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Bosch 30-ft Self-Leveling Indoor Cross-line Laser Level

23 Reviews
  • Cross-line mode – projects two bright lines that are precisely level and plumb, for wide array of level and alignment applications
  • Bright accurate lines – projects highly visible laser lines up to 30 Ft. with an accuracy of ±5/16 In. at 30 Ft. of length
  • MM 2 Flexible Mounting Device – clamps to multiple surfaces and provides rotating 360° neck for quick setup and simple fine-tuning


The Bosch GLL 30 self-leveling cross-line laser projects two lines, making a cross-line projection, for a wide array of level and align uses. This versatility makes it more valuable than a typical line laser. With top-notch accuracy and one-switch operation, the user’s leveling and alignment tasks are done quickly and correctly. The laser lines are visible up to 30 Ft. the smart pendulum system self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition to help ensure an accurate layout,. The pendulum system locks when switched off, to assure secure tool transport. The included MM 2 flexible mounting device provides microfine height adjustment, and it allows the laser to be clamped on virtually any surface from 1/2 In. to 2-1/4 In. thick, for level lines at any height.
  • Cross-line mode – projects two bright lines that are precisely level and plumb, for wide array of level and alignment applications
  • Bright accurate lines – projects highly visible laser lines up to 30 Ft. with an accuracy of ±5/16 In. at 30 Ft. of length
  • MM 2 Flexible Mounting Device – clamps to multiple surfaces and provides rotating 360° neck for quick setup and simple fine-tuning
  • Smart Pendulum System – self-levels and indicates out-of-level condition
  • Secure transport – pendulum locks when switched off, to help ensure long tool life
  • Ergonomic, compact and lightweight – easy to use, easy to store
  • Features 1/4 In.-20 tripod thread – for use with MM 2 mount or tripod
  • Versatile clamp – stable grip on thin and thick surfaces from 1/2 In. to 2-1/4 In. thick
Weight 1.15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 6.75 × 12.25 in

Latest reviews

  1. Chris

    Bought this to assist with installing a drop ceiling in our laundry room. At first I thought I was going to need to buy the tripod as well but I realized that I could utilize the included clamping mount with a 2×4 hanging from the floor joists. Worked beautifully. I was able to spin it almost 180 degrees just using the threading on the mount. Later I was able to check how square the cross bars were even with it pointed straight up. The laser blinked because it was not level but the cross beam worked as a square.
    You can see in the first photo how I was able to mount it (and if you look close you can see marks on the wall behind.)
    The second photo shows the laser brightness in shadow and in light. The dark lines in the beam are also pencil marks.

  2. Dew1500

    Bought this to do a 37″ x 39″ tile shower. 4 foot level would not do. This gave me a way to find level and plum on all 3 walls. Did a great job. I mounted it on a pole and could spin it without touching the lazer level. I could mark the center of each wall and know which wall was out of plumb so I was not measuring from a crooked wall.After leveling the bottom row easily and checking the rest as I went, I’m not hearing those dreaded words from my wife. “Something looks crooked”. Pic is after setting the first wall.

  3. FlokiBear

    Beam is not that bright, you really need a low light area for it to be effective out to 30 feet as advertised. Otherwise you might get half the distance with it getting quite weak towards the ends. I like the clamp mount that came with it, but if you dont have the module close to being level already, it will start flashing on you. It is self leveing so you dont need to be perfect to get a true level, but you need to be close or it will tell you. Spend a little more money and get a better one. I only bought this one as inventory was low and it was all that was left in the bosch line besides the ones with all the extra accessories i didnt want.

  4. baelim

    This is a budget laser guide that’s *not* being phased out like some earlier models.

    I used to own a laser guide that would attach to the wall through the mounted suction cup which did the job fine. The suction power would over time decrease and fall off the wall almost as soon as I attached it. This, in contrast offers both horizontal and vertical guides which it’s great but the downside is the need for a tripod. The included mount is clever and pending on the location but you’d be hard-pressed to fiddle with it with every surface. grab a cheap tripod (or the $35 one offered by Bosch) to make this work quickly.

  5. Rick

    I had a 24×24 woodworking shop with a dirt floor. Got tired of not being able to move machines around. I decided to pour a concrete floor, was having a heck of a time. A contractor friend of mine suggested a laser. I always liked Bosch tools, got this one. It took me 2 1/2 hours to drive to get it, but it took maybe an hour and a half to find level.

  6. Aaron

    Ok… We just moved into a house and my wife says those dreaded words: “Let’s hang pictures this weekend!” I love my wife dearly, but uneven, unlevel pictures, etc drive her crazy. So I went shopping. 😉

    This gadget drops a level and plumb cross hair on the wall. Get the Bosch branded tripod too… Makes things handy. Would like to have gotten a case included.

  7. ZippyZip

    First attempt to use it by sitting it on a table, it worked fine. After that it went downhill from there.. Turned it off and I mounted on a tri-pod and it keeps flashing (indicating it was unable to level per user manual). Turned it off again, and removed from tri-pod, and place back on table, flashes again.. Also a 30-ft line? I don’t think so! Barely made it pass 5 or 6 ft.

    Tried the provided clamp and same results. The clamp part worked fine attaching it to my stair’s handrail. But the clamping mechanism where the unit attaches to, could never get it tight enough. Unit moves to move and any slight vibration, the unit moves. Not worth it and returning it today.

  8. Mell

    I bought this for my husband. We are remolding and needed something with lines to guide use to hang kitchen cabinets. I checked it out and played around with it and found it pretty good. I did not receive a carry case which would have been nice and I would thing cost more money.
    I did get a flexible mounting device that can be mounted on to a banister if you need to work with a stair wall. I will have to get a tripod for this to do the job we need it for. I think it would be inaccurate to just hold it in place. It also came with batteries but they did not work so I tossed them and replaced them with two double AA batteries.

  9. Chris

    This level is a good purchase with only one flaw… the directions are vauge. I could not get it to be consistent when attaching it to my 6 foot ladder. This was no good as the device needs to be at the height of the line you are looking to make. You can turn the device left or right but up and down need to be adjusted to keep the pendulum within 4°so it can swing freely. I used a 8′ closet rod and a stand to mount the level to with the supplied clamp. Works great now. There is a tripod they sell and that mite be a good purchase as well.

  10. Elaina

    This Bosch is great for simple leveling of pictures or hanging things on the walls. The self-leveling aspect left something to be desired though. It’s gravity based and not super exact. The mounting device is what made this super worth it for me, but if you set a line, but then need to readjust to recheck measurements later, it’s difficult to get it close to the original line. I actually ended up just using a regular level to recheck measurements. Also, it kept blinking on and off, which I found annoying. It’s good enough for the price.

  11. F8lee

    I purchased this in order to be able to align photos etc. on the wall when I hang them, and the self-leveling cross-hair laser is just the thing to use as a reference. Frankly, I don’t even need to center the laser at an exact height – the fact that it projects a level line allows me to take a carpenter’s level and measure up or down from that line knowing I am exactly vertical.
    I was not too impressed with the included clamp; it did not really hold that firmly on the granite countertop edge I tried to use (though it did finally work). But since the level has a standard 1/4″ tripod socket on the bottom anyway I can use it without the clamp.

  12. Jim

    This laser level was very easy for a amateur handyman like me to use. I bought it, and in a few hours, used it to level the ceiling in our bathroom, which was out of kilter by more than an inch. The easiest part of the operation was using the level itself. The end product looked great, and I verified level using a traditional level. Straight and true.

  13. BD

    The leveling tool worked well and was priced appropriately. We had to prop the tool up on a ladder to achieve the correct height for the beam, but other than that it worked perfectly. We were able to easily hang 9 frames equal distance apart with no trouble (see photo).

  14. Liesa

    Easy to set up. Saved us hours with leveling our cabinet install

  15. Wooo

    It works good, I had to get use to it but it’s pretty good

  16. Chris

    I bought this to help tile a shower. I used a tripod I already had and while it worked I was disappointed in how far the line was visible. The shower I tiled was 40×60 and I had to turn it three times to do each layer of tile. I can find no way possible to use it to do the floor tile. I believe the “manual lock” does not exist on this model, knowing this I would have bought the higher model, the write up says it has a manual lock, but I believe the manual lock only locks the pendulum when the unit it turned of for transport and storage. Another note I ordered a pair of the red laser glasses to help me see the line, while they helped see the line I found myself constantly putting them on to see the line and then taking them off to continue the work.

  17. J.RG

    One of the first items I bought when starting our renovations at home and has proven to be one of the handiest. The 1/4″ female thread is a good feature for mounting – I mounted it to a quick release plate for use with my camera tripod. Have used this for literally everything from the ground up – Levelled out the yard, concrete formwork, Re-levelled the house (post & beam style foundations), deck framing, re-levelled septic & drainage pipes, framing, installing windows, siding, lighting layout, wood panelling, installing kitchen, tiling…. the list goes on and it’s still going strong after 4 years! Great value for money.

  18. Dean

    Mounted to a tripod, you can sweep a room to align and level pictures/wall decorations

  19. Thesherv

    I’ve tried using this for a few projects now from hanging cabinets to putting up siding and it’s basically useless. If you’re inside with no lights on you can see the laser ok but if you’re outside it’s pretty much invisible. I’m on a side of my house right now where the wall is 90 percent in the shade and the other small part is in the sun. I can barely see it in the shade and can’t find it at all in the sun. I’ve used other laser levels in the sun and had no problem whatsoever. I could have spent a lot more money and gotten something better but I tried to go cheap and now I have a tool that is pretty much worthless…

  20. Jay

    This tool is great for leveling pictures or a TV. The lasers on it aren’t true and the clamp it comes with is lose on adjustment I would highly recommend the tripod. As for woodworking and cabinets I recommend the 200$ model and up they are worth their weight in gold this one is for DIY people with mini projects

  21. GhostPlane

    Waited 13 months and 8 days for help hanging pictures in my new house. Not that I was waiting to see if the promised help would be forthcoming or anything. Bit the bullet, bought this thing, clamped it on my bed, my step stool, my kitchen counter, even a floor lamp. Anything that would hold it steady so I could get my level line. At LAST I could visualize where my pictures needed to go using that cross mark. Then measured along the line and BAM! Those suckers are hung and straight.

    It tilts, it leans, the only thing slowing me down is figuring out what to clamp it to or prop it on. This thing is the single woman’s best battery operated tool since…my power drill. (What did you think I was going to say?) Only thing holding me back now is climbing high enough holding something nearly as big as I am or being able to lift the art by myself. And that’s only a few pieces.

    Bought it this morning and I’m almost done covering my walls. Don’t waste your time with those cheap things that stick into your fancy paint or useless suction gadgets. Get this thing and get creative what to clamp it to for getting it centered and level on the place you want your art. If this thing took out the trash and checked my tires, I’d marry it!

  22. Christhenotsotoolman

    This level drops 1/8 inch every 3 feet no matter what position you put it in. Absolute trash piece of equipment. I’ll stick to a regular level and patience.

  23. Javier

    The box came kind of messed up. It finds the straight line sometimes but sometimes, its clearly off. I don’t know if its broken, because the box came kind of mangled, or what. I guess you get what you paid for. It was like 50 bucks, which I guess is inexpensive, at least compared to the other ones on the market. Also not very good for use outdoors when the sun comes up. It has to be angled straight against the wall you are trying to shoot, if that makes any sense. Its okay, not what I expected from Bosch.

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