but was concerned that it would not be powerful enough for even that. But it is! It’s also strong enough to blow dirt and leaves from my curb/street and to blow dust & stuff out of the garage.
    It’s quiet too. Now I only use the larger blower for bigger jobs.
    In other words, it works as advertised. Don’t expect more and you’ll be happy with this blower.

  16. Jack

    I’m given this 5 stars after three days of usage. Perfect for removing dirt and small debris from your garage, deck, and patio. I also used it to blow off mu sidewalk and tumble freshly laid straw.

    Ansolutely love the power boost feature. I have yet to run the battery all the way down while working.

    Note: Please ensure the battery is fully slotted onto your blower, otherwise it will not work. Push it firmly into its slot. I didnt do this prior to first use and thought I had a defected product.

    Buy it you need a light weight compact blower to keep some of common areas tidy!

  17. RonP

    I had the last version of this and it was much stronger of a blower. This one, even with the Powerboost button pressed, doesn’t blow very hard.

  18. AGYMOM

    I was looking for a blower to clean off my artificial grass that tends to collect dead leaves. I wanted something light weight and that used a battery. This perfectly fit the bill and does a very good job and when I need a little extra bit of air the power boost comes in handy. I bought the black and decker because I have a black and decker drill and they can use the same battery. However I have not yet run out of battery power on the blower because it seems to last long enough for the small job I’m using it for.

  19. Ken

    Excellent for sweeping front home entry, as well as driveway & rear lani. Have used the unit to blow/sweep our two car garage..The two speed unit
    allows you to move almost any debris and conserve battery life..Recharging is simpler& fast..Love the B & D Powerboost Sweeper…Highly recommend
    for any home. Light wt machine will allow anyone to operate with ease.

  20. David

    At first I thought there was no charger included, but it was hidden in the bottom of the box concealed in cardboard. Did Rick really empty his box?

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