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CRAFTSMAN S145 14-in 42-cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

28 Reviews
  • ENGINE PERFORMANCE: 42cc full-crank high output engine to deliver steady power
  • SIMPLE PULL STARTS: Easy Start Technology
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Combats user fatigue


The CRAFTSMAN® S145 lightweight gas powered chainsaw features a 42cc full-crank high output engine to deliver steady power. The 14-in low-kickback bar and chain goes through even the toughest wood quickly and easily. It is equipped with Easy Start technology for simpler pull starts to get the job done fast. The cushioned full wrap aluminum handle and 3-point anti-vibration system makes this chainsaw balanced, maneuverable, and comfortable to operate. Features such as the automatic oiler, inertia-activated chain brake, and tool-free access to filter and spark plug enhance the design of the chainsaw to make cutting a breeze. 2-cycle engine oil included with purchase.
  • ENGINE PERFORMANCE: 42cc full-crank high output engine to deliver steady power
  • SIMPLE PULL STARTS: Easy Start Technology
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Combats user fatigue
  • LOW-KICKBACK: Low-kickback 14-in bar and chain goes through even the toughest wood quickly and easily
  • GREATER CONTROL: Bucking Spikes provides leverage for easier, more controlled sawing
  • SAFETY: Inertia-Activated Chain Brake stops chain automatically
  • LESS MAINTENANCE: Adjustable automatic oiler to keep the bar and chain in quality condition
  • REDUCES VIBRATION: Cushioned full wrap aluminum handle and 3-point anti-vibration system makes this chainsaw balanced, maneuverable, and comfortable to operate
  • INCLUDED: 2-cycle engine oil and a 2-year limited warranty
Weight 14.9 lbs
Dimensions 28.25 × 10.4 × 11.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Jeff

    I bought the 14 inch craftsman saw and the 16 and 18 inch Oregon bars and chains. the saw stats right up and has plenty of power. I use the 14 inch and 16 for limbs and smaller tops and the 18 for the base. I can cut 36 inch diameter logs no problem. and its light weight is great. so far I have cut 18 trees and have 10 more to go. photos for proof

  2. Winning

    This tree fell over fence to our back yard. Never had a need for chainsaw. Asked friends for advice on purchase. I’ve always been a fan of craftsmen brand. None of my buddies mentioned this brand but I went with my instincts. Was not disappointed!! Craftsmen for the win !

  3. Rick

    Awesome little product!!! It’s gotten it in clearing some major brush and trees from a property I purchased. Got started and thought it was not going to be enough but it has def earned it’s cost at this point…

  4. Shane283

    Had to leave a review… Lost a big branch off a huge tree in the last storm. This saw did great! Keep the blade sharp and you’ll be fine cutting up stuff around the house. I’ll attach pictures of the tree

  5. TLyn

    Finally had a chance to use my new chainsaw today and it worked great! Fired right up and ran smooth. Cut thru several different diameters without issue. Nice that the plastic makes it so lightweight but I miss the durability of metal.

  6. Chippers

    Needed a saw to keep around our 1 acre property to trim and cut firewood. Recently had to drop a pretty wizable pine tree (20+ inches) and we had trouble with the bigger saw. This craftsman fit right in and dropped that sucker.
    We ran that saw theough 6 tanks of gas and 32 oz of bar oil consecutively that day and it went without a hitch.

  7. Frank

    Use caution with some reviews out here stating you can add Oregon 16-18” bar and chains to cut up large trees. From real usage, this saw only allows the 14” bar and chain size. The chain tensioner pin only fits the 14” insert on the bar, with absolutely no option to increase bar size.
    Overall, I enjoyed this little chainsaw. It has a great motor, that actually fires up better than my Stihl. I got a lot of small branches and medium size cuts complete up until about 6 hours of usage. Within 5 hours of cutting, the blades dulled up pretty fast.
    I’d recommend this saw for small limbs and smaller trees. It’s a high performer.

  8. WoodfordWoodsman

    I woke up to a tree across my driveway and two of our three vehicles on the wrong side of it. I also had two chainsaws in the garage that wouldn’t start. Bought the 14″ Craftsman almost entirely for the price. I got much more than my money’s worth! It started almost instantly and made quick work of the 10″ oak across my drive. I found it to have adequate power for the size of the bar. It idled quietly all morning and didn’t quit until I shut it off. I found myself having fun and cut several other small trees and brush just to clean the place up. My new Craftsman is twice the saw the last Husqvarna I bought was! My Craftsman is my new truck saw. I’m thinking of getting the 20″ too now…

  9. JimTheToolman

    It’s a small chainsaw so obviously it’s not going to chop down gigantic oak trees in your yard but if you know how to operate one and you’re careful and keep the maintenance up on this one. It gets the job done for your typical outdoor needs I have roughly 3 acres of overgrown land and I have knocked down close to 30 trees with no issues some quiet a bit larger in diameter than recommended but that goes back to the know how. This saw is excellent for anyone needing to get rid of pesky in the way or unattractive trees of fairly large size just be safe and always follow your owners manual and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you are confused or uncomfortable with anything to with functionality, maintenance, or operation of the saw.

  10. jackfrost899

    Called the wood guy, he wanted $2000 to clean the mess from the hurricane! I got mine at and was very inexpensive! It started first pull and still does every time…Cuts like a hot knife thru butter! I like the 14 inch, its easier to use than a longer bar! If you buy one, please please read how to start watching people on you tube incorrectly using it because they dont like to read instructions!.. I use 40:0 to 1 gas right from …this way it wont gel on me! Please use the proper gear, Chaps, eye protection, and hearing protection is a must!

  11. Pete

    This little saw is so smooth that it feels like a feather in my hands, yet it cuts like a colony of beavers have landed on the wood to be cut.

    One should know though that this a small, lightweight saw probably designed for smaller cuts than the grizzly saws that this 76-year-old man should not be making anyway.

    So far, it has been easy to pull and starts right up–I hope I can still say that after I have made several cuts.

    By the way: My thoughts on a chainsaw is to buy the cheaper saws like this one, so after I wear it out, I just buy another and keep on going figuring I have got my money’s worth rather than buying a more expensive saw that I would feel I have to take it to the saw shop for repairs.

  12. Jason

    Absolute trash. Unless you genuinely enjoy workifn on a chainsaw more thsn actually using it or you happen to be a chainsaw expert…. Stay away from this piece of garbage. Mind you, I am NOT an expert…. But insoent more time putting the chain back on and “adjusting the chain” than I did getting the work done. Always kept the bar oil full and tried to adhere to the owners manual… but still spent more time working on it than I did the wood. Never had this issue with my Poulan Pro. Craftsman isnt what it used to be.

  13. adam

    It took a while to start at first it but besides that it run and cut good

  14. RAmadon

    I have a 60cc ECHO and 55cc Husqvarna (both 20″ bar & chain) and both weigh around 20lbs. I Bought this saw to do lighter limb and brush cutting and I must say I am VERY pleased with its performance! Right out of box, I put in some 40:1 fuel mix, added some chain oil and she fired right up. Then decided to give it a test on a very large 3 ft. high stump I was planning to cut up and remove, so I lit into it and wow – was I surprised! Due to the size of the bar (14″) I cut the stump from the top down 8″ or so into wedges. This S145 Craftsman impressed me so much, I decided to use it to side cut the wedges out and again it just would not quit! I continued to cut with this little beast until the fuel ran out, then refilled and kept going. It was less tiring to hold on to and so much fun to use, it could easily become my “go to” saw! Pound for pound, it stands up against my bigger saws, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a good saw for the money!

  15. BOSS


  16. Grouchy

    1. Low price! Thought for this price I’ll give it a try! VERY positive surprise. Excellent value for the price I paid.

    2. Started easily out of the box. most of the bad reviews were people who couldn’t get the saw running. Carefully followed instructions and started and rana very good!

    3. Also purchased a 2 year warranty for a very good price.

    4. Saw carries the Craftsman name which has seldom disappointed me for over 60 years now! Have a lot of well used tools in my barn carrying the Craftsman name!

  17. Muggs

    Basic use, clean air filter, use premium oil and gas, clean chain chamber or grit often and change the chain. If you perform basic maintenace on this saw you will have it for a long time.

  18. Theo

    Poulan 18in finally died. Was looking for something a bit smaller because we only need it 10x in a year for smaller trees and downed bigger trees. Read the reviews and gave it a try. It cuts well on larger logs, is small enough to get in tight spaces, and light enough to almost handle with one hand. (Which you should never do).
    Definitely a great purchase for the price. If you do occasional work and aren’t out there every weekend torturing it on huge logs then I’d highly recommend it

  19. jseeman

    I had a couple small trees I needed to get rid of and didn’t want to hire it out or use a hand saw. This Craftsman S160 is just the right size for the job. The setup didn’t take long since the gas and bar/chain oil caps are easy to access on the sign to the chainsaw. There is motor oil provided in the box to mix with gas, but the box doesn’t have any bar/chain oil so make sure you buy some before hand (instead of making a separate trip to the store like I did).
    Mine started up easily and it make quick work to the trees I needed to cut up. I ran into no issues using it and didn’t find anything I’d change about it. I totally recommend!

  20. Thomas

    Excellent saw. Powerful, easy to operate, sharp long lasting blade. And it is reasonably priced. Whats not to like? Oh, and did I mention the blade and chain can be exchanged for the 16 and 18 inch!

  21. Carl

    This is a nice chainsaw. Me 18” Stihl is much heavier and bigger than needed for most of tasks. This saw starts easily and handles well, has all the features you look for; auto oiler is a plus.

  22. MichelleC

    I am very happy with this purchase. Small enough to feel confident and not exhaust my arms, yet fierce enough to do the job. 6 felled trees over 24ft tall each. Neighbor came over to compliment how I could stop the motor, move branches/stumps etc. out of the way/take a water break/lunch & it would start right back up. I did have to purchase a new chain after it bent (it happens- that’s what they’re made for) I did that ($20) haven’t replaced it yet, but am confident it will purr back up!

  23. ohfisherman

    I have Husqvarna stuff, but couldn’t see dropping $300 for a 14” saw. This Craftsman is well worth the money! To say im amazed is an understatement. I’d buy again in a heartbeat.

  24. Larry

    Good lightweight chain saw. Its not a heavy duty Husqvarna, but it gets the job done at half the price. Make sure to keep the chain tight(no slack), chain came off initially because I didn’t tighten after first use as instructions state. After I broke it in there was no problem. Starts 1 or 2 pulls every time.

  25. Anonymous

    Price was good and the engine was bigger than most 14″ saws. Still not sure where it was made but even Stihl saws are only assembled in the US, not made in the US. Followed the instructions and it cranked right over. Plenty of power to go through an 18″ black walnut.

  26. Hickory

    Very easy to start, I am 69 female and have no trouble starting this saw

  27. Chris

    I just bought this chainsaw and have yet to use it. Started fine but then would stall out before I even used it once. Followed their trouble shooting guide and thought my gas was issue – so drained and perfectly mixed fresh gas – nope – tweaked the idle – nope. When starts – engine revs very high – then when i do go to throttle it – it chokes out and stalled – The worst part is…. spent forever on phone with customer service and they didn’t answer. Im afraid I need to return this – its unusable for me right now

  28. Loyal Vet

    Product was working good until it stop working after a few hours of cutting. let me return it.

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