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Breville Control Grip Immersion Blender

47 Reviews

The ergonomic trigger grip can be operated from a very natural hand position for easier blending.

Revolutionary oval-shaped blade housing with internal ribbing reduces excess suction for greater control and more efficient blending.

No matter what you’re blending—from smooth soups to chunky salsas—you’re sure to find the ideal speed for the job.

Lets you blend large quantities directly in tall pots or containers.

Protects pots, pans and bowls from scratching.

Along with the stainless-steel stick blender, you’ll get a whisk attachment, 3-cup chopper bowl with stainless-steel blade, and a 42-oz. jug with dual-purpose storage lid and anti-slip mat.


  • Ideal for soups, sauces and more
  • Ergonomic Control Grip lets you operate mixer from a natural hand position
  • Reduces excess suction for greater control and more efficient blending
  • Features 15 variable speed settings
  • Non-scratch base protects pots and pans
  • 8″ immersion depth
  • Stainless-steel blending shaft with metal blade
  • Convenient, compact storage



Description & Features

While many immersion mixers can be clunky and hard to handle, Breville makes blending easier with their unique Control Grip™. This ergonomic trigger grip can be operated from a very natural hand position. Plus, the innovative, oval-shaped blade housing reduces suction for greater control and more thorough blending.

Mixer features 15-speed variable speeds with trigger operation for precision mixing and ease of use, an 8″ stainless steel immersion shaft with stainless steel blade, and a 6-foot power cord for increased portability and movement.

The non-scratch edge protects surfaces of pots, pans and bowls. Includes wire whisk attachment, 3-cup chopper bowl with stainless steel blade, and 5-cup mixing/measuring jug with dual-purpose storage lid and anti-slip mat. 15½”H x 3¼”W x 2½”D. 110–120 volts.

The ergonomic trigger grip can be operated from a very natural hand position for easier blending.

Revolutionary oval-shaped blade housing with internal ribbing reduces excess suction for greater control and more efficient blending.

No matter what you’re blending—from smooth soups to chunky salsas—you’re sure to find the ideal speed for the job.

Lets you blend large quantities directly in tall pots or containers.

Protects pots, pans and bowls from scratching.

Along with the stainless-steel stick blender, you’ll get a whisk attachment, 3-cup chopper bowl with stainless-steel blade, and a 42-oz. jug with dual-purpose storage lid and anti-slip mat.


  • Ideal for soups, sauces and more
  • Ergonomic Control Grip lets you operate mixer from a natural hand position
  • Reduces excess suction for greater control and more efficient blending
  • Features 15 variable speed settings
  • Non-scratch base protects pots and pans
  • 8″ immersion depth
  • Stainless-steel blending shaft with metal blade
  • Convenient, compact storage


  • Manufacturer: Breville
  • Model: BSB510XL
  • Capacity: 3-cup chopper bowl; 42-oz. jug
  • Dimensions: 15½”H x 3¼”W x 2½”D
  • Warranty: One year limited

Care & Usage

  • All components, except for the motor body and chopping bowl lid, are dishwasher safe. Use non-abrasive cleaners/detergent. The motor body should be wiped clean only—do NOT emerge in water

Latest reviews

  1. ChefDaddy

    Every detail of this tool seems to have been given great consideration. The placement of the on/off trigger is in the perfect spot for maximum control. The chopper attachment is big enough that you can get a scrub brush between the sides and the pin in the middle (my old one wasn’t and was a pain to clean). The lid doubles as a non-slip base for the mixing container. I could go on and on, but will cut it short by saying this is one fantastic tool and I’m not quite sure how I survived before I bought one

  2. SurLaTableFanatic

    Breville’s Variable Speed Immersion Mixer sports a sleek look and offers a fantastic design that significantly reduces turbulence and suction (to the bottom of hot pots/containers), making it a safer and easier-to-use product compared to competing items. The whisk and mixing feature have enabled me to create the best vinaigrettes I’ve ever made and tasted with an amazing amount of speed and ease. The longer power cord is awesome because it offers more maneuverability when my kitchen counter gets crowded during the dinner prep rush. Users can add and remove attachments with a light squeeze, and cleaning them is super easy. All of this has made the Breville Variable Speed Immersion Mixer “”My Newest Power Tool.”

  3. Alison6971

    …when I used this for the first time was…””Where have you been all my life???””Tired of ladling hot soups into my blender and creating a mess, I decided to get an immersion blender. I didn’t know much about them, so the lady at the store reviewed each of the ones available with me. I am so glad I went with the Breville. It is AMAZING. Still, if you want super smooth soups, a blender probably works better, but so far I have no complaints.This is one of those items that you never realized how useful (and wonderful) it is until you actually own it. The price is well worth it. :

  4. KatyA

    We have a toaster from Breville that we love and wanted to use their immersion blender to make fruit smoothies, among other things.We mistakenly believed immersion blenders overall could do the same things as regular blenders (specifically, blend ice), so if you’re looking to make margaritas, you’ll need to find space for a regular blender as immersion blenders can’t handle ice.However, this immersion blender can definitely handle frozen fruit and does a great job making smoothies. I also use the whisk attachment when I need to froth up eggs or blend cake batter. The torque is great!I also love the two ways of blending in the pitchers included with this set. One allows you to use the pitcher lid to blend, though it’s shorter, and the other lets you blend a large volume with the immersion shaft. Even better is the larger one has a nice lid to let you keep leftovers in the fridge.If you’re looking to make soups, smoothies, or blend anything softer than straight-up ice, this product will do the trick

  5. artsytartsy

    I had a different brand a long time ago. Never was that pleased with it, but it was okay. I ended up giving it away.I bought this one and had it in the cabinet for almost a year.Made mushroom soup the other night, pulled it out, and my mouth dropped at the power. It effortlessly pulled the food in and blended. I don’t even know how to describe it. I now know what all the fuss over immersion blenders is about.Amazing

  6. scarequotes

    I bought this after my old, cheap hand blender died while trying to chop mushrooms.I had planned to buy a good but less expensive brand, but I’m so glad the sales person in the store steered me to the Breville. I didn’t realize until using it just how useful a high-quality hand blender could be.Things I’ve made with this: lentil soup, mashed potatoes (a full pot done in 60 seconds), plum sauce, applesauce (including peels!). I’ve creamed butter, mixed dough, scrambled eggs.Each and every one of these things it has done like a dream.Highly, highly recommended

  7. MandyMoo

    This immersion blender is excellent. It has a comfortable grip with a trigger button and isn’t too heavy to hold for longer periods. Clean up is easy and the attachments make it useful for many tasks. I made madeleines last night and instead of having to whisk by hand for 5 minutes I used my Breville (with whisk attachment) and the eggs frothed beautifully. Great performance, great price and lots of extras. I leave it out on the counter so it is easy to access

  8. themomsbuzz

    I have been after this product for the longest time. I used to own other brands and they all broke after constant use. I just got it, and I used it once, and absolutely love it!!! It is so practical, steady performance and powerful. It is so much worth paying more for the Breville brand than the other not as expensive. Highly recommend it

  9. Dan

    We bought this several years ago and fell in love. It’s powerful, comfortable to hold, and excels at every task. But the plastic “guard” meant to protect pots started to deteriorate after a year or two of use, probably from the heat of hundreds of pots of soup. We found flakes of plastic in our food and that was the end. We had to throw it away, because a replacement part (listed on the site) is not available. It’s too bad, because everything else still worked like new and it feels like a waste. Now we’re in the market for a replacement, and I’m reluctant to buy this again and risk the same problem down the road.

  10. Linda D

    Haven’t had the Breville very long, but I like what I’ve seen. This is a replacement for an immersion blender that had housing problems & the potential for a shock. I can’t live without this appliance so decided to try another brand. Like all the bells & whistles that come with it. It chops veggies well & did a semi-puree of my soup just the way I like it. Appears to be a superior successor.

  11. Joy

    I bought this two years ago, primarily for use as an immersion blender. So far, the immersion blender works fine. I rarely use the small chopper bowl. Tonight I used it, and after washing, I noticed that it had cracked along the bottom. This item has not been heavily used; it has never had boiling water poured in it; it has never been put in the dishwasher. Literally, a couple of times making pesto or chopping nuts, and now it’s cracked. I expected better.

  12. Mark S

    Not only is the motor more powerful than other brands I tried,but the setting options make it easy to the right amount of power.Very comfortable grip too!

  13. Mark

    I?ve used this for more than three years and am more than satisfied on all counts. Easy to clean. If there was only another attachment for the chopper, then it would completely replace any need for a food processor.

  14. Mizou

    I use the wand very often. It works beautifully. However, after using the chopping bowl to make salsa, I noticed a crack at the bottom. I have never put the bowl in a dishwasher, never used it for anything harder than onions. I don?t understand why it would split like this. It?s really too bad because I bought the product partially for the ability to do small volume chopping. Otherwise happy with the product. Disappointing.

  15. logan m

    While the blender functions fine, the small vents around the blade don’t allow for the circulation I’m used to from past stick blenders. I also found the button and handle a bit awkward to use; which, while neither of these issues were deal breakers, I am returning this product anyway. The reason? The blending head is oval and doesn’t fit into a wide mouth mason jar (which is my vessel of choice to blend in, less dishes). So disappointed! Every other brand of stick blender I’ve ever used fits perfectly. The search continues …

  16. Barbara N

    Love, love, love this! I am not a gourmet cook, but I consider myself a good cook in search of nutritious recipes. I love soups, particularly thick, homemade ones. I have always felt that running batches of soup through a blender was more trouble than it was worth. The immersion blender allows you to puree the entire batch without taking any of the soup out of the pot. I have not had the opportunity to use the whisk attachment or the chopping feature, but if they work as well as the blender blade, I will be happy indeed, because I am very pleased with my experience so far!

  17. Sandra

    I have been using this at least once a week since I got it more than three years ago. I love it, especially the long stem that lets me just plunge it into a saucepan of soup and make the creamiest of soups. A friend just used it and described it to her daughter. Comment: ?this is a magical device!? Agree.

  18. Louann R

    While I like the power and versatility of this tool, it is not particularly comfortable for me to use. It is heavier than I expected and is longer than the immersion blender I’m replacing so it is a bit awkward to manipulate. I do like the trigger grip and the variety of uses. So far, it has effectively done every job I’ve used it for, and I look forward to continuing to explore its potential.

  19. BaldUWSdad

    I really like the immersion blender and for the most part I am very pleased with the product, however, I am on my second (maybe 3rd bowl. They appear to crack and leak on the bottom.

  20. todd

    This is a nice immersion blender and works well enough. But the 750 ml chopping bowl cracked across the bottom after three uses. It has split in both directions from the central metal spindle outwards to both edges.

  21. Lv

    I bought this from Sonoma Williams and had to wait for months before I got it in November of 2020. I don?t use this much but I like the blender. Recently, some food got caught on the blade and scratched the bowl and actually etched the bowl. I had one Braun immersion blender I used for more than 15 years without any problems until the plastic finally cracked. I spent a lot more money for this product due to it had good reviews but it appears the plastic container is not build strong enough. Disappointed.

  22. Ruth P

    I found the Breville Immersion Mixer to be very easy to use and to clean up.The variable speed makes it great for working with liquids by keeping all of it in the container. No splatters anywhere.It also was not as heavy as I thought it might be, so using it does not tire my armReally fun to use, too!.

  23. Andrea M

    …easy to hold and use. Does a good job with frozen fruits and veggies, although leafy greens take a bit more work to start. Happy with the purchase.

  24. Joy

    The weight of the Immersion blender and the long shaft, while usually are very good features of a well built immersion blender are the reasons I cannot use it. I am disappointed because Breville brand is always my first choice when buying kitchen applicances, of which I have a number. Regrettable I have to return it. The heaviness of the unit along with my short stature made my shoulder hurt trying to hold it above the height of my shoulder.

  25. Richard J

    I recently used this to puree butternut squash cubes for a soup…some of the cubes were larger and not totally cooked. I was very impressed at how easily the immersion blender did the job.


    I had replaced my old cuisinart with their new model and it had this awkward top bottom that you have to press along with the button on the handle – very challenging to operate. So I got the Breville instead. Not only did it not have that problem, it is a far superior tool.

  27. Kimberly W

    This is my third immersion blender. The previous one was a Cuisinart smart stick(?), that I used 3-4 times a week or more. Unlike the Cuisinart immersion blender, the Breville blends very smoothly, without drag, and much less splatter – especially when blending soups. The Breville plug (with the grip hole) is a great innovation that I hope to see on many more appliances. The covers aren’t really necessary for us, as we keep the blender and all it’s pieces in a cupboard, and if I had one complaint, it would be that it is difficult to detach the immersion stick from the motor base. You have to press a pad on either side of the motor base, while also holding the base and pulling on the stick. I feel like I need an extra hand or two. Overall, though I feel like the Brevile Control Grip Immersion Blender is a very well designed, elegant appliance.

  28. Debra H

    When I ordered this product I was very much one sided on my research and knowledge of Breville products. I am not disappointed in this product one bit! It preforms exactly as I expected it would and had the length of the wand that was needed for my pots. This product is made to last and is not going to fall apart on you. I recommend this to all cooks looking for a sturdy immersion blender.

  29. Robert S

    I have wanted an immersion blender for many years and this year I was fortunate enough to receive a generous gift certificate for SurLaTable. All I can say is wow. This is a great small appliance that allows me to prepare things that I could only dream about before (I will *never* bring home mystery mayo from the store again!). Powerful but light, more accessories than a person can ask for, easy to clean, nice long cord and matches my other Breville small appliances. This is a gift that will keep on giving for years. Do yourself a favor and buy one today!

  30. Hilary M

    Finally, an immersion blender which works perfectly for a variety of uses. We have used it for so many recipes in the kitchen and I could not be happier. It quietly tackles everything we have thrown at it. The attachments are also quite lovely to use, down to the cleaning. I am so happy to have a good immersion blender again in my kitchen!

  31. Jean

    I purchased this set several months ago to replace an aging blender and immersion blender. I am very pleased with the immersion blender and the whisk, a great range or power settings and comfortable to use. The larger mixing container is a good size and handy for small batters and whipping cream or eggs.The small blending/ chopping container and blades are useless. I have tried small batchguacamole, pesto, herbs all with poor results. Not up to your standards, no stars. I would only recommend part of this product.

  32. Sam49

    Overall, I am happy for this as a purchase. Works great as an immersion blender, but I’m disappointed with the chopper bowl. Both of the blades are quite near the bottom of the bowl, so it is hard to get an even chop throughout the bowl: it tends to get pureed at the bottom and then not do anything to the stuff at the top. It would be better if one of the blades was further up or if there was a second set of blades further up. Pretty good set, but frustratingly close to great: I would be shouting this from the rooftops if the mini chopper worked better: maybe you could make a new blade piece for it and offer as an accessory for current owners to buy?

  33. daria y

    I use this daily…for soups, gravy, eggs, batters for fish or chicken..handy…easy to clean….blends very well

  34. JOANN A

    I am very happy with this kitchen tool. It fits my hand very comfortably and, even though I thought it would bother me, the long cord is not a problem. I have used the chopper for small batches and it’s wonderful. The clean-up is easy. The whisk attachment is great for small batches or one egg and works really well for whipping cream. Highly recommend this product.

  35. Anne M

    This kitchen tool is beautifully designed both functionally and aesthetically. It easily pureed a soup in short order with no marks left on my enamel pot and no splattering – the design allows food to be drawn into the mixer without having to lift it above the surface of the soup. Very easy cleanup.

  36. Linda M

    Love this immersion blender. It is very easy to use, very handy and I like the company Breville. I have had no problems with it at all. It is especially helpful when making soups. I no longer need to transfer the contents of the pot into a blender. I can blend it right in the pot. Great tool to have access to in the kitchen!

  37. Scarlett Lee F

    Such an upgrade over my prior immersion blender for its ease of use and efficacy. I’m a big fan of Breville, and the products are worth it just for the safety and convenience of the electrical plug!

  38. Pacific Nw

    Simple to operate. Made pulverizing the ingredients in my large pot of soup so simple.

  39. Ct

    Love my new immersion blender! I did alot of research before I decided to purchase a breville. Extremely pleased with it and I use it daily.

  40. Carol A

    I like this Breville immersion blender because it has multiple settings and is very powerful even at a low setting. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new immersion blender plus you?ll have a mini chopper and a whisk. A couple of things I don?t like so much are that I find the on-off switch somewhat hard to use and it is sometimes difficult to separate the blender stick from the motor part for cleaning.

  41. Mick

    I bought the bowl chopper for our Control Grip about a month ago and tried to use it today for the first time only to find that even with only a relatively small quantity of liquid in the bottom it splashed out under the lid. Not sure this ought to happen? There doesn’t seem to be a missing seal or anything.

  42. Anthony A

    My favorite kitchen tool. I use it for soups, purees, among others. But the attachments like the whisk are handy as a hand mixer, and the mini food processor has been amazing! I (husband) am the cook, but this has also drawn my wife to the kitchen to embellish her skills. Can’t say enough, other than definitely add it to your culinary arsenal!

  43. Karen M

    After literally wearing out a KitchenAid immersion blender, I researched others. The Breville has great reviews, ratings and came at a sale price. I agree with the high marks and will put this through its paces.

  44. Mark S

    Perfect for hot soups needing pureeing

  45. ELPIDA A

    And the best mini chopper too.

  46. Lowell S

    I love this product! Easy to use and easy to clean!

  47. Catherine L

    Finally decided to get an immersion blender and am glad I chose Breville’s model. We have some other Breville products and have never been disappointed. This blender makes pureeing soups so easy…no more transferring batches to a blender but can puree right in the pot! The sloppiness quotient decreased exponentially.

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