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CRAFTSMAN 51-Piece Standard (SAE) and Metric Combination Gunmetal Chrome Mechanics Tool Set (3/8-in)

24 Reviews
  • ACCESS IN TIGHT SPACES: Long Handle 120-Tooth Dual Pawl Ratchet
  • ALLOWS FOR EASY TOOL STORAGE: Durable Blow Molded Case


51 pc Gunmetal Chrome Mechanics Tool Set is perfect for the do-it-yourselfer or auto-enthusiast! This set comes with 120-Tooth ratchet for extreme accessibility. With its slim head and 3-degree arc swing, you can get into narrow spaces with ease and quickly tighten or loosen a fastener. This set also comes with a 6-in extension bar, universal joint, and bit adapter. A wide range of shallow and deep sockets provide added utility. The gunmetal chrome finish provides durable rust resistance, easy cleaning, and a professional look. All of these components are packed in a compact mobile case perfect for storage in a toolbox, garage, a vehicle or proudly displayed on your workbench. The case has durable metal clips and metal removable hinges for splitting the case into two for storage or ready availability. The case also has exterior grooves for stacking with same size cases. Take on your next project with our Gunmetal Chrome 51 pc tool set.
  • ACCESS IN TIGHT SPACES: Long Handle 120-Tooth Dual Pawl Ratchet
  • ALLOWS FOR EASY TOOL STORAGE: Durable Blow Molded Case
  • Meets or Exceeds ASME Specifications
  • Common applications include automotive mechanical and home repair
  • Includes (14) 3/8-in Drive Shallow 6 PT Sockets Metric (6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21mm), (10) 3/8-in Drive Shallow 6 PT Sockets SAE (1/4, 5/16, 11/32, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4-in), (11) Specialty Bits
  • Also includes (6) 3/8-in Drive Deep 6 PT Sockets Metric (10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17mm), (6) 3/8-in Drive Deep 6 PT Sockets SAE (7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4-in), (1) 3/8-in Ratchet, (1) 1/4-in Bit Driver, (1) Universal Joint and (1) Extension
Weight 6.94 lbs
Dimensions 15.35 × 10.04 × 10.62 in

Latest reviews

  1. Gypsy

    This is a 51-piece gun metal set that comes with 20 metric sockets – 10 mm to 17 mm long and 6 mm to 21 mm short.

    16 standard sockets – 7/16 to 3/4 long and 1/4 to 3/4 short.

    Ratchet, extension, set of drive bits and drive bit adapter.

    It comes in a very sturdy thick plastic case with metal clasps and hinges. The pieces stay very snug in the case and don’t spill out when you open it.

    Craftsman is a reputable company and I have never had any issues with their products but in case you do it does comes with a full lifetime warranty.

  2. Raymond

    When I received the Craftsman 51 Pieces Tool set I was extremely excited because I know that Craftsman makes some of the best tools in the world.
    The Gun Metal looks great, is easy to see and is smooth. The 3/8 inch quick release ratchet snaps the sockets off and on quickly and easily.

    Before I could use the tool set my wife used it to remove our heater panel so she could clean the heater filter. I then used the tool set to bolt the wind spinner I had just made.

    The Craftsman tool set comes in it own case and the tools have a lifetime warranty. You don’t have to be a mechanic to use these Craftsman tools.

  3. RG

    This is a high quality socket set.
    I was very pleased with the fit and finish of every item in the case.
    Not too much detail because after all, it’s a socket set. But its Craftsman. This stuff is legit. Solid all the way through, and the finish is flawless.
    The case however is one step better than unuseable.
    The retention on the case is so tight that with gloves, it’s impossible to pull anything smaller than a 12mm out. Maybe it will loosen over time, but even bare handed, it’s very very tough to remove any of the sockets. However, the case has metal latches and removable hinges, so if you only need one side of the case, you have the ability to bring only what you need, which is nice.
    All tools came as advertised, but I wish there was a smaller ratchet included as well. This kit only has the larger 3/8 ratchet.

    Overall I’m pleased.

  4. Mark

    I received this socket set, thinking that I would use it as a spare set of tools for my warehouse. To my surprise, they were Craftsman tools. I grew up around Craftsman tools, as my dad always had them. They last forever, and are made with exacting precision. I am familiar with the chrome plated tools, but these are gunmetal chrome, a darker “chrome” finish that makes the tools appear cleaner after using them. They came in a very well formed plastic carrying case that keeps all the parts locked in place. They have the quick release socket handle that we have all become familiar with. The kits is 3/8 drive, for all of the sizes, and has both regular and deep well sockets. There is also a small set of flat blade screwdriver inserts and some allen inserts. These sockets get 5 stars for quality, finish, durability and ease of use..

  5. K

    I bought this set in the presale. I recently received it. The kit came with a letter from the CEO of reassuring the craftsman lifetime warranty and a new legacy/partnership with .

    Anyways, first impression right out of the box is Craftsman’s quality is finally back. The box, the tools, the finish all look to be of very good quality. I played around with the 120 tool ratchet and it is very smooth. Im excited for this kit, i wish it was USA made, but for an import set i have to say i am very impressed. I can’t wait to put these to use on the next project!

  6. MarkB

    I’ve been using these tools for more than 20 years and my father used them before me! These are great tools and with an awesome warranty! I’m very happy to see partnering up with them and selling the Craftsman brand now! If they can just bring the work back home to the U.S.A. again then all will be great!

  7. KC

    Wow, this is a great set of sockets. Metric and standard sockets with extension and swivel, also all the screw attachments and adapter. The best thing it’s Craftsman, lifetime warranty and a locking case!
    I have used Craftsman many years and they are good tools. Some have broke from being over worked, but I have gotten free replacements, no hassle.
    Love the new color, gun metal chrome. Gonna have fun using these for home projects.

  8. Jasonfish

    I reached into my toolbox the other day and I was missing a socket my buddy told me has a sale on Craftsman sockets I went and checked it out $49 for the 51 piece socket set by Craftsman best deal ever you definitely got to go get this it works like a champ and the guaranteed it’s Craftsman the name says it all if you need some sockets go get them and don’t loan these out because they come in a fantastic carrying case it gets 5 stars from me J

  9. Billy

    A good set for home workshops, with a really good ratchet. Prettymuch everything I need in a socket set for my vehicles, home, and handyman business. I knew what I needed when I bought it to finally replace my 35-year-old partial set. The 120-tooth ratchet makes a difference when you have a short swing space — THE selling point for me. Bonus: the case has metal pin hinges & lays flat for a drawer. Pair this with a set of open end wrenches, and it’s all you need.

  10. Delos

    Nice set with a nice tight small case is the reason i wanted it, portability. No 5mm, thats a popular size. I’d trade the 6mm thats comes with it instead. No screwdriver handle. Instead you get a 3/8 adapter to use the bits. I think this will be awkward using a 3/8 ratchet to loosen screws. Once again I’d trade the adapter for a screwdriver handle that bits are suppose to be used for. Why I recommend this set is because it goes up to 21mm and 3/4in and as mentioned before its compact.

  11. Kinzz37

    I am a person who loves to fix in my house by myself and I am very addicted to buying a toolset whenever I see it. I bought this 6 months ago. It is really nice that it has a gunmetal color which helps to protect from rusting. It is the heavy-duty quality of tools set which can use to automotive fix or DIY project. this is really handy tools for me. It has all the common sizes which we needed for the DIY project and it also has a hard case that protects and keeps them in place in the box. It also has a 90-degree angle which is flexible to fit in someplace where the straight wrench can not reach. It also has screwdrivers set that can be used to fix the in a DIY project.

  12. Dave

    This Craftsman socket set is really nice. The Gun Metal finish makes the tools look great.
    The case the tools come in is very convenient and sturdy. The case has the size embossed for each socket so you can identify the size of each socket and keep them organized. I also like that the sockets are “six” point sockets instead of twelve points (reduces rounding off bolt heads). The set has both standard and metric sockets and come with deep and regular sockets.
    This is a great looking and very useful set of tools and also comes with the “Craftsman” Lifetime warranty on all the tools in the set.

  13. DonnieG1987

    When I received the Craftsman 51 Pieces Tool set I was extremely excited because I know that Craftsman makes some of the best tools in the world.
    The Gun Metal looks great, is easy to see and is smooth. The 3/8 inch quick release ratchet snaps the sockets off and on quickly and easily.

    Before I could use the tool set my wife used it to remove our heater panel so she could clean the heater filter. I then used the tool set to bolt the wind spinner I had just made.

    The Craftsman tool set comes in it own case and the tools have a lifetime warranty. You don’t have to be a mechanic to use these Craftsman tools.

  14. Sparky

    First off the case is fantastic! It very durable, and holds everything in nice and snug… It is the absolute perfect set for the electrical trade. It doesn’t have a bunch of useless add-ons to up the piece count. The ratchet and the sockets are of superior quality and the gun-metal looks amazing! This set is worth every penny!!!

  15. Mikey7

    This is my first new Craftsman set in years and I have to say, I’ve always been impressed by their quality, but I was really impressed with this set. The gunmetal chrome looks very cool, and the quality is exactly what you’d expect coming from Craftsman. It has a nice selection of pieces and sizes as well, making it a good set to take with you on the go. The sturdy case and look/feel of the ratchet makes this a great gift for anyone handy. I highly recommend!

  16. Scot

    I bought another Craftsman set at Lowe’s and when I got home I opened it to find some of the sockets were duplicates. I returned that set to the store and purchased another set. I took that one home and opened it to find the hardened sand was still in the extension from when it was casted. It’s a nice set but the quality control is non existent. They are no longer made in the USA but still cost the same amount of money.

  17. Joe

    For starters, this is your typical run of the mill beginner ratchet set. You dont get all the options that you might get with a full blown mechanics tool set but for 99.99% of home owner issues, this will do just fine. The gun metal gray color is pretty solid, tracks finger prints a little…but its a tool, going to get it messy.

    The carrying box that is comes with is nice and compact, and will fit in any cabinet. Really, its hard to find any complaints with this set. Worthy of the 5-star review.

  18. Sgt612

    Excellent set. Includes all the primary sizes in a convenient, sturdy case. The Gun Metal Chrome finish is icing on the cake. Previously I’ve always just put all my tools of the same kind in separate drawers and found myself having a difficult time locating the one size I need when I need it. This set stays in the case when not in use and is very easy to locate which size I want. Easily readable markings compared to other brands. Did I mention the finish is great? And the Craftsman warranty, love it!

  19. Sissy

    Got my Craftsman tool set in today and it’s great. I have already used it on a couple of household projects and changed the oil in my truck. I like that it has both standard and metric sockets in it and the different drivers. The case the tools are in also seems to be pretty sturdy. With the assortment of tools it keeps you from having to hunt down what you need.. I think anyone who purchases this kit will be more than happy with it.

  20. Vintage SpeedShop

    Vintage SpeedShop tested, Vintage SpeedShop approved! Whenever we go on test ‘n tune drives, or need something out in the field, these kits seem to be our go to. Stores easily, easily accessible and has most everything you need for those “tinker” projects. Highly recommended

  21. JRWILD

    Good small set to throw in the truck/trunk. I have the of these sets, and they never let me down.

  22. Jimmy

    There are cheaper brands/products out there but you get what you pay for. I can’t stand a tool set that has a cheap case that allows all the sockets to fall out every time it is opened. Also can’t stand poorly fitting, poorly made sockets. Craftsman is a good set.

  23. bobbobmc

    This is just what the mechanic or craftsman needs. A very good set and in a great and durable case. HOWEVER, they did not include a Phillips screwdriver tip or tips? Star and torx would have been nice also!

  24. Kim

    What can I say about Craftsman sockets? The quality is always second only to Snap-On. I’m not sure about the gun metal color yet. Looks like they have oil on them and I keep trying to wipe it off. Guess I’ll get used to it though.

    The case is super. Excellent locking tabs made of aluminum that are the most secure I have ever seen. Also the case has the socket size on it so you don’t have to spin each socket around until you can see the size. Super idea!

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