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CAMO #7 x 1-7/8-in Wood To Wood Deck Screws

7 Reviews
  • 1750 pieces per package
  • For use with treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, solid or grooved composite and PVC deck boards measuring 3/4-in to 1-in in thickness
  • No pre-drilling required; a reverse rake tip removes deck material as it bores, allowing the screw to penetrate the board without splitting


Hidden in the side of the deck board, CAMO Edge Deck Fasteners create a beautiful, fastener-free deck surface. CAMO Edge Fasteners, a CAMO Marksman tool and CAMO driver bits combine to deliver a fastener-free deck surface at a price that makes getting the job easy and installing the deck even easier.
  • 1750 pieces per package
  • For use with treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, solid or grooved composite and PVC deck boards measuring 3/4-in to 1-in in thickness
  • No pre-drilling required; a reverse rake tip removes deck material as it bores, allowing the screw to penetrate the board without splitting
  • ProTech Coated – 1500 hour salt spray
  • An aggressive lower thread pattern provides superior holding power while the reverse upper thread pulls the board tight to the joist, reducing board movement and providing a clean, finished look
  • 2 free CAMO driver bits included in screw pail
  • Deck screws have a Limited Lifetime Warranty that guarantees against rust and corrosion for the life of the project
  • The CAMO Edge Deck Fastening System is engineered to work exclusively together; using other branded tools or guides, fasteners or bits will impair performance and not produce the desired results
Weight 10.55 lbs
Dimensions 10.25 × 5.62 × 4.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Scot

    I used the Camo screws to secure Trex brand PVC coated composite decking (I believe the model type is Select). I also chose to use the Camo jig to edge srew and space the boards. These screws worked great and I’m highly satisfied with the
    appearance of the finished product . The screws are nearly 100% hidden from the top surface view. I and very satisfied with the strength as well. I completed the deck more than 1 year ago, and there have been no issues with the screws shearing or pulling out of the joists. The deck has been exposed to quite a few temperature fluctuation cycles (location is Pennsylvania) over the past year with no problems.

  2. XP Services Unlimited

    When used in combination with Camo X1 decking install tool, you can almost hide the hardware by fastening your deck boards at an angled position. had this product in stock and provided valuable experience from an experimental perspective. The screws do not have points, they are blunt tipped, although do not splinter deck boards when used with the Camo X1 jig. Try for yourself. As a skilled carpenter, Id go for alternative solutions for hidden fasteners. Appreciative to my local for having this, because this was a last minute project with little planning in advance

  3. Jeff

    Just did 1000sf of deck worked out great, good economical choice for hidden deck fastners.

  4. Steve

    The CAMO system works great. The problem is that the CAMO screws will shear off and break during temperature swings. Did my large deck last summer and the outcome look great! Fast and easy, used the tool for consistent lines all with hidden fasteners. 7 months later I’ve noticed some of my boards are loose, and the broken screws that I could back out had sheared off at the interface between the decking and the PT structure underneath, which means the screws could not handle the shear stress of the expansion and contraction forces. Unfortunately many of the snapped screws just spin in the decking when I try to remove them and they’re stuck and cannot be removed. I had installed the PT supports at 12″oc and screwed both sides with the CAMO screws (using the tool) at each joist. Now I’m looking at possibly replacing ALL the screws. If I instead wait for them to fail individually, the screw head may not be removable and I’ll be left with having to fasten another way. I would not recommend these for regions where large temperature swings may occur because the expansion and contraction forces are too much for these #7 screws. While these screws are not overpriced and the system will save you time, think twice about the repercussions of using inferior screws that you may regret later.

  5. Kmnettles22

    Used these screws on a 1000 S.F. deck! These were used with timber tech decking! Very easy to use with Marksman Pro! Also used on smaller 300 S.F. Treated Wood Deck worked well in both situations! I do recommend if using Treated Decking only apply screws at both ends and middle of boards until wood completly dries. Otherwise if all screws are applied all of your boards will split as they dry…These screws are tanks and hold very well!

  6. Tyler

    I like several things about this item and dislike a few at the same time. I do not like that the screw point has been flatted. I wish someone you say why they did that vs have a point like every other screw. Second item I dislike is if you screw them in the tiniest to far they act like they are stripped out and the material then has play in it and not a tight hold.

    Things I like are the screw head size. For what we use them for the small head is nice and discreet. I like the powder coating color and the head type. I do wish the gauge of metal was a little better to keep them from braking.

    Overall an OK screw

  7. Hambone

    I purchased this system because it seemed very easy and as far as I can say it absolutely IS the best decision I ever made. But finding a store that has the screws in stock was NOT easy.

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