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Corona 14-ft Fiberglass Compound Bypass Pole Pruner

28 Reviews
  • The dual link compound action pulley design adds leverage, without additional effort, giving the tool 3x more power for cutting through branches that are up to 8 inches in diameter
  • Pruning blade is coated with non-stick material for durability and cuts up to 1 inch branches
  • Corona’s dual-compound action tree pruner’s locking poles extend from 7 feet to 14 feet for pruning hard to reach branches and vines


The DualLINK 14-Ft tree pruner’s linkage is a power-increasing cutting mechanism that minimizes the effort needed for cutting.
  • The dual link compound action pulley design adds leverage, without additional effort, giving the tool 3x more power for cutting through branches that are up to 8 inches in diameter
  • Pruning blade is coated with non-stick material for durability and cuts up to 1 inch branches
  • Corona’s dual-compound action tree pruner’s locking poles extend from 7 feet to 14 feet for pruning hard to reach branches and vines
  • The unique twist-lock extender is designed to protect fingers from getting pinched when adjusting the pole length and has an internal stop to prevent the inner pole from separating from the outer pole, while in use
  • Inner pole stop for added safety
  • Corona Tools, born in the orange groves of Southern California in the 1920s, has a long history of designing tools that provide lasting performance Season after Season
Weight 6.9 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.625 × 96 in

Latest reviews

  1. Allyn-Maq

    This pole pruner/saw is a bad execution of a good idea. The cutter works well on green limbs up to 1-1/2 in but on dead wood it takes substantial strength to get it to cut and the pole bends. The pull rope is strong and adequate. The pole tightening sleeve works well. The saw blade is ‘Cheapy Cheap’, way too short and is so flimsy it can only cut on the pull stroke and jambs on any branch larger than 1-1/2in. You CANNOT push the blade. It bends & jumps out of the groove and you have to fight with the thing to get it back into the cut. The blade needs to be 4″-5″ longer and TWICE as thick. Going to return this and find a better saw.

  2. ProHandyman

    Right out of the box I was irritates because it doesn’t have a wingnut for the saw blade like every other pole saw I’ve used. The saw also only has one position (most have two). When I finally went to cut a branch I discovered the saw blade is WORTHLESS! It’s not sharp and it bends like crazy. Packaging says it can cut up to 7 inch diameter branches. You would die of old age before you cut throught something that big with this saw (but your upper body would be in great shape).

    I bought a pole saw like this from about 5 years ago and it was awesome (and still is but currently in use elsewhere). Why can’t that one come back? Why did you replace it?

  3. Decker

    This saw is lightweight and easy to use. The telescoping pole has a treaded coupling that holds the pole tight when extended or retracted.the saw blade is held in place with a nylon locknut which keeps the blade in place. I used other pole saws in the past and like this one the best.

  4. Robs

    After being quoted $600 to trim some branches and limbs on 2 trees I knew the job was for me to do. I had a ladder, chainsaw and machete and this pole saw was the last thing I needed. Blade cuts thru branches with ease but you will get sore arms for sure which is expected. I used full extension and worked well. Gave it 4 stars because the pruner gets stuck too much. I put some lubricant and worked better. To be honest I bought it for the blade and not the pruner. Spent 12 hrs between cutting and cleaning (making bundles for trash pickup) but I saved $600 minus the price of this tool.

  5. Thor

    The pruner is just what I needed to clear up some bushes and tree branches encroaching on the road. This is a good residential product as long as you use it for its intended purpose, I would not consider this to be robust enough for professional use.

    It has a good reach, and is strong enough for light chores. There could be better instructions included but I suppose it’s fairly self explanatory for anyone willing to use it. The blade on the saw could stand to be more rigid, it’s fairly hard to get started when extended but it does work. I suppose a stronger blade would come at the expense of more weight so it’s a trade off.

  6. Oldman

    There are many bad reviews due to the inexpensive, thin blade that Corona used to keep the price competitive. It is adequate for softwood tree limbs up to about two inches maximum, but not for larger limbs, especially on hardwood trees. Other than the saw blade it is a good tool.
    If you need a saw blade that is better, Corona makes one that fits perfectly and is absolutely amazing. Just be sure you order the blade with the correct hole placement. It’s the Corona Razor Blade C. It will cut limbs up to eight inches in diameter and handle smaller limbs with half the effort.

  7. cutsrock

    The saw blade of this product is thin and entirely to flexible. I tried unsuccessfully to trim some branches about 10 feet above ground level. When pulling on the pole saw, which is the cutting stroke the saw blade cut into the branch fine. On the return stroke the blade would bind then bend and release from the kerf. The saw blade would not return to the saw kerf on the next pull stroke but try to start a new cut at another point on the branch. The saw is to difficult to use. The lopper part however, works very well.

  8. Terry

    This product looks as though it will preform well but in reality it has design flaws that caused this product to fail after only about 8 hours of use. The pull cord that controls the small branch trimmer is poorly designed causing the cord to snap off. This was not fixable in my opinion so it was returned for a more expensive offering by the same company. Save yourself the aggravation and purchase the more expensive and more durable option first to avoid frustration.

  9. SonS

    I enjoy the 14ft reach and pull rope cutter, but the pruning blade is of poor quality. It is not strong enough for the push cycle. The blade kept bending when sawing. Also the wing nut holding the blade in place kept coming loose even after adding a lock washer and loc-tite. to the threads. Manufacturer should offer a stronger replacement blade as an option and two securing points. Other than the blade issue the product is OK but I am going to return if for a refund or better quality pole saw.

  10. DarrenInDC

    This Corona pole pruner has enabled me to shape a previously out of control, weed-like tree planted a few years ago in my curb box by the city. The pruner is light but strong and makes tree-shaping a snap. In less than 10 minutes I turned an eyesore into an aesthetic plus for all the residents of my city block.

  11. TheRightGuytoCall

    Bought the Corona TP4214 Pole Saw a few days ago, even after reading the complaints in the reviews. I was pretty satisfied with how well it worked. The lopper easily cut branches of about one-to-one and a half inches diameter, and the saw took care of the larger branches. Working on branches that are overhead will certainly give you some arm and neck strain, but that’s to be expected. A bit of useful advice for new users – DON’T try to force the saw to work faster! Use comfortable, easy strokes, and let the blade do the work. Sure, it takes a bit longer, but it gets the job done. Overall, I’m happy I bought it, have no real complaints with its performance, and my wife is happy that the trees are trimmed!

  12. jerry

    I bought this 13.5′ pole-saw to replace my old 14′ pole- saw that was broken by a fallen limb, (which I purchased at about 6 years ago and served me well). They did not have the same pole-saw I originally purchased, so I purchased the current equal to it off the shelf. I TRIED using it for 10 minutes, but the wing nut that holds the saw blade on kept coming loose. (The old one I had had 2 bolts and NO wing nut.) I kept trying to retighten the wing nut, even using pliers, but it simply would not stay bolted and the blade kept coming loose. I think it’s a design flaw to use a wing nut on a saw blade that is subject to a lot of vibration when the saw is being used.
    I took it straight back to and exchanged it for the cheaper 12′ model which is $10 cheaper and works very well. I wish made a 14′ and a 16′ model designed similarly to the 12′ model.

  13. RhodeWarrior

    I tried to use this item for about 10 minutes then gave up in frustration. The wingnut holding the saw blade will not remain tight. The saw blade is flimsy and kept bending, even when trying to cut a small, dead branch. You may want to spend more to get something that will actually work.

  14. -representative

    It was the worst tool I have ever purchased, especially at which usually carriers quality merchandise. It will not cut and bends so much you can’t keep it in the same spot. Took an hour to cut one medium size limb. Finally just gave up. I would not recommend this product for anyone.

  15. bc

    I wanted to like this saw because I needed to get some damaged limbs cut out of an Ash tree and I had an opportunity to get it done. However, after wearing myself out on just the first 4″ thick limb that was well over my head, I decided that I needed to look for another saw. The Corona was barely getting any work done with each cutting stroke, and when I more closely examined the teeth, I noticed that they were no where near as sharp or aggressive as some of my hand tuning saws. So, I returned the saw and found a Fiskars elsewhere that made very quick work of the job. Additionally, the Fiskars is a lighter pole with a better bypass pruner, all for the same money within a few dollars. I think I’ve bought my last Corona tool.

  16. Mike

    The cutter, using the pull cord, worked great; however the saw blade was too flimsy, bent too easily, and made sawing limbs difficult to impossible.
    Why make an otherwise good product and then “scrimp” on one of the most important features?

  17. Debe

    My Swiss army knife would cut better then this product. Very disappointed.

    Have always been a customer and Never had a complaint with product until now.
    Customer service on return was great, understanding and quick to please.
    I will continue to shop there.

  18. Brian

    I bought this despite some of the negative reviews. My personal experience with this tool was nothing short of excellent. I was able to cut several branches with ease. The thickest being about 6 inches. Cutting on an angle did get a little awkward but still got the job done. Not sure why others were complaining about the blade not cutting. The pruning feature also worked great on trimming some of the smaller branches. I did not try the extension feature as it was not needed for this job. All in all it was well worth the price especially when the alternative was to pay someone more than twice the price to do the job.

  19. Troj

    The saw blade is too cheap and flimsy and the arched shaped makes it difficult to keep blade in cut. It likes to “bounce” out of the cut.
    The loper is a joke. Way too small and ineffective. Good luck using that at full extension.
    They should have tried actually using this thing before mass-producing it.

  20. shinbanman

    The pole is lightweight and has an excellent reach when extended, and the pruning attachment works beautifully.
    BUT…the saw blade is the flimsiest, most useless piece of garbage I’ve ever encountered in my life. After struggling to cut 3 small limbs with it, the saw finally became so dull that it would get stuck every time I pulled it, and would bend like paper when I pushed it. It makes no sense that they would install such a horrible blade on an otherwise top-notch tool. The wingnut holding the blade wouldn’t even be problematic if the blade didn’t flex so much. So I give it 3 stars for the pole and pruner, but because of the lousy blade I can’t recommend buying this. I’m going to have to find a sturdier blade and modify it to fit this saw, and then I’ll have a quality tool.

  21. TOMinKenner

    neighbor has a large pine tree in their backyard and branches overhang into our yard and sheds pine needles in our pool so decided to get this to cut branches hanging over our property line. While the pole does extend to give it extra reach, blade is flimsy and hard to cut thinner branches which just bend as you try to saw. The blade that comes with this model is not what is pictured in the assembly instructions and the pully system does not interact with the blade so you do not get any added torque or leverage to make cutting easier. rope just gets in the way. Also no hook as pictured on the manufacturers website. Returning to and will just fork out the price difference and get an electric pole saw to finish the job.

  22. Mustangman

    If the blade had been a harder or thicker metal piece I would not have had as much difficulty cutting the limbs I was working with.

  23. BST16512

    The only thing good on these were the loppers. The blade was worthless. I returned it.

  24. Jules

    I am a 58 year old woman and was able to easily use this pruner. I would recommend it and be careful if you think you need a longer pruner, it will be heavy. This one is well constructed and solid, but light enough that even I can use it at it’s longest length.

  25. jim10011

    Save your money. The pull saw is worthless and the metal is cheap. Tried to cut a small branch and it cracked in half.

  26. Flip53

    I have several big trees and I should have owned this years ago. The pruning snipper feature seems to work well. The sawing blade seems a little flimsy but is sharp and works good. The long length pole allows me to reach some high limbs without risking my neck on a ladder.
    I’ve only owned it less than a week but used it several times. Time will tell how durable it really is.

  27. ude

    This is the heaviest fiberglass in the world. It is extremely heavy. The saw blade is dull and sticks, even on first use. The slot for cutting limbs in for tiny limbs only. The small black piece on the pole sticks out just enough to make the space even smaller. The slot has to be set exactly right or it slips out. When extending this “fiberglass” out to maximum, it takes a circus strongman to hold it in position. This replaces the pole I bought five years ago that worked perfectly even though I had never used one before. Worst product I have bought at . No way to return it after use, of course.

  28. Chris

    Great pole saw and pruner for $40.00 from . Read reviews about flimsy saw blade. This is not what I found. Cut 5″ limbs on several trees quickly and no problems. Pruner cut limbs up to 1 inch, easy. 14′ pole is a good size for most jobs. Only once, I wished I had an extra foot. Would highly recommend to everyone. Would buy again, if needed!

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