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Breville Sear & Press Grill

31 Reviews
  • One-touch shortcuts are pre-programmed for Panini, Burger, Sear and BBQ mode
  • Reversible ceramic grill and griddle plates feature a nonstick coating that is PFOA- and PTFE-free
  • Removable drip tray works in BBQ or contact mode and catches the fat while cooking
  • When the grill is opened flat in BBQ mode, you have a 240-square-inch grilling and griddle surface
  • Each plate features an independent temperature control for complete cooking control
  • Two sensors indicate when the grill is preheating and when it’s ready to cook
  • Easily adjust the temperature up to 450°F


Description & Features

The versatile design of the Breville Sear & Press lets you make bacon and eggs, toast delicious panini sandwiches, sear crispy steak or grill burger patties anywhere with ease. Two nonstick ceramic plates feature individual temperature dials, so you can precisely control the heat on each surface for better browning and expertly cooked results. The innovative rotating design allows you to separate the plates and lay them flat to double your cooking surface space, or push them together to sear two sides at once.
  • One-touch shortcuts are pre-programmed for Panini, Burger, Sear and BBQ mode
  • Reversible ceramic grill and griddle plates feature a nonstick coating that is PFOA- and PTFE-free
  • Removable drip tray works in BBQ or contact mode and catches the fat while cooking
  • When the grill is opened flat in BBQ mode, you have a 240-square-inch grilling and griddle surface
  • Each plate features an independent temperature control for complete cooking control
  • Two sensors indicate when the grill is preheating and when it’s ready to cook
  • Easily adjust the temperature up to 450°F


  • Manufacturer: Breville
  • Model: BGR700BSS1BUS1
  • Material: Brushed stainless steel and ceramic
  • Dimensions: 13″ L x 14.6″ W x 8.5″ H; individual plates: 9.8″ L x 11.8″ W
  • Weight: 9 lb.
  • Watts: 1510-1800W; 120V
  • Warranty: 2-year replacement or repair warranty
  • Designed and Engineered in Australia. Made in China.

Care & Usage

  • Grill/griddle plates are dishwasher safe

Latest reviews

  1. Linda

    I have only used this once, since we just got it. We made Cubano sandwiches, so used the panini aspect of the grill–the floating top worked great, once I figured out how to work it. The directions for that could be clearer. I love the way it cleans up as well. Also, it is not a behemoth. I can store it quite easily so it is handy. I’m looking forward to using this for other applications.One thing about size is that when you raise the lid, the handle could be too tall to fit under your cabinets. It’s about 16.5 inches from the counter top to the top of the fully raised handle. My lower cabinet is 16″ above the counter, so I have to hold it up if I use it there because I can’t raise it completely and it will fall down if I let go. Next time I will place it where I don’t have an upper cabinet.

  2. Frances B.

    Let me start by saying that I love Breville products and highly recommend them to friends and family! I have 2 kitchens and they are well stocked with Breville! My favorites are my Nespresso Machine, my Smart Oven Air fryer and now my new Sear and Press! Someone posted that there is no drip tray but, mine has one. I will also order the waffle plates too.

  3. Lucinda

    Only had just over a week but was week full of lots company. Cooked at least 2lbs bacon a day, toasted half loaf bread at a time, waffles and eggs… then at lunch quesadias, tacos, chops and burgers with buns, then did dinner steaks and shrimp…. excellent fried squash, fried green tomatoes, biscuits or bread and then paninis…. this did everything i asked and more … oh yea …. ice cream cones… tortillas…

  4. Joe S.

    We?ve had the Grill for several months and until recently it was easy to clean just by putting dish soap on a wet paper towel. Now the plates must be removed every time and taken to the sink to be more thoroughly washed off. Delicate food like fish, just stick to the plates every time. I prefer a sandwich made with a tort or peta for less bulk,,,if a little cheese melts out it is tough to get off. We threw out awell known panini grill after a year as the coating started to flake off We thought the ceramic coatings on the Breville would be the answer…but clean up is proving to be more of a chore…otherwise it would be a 5*.

  5. Patricia P

    I have used a few different types when living in Europe for a few months last summer and learned about the differences. The Breville Sear & Press Grill is hands down the best one I’ve used. It’s a bit on the larger size (if space is an issue) but the different settings and the removable plates are really the best. If you need something smaller Breville has a basic panini press that is also great…my son uses that one!

  6. John

    We love this press, it really works well and the reversible plates are great. We use the flats on Sunday mornings for pancakes then leave them on until lunch for grilled cheeses. The panini plates work really well and cook up your food very quickly. We?ve cooked a lot of stuff on these, including chicken breasts. My one complaint is that the unit is not level on the main (bottom side, so if you are cooking eggs, then run through the opening on the side of the plate and drip into the drip tray. The top side lays flat.Also, the actual temperature of the plates seems to be a little lower than the dials indicate, which is not a big deal.

  7. Daniel Boca Raton Fl

    This does it all, I make bacon, waffles, sandwiches, egg etc. It?s just super handy, easy to clean and portable. Love it on the boat and in the kitchen.

  8. Frances C

    Dig it! Excellent product! Right sized for the counter, and cook surface. I can make a lovely breakfast for 4 ! And flip to grilled a few t bones or chicken breasts! Heat is even on the plates, easy clean up!

  9. Lisa P

    We use this all the time, from grilled cheese, to pancakes, to steaks & grilled veggies. This product is so versatile and so easy to clean since the plates pop right off! Would 100% purchase again.

  10. MYRA G.

    I like this grill, but the settings still confuse me especially when I make paninis. Have not tried grilling yet. I really like breville products.

  11. Tim M

    We use this amazing grill everyday. We had the original Breville grill and it’s like the knew what improvements we wish they would make and they released this version 2.0. We cannot recommend this grill strongly enough.

  12. Jessica

    Great grill that makes for quick burgers and steaks without the mess of cooking on the stove, and the hassle of the outdoor grill.

  13. David

    Great panino grill. Love the swivel top and heats up quick

  14. Becky and Dan

    Best multipurpose grill on my the market for the household market.

  15. Paz

    Very effective, versatile and functional grill. Easy to clean too. The removable ceramic non-stick grill plates are a nice innovation that lasts longer and makes it easier to clean. Other useful features:- Preset buttons / temperatures for specific items (burger and sear, are useful and easy to use. – Adjustable height makes it easy to grill soft items without smooshing them. – Interchangeable waffle plate available for purchase. I?m looking forward to trying them, but they have been on back order for many months. PS: we bought this smart grill to replace our old Breville Panini Maker, which had some great features, but did not have removable grill plates and was difficult to clean. It also did not have preset functions. This is a major improvement.

  16. Fiorella

    Love it! We use it for everything!

  17. Keoni

    I’ve spent a great deal of time looking for the right grill to purchase. I like the fact that it comes with reversible flat and diagonal grill bar plates, not to mention the enameled surfaces and the the well-thought-out design of the heating elements that do a wonderful job of heating the grilling surfaces for even grilling. Time to buy yours! Keoni

  18. Albina M.

    This is my 3rd Breville appliance and they’re all wonderful. I also like that they all match.

  19. Robert D.

    Just simply put…”OUTSTANDING”

  20. Mary C

    Top quality like all Breville products. Easy to use and easy to clean!

  21. Evgeniy E E

    You never go wrong with Breville !

  22. Dave

    easy and fun to use.

  23. SC

    Love this sear and press so far. Have grilled chicken breasts, pressed paninis, and made waffles. I love that the plates are dishwasher safe. However, they are so easy to clean we normally do not need the dw – just run under warm water and wipe. Have consolidated and gotten rid of our george foreman grill, griddle (for pancakes and bacon), and waffle maker. So much easier to clean than all 3 of the items we replaced, and less space in the cabinet. Have only had it a couple weeks, but we are fans so far.

  24. LBabs

    I’ve used it only twice. Once for burritos and it worked great, cooking evenly. The second time was waffles, using the optional waffle plates. Again, it cooked great waffles, evenly and quickly. Note the instructions for waffles…temp on bottom plate is 350, top plate is 400, and cook time is exactly four minutes. My intention is only for burritos, paninis, pancakes, and waffles and it appears to do the job.

  25. Syd

    I cannot say enough good things about this product. We use it several times a week. We use it for chicken, grilled cheese, hot sandwiches? And the waffle add on plates are AMAZING for a quick breakfast.

  26. fishcreek

    Wonderful Addition to Our Kitchen

  27. Christiana P W

    Works great. We’re really happy with the purchase. We use it for so many things besides panini’s. Great for pancakes. We also seared steaks and cooked burgers on it.

  28. aisjah h

    Took time to learn to use but now am cooking lots of grilled vegetables, fish, loin lamb chops! Making paninis not my thing as a WW member.

  29. Yuri

    Is a really good press and excellent panini maker

  30. Peter

    The results are the same as Breville’s more expensive large grill but the heating plates are “ceramic” and only require hot water to rinse off under the tap. Also, none of the toxic chemicals in standard non-stick coatings. The only reason I give it 4 instead of 5 stars is that I wish it were able to be adjusted so that grease and water would drain into a drip tray as with other Breville models.

  31. Rebecca K

    This grill gets a lot of use: sandwiches, bacon, pancakes, steaks … even waffles and hash browns once the waffle plates were finally available. It heats fairly quickly, cooks evenly, drains grease into a small tray, wipes clean easily, and locks for easy carrying and storage.Two cautions, though: (1) This thing gets HOT! Don’t touch it while it’s on or for several hours afterward. It’s dangerous. (2) The instructions are VERY unclear how to adjust it to make two level surfaces for a sandwich press. It took lots of experimenting (when the grill was off) to figure out a plan, which involves presetting the top grill to a best-guess height, making sure it’s in the floating position, and then using a wooden spoon to nudge the top grill into the right position while closing it. It’s not the best design, but the grill works quite well in other ways.

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