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CRAFTSMAN V-series 96-Tooth 1/2-in Drive Flexible Head Standard Ratchet

12 Reviews
  • MINIMAL ARC SWING: 3.75 Degree Arc Swing For Access In Tight Spaces
  • FLEX HEAD DESIGN: 180 Degree Articulating Head For Difficult To Reach Fasteners
  • Precision Engineered Gears For Durability And Strength


The V-Series 1/2-in Drive Ratchet delivers unprecedented performance to the Craftsman brand. Engineered for professionals, this 1/2-in Drive Ratchet is constructed with a Precision Engineered Gear that provides users with improved tool life and durability. Its 96 tooth design produces a short 3.75 degree arc swing that enables users to access the tightest of spaces without sacrificing strength. Backed by Craftsman’s Lifetime Warranty, this product is designed to deliver the quality and durability expected from the Craftsman brand. If the product fails to perform for any reason, we will replace it. Return damaged product to a stocking Retail Partner or call 1-888-331-4569 for details. No proof of purchase required.
  • MINIMAL ARC SWING: 3.75 Degree Arc Swing For Access In Tight Spaces
  • FLEX HEAD DESIGN: 180 Degree Articulating Head For Difficult To Reach Fasteners
  • Precision Engineered Gears For Durability And Strength
  • DIRT PREVENTION: Enclosed Head Design To Reduce Dirt Infiltration
  • Meets or Exceeds ASME Specifications
  • Full Lifetime Warranty
Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 3.3 × 1.5 × 19.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. Woodyman

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This ratchet is great! Well built and easy to use! Never used a rachet with a flip before and I loved it! The head firmly grips all sockets, both the V-series short and deep wells, and older Craftsman sockets as well. The flip functionality is easy to use and makes it easy to reach those hard to reach areas without the use of extension bars. The long reach/arm of the socket provides great leverage for removal of old rusted bolts that need a little convincing to free up. Overall I enjoyed using this rachet to tear apart an old workbench, and to assemble/build a new replacement!

  2. BabiieKakesxOx

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This ratchet exceeds my expectations just like all craftsman products do. This ratchet may only be metal and not offer the comfort grip but the metal is smooth and has a very nice engraved grip as well. This ratchet is one of the largest that I currently own length wise. The length definitely helps with getting into those harder to reach places when you have short t-rex arms. This ratchet works fluidly with my craftsman 1/2 in V Series sockets. This tool is a bit heavy but I know it’s made with quality materials that will make it last for years to come. This is a must have tool for your toolbox when working with automotive projects.

  3. Rocco

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was able to use this ratchet for a few automotive repairs and I’m very impressed. The knurling provides a great grip for oily hands – a must when I was removing a stuck oil filter. The length allows for good leverage when needed. The flex head is smooth compared to some other ratchets I’ve previously used which gives it unlimited adjustability. The ratchet mechanism is great for tight spots where you don’t have a lot of room, especially a tight engine bay. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a versatile ratchet that will get you out of any tight spot. This also has enough length where it can be your breaker bar and ratchet without having to swap tools.

  4. Andrew

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Been using this for a bit now and honestly this is a very nice flex head. I’m using it restoring a 1922 ford model T and a 1932 ford 3 window coupe. The angles in which the flex head can reach is extremely good, and the smaller gear in the ratchet head means more turning in tighter spaces. Some cheaply made flex heads you can see the ratchet handle bend where the head is bolted in the handle, this one the forks have no play and do not bend. Curious on what kind of steel the ratchet handle is made of. I was using a pretty large crows foot trying to get a part loose and it did not flex at all. Pretty impressive! If I had one complaint it would be the ratchet head appears sealed and It doesn’t look serviceable. I like how this modern craftsman pays homage to the original V series tools of the past. Overall I am very impressed and hope the other v series tools are this nice.

  5. Msescalera87

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have used this tool for several jobs around our house. From car maintenance, camper, and lawn mower repairs. This tool is our go to with tight spaces. It requires minimal turning due to the 96T when in those tight spaces. It has great leverage and is a very sturdy and well made tool. The flex head is the icing on the cake with this tool.

  6. RBrown

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] A vast majority of the work I perform in any one of our maintenance shops is agriculture related. Right out of the package this 1/2” ratchet went to work on a mid-size tractor with a broken alignment link on the 3-point system. Personally, I like a long ratchet like this. I also prefer a knurled handle over a comfort-grip. When I need a flex-head I do also prefer a friction design over a fixed multi-position. To me, having the right tension (this one can be tightened or loosened to your liking) offers more angles to access fasteners. The knurling is pretty good located not only for palm grip but, your thumb just forward of the handle. The ratcheting mechanism is quite smooth and to me feels robust. As far as the finish…it’s beautifully chromed. I do like the that the forward/reverse switch is flush with the head. If there was one thing to knock, that’s the packaging. The packaging colors are nice but, the package design isn’t so great.

  7. Steph65777

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This ratchet works great. The longer handle gives you more leverage, especially when your getting stubborn bolts loose. The grip help keep your hands where they need to be and allows you to put more force if needed on it. It is heavy and built to last. The moving head allows for getting into places other may not.

  8. Toolman

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have plenty of ratchets but this single ratchet can replace a good number of them. The combination of a long handle, flex head and a very short arc swing makes it a true multipurpose tool. It can both get into tight spots and make it easy to break free very tight bolts, such as the rear wheel axle nut on my bike that’s torqued to 80+ ft*lb.

    The size is right in between my trusty old 1/2 Craftsman ratchet and a breaker bar. Now, the flex head and the 96-tooth design mean that it probably should not be used for really heavy duty jobs but I trust Craftsman’s quality and lifetime warranty should I ever need it.

  9. ZachWG

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The long handle made it easier for me to change my tires. It has a good grip and a nice heavy feel to it. The flex doesn’t lock but I didn’t have a problem with it straightening or bending when I didn’t want it to. Overall, it’s a good addition to my tools.

  10. Meef

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I am in love with this tool. It’s so comfortable in my hand and it has a nice weight to it. You can tell it isn’t cheaply made. I also am really happy with the fact that for being a non locking swivel head, it doesn’t flop around, it stays where I want it. It was a huge help working on my tractor. The picture shows how hard it is to get into the front to get to the tensioner pulley and this tool made my life so much easier. It is definitely staying in the “go box” for my acreage. Saved me a ton of time and frustration.

  11. Luke

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This flex head ratchet works excellently. I am thoroughly impressed with its smooth swivel head that is easy to move, but stays in the position you choose. The ratcheting ability is very crisp and provides confidence while using. The flex ability allows you to easily reach areas that are out of reach with a standard ratchet. As shown in the picture, a flex head allows you to avoid using cumbersome extensions that then slip and move the pivot point of your ratchet further away from the point of attachment. Keeping your pivot point close to the bolt/nut you are removing/installing makes life a lot easier. I didn’t realize how badly I needed one of these in my toolbox!

  12. Skip

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This 1/2 inch drive ratchet is amazing. It’s one of the tools you don’t know how you lived without it once you use it. Was working on my truck and consistently grabbed this ratchet because of the flexibility and function it provided. It gives you leverage at all different angles but sturdy enough to use as a primary ratchet. It is well built, sturdy and not too heavy even for 1/2 inch drive. Great ratchet and a must have for the toolbox.

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