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Blink Battery-operated Wireless Smart Outdoor Garage Security Add-on Camera – Black

10 Reviews
  • Battery life: with long-lasting battery life, outdoor runs for up to two years on a single set of AA lithium batteries (included)
  • Weather resistant: outdoor is built to withstand the elements to help you protect your home inside or out, come rain or shine
  • Motion detection and live view: see, hear, and speak to visitors with motion detection alerts and live view on your phone in the blink home monitor App


Blink outdoor is a wire-fee battery-powered 1080p HD security camera that helps you monitor your home day or night with infrared night vision.
  • Battery life: with long-lasting battery life, outdoor runs for up to two years on a single set of AA lithium batteries (included)
  • Weather resistant: outdoor is built to withstand the elements to help you protect your home inside or out, come rain or shine
  • Motion detection and live view: see, hear, and speak to visitors with motion detection alerts and live view on your phone in the blink home monitor App
  • Video storage: store video clips in the cloud with the blink subscription plan for additional features
  • WW: go hands-free with Alexa
Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 1.2 × 2.8 × 2.8 in

Latest reviews

  1. GTIM

    Unboxed the system and had it ready to install in about 10 minutes. Within a half an hour I had the complete system up and running. Had one question so I called customer support and had my answer in just a few minutes, impressive!

  2. RatnaG

    I installed Blink 2-piece outdoor security camera, one in my backyard and one in side yard of my home .Installing is quite an easy task. We just had to find the exact place of the camera where u plan to fix and just had to drill it on the wall. It is battery operated.Picture quality is very good. With the Blink Home Monitor app, we can see live view outside of the home in HD, receive motion detection alerts, and use two-way audio to speak to people .Never choose to put the camera next to glass window . Morning view will be all fine but night view with IR on ,the picture will be blurry and nothing will be visible. We experienced it and we changed the position of the camera and now it works all fine. We can create custom “activity zones” to cut down on unnecessary alerts in high-traffic areas, as well as remove sections in your camera’s field-of-view from video recording using Blink’s all-new “privacy zone” feature. It’s easy to change position of the camera when needed. This is wireless and weather resistant. Works with select Alexa enabled devices. We can record and share the clips and photos in the app by choosing from two flexible storage options. We can save all live views. It has two options Disarmed and armed, we can choose to put it silent by disarming the device. Disarm doesn’t send any alerts until u enable armed option. It has got all good features to keep home secured.

  3. Devv

    I replaced my Arlo system with the blink (i bought the arlos for $100 on FB like 4 years ago) the arlo are way better live veiw only works if i try it multiple times and the motoin detection is terrible how does it not detect a vehicle on 3 cameras but it will pick up a dog? Ohh yeah the Night vision is absolutely terrible. A waste if money

  4. TeriO

    I like this system because I can monitor things happening at my house when I’m at work. I don’t like the fact that the IR pics don’t show anything.
    Setting up the system was a little challenging on my phone. I couldn’t get the sync module to connect at all on my phone. Then I tried It on my iPad and was able to connect without a hitch. I wouldn’t have known to try that if I didn’t google the symptoms for a while though.
    The cameras were easy to set up and mount. They have a swivel connection so you can adjust the angles to your needs.
    So far I haven’t had any trouble receiving photos or video when I’m away from home so it’s doing it’s job as far as I can tell.
    It’s definitely not a high end system but for what it’s worth, you can’t ask for much more.

  5. Rosiof

    Very impressed with Blink Outdoor 2-Camera System. The over all value of this system is great. The quality is fantastic. It was very easy to set up and connect to the app. The pictures, videos and sound are amazing. I like the fact that I can see a live feed and it capture movement recording it. It gives you an alarm on the phone. If you are looking for a security system this one is perfect. I highly recommend it.

  6. Murry

    Bought these because the price was right and two are better than one. Connecting them to their app/my wifi took some patience but was overall easy enough. The absolute worst part of the assembly is having to click the mount into the camera- I have imprints on my hands because it was so friggin hard to click them in. I was only able to click one into the mount itself, my second one had to be clicked into the angle attachment (I also think I broke the mount because of the sheer force I was using- see photo). Apparently this is a common problem but some people consider it a good thing (thinking it would make it difficult for thieves to steal them). Not bad but it takes strength and patience.

  7. Robert

    Bought the 5 camera system from 6 months ago. Set up was not hard, cameras worked ok for about the first month. Since then I am constantly having to reset the cameras by removing the batteries. The motion detection may or may not work and I have no idea what triggers it but standing directly in front of it looking into it should but doesn’t always. It’ll go days at a time with no notifications. I’ve had to delete and reload the app several times due to it freezing up. Most neighbors and friends with this system are saying the same thing. Not sure what system to get but if you want be sure cameras are watching your property and belongings do not get Blink

  8. Muaddib

    I purchased these only because I thought I would be able to operate them without subscribing to their cloud services. While it may be possible to do this, I have no way of knowing until the cloud trial period that they force you to use finally elapses. I was hoping to test local storage and features before the return date limit. This now seem impossible and I will probably return the cameras. On top of this, I can’t even find what it will cost if I were to use the cloud services. This product feels like they trick you with free cloud services until you’re either stuck with useless cameras or forced to pay for a subscription. Would not recommend.

  9. EG916

    These cameras are very easy to install and program with an app. The only downfall is the mounting hardware that comes with it is short and limits the way the camera can be mounted, so buying additional mounting hardware with a longer reach is suggested. Also, the night infrared is decent, but not the clearest. This is still a great camera to have installed in areas where hard wiring (outlets) is not available. All the user has to do is replace batteries as needed. These are also great for renters as they can take the camera with them and installation outside won’t damage the building if installed into wood beams.

  10. Ranchguys

    Great cameras as long as there’s wifi nearby. We use to have to pay monthly and this is a great alternative. There’s an app on our phones that indicates when there’s something on the camera. We noticed an outer door blown open, contractors showing up when they weren’t suppose to, etc. Luckily we’ve never had a break in but we’re confident these cameras would let us know something was up. One camera made us realize how many animals use a path near our house. We’ve spotted lots of animals – wild pigs, bobcats, deer, skunks, foxes, raccoons, etc. Very fun to see!

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