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Blink Outdoor Camera Plus Solar Panel Charging Mount – Black

25 Reviews
  • Blink Outdoor is a wire-free smart security camera with HD day and infrared night vision, two-way audio, and motion detection that lets you see, hear, and speak to visitors from the Blink Home monitor app
  • Flexible placement — pivot the solar panel when attached or detach and move up to two feet away from your camera
  • Get motion detection alerts on your phone with the option to customize motion zones in the Blink Home Monitor app so you’re only alerted when you need to be


Blink solar panel Mount uses power from the sun to continuously charge Blink Outdoor providing non-stop peace of mind.
  • Blink Outdoor is a wire-free smart security camera with HD day and infrared night vision, two-way audio, and motion detection that lets you see, hear, and speak to visitors from the Blink Home monitor app
  • Flexible placement — pivot the solar panel when attached or detach and move up to two feet away from your camera
  • Get motion detection alerts on your phone with the option to customize motion zones in the Blink Home Monitor app so you’re only alerted when you need to be
  • Works with Alexa-use your voice to monitor your home through supported Alexa-enabled devices
Weight 1.46 lbs
Dimensions 9.13 × 4.56 × 4.17 in

Latest reviews

  1. lynnc35

    I will start off by saying I have experience with the Blink system as I have a video doorbell so I am already hooked up to blink. This is a very nice camera and very durable. The thing that could be improved on is installation instructions. It comes with a small booklet that shows you how to sync the actual camera but does not give you the actual installation. I spend twenty minutes trying to get the battery open on the back of the camera because there are not clear instructions. The actual camera itself works really well and gives notifications on the blink app so once you get past the installation part the rest is a breeze. It does require a blink sync module 2 and a USB flash drive with a memory that can go up to 256 GB if you want to save your video.

  2. parkerdog

    I found the Blink outdoor+ solar charger to be a little frustrating. I couldn’t get it to work because I’m guessing it was because I didn’t have the sync module mentioned in the brief instructions on how to set up. The instructions are brief as I said and don’t go into a lot of detail. There was some assembly required to install batteries and remove a tab on another set that the solar part recharges. I even found the connector to plug the camera into the base to be a finicky item.
    Overall if you have a sync module in your house then you might have better luck than I did.
    This is not what I would call a plug and play item And if I had known other parts were required to get it to work I wouldn’t have gotten it.

  3. Jeni Purl

    This is a excellent Outdoor Security Camera. The instruction manual did not give enough information for set up so we ended up looking up detailed instructions on line. The camera itself works great and it is nice not to have to worry about wires. It does have batteries that are recharged by the the solar panel so you have to make sure that you place it in an area that gets a lot of sunlight. The picture is clear and the app you use to view the footage it pretty simple. If you want to record however you do need another component that does not come with the camera. I do believe that it was worth the extra purchase and I’m so glad that I did. Overall, this is a excellent system, user friendly and convenient without the wires.

  4. SWan

    Blink’s Outdoor + Solar Panel camera is a good choice for a home security camera. It comes in a compact, clean, and sleek design. The installation was easy because the camera is wire-free. This product also requires the purchase of the Blink Sync Module 2, which is sold separately. Overall, the app interface isn’t anything crazy; there is a live feed, recorded video, two-way audio, motion detection, and a few more features that are pretty standard. This is a good looking camera with a fair app interface.

  5. Blue

    I bought 2 out door lights and my camera all Blink. The light are very bright and easy to set up and i love them. The camera was a point and put it on the door frame. Out of sight and it works very well. Easy to install. Fast to use and very accurate. Thank you Blink

  6. Old Salt 135

    I downloaded the app and set about hanging the Blink outdoor unit where it will get sun and see the area I want covered. That was a challenge! When the location was finally picked it gave a very clear picture. You need to subscribe to the cloud service or buy an additional unit to remotely record if you want that sort of thing. It mounts by way of a baseplate and then you just slide the light weight plastic unit onto it. you can remote mount the solar panel up to 2 feet away with the included hardware.

  7. blinkboyatx

    The best feature of this Blink Outdoor is the clarity of the camera over time. I have used many outdoor cameras in the backyard for security, but most get covered in pollen in the spring, and constantly need cleaning. The shape of the lens prohibits build-up of debris, and I haven’t had any reduction in picture quality since installation.

    The solar power is also huge. Other cameras have to be taken down for charging, leaving a lapse in security for the time being. This camera works without fail!

  8. Becca12345

    This blink outdoor camera is decent for the job it does and price point. It certainly isn’t as good as some of the higher end brands, but it does a good job for basic needs.

    It was very easy to set up but the Wi-Fi does not range too far so you have to set it up right outside your door. The camera is just OK it does not have the best resolution and you cannot zoom in and very small detail like a license plate or badge of a person.

    It works well for what I needed it for though. I was just wanting a simple outdoor camera to see when my packages were delivered and it did that job. I like that it is solar powered. There is no need to keep replacing the battery or worry about it going dead. The app is very easy to use.

    It also is the perfect size. It’s quite small and lightweight.

  9. Muse

    Awesome. This works great, but make sure you have the sync module 2, or you won’t be able to use it. There are also a few other attachments to make using this optimal. However, this system is by far one of the easiest systems I’ve owned, easy to install, looks nice on the outside, etc. as far as camera systems are concerned this is my go to. The solar system, setup, and components make this number one in my
    Book. Highly recommend. If you get one you have to get the rest though—you want to.

  10. Jsotam76

    I had been searching for a long time for something to give me security in the back portion of my property. However, running electricity to that area would be expensive and an eyesore so I had been putting it off for a while. Then I saw this solar powered blink system and de idex to give it a try. It works amazingly well! I literally read the included info, attached it and was in business. It was almost as simple as hanging a bird feeder. Where wad this year’s ago!

  11. Staying Secure

    This product provides our family peace of mind on 2 folds . The first being eco friendly and eliminating the wired security system while using the rays from the sun. The charge is consistent and maintains well. Then numerous features with this product allows complete security and peace of mind. Starting with the Wi-Fi connection , Motion sensing and the best part is the audio . With Audio there is no mistake. Overall nice product.

  12. Raider910

    We got this camera for our backyard area to give us another piece of mind while not just at home but when we’re away. We truly love it! We didn’t need anything crazy fancy, but needed something we could put up and essentially forget about. We didn’t want to have to charge it constantly, or get it wired to a power source.

    Highly recommend anyone needing a solid camera with a solar power source with no wire mess!

  13. That716Guy

    The blink camera is a wonderful camera on a budget, combined with the sync module you can either save your video to a USB drive or upload it to the cloud with a paid subscription. The solar mount is wonderful for not having to swap out batteries or charge the device consistently. It does however reduce the motion of the camera once mounted. Overall it is a great system for the price and i would recommend it.

  14. acuellar

    easy to install, easy to set up. this product delivers. I would recommend it ifyou don’t want to deal with installing power outlets for your outdoor cameras. The only downside is that is depending on how much sun light you get, so if you live in an are with a strong winder, that might affect the usability of the device. Other than that, I would recommend this product.

  15. AMOSEL0321

    This blink solar panel + camera is a great addition to my house, all you do is mount it and hook it up to your phone after connected through the blink sync module and you can control all of your blink cameras. The video is crystal clear and I love how I don’t have to mess with any batteries or cords because it gets the power from the solar panel.

  16. erickaw

    Been able to be secured and not having to always change the batteries is what I always look for in a product that I am using. Solar and to me this is perfect for this product. Value, Quality and sense of been secured makes me and my family product.
    When it comes to this product there is absolutely no cons.

  17. Jenn V

    I was looking for a small camera to help keep an eye on our house. This blink camera was the trick. It was super easy to install. Easy to set up in the app. So far I haven’t had any issues. The solar panel is a must! No running wires or having to keep charging things. Would definitely recommend!

  18. seamanj

    The Blink Outdoor + Solar Panel Charging Mount is a great idea and a fantastic value. It was very easy to hang and install. It was extremely easy to connect to internet and start receiving pictures. It has added an extra layer of safety to our home. Overall this is an excellent product.

  19. bgleockler

    I put this on the side of my house. Easy to use. I like that it charges on it own with the solar panel, don’t have to worry about charging it or using power. This is an add-on so the Sync Module is required to use this, just fyi. The video quality is good, and I am happy with it.

  20. Jovan

    I saw quite a few reviews on this camera and many were not impressed about it. When I got it I immediately set it up and it’s really not that bad. Sometimes it has a glitch and a little blurry but it does work ok. I would recommend

  21. Charlee

    I love this extra camera I can place outside and feel a little safer. No hassle with wires and putting holes in my house. This is extremely easy to install and it’s solar. I just have to make sure it gets sun to run!

  22. kt12

    We have been needing a camera for our garage and this one with the solar panel mount has been exactly what we needed! Once I got the settings right and the angle it has been great. Easy to set up and mount

  23. wildman

    Easy setup and I don’t have to replace batteries. I just wish it had a bigger view.

  24. Chris R

    Pros: 1. Quality HD picture
    2. Easy to set up
    3. Can arm/disarm camera to save on battery life, so if you’re working in the yard, bringing in groceries etc… you’re not constantly receiving notifications and using the battery life.
    4. Your videos can be stored in the Cloud (for a nominal fee) or you can insert a USB into the sync module for local storage. If someone is brazen enough to steal the whole camera, you still have access to the video.
    5. You can adjust the sensitivity level, so after you install the camera, you can reduce the level if you’re getting too many notifications from trees, animals etc..setting off the alarm.
    6. It is easy to adjust the camera (after you’ve installed it) if you want to change the angle for a better view.
    Cons: Connectivity (update) This issue has resolved itself. For the last 4 days, I have had no issues receiving notifications or viewing videos. If you experience first day hiccups, hang in there.
    2. The only way to share access to your live videos is by giving your username & password to a person. The individual then has access to change your email address, password, and delete videos. Technically, they can lock you out of your own security system. Good luck with that if you have teenagers. While you want them to see what’s going on outside if they’re home alone, you don’t want them deleting videos of friends who might visit the house when you’re not home. Deal breaker.
    3. This one is not a deal breaker. The camera is small, so if you’re looking to deter criminals who are opportunist, they might not even notice the camera is there. Sometimes just the visual presence of a camera will deter individuals.
    I cannot speak to the longevity of the battery life, which was one of the selling points for me. I’ll update later if I encounter other issues.

  25. Felix

    Blink’s Outdoor Solar Panel Charging Mount kit is a wire-free smart security system that offers an alternative way to power your security camera system. I love the idea of powering the camera system with a solar panels as it reduces the need to swap out batteries and eliminates the need to have a receptacle close by, and simplifies the installation!

    The design of the solar panel charging mount is simple to install and use; just have to secure the back plate to a flat surface after removing from the housing unit, then the solar unit slides into place. The design also takes into account that users may need flexibility so the panel itself is also removable which allow you to mount it separately from the housing. This allows you to have the most options to mount the panel for maximum exposure.

    The Blink Outdoor camera also has some flexibility, the mounting bracket can pivot around 360 degrees, while in the solar panel housing, the range of motion is decreased, but it’s more than sufficient to give you the optimal viewing angles

    Setup of the Blink Outdoor camera was very simple and the app is fairly easy to use but the UI feels a bit dated. The overall quality of the outdoor camera is expected for a 1080p HD. The sound quality is about the same as I would expect as compared to other cameras that I’ve used. Load time from app to live stream was a bit slower than I was expecting, on average of 5 seconds, but once it loaded, everything worked fine.

    Overall thoughts, easy to install and simple to setup via the app, however there are somethings to consider. The first of which, if you are not already using the Blink Ecosystem, be sure to pick up a Sync Module 2 and/or purchase a kit set that includes a Sync Module as Blink’s Outdoor camera will not work without one.

    The Sync Module 2 is how the Outdoor camera communicates with your Wi-Fi to stream/store data and this will require a receptacle; this is an indoor unit. It may also be a good idea to test your Wi-Fi to ensure you have a good connection between the Sync Module and your Blink outdoor camera.

    Secondly, you’ll want to look at the subscription plans to see if Blink Ecosystem/model is one that you’re interested in, while it includes free trial plan (much like other camera’s in the market), you won’t be able to save videos once your subscription model ends. If you’re good with just notification and live stream, then you’re golden.

    I wish that the solar panel mount was available for individual purchase as I think it’s a fantastic accessory for standalone Wi-Fi camera systems. It’s a great way to reduce carbon footprint, and simplifies installations (no more need to run wires just to get power to your camera). I wish more security camera ecosystems would adopt an approach because it really does make installation easier.

    Blinks Outdoor camera with the solar kit is an excellent value if you’re looking to add some wire free home camera systems to your home. I plan on adding a few more outdoor camera’s with the solar kit; it’s the perfect way to add some quick security on the exterior of our home with little effort!

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