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Comfort Zone 11-in 3-Speed Indoor Blue Floor Fan

23 Reviews
  • 3 Speeds and 3 adjustable angles – 0°, 45°, 90°
  • Dries wet and damp spaces: crawl spaces, basement floors, fresh paint, carpets
  • Cools and ventilates: attic spaces, work areas, garages, general room air circulation


The Comfort Zone 1/3 HP High Velocity Air Mover is multipurpose floor fan perfect for drying out wet and damp spaces or providing general room air circulation. Perfect for residential and commercial use, this powerful air mover is ideal for use in crawl spaces, basements, attics, or garages and contractor or service industry jobs, including construction, plumbing, painting, carpet cleaning, and other janitorial services. It can help dry anything from floors with water damaged to carpet and floors that have just been cleaned to freshly painted spaces. With a convenient carry handle, this 1/3 horsepower air mover is easy to move around the room and features 3 air speeds with 3 adjustable angles helping to move and circulate air to dry your space quickly and efficiently. The Comfort Zone 1/3 HP high velocity air mover comes equipped with a GFCI plug that will automatically shut off power directly at the power source when it detects an electrical fault. It also comes with a wrap-around cord design and is stackable up to 4 high for easy, space saving storage.
  • 3 Speeds and 3 adjustable angles – 0°, 45°, 90°
  • Dries wet and damp spaces: crawl spaces, basement floors, fresh paint, carpets
  • Cools and ventilates: attic spaces, work areas, garages, general room air circulation
  • GFCI plug for use in wet conditions
  • Convenient built-in carry handle with wrap around cord design
  • Stackable for easy storage
Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 17 × 19 in

Latest reviews

  1. Xuan732

    Great portable high velocity air mover that’s a 1/3 HP. We recently had an unexpected leak near our front door that soaked our carpet. I’m glad we had this on hand and we set it up to get the carpet dry. It took a couple of hours to dry the carpet on speed 3. This fan can be angled to blow air at a 0, 45, or 90 degrees. Has a 20 ft cable so it was convenient to move around where needed. There is an easy dial button with three different speed levels. We will also be using this fan in the summer when we paint our living room. It is handy for different home project, your carpet cleaning or those unexpected mishaps. I store this in my tool shed and it doesn’t take up a lot of room. Worked great and I had no issues when using. It is loud but not too bad.

  2. jrenick3

    I was really impressed even with the level of airflow in the “low – 1” setting. Level 3, the highest setting has very strong airflow. It has a good length cord so that it can move around the space you are putting it in. I like to keep in my garage to increase airflow/circulation when working in it. I also find it handy that you can position it in multiple angles due to the feet provided.

  3. Leaf

    There’s been many a Time but I’ve needed air to be moved ironically. Years ago I was a floor tech, and needed one of these air movers to dry the floor after waxing has been very helpful or when there’s a big spill and mopping can only do so much. I would recommend everybody to have one of these for multiple reasons if there are floor tech helping them dry wax, or if they’re using it in a home to move air throughout the house to help save some money from their air conditioner it’s going to have just a fan blowing air works wonders or as I’ve done before use it to blow up a sheet for the kids to have fun in. They’re fun to have I don’t know if I can say anything else about it you’re wonderful items.

  4. SantaPoco

    Is that an obvious title? Feels obvious, but it’s true. I’ve used it to help dry off our carport driveway in a very humid weather. I’ve kept some air circulating at my feet while I did some yard honey-do jobs on the back porch. It’s powerful, it’s about as attractive as one of these fans can be. It’s easy to operate. It’s easy to carry and move with the handle and cord location. Overall, I’m happy and impressed. I haven’t had it long and I’m a weekend warrior, DIY, home repair newbie. If you’re a real contractor then take my review with that working experience value. I really wanted to try this in the summer around my pool to see if it kept the surface air chilled, but I waited too long to order it. I’ll pursue that endeavor next summer, but it’s promising.

  5. Ecko

    If u are looking for a good fan look no more this powergear air mover is a beast.. on just low it gives us more than enough air.. I live in Florida so you know it gets hot here..especially when we have parties and invite a lot of guests..this air mover is quiet enough to use during gatherings or even sleeping at night..the blower is pretty sturdy..for me it’s a premium blower , quiet , and on just low it accomplishes the job.. it’s an easy 10/10 for me on this air mover.

  6. js57

    Small lightweight air mover that gets the job done. It’s lightweight, small, and powerful. You wouldn’t suspect an air mover that’s so small would be so strong, but it is. It’s quieter than the other fan I was using, blows a cool breeze. I used it because we had a plumbing leak and needed to dry the carpet and slab out. I only used these blowers on their lowest setting, because that was more than enough to lift up the carpet and carpet pad.

  7. DRHarchitect

    As board president of my 215 unit, coop, for many years, I got this blower for our building complex for the staff to use when mopping floors or shampooing carpeting, to quickly dry the area. For this it works great and our public areas are dry in no time. Those yellow, sandwich warning signs don’t stay “decorating” our Lobby and Halls for hours any longer. However it has become indispensable in emergencies. Staff has used it in apartments when tenants have had flooding and dried their carpets using this High Velocity Air Mover. We recently had some flooding in our community room from Hurricane Ida and it was used there, also to dry the carpet. It works efficiently and though moving a great deal of air is not noisy and obtrusive.
    This has become an indispensable item and every such building should have it as a must have piece of equipment.

  8. sully1710

    I am so glad we have this air mover. We had a sewer backup in the basement and this fan coupled with a dehumidifier did the trick! No other air mover would have done the job in my opinion. The 1/3 horse power motor was more than sufficient. It feels like it is high quality and will last a long time. I am thrilled we have this because I do a lot of interior painting for my job and this speeds up drying time too!!!!

  9. Scott

    This fan is perfect to dry out a room that has suffered water intrusion. The fan focuses the air it blows across the surface of the floor. A great way to dry out damp concrete and carpet after a leak before the water has time to do it’s damage. In addition to it’s remediation potential, this fan is great to promote circulation and air flow in projects that have high VOC. This is a great item to have on hand!

  10. Thindman81

    this air mover is great quality, it helps me at work. I am a janitor, so i clean and paint or do anything needed in that general area, I have used it to help dry paint faster and when I mop floors during office hours it helps to dry the floors very quickly. Very light, compact size and easy to use and carry around. Very well made and it makes jobs so much easier!

  11. Cameron88

    This high velocity air mover does not disappoint! It really does move some serious air! It’s even more powerful than I expected when it’s on the high setting! It’s very well made, heavy duty, and durable. It works great for circulating the air in my barn but also is perfect to dry out my carpets after shampooing them. I would definitely recommend it.

  12. Bryan

    This product is extremely lightweight, compact, and exceptionally efficient for its size. One thing that surprised me was how quiet it was. I always expect that these fans generate alot of noise due to the volume of air they move but I had this running when our restroom flooded and couldn’t hear anything from across the hallway. Great product!

  13. RetiredinOk

    We have a storm shelter built in the floor of our garage, there is not much airflow to keep it from getting damp so we run a fan 24/7. We love this fan it keeps everything dry. It is so powerful, it will dry up anything you put it on. In our storm shelter we run it on low, it is quiet and gets the job done. We love, love, love it.

  14. Boggscy

    Great air moving fan for many uses. I’ve used it for drying paint in rooms, drying my grams basement after storms, moving air around in the basement. 3 different speed settings and a few different angles to set it at for whatever your using it for. Easy to carry, easy to store, has a gfci plug on it which is very useful.

  15. Jason80

    This has been amazing. We have had non stop storms so our carpet has got a bit soggy. I just turn this on for a few hours and its dry! I also shampooed carpets over the weekend. I turned on this fan and carpet dried way faster. It’s also great for when you mop. This fan literally dries up indoor carpet in no time!

  16. Rrl63

    I have a basement with a tendency to flood on a hard rain. I have a dehumidifier but wanted something better than towels to clean up water. This fan does an excellent job of drying out a space. It funnels it toward the drain and clears up the hard to reach spots without issue.

  17. The Designer

    Giving a 4 star rating as have not yet have need for the fan. Anticipate using in warmer weather when working in the garage. Will also use at fishing cabin that is very close to river and sometimes gets a wet floor. Very simple controls and nice handle

  18. lab2908

    The Powergear – High Velocity Air Mover arrived at the perfect time to dry out my crawl space after simultaneous heavy rains and a broken pipe flooded underneath my house. This fan was plug and play, and disipated the water underneath the house quickly.

  19. sylvia S

    Great fan that really helps dry up wet floors, damp Cabinet bases, Carpets or rugs….
    It’s like what the professional remediation companies use. It’s heavy duty but not too heavy for me to carry and move around as needed. I like it a lot.

  20. Johnnypat

    This fan works great. I got it recently to use to dry out my carpet after cleaning it. It was beyond my expectations. It moves a lot of air and is not as loud as I expected it to be. In no time my floor was dry and safe to walk on again.

  21. Aaron s

    We have used this as we are painting and this helps so much to dry the walls. It has come in so handy. The air flow is great and there is 3 ways to set this for the air flow to happen. Would 100% purchase again!!

  22. wrightrnch

    The Powergear high velocity air mover works well. It move a ton of air for the small size of the unit. It is not too heavy to move around easily and is not too loud when it is in use. I would highly recommend.

  23. Roger53

    . This high velocity air blower works great for drying damp spaces and carpet. I like that it has rubber feet so it doesn’t slide or move it stays in place. I also like how it can be turned at different degrees.

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