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Comfort Zone 18.5-in 3-Speed Indoor Black Floor Fan

20 Reviews
  • Jet stream 6-blade fan design provides 30% more air flow
  • Tri-curve reduces noise levels by up to 20%
  • 100% Copper wire motor that dishes out up to 1.7 m/s of air speed


The Comfort Zone 20″ Air Circulator with Powr Curve Technology provides incredible performance with maximum power. Effectively improve any room’s ventilation with our high-performance air mover. It features a 6-blade, jet stream design, delivering 30% higher airflow, and the copper, high-efficiency motor, will give you maximum airflow keeping your living spaces comfortable when it’s hot and humid outside. It makes a fantastic and practical choice for your living room, bedroom, home office, dining area, lounge area, garage, patio, kitchen, even entertainment room. Designed for ultimate versatility, the Comfort Zone 20″ Air Circulator with Powr Curve Technology can be mounted to the wall or placed on the floor for optimal ventilation. It features 3 powerful speeds and a full 180-degree adjustable tilt, so you can aim it right where you want it to get a constant breeze, creating a cool and comfortable atmosphere wherever you are.
  • Jet stream 6-blade fan design provides 30% more air flow
  • Tri-curve reduces noise levels by up to 20%
  • 100% Copper wire motor that dishes out up to 1.7 m/s of air speed
  • 3 speed rotary control
  • Adjustable tilt up to 180-degrees
Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 27 × 27 in

Latest reviews

  1. Mulleka

    This fan is a game changer. It’s big, but not bulky or heavy. The stand is wide and stable. It can be used on the floor or on the wall, and I love how quiet it is. It also has a cord winder in the back for convenient storage and even a handle. This fan gets a two thumbs up from me.

  2. Jfits73

    This fan is absolutely amazing. It gets summer hot in the summer and my living room has no ceiling fan. This fan is the perfect size to cool me off while I watch tv. It’s super easy to adjust and it’s surprisingly quiet for its size. It has the perfect amount of air flow as well!

  3. SarahVF

    This fan is a beast! My house doesn’t get the greatest ventilation and running the AC all the time is not only expensive but doesn’t really circulate the air. This fan has solved my issues. I set it up in my large living room and within minutes my room is cool and feels fresh. The fan is large but for the power it contains, the size for me is not an issue. It is very light, despite it’s size, and super easy to move from one location to another. I also appreciate that it isn’t extremely loud. My toddler is able to nap peacefully even with the fan whirring. This fan is also equipped to mount on a wall and would be a great addition to an outdoor living area. I would definitely recommend this fan to anyone with a large space that needs cooling/circulation.

  4. Teemater

    I’m really impressed with this fan! It’s 20jnches, which is perfect for cooling and circulating the air, in every room I’ve used it in. It’s made of plastic, so it is lightweight and portable. That’s one of the things I like best. I can pick it up easily with one hand and put it wherever I need too. My hubby has even used it in the garage and loved how it kept him cool, while working on a car. We both like to have a fan on us when we sleep. I’m able to just pop it up on the dresser. It can be mounted to a wall, but for me, I love the portability of it. It has three settings, low, medium, high and really blows the air strongly. Cool! It also tilts so you can put it on the floor and tilt it up, or on a table and tilt it up, down or just keep it straight. I I’m very happy I got it.

  5. Matt859

    Light weight great design and air flow were all great. This would have been 5 stars and i really liked it. Unfortunately it stopped working soon after use. I have not figured out why yet. Maybe poor manufacturing everything made cheaper and usually the savings is not passed on. Over all i liked it and would have been sold if not for it to stop working. The six blades were unique and it had a nice quiet air flow. I would be willing to give them another try.

  6. wendy73

    This product is like an ordinary fan. The features I do like about this fan is the knob, sound, and color. I like that it is black. It will show dust easily. The knob is flush and not bulky like other fans. It looks that it will not come off after normal wear and tear. The only thing I did not understand about the fan was the option to mount it to the wall. I would not mount the fan but I guess I can see that it would be helpful in a factory.

  7. kwhite

    I love my new fan. The fan has more blades than I bought before getting this. They are smaller but it seems to push out more air the my other fan. I like the fact that the handle is kinda hidden. It’s not just sitting on top. It’s in the back of the fan. It has the basic three setting. You can tell the difference between setting. I do wish that the numbers were a different color than the fan so that it showed up better.

  8. Monica D

    This fan is very simple to set up and use. The air out put is great, even on it’s lowest setting. It is very light weight which is great because it can be moved around easily, but it being so light is also why I took one star away, it’s very easy to knock over. It has done a very good job keeping my bedroom cool at night and over all I am very happy with it!

  9. Joseg

    The first thing I noticed was how light the fan is. Don’t be fooled by the weight this thing moves air. The up and down tilt is really helpful in getting the air exactly where you want it. Its very quite even when on the top speed. It’s seems very durable and not easily broken. (dropped it a couple times) No damage! Highly recommended!

  10. Matthew

    I can honestly say that this fan is probably my favorite fan that I’ve ever had. It cools off my bedroom wonderfully and there are times I have to point it at the ceiling because it gets so chilly.. it blows out so much air that I put it on my counter and walked across the room and I could feel it on the other side of the room.

  11. Danielc

    I had multiple projects going on that I used this fan for. First thing the dan is very sturdy and 20 inches high. It does not tip over or wobble at the higher speed. It seems to be well made with sturdy plastic. I use it in my basement mainly to circulate air for the dehumidifiers. Nice even running at all speeds.

  12. TriciaHoward

    This fan is absolutely amazing! The fan itself looks great and fits into any decor but what makes it amazing is the quality of it. It circulate air so well that I wish Id have gotten it at the beginning of summer to help circulate the AC air around my apartment. It’s nice and quiet for the power also!

  13. daniejay93

    this is very good fan. has wide coverage and cools me down quick. it has three speeds i tend to leave it at number two and ts perfect. it is kind of big but its definitely worth it. I can keep this fan running my room all night without having to turn it off because of it being to strong

  14. Chappy

    Great fan! It’s simple and elegant. Quiet and low profile.. all the things i want in my fan. We were able to strategically place this in our living room and save some money on air conditioning. Its very quiet for the amount of air thats getting pushed out. I would definitely recommend.

  15. kaitlinbix

    this fan is really great helps cool down my living room has great power. 3 different speed settings. the fan is bigger then I expected but really great power and speed. I am happy to have this fan with anew puppy in the house to help air out the carpet and rugs from accidents.

  16. OSKIBOB2

    The fan is much quieter that I expected it to be especially with how strong it is. I have it set up in my garage for whenever I am out there working on hot days and it keeps air moving through the entire garage. I very high quality product.

  17. Mrsblackhammer8487

    Absolutely love this fan it keeps my room cool at night so I don’t have to run the air conditioner. It isn’t to loud so it doesn’t annoy my husband ..It fits perfectly on my night stand to get good air circulation throughout the room.

  18. pah27

    This fan is wonderful! It is so quiet I can’t even believe it! It puts out very steady air and feels great. It is easy to adjust the direction the fan is facing. It has three speeds and it actually is very powerful. Highly recommend.

  19. ZilO

    Living in Arizona in the summer can be rough! I wanted a quiet fan to use in addition to the air conditioner. This fan is big, cool and most importantly QUITE! I would highly recommend this fan for any room in the house!

  20. Afroge1sha

    Good air circulation, very quiet for the size. Fits perfectly in the man cave. Worth having and highly recommended. Does give off a plastic smell for the first couple of days of continuous use, but dissipated afterwards.

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