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Chadwyck Machine Braided White/Blue Indoor/Outdoor Rug

STAIN-RESISTANT AND PET-FRIENDL: This rug is made from snthetic fibers that resist UV fading; The pet-friendl low-pile construction won?t accumulate dirt, and spills clean up easil; It?s been machine-woven so the rug fibers will sta put; When properl cared for, this rug won?t shed fluff into our home;


  • INDOOR/OUTDOOR DURABILIT: Give our patio, deck or porch an instant makeover with an indoor/outdoor rug; Low-pile snthetic rug fibers are durable enough for high-traffic spaces like the kitchen, mud room or entr; Perfect for families with kids, our trendsetting outdoor rug designs are an eas-care option for living areas and kids? bedrooms too;
  • EAS TO CARE FOR: Vacuum and sweep regularl to prevent grit from breaking down the fibers; Alwas turn off the beater bars on our vacuum; Spot clean stains immediatel with a mild detergent, rinse thoroughl and blot dr; To wash an outdoor rug, spra the surface with a 5-1 mixture of mild dish soap and water; Then rise thoroughl with a garden hose and hang over a railing to dr thoroughl;
  • Durable woven design with a short 0.25″ pile


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