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Bosch BLAZE 165-ft Indoor Laser Distance Measurer Backlit Display Bluetooth Compatibility

8 Reviews
  • 165 Ft. laser measure – features an easy-to-read color display, great accuracy and an inclinometer
  • Easy-to-read backlit color display – illuminates numbers with distinct resolution, for work in low-light or no-light conditions
  • Accuracy and long-range measuring – provides accuracy up to +- 1/16 In. and measures up to 165 Ft. Subject to accuracy deviation on stakeout functionality for products with certain date codes. See “Notes” in Technical Data below for details


This 165 Ft. laser measure is a fully featured tool with an easy-to-read color display, great accuracy, an inclinometer for tilt angle and reinforced housing for durability. The Bosch BLAZE™ GLM165-27C features an inclinometer, which shows the tilt angle up to 360° for easy angle and indirect measurements. The laser has accuracy up to ±1/16 In., plus it includes a rounding button that rounds the measurement to the fraction that best suits the application and haptic feedback for loud jobsites. The digital laser measure also offers Bluetooth® functionality, so users can digitally transfer measurements to a smartphone or tablet through the free MeasureOn app. It also has full rubber overmold housing, designed to be similar to a roll cage. It is IP65 rated and has an ergonomic design for better grip. It includes 11 different measuring functions, including real-time length, length, area, volume and indirect functions, and addition/subtraction capability.
  • 165 Ft. laser measure – features an easy-to-read color display, great accuracy and an inclinometer
  • Easy-to-read backlit color display – illuminates numbers with distinct resolution, for work in low-light or no-light conditions
  • Accuracy and long-range measuring – provides accuracy up to +- 1/16 In. and measures up to 165 Ft. Subject to accuracy deviation on stakeout functionality for products with certain date codes. See “Notes” in Technical Data below for details
  • Bluetooth® Smart 4.2 Technology – allows measurements to be digitally transferred to a smart phone or tablet using the free Bosch MeasureOn app
  • Full rubber overmold housing – protects every major impact point, with a design similar to a roll cage
  • Jobsite tough – laser is IP65 rated and is able to withstand jobsite conditions
  • Inclinometer – shows the tilt angle up to 360° for easy angle and indirect measurements
  • Default real-time measurement mode – immediately provides accurate measurement that automatically adjusts closer to or farther from the target
  • Add/subtract measurements – allows the user to add or subtract measurements
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 5.75 × 8 in

Latest reviews

  1. Lance

    This is my second laser measure and will replace my Bosch GLM15. This does so much more than just measure a distance, you can measure area, volume, use it as a level. There are multiple modes for each function. It also has Bluetooth to communicate with the Bosch Measure On App on your phone which allows you to store floor plans. It has a rubberized grip that also works for drop protection and comes with a belt clip and a case This tool will not work in bright sunlight and in the manual it says it is not intended for outdoor use but it works in shade or at night. My only negative remarks would be the batteries I got with this were dead and that the manual is practically useless. One quick note is the measurement displayed is from the bottom to the target as it automatically adds the 4 inch length of the tool. I would highly recommend this tool.

  2. C

    The laser accurately measured the distance to the ceiling, which is an issue using a tape ( see pic). The directions say the tool is designed for inside use. There were no sunny days to try it outside so I am unable to comment on how well it will function in that environment. It measured accurately on a cloudy day.
    The tool comes with batteries and a pouch that attaches to one’s belt. There is also a belt clip that can be used. The tool with the belt clip attached will fit into the pouch.The tool has lots of menu options to customize it performance.

  3. BoykinHaven

    This BOSCH tool is amazing. The Laser Measure accurately measures just about anything you can imagine in a construction or do it yourself project up to 165 feet; and offers much more functionality than just measuring. The tool is also a “level.” If you download Bosch’s MeasureOn App, you have Bluetooth capability at your fingertips which includes “find your tool.” The measure is ergonomically designed for one-hand holding. It also comes with a removeable belt clip and protector pouch (which also fits on a belt). BOSCH even included the 2 alkaline AA batteries and provided a 2-year warranty.

  4. Timbo

    I got the Blaze with the intention of being able to take measurements inside the house without the hassle of a normal tape measure bending or not being long enough. Once I got the Blaze, I realize there’s so much more I can do with it.
    Let me get to the negative aspect of it right away. The directions stink. You get a 73 page manual but only 20 of them are in English and those are mostly safety items and disclaimers. There’s a QR code in the manual that takes you to their website but it has the same information the paper manual has. There is a quick start guide but that only makes sense once you get comfortable using it.
    Be that as it may I went to Youtube and found videos on usage. Once I saw one video, I was able to get started. Once started, using the Blaze became pretty easy.
    The func button cycles through all the functions available for the Blaze. The most used for me will probably be “length.” You then choose your reference level by pressing the gear button. The reference level enables you to have it measure from the front of the Blaze, the back of it for inside measurement or inbetween. You level the Blaze (built in level) then press the arrow button and your length will be calculated. You can choose metric, feet, inches, or feet and inches. You can also set the sensitivity. Accurate from 1/32” to 165 feet.
    Another feature is the ability to do square feet, inches, etc. Great for realtors. Also it does cubic measurements, calculating out wall area for figuring how much paint or wallpaper to buy for instance. Indirect measurements to measure around something. A level and other functions too.
    It seems to be built really well. Hard rubber surrounds the Blaze to absorb drops. It runs on 2 AA batteries or you can buy Bosch’s battery pack. Has a tripod threaded aperture. Internal memory saves your last 20 measurements I believe (I’m still getting to familiarize myself with all the functions.) There’s even a help button. Comes with a fabric case with a belt loop and a metal clip for carrying as well.
    I downloaded the app called Measure On. I merely glanced at it. People who reviewed the app didn’t like it generally. It is in Beta release so it isn’t the final version. I probably won’t use it because it seems it’s for contractor or the homeowner who is building or renewing a whole house, which I’m not.
    Once you start using it you’ll not want to go back to the old tape measure.

  5. Jerry

    I picked up my new Bosch Blaze Laser Measuring system recently. I needed an accurate method to calculate the amount of vinyl flooring and other material required to cover my two bedroom condominium completely. This installation would include two bedrooms, living room, dining room, three closets, and a storage room. The approximate square footage is 1500 square feet. The Bosch GLM165-27C Laser measuring system helped make the project easier. The Bosch unit has many functions. Some of the measure functions include, Length, Area, Volume, Leveling, and many more. The instruction manual was easy to read and helpful in learning the individual functions. The functions are displayed on a screen and easy to select. The unit also came with a handy canvas case with an attachable belt clamp. I would recommend this product for the average do-it-yourselfer to a professional contractor quoting jobs. I have included pictures of the unit in use and the completed flooring project.

  6. GeekOnTheHill

    The short version: This tool does what it’s supposed to do indoors, and outdoors when it’s not too bright out. The lack of Bluetooth does limit its usefulness, however.
    As with laser tools in general, this one works best indoors in low-light situations. I did try it outdoors, however, and it works pretty well as long as it’s not a very sunny day. Since it only claims to be suitable for indoor work, it actually exceeds the manufacturer’s promise in that regard.
    The instructions are clear enough. There also are little guides on the screen that basically tell you what you should be measuring for the various functions to work. It can measure indirect height, area, volume, and so forth, and guides you through the measurements you should be making to enable the tool to do the calculations.
    This model does not include Bluetooth, which limits its usefulness. It’s still fine for occasional use and DIY projects, but you probably will want a professional model with Bluetooth if you’re going to use it every day so you can feed the data into apps and software.
    Battery life could be better, but it’s not horrid. Again, for DIY use it should be fine; but you probably want something with rechargeable batteries if you’ll be using it every day.
    Overall build quality seems very rugged. Both a belt clip and a belt pouch are included.
    I’m going to give this tool a qualified “Yes,” meaning I think it’s fine for occasional use and DIY projects. But I would recommend a professional model with rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth if you’re going to use it every day.

  7. Mark

    What a great measuring tool. It’s easy to use and gives quick feedback. It’s small size makes it easy to carry to any worksite. The laser pointer makes measuring corners a breeze. The electronic level helps taking take accurate measurements it’s a great little measuring tool that every toolbox should have.

  8. afaucher8788

    This was a lot smaller than I expected when I first sought this out. It fits nicely in the palm of my hand and has a nice clip attachment to it. At first I was thrown off that the clip has the unit hanging upside-down while once pulling it from your pocket or belt loop it made complete sense as the unit is facing in the direction of use already. The directions are very easy to understand the the photos matching ahat is displayed on the device furthers this making it easy for anyone to operate. I liked the tape measure feature that mimicked what you would see if pulling a tape along with the accuracy was on point.

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