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Corelle 16-Piece White Glass Dinnerware

16 Reviews
  • A square dinnerware set enfolded with the colors of a Japanese garden
  • Triple-layer strong glass plates and bowls resists chips and cracks
  • Ultra-hygienic non-porous and easy-to-clean


A square dinnerware set enfolded with the colors of a Japanese garden. Triple-layer strong glass plates and bowls resists chips and cracks. Ultra-hygienic non-porous and easy-to-clean. Plates and bowls stack compactly to take up less storage space. Mugs are made from high quality porcelain. Dishwasher microwave and preheated-oven safe. Mugs NOT oven safe. Includes: Four 10.5″ Dinner plates. Four 9″ Salad plates. Four 22oz Cereal bowls. Four 12oz Mugs.
  • A square dinnerware set enfolded with the colors of a Japanese garden
  • Triple-layer strong glass plates and bowls resists chips and cracks
  • Ultra-hygienic non-porous and easy-to-clean
  • Plates and bowls stack compactly to take up less storage space
  • Mugs are made from high quality porcelain
  • Dishwasher microwave and preheated-oven safe
  • Mugs NOT oven safe
  • Includes: Four 10.5 inch Dinner plates
  • Four 9 inch Salad plates
Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 7 in

Latest reviews

  1. Jamie

    I bought 4 sets when it was buy one get one free. One of the sets arrived broken and moldy. They are pretty but not sturdy.

  2. Wendy

    Love the pattern and use the dishes everyday. They are advertised dishwasher safe. They clean well in the dishwasher but unfortunately the pattern has almost completely faded. We have had the dishes for 5-6 years and the pattern has been fading over the years until, as I said, the pattern is virtually gone. We query whether the dishwasher is responsible for the fading and whether it is a better idea to wash them by hand. In any event, we will get more BUT we will not get ones with a pattern. With only two of us using them, most of the time, we felt it was necessary to give a heads. Maybe this was an anomaly but I would rather be safe than sorry.

  3. Alicia

    I bought this to mix with a set of Kyoto night to provide some coordinated color variety. These are our everyday dishes. One bowl came very slightly chipped on the edge but it was the only damage and the bowl still seems sound so we’re just using it as-is (but not microwaving that one). The pattern is gorgeous. The design is textured into the top of the plate so I wonder if it will wear off over time. Hope not! These are very easy to clean and lightweight, good for a family member who has trouble lifting heavy plates due to a disability. I like that they stack very tight and compact compared to our old stoneware plates, which saves a lot of space. #sweepstakes

  4. Dayna

    These plates are typical Corelle: very sturdy and lightweight. The design is beautiful, however the printing quality was inconsistent. Some large plates were bold, while some were lighter in color. Three of four of the small plates were not only light, but the grey and red didn’t line up. I contacted World Kitchen to tell them about the 3 small plates. I was very promptly sent 3 more small plates and the design was very bold and clear. I am very happy with World Kitchen’s customer service, but Corelle needs to work on its quality control. The color quality and consistency of the dishes in the sets needs to be up to the standards of the individually sold pieces.

  5. Jomo2000

    After using my husband’s “bachelor” dishes, setting for 4, no serving bowls or platters, the last 5+ years, I decided No More! I ordered this setting, keeping my fingers crossed they’d be as pretty as presented on the site. The plates aren’t as pretty- they are BEAUTIFUL! We love the shape, the delicate artistry, and the colors are perfect! The weight is light, which is perfect, also. I wouldn’t think twice about using the service for a more formal setting. Even though we’re just getting to the end of winter, I’m looking forward to using the set at Thanksgiving, as we now have 2 platters and serving bowls. Feeling Grateful! Corelle- please come out with more matching serving pieces! Thank you!

  6. Lisa

    I’ve used Corelle since the 80’s, they were perfect for teaching children manners thru tea parties. Pretty and no problems if it fell, I’ve never had a piece break!

  7. Colorado Woman

    I love this design. I once had the entire set of Callaway for 12. I was starting on the callaway holiday. Lost the in a storage room disaster. So now I changed to Kyoto Leaves. I love this design. I am just started so I still have several products to go. I had my order ready and just had to get my check cashed. Wasn’t able to and the special that would have allowed me to get everything disappeared. I was so upset. I wanted to get the serving and hostess pieces too. Now 2 of the items I would have gotten are out of stock. Oh well.

  8. Joy43

    We’ve had this set, times three, for almost a month now, and we enjoy its light weight (we had stoneware previously). The pattern is pleasing, however, the scraping sound on parts of that pattern is not. Thankfully, most of the plate does not sound like fingernails on a chalkboard; am I dating myself? We like that the set is oven proof, microwave safe and supposedly shatter/break safe, the latter proven false when one bowl came in about 100 pieces, this fact reported the day the sets arrived. We are still waiting for the replacement, which we were assured was coming. Canadians do not enjoy free shipping, which is not made clear at onset of ordering. Our price was just shy of CAD $500 so look out, given the price is shown in US currency. I would not order anything else from this company.

  9. Skymtb

    I got 2 sets of these for my mother-in-law for Christmas. She needed some lighter dishware after shoulder surgery. The design is great, square plates and bowls are definitely different. The bowl is nice and deep, unlike her previous dishes, I prefer that. The salad plate is a great size for most meals, I have a feeling the dinner plates will see less use. We use Corelle in our camper, and my grandparents always had it, I hope these hold up just as well. Overall, she was very happy.

  10. MrsV

    I bought three sets of four to make a service for twelve. I had never owned square plates before but it didn’t take much getting use to. The plates are large, matter of fact is we end up using the salad plates more than the dinner plates. The bowls are the perfect size for cereal or soup. The cups appear small but hold 12 ounces which is the large serving on our individual use coffee maker. Everything is light weight and dishwasher safe. I also purchased two matching serving bowls.

  11. coolidge

    love these plates – they are attractive and durable. In particular, the cups and bowls are good, practical sizes. My one complaint is that the black stripes are a different finish and rougher texture from the rest of the plate. Occasionally when a fork scrapes across one, we all get spine-tingles! If you are sensitive to this, you probably want to choose a different style. But I do highly recommend Corelle in general. My 5-yr-old cannot seem to destroy them (and he does try).

  12. Bama lake guy

    We bought this set to replace heavier and chip prone stoneware. This set is very attractive and durable. It is much lighter and saves a ton of room in the cupboard due to being tinner and stackable. The only negative is that out of the sixteen place settings a couple of the plates seem to have a slight warp to them which is noticeable when stacked. Over all this is a very nice set that should last us for years!

  13. Hapoy Hostess

    Quality product as expected with Correlle. I use this for everyday as well as for entertaining small groups. Subtle, elegant pattern. Lightweight, easy to handle. The only thing I’m disappointed about … I ordered 2 sets and decided within 3 days of receiving them I wanted to order 2 more sets but they were no longer available. Could not even piece together sets by ordering singles. They were ‘out of stock’.

  14. errihu

    The plates fit very nicely within my cupboard; all plates and bowls stack in less space than it used to take 8 salad plates of the ones I had before. The pattern is very attractive and modern, with colours that match the rest of my decor. I have always loved the lightweight durability of Corelle products. This product is no exception. The salad plates are large enough to use for regular meals, and we keep the dinner plates for large meals with company. The bowls are deep enough to actually BE bowls, as opposed to the slightly deep plates sometimes favoured by some. The product is very easy to clean, whether by hand or in the dishwasher. It is durable enough for everyday use, and attractive enough for special occasions. It was impossible to find this pattern anywhere in my city, so online was my only source. The delivery was swift – less than 2 weeks from order, even to Canada.

  15. cooltatgranny

    This set is just the latest purchase in my long history with Corelle. It is almost impossible to break and never wears out. The colors last forever. I just passed down a set that I purchased about 40+ years ago. The pattern was still bright, and the young lady who received it was thrilled with the “retro” look. I love the Kyoto Leaves pattern and will be adding more pieces in the future.

  16. Maria

    When my children were younger, my father bought me 2 sets. And, they outlasted my children’s youth. I love that they’re thin, extremely sturdy (they handled many drops and survived) and they’re beyond beautiful! Now, that my children are all grown, I decided to buy 2 more sets because I know that they last years to come. This set is more beautiful than my last and they were really nice!

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