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CRAFTSMAN V20 2-Piece 20-volt Max Cordless Power Equipment Combo Kit

18 Reviews
  • Includes (1) CMCST900 V20 String Trimmer, (1) CMCBL700 V20 Axial Blower, (1) CMCB202 V20 2.0 Ah Lithium Ion Battery, (1) V20 Charger
  • CMCST900: EFFICIENCY: 13-in cutting swath allows for added efficiency
  • CMCBL700: POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: Powerful blower performance with up to 340 CFM and 90 MPH


CRAFTSMAN® V20 WEEDWACKER® String Trimmer and V20 Axial Blower Combo Kit has the tools to tackle tough yardwork. The V20 String Trimmer features a telescoping pole for comfort and automatic line advance so there is no bumping required. Clear away leaves and debris with up to 340 CFM and 90 MPH for easy clean up using the V20 Axial Blower. This combo kit comes with a 2.0 Ah V20 battery, allowing you to take on various outdoor tasks. The V20 battery platform is compatible with CRAFTSMAN V20 Outdoor Equipment and Power Tools. You’ll find the complete line of outdoor tools and equipment essentials for a job to make you proud.
  • Includes (1) CMCST900 V20 String Trimmer, (1) CMCBL700 V20 Axial Blower, (1) CMCB202 V20 2.0 Ah Lithium Ion Battery, (1) V20 Charger
  • CMCST900: EFFICIENCY: 13-in cutting swath allows for added efficiency
  • CMCBL700: POWERFUL PERFORMANCE: Powerful blower performance with up to 340 CFM and 90 MPH
  • CMCST900: EASY TO USE: Ergonomic telescoping pole feature makes turning to edge a breeze
  • CMCST900: AUTOMATIC LINE ADVANCE: Feeds 0.065-in line automatically with no bumping required
  • CMCBL700: MORE RUNTIME OR POWER: Dual-speed control for more power or longer runtime
  • Common applications include string trimming, edging, blowing leaves and debris from grass and hard surfaces
  • V20 20-Volt MAX battery, maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts; nominal voltage is 18
  • CRAFTSMAN 3-year Limited Warranty
Weight 19.5 lbs
Dimensions 44 × 8.375 × 13.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. babyzilla41

    Craftsman weedwacker and blower are a great combination team to tackle the backyard for all your lawncare. Very easy to assemble, the battery keeps a charge for hours while switching back in between jobs. There are 2 speeds on the blower and the weedwacker for diffrent jobs, whether the grass is high or hard to reach places. Very easy to handle. The blower is powerful enough to blow the leaves or the dead grass after mowing and to blow out the garage. Easy to store also they don’t take up a lot of room in your shed or garage. Perfect pair for your lawncare or yardwork.

  2. JoeC

    2.0 AH battery not good enough for either Blower or Trimmer/ Edger. Had to purchase 5.0 AH battery which Craftsman should have supplied in the first place vice 2.0 AH battery. In any case it really doesn’t give enough power if you have a lot of leaves to remove and heavy yard work. The 5.0 AH gives me enough time to trim, edge and blow where as the 2.0 AH battery barely gives you enough time just to trim and edge. I had concerns about the self feeding of the trimmer, but it seems to be working good, although I have only used it about 5 times. Both Blower and Trimmer/Edger are light and easy to handle. I have about a 5,000 square foot of lawn to maintain.

  3. Aesonsmom

    I received my Craftman combo blower and trimmer. I was so excited to unbox my new tools. After reading instructions, and fully charging my new V20 battery, I set out into to yard to put them to the test. Both items were very lightweight, and comfortable to use. The blower output was plenty sufficient to clear the area I was working in and make the job easy. Unfortunately, my V20 seems to be faulty or something since it only lasted for about 5-8 minutes.
    I would love to see what these tools can do with an extended life battery!!! Although I was disappointed in the battery life, I love these tools and will definitely be looking un into completing my collection of Craftsman V20 products!!!

  4. Jenny1989

    I received my products about a week ago! I absolutely love the fact that both items are so lightweight including the battery! All the attachments are easily put on/and or adjusted. I live in michigan and its winter but let me tell you! Just messing around I took my leaf blower outside. The power punch the blower gives on setting high is crazy!! I cleared my whole snowy driveway (fresh snow fall). I would highly recomend this combo pack! The quality is amazing! So pleased with my products and can NOT wait to do further business together!

  5. TxChhis

    Bought this kit for Black Friday price,and well I think I made a big mistake. You see for years I’ve thought about getting cordless yard equipment. This was my first attempt (probably last) . Whenever I used the blower to blow leaves off my porch and driveway,I put on high and each time it only lasted 8-9 minutes! Luckily I had some spare batteries from my drill set.If not I couldn’t have finished.The weed eater is lightweight and comfortable.Like blower battery only lasts about ten minutes.All this is very irritating. I will try again when I buy some 4 amp batteries. For now I will drag my cord and use my old blower with more power.wOULD NOT RECOMMEND

  6. Brent in CO

    I was looking for a weed trimmer and edger combo and am wishing I would of upgraded to a model with more power and battery life. You kind of get what you pay for on this one. Unfortunately, I can’t make it around my medium sized yard without the battery dying. On the plus side it is inexpensive and lightweight. It will trim grass and light weeds fine but pass on this one if you have to cut through anything more than that. The blower does the job for what I need, but it is pretty underpowered as far as blowers go. My biggest complaint is that I can’t finish my yard without recharging and getting a second battery is expensive.

  7. Craftsman

    My entire family has made the jump to all Craftsman V20 products. Love them. Between 3 families we have every piece they offer at this point. Ive had no battery problems so far but to be fair I have 8 batteries. Blowers are notorious for going through a battery and Im sure this one is no different. We used it for a sec on the back porch when it came in and noticed it blew really strong. Almost as strong as my 40V one. The weedeater is perfect for mamma, pretty light with adjustable length. Pretty good for a 20V single string trimmer.

    Super happy with the Craftsman line.

  8. Chris

    I just bought this combo to replace my Worx set. While the blower and weed eater have 2 settings each to control battery life and seem to have more power, I am EXTREMELY disappointed it didn’t come with a battery for each. With the Worx I always kept one charging and could complete my yard. If this doesn’t do my yard, time wise, I’ll be returning them. Can’t wait 2 hours to charge the battery to finish the yard. We’ll see. If it’s like the previous reviews say, and only run for 20 minutes then this won’t work for me. I’ll go online and find the WORX combo, or get a new charger & batteries for it.

  9. Jason

    i opened the box and put everything together and put the battery on the charger. i went and mowed the front yard. when done the battery said fully charged. i tried the blower first and it only lasted about 15 minutes. the blower worked great but I thought I would get at least an hour on a charge. i am charging it again now and will update if it improves over time maybe. so far though this is a dud Craftsman. how can I weed eat and blow my sidewalks on 15 minutes of battery life? Threw the box away too so I can’t even return it.

  10. TheBuilder

    I had purchased a Craftsman blower and trimmer about 10 years ago just like this one except it was only a 12V battery and it finally died. I loved the old one and used it a lot in my garage, on my lawn, blowing leaves, edging my walkway and driveway, it was the best, so when it was time to replace it I saw Craftsman was still selling the blower and trimmer as a package, so I purchased it. I never used the new trimmer because I was so unhappy with the blower performance, it would not last more then 10-15 minutes before it was out of charge, the power was so bad that some of my leaves on the driveway could not be blown, the blower had no power compare to the old one.

  11. Sstark82

    I purchased this combo because I have always had great things to say about my craftsman tools. I’ve owned 4 mowers and 2 weed eaters in the past and all exceeded my expectations. (Weed eater was under 3 feet of water for 3 days during Hurricane Harvey and it survived!) Anyway, these batteries are nothing to brag about. (I even bought 2 extra) You are lucky to get 10 minutes of use. We have to change batteries twice to finish our patio and it is only a 18×30!! The weed eater can’t even make one trip around the house without dying. I’m very disappointed and wouldn’t recommend this set to anyone. Stick with gas or wait till they make better, stronger batteries.

  12. Mbrown921

    I got this for my husband and he is very happy with these. The battery last about 20 minutes with the weed eater and about 15 minutes with the blower. Both are very easy to use and they are easy to handle. It would be nice if it came with a battery for each product instead of having to switch out the battery from one to the other.

  13. James

    Proce was great and trimmer worked great for the 10-15 mins it lasted. Never got to test the blower. Made sure battery was fully charged before starting. If you buy this trimmer combo make sure you buy extra batteries. Plus:Trimmer is very light weight. Con: Battery life. Very disappointed. Considering return.

  14. Unsatisfied

    Convenient and light weight. Trimmer worked well for a small yard, about 60 linear feet of edging and barely enough battery left to blow off the patio. I wouldn’t count on it to do much more work than that, the blower alone only lasted about 10 minutes on High. I wouldn’t recommend this to blow leaves, it’s lack of battery duration does’t lend it to be used for much more than a broom to clear grass clippings from a patio or sidewalk. I’m going to return it.

  15. Geno3383

    Bought this product on a whim without doing my research. Came home and fully charged the battery. Decided it was time to show my edges who’s boss and give them a good trimming. Unfortunately I lost that battle since I couldn’t finish the job before the battery died. Didn’t even get a chance to use the blower. Battery lasted about 20 minutes before it died. Mind you my yard is small to medium sized. Nice product and has good build but the battery life is unacceptable. It’s like having a nice car that you can’t drive because it has no gas. I will be returning this product and keep searching for a decent priced cordless trimmer that has longer lasting battery. I wish I would have read the reviews before I purchased this product.

  16. Fran

    I like my weed eater and blower it’s lightweight I can handle it without dropping it or hurtIng my arm and wrist and I’ve clean one whole side of my backyard with it

  17. Sean

    I bought this combo for a few reasons:
    – wanted to have battery operated yard equipment for both my wife and children to use without worrying about gas
    – both are very easy to use and functionality is simple as well
    – I live on about 1 acre of land, with all the trimming around fences, trees, garden areas I can do it all on one 20v battery fully charged.
    – The weed eaters ability to adjust in length and rotate the head is a nice feature i don’t have with my gas powered weed eater.

    All in all it is a great tool and happy with my purchase.

  18. None at this time

    Bought this on a whim since it was at a very reasonable price ($99). Put it together and charged the battery. My San Augustine grass is difficult on cordless weed eaters. My previous Black & Decker would take at least 2 of my 20 volt batteries to complete my job. This Craftsman I was able to complete the weed eating and blow off have of the residue before having to change batteries. Like it so well I bought my son one even though I had to pay more ($129) for his because the sale ad gone off. Still a fair price for a tool that works this good and no gasoline or electric cords to deal with. Seems pretty well balanced. Felt the blower was the most powerful cordless one I have had .

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