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CRAFTSMAN V20 20-volt Max Variable Speed Brushless 1/2-in Drive Cordless Impact Wrench (Tool Only)

26 Reviews
  • DELIVERS TORQUE: Up to 275 ft-lbs of max fastening torque
  • BRUSHLESS MOTOR: Up to 26% more runtime versus fastening 3/8-in x 3-in lag screws in to pressure treated 4-in x 4-in with a 4.0 Ah battery versus CMCF900 with a 4.0 Ah battery
  • EASY SOCKET CHANGES: Hog Ring Anvil for easy socket changes


The V20, 1/2-in Mid-Torque Cordless Impact Wrench with Hog Ring Anvil delivers up to 275-ft/lb of max fastening torque in a lightweight and ergonomic design. The compact size and variable-speed trigger allow added control in tight spaces. The Mid-Torque Cordless Impact Wrench also offers 2 mode settings for a variety of applications.
  • DELIVERS TORQUE: Up to 275 ft-lbs of max fastening torque
  • BRUSHLESS MOTOR: Up to 26% more runtime versus fastening 3/8-in x 3-in lag screws in to pressure treated 4-in x 4-in with a 4.0 Ah battery versus CMCF900 with a 4.0 Ah battery
  • EASY SOCKET CHANGES: Hog Ring Anvil for easy socket changes
  • ADDED CONTROL: Variable-speed trigger for added control
  • DIVERSE APPLICATION: 2 mode settings for a variety of applications
  • IMPROVED VISIBILITY: LED work light for added visibility
Weight 4.07 lbs
Dimensions 14.13 × 2.155 × 9.33 in

Latest reviews

  1. Jeryst

    I bought this unit in case I ever needed to change a flat tire. Sure enough, several weeks after I bought it, my wife got a flat tire on her minivan. This thing would not budge any of the lug nut at all. It was totally useless for that. I’m very disappointed in the product. A lot of people have given the unit glowing reviews for removing lug nuts, and I just wonder what type of tires they were removing. Also, it was extremely difficult to put sockets on and remove them. I had to tap the sockets on with a mallet, and pry them off with a screwdriver. It was impossible for me to do it by hand. Those sockets work fine on everything else.

  2. Mike

    I run a roadside assistance business and decided to try this impact despite seeing negative reviews about it not being able to loosen lug nuts. I have used this impact everyday for the last 3 months have done few hundred wheel removals and HAVE NOT had a wheel I couldnt loosen the lug nuts on. And im only running the small 2.0 AH battery lol I am pleased with this impact the only thing I recommend and what I’ll do is use a bigger battery probably a 6.0AH

  3. maxboost

    Great tool. Worth it. Compact

  4. Sean

    I would highly recommend this product to the average person trying to do minor work on their cars at home. It is strong enough to remove the lug nuts off of my 1500 silverado and tahoe. Im not sure if it could remove axle nuts. I also like how compact it is and the weight.

  5. Kyle D

    I was dead set on buying a Dewalt or Milwaukee impact wrench. I was in a pinch and needed an impact wrench ASAP for a job I was doing. I went to my local Lowe’s and they were out of 1/2 Dewalt impact wrenchs. I was a little hesitant but I went with the Craftsman 1/2 impact. I bought the 4AH battery along with deep SAE Craftsman impact sockets. I have been amazed with this tool. Works well and has power. Would recommend.

  6. Matt

    I bought this for my personal shop since I already had the USA V20 drill and it’s been fantastic. My daily work experience with battery impacts has been in the Milwaukee line lately, mainly 18v high torque though I’ve used the stubby from time to time. We’ve also used other brands in the past. The Craftsman is a mid torque model. I wanted an impact that was brushless and had a manual speed control. I guess I also just prefer the red color in general. There’s many impacts out there but most are going to the electronic push button speed control and my experience with those controls hasn’t been positive and that’s been true on a few different brands of various tools. I’m sure it will get better in the future but I want to know this will work when I need it to. This has all the power you need for most jobs. I did get the 6ah battery to go with it and it has plenty of juice. Craftsman really should put out a high torque model though with a manual speed control for larger suspension bolts and bigger trucks. I looked for one but it appears they don’t have one out. As a mid torque model however this really shines. The only thing negative I can say is it’s not a USA model like my drill. That aside I’m really impressed with Craftsman here.

  7. marco

    Works really good. It says on the box 275 Torque I feel like it’s more than that.

  8. drummlyf3

    I bought this impact wrench because I am starting as a lube tech at a Toyota dealership. I did some research on it before I bought it and from what I heard, it seemed like a good deal. I purchased the impact wrench and battery separately but even still it was less than $200. After a month of using it for 7-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, it hasn’t let me down. It’s been a very good tool for a less than expected price!

  9. Chris

    This craftsman impact wrench is great. The variable speed is where its at. This impact is strong, the battery last long, and it has the power that Sn__-On wishes they had in an impact.

  10. Dyemav

    Good impact. Will take off fairly high torque lug nuts. I’d recommend big batteries but the small ones work as long as you understand it’s a high draw application.

  11. Cheddar

    Good little medium duty impact wrench I like that it has a light on it the only thing I disliked is the chuck is really tight you have to pry sockets off with a screwdriver.

  12. MattTahoe

    At $120 with a battery and charger this is vastly less expensive than the name brands. I was hesitant to try it as craftsman power tools that I have owned in the past have been complete garbage.

    I have done a complete suspension refresh on a 5 series bmw and two transmission pulls using this tool and it has not missed a beat. Excellent battery life and decent anvil. Quality is far below the name brands (this can’t be compared to milwaukee fuel or dewalt xr etc), but at half the price its a good budget option. It really competes against homedepot’s ridgid brand, but craftsman comes at a slightly lower peice point.

  13. Kamodo127

    I got mine as part of promotion, couldn’t pass up such a good deal. stock was an issue but after about a month I got mine. works fine, great for lug nuts

  14. Kyle D

    I think for the value this is a great tool. I use it to change my vehicle tires and the blades on my Bad Boy Zero turn. Check it out on youtube, Torque Test Channel, gets good ratings.

  15. arcy

    Bought this for DIY garage stuff to fix my car and removed rusty stubborn nuts for my suspension. Does the job with ease. Worth the money!

  16. Matt

    Was not expecting much, some reviews say it is underpowered. It seems slow and quiet with no load. I tried it out on a lug nut that has not been removed in years and it broke it loose instantly. Much quieter than another brand of non-brushless impact I own.

  17. Pavs76

    Plenty of power and long battery life. Very satisfied.

  18. banjo man

    this is the same half inch impact that craftsman has been offering for awhile just with new badging and a new box but that isn’t a bad thing it’s a dang good impact you can’t beat it for this price point

  19. JPur

    Got this impact for home use on my truck. Takes lug nuts off with zero problems. For what I need it for, it’s great.

  20. Hardrocky

    Makes short work of assembly or disassembly. A little underpowered for really torqued down fasteners.

  21. Timbo

    I got this a week ago for my cruze lug nuts,which are 100ft pds this took them off pretty fast. I Recommend the 4ah battery works fine for me l basically only use it for changing my tires every 5000 miles

  22. F Bojorquez

    Worked great. Needed to change the struts on my wife’s car. Removed the lug nuts super easily, and a few bolts torqued to 180 foot lbs and didn’t experience a single problem. I wouldn’t recommend using it with any battery smaller than 4 amp hours.

  23. Dartmang43

    First off, as someone who has worked in the industrial supply field for years and years I have to appreciate Craftsman’s quality and price next to Milwaukee of course it’s a different tool, however for the average user at home, in the garage, on the road this tool seems to have plenty of power. From swapping tires, loosening torqued bolts, no problems at all ! I do recommend the 4.0ah battery for it if it’s being used extensively, great product!

  24. Judgedan

    Bought the last one online from the store. it’s a great deal that it comes with a free battery and charger. I had bought a dewalt but this one has almost twice the power on taking lug nuts off my dodge 1500. Took off lug nuts at 2 seconds each one with no problem, dewalt couldnt takem them off even after 10-15 seconds of trying. I will definitely buy another for my other vehicles. i will carry this in my truck. this tool feels good in my hand and is soundly built. love this thing glad i made purchase.

  25. Slackdaddyg

    I love the new craftsman lineup of brushless tools. I can’t wait to see what the future brings….Maybe a brushless oscillation tool.

  26. Eric

    I bought this so I didn’t have to drag around hoses and my air gun. With a full battery it wouldn’t even take off my lug nuts on a 1500 truck. So then I went to my Volvo and wouldn’t even budge any of them. So disappointed?? Yea I’m quite disappointed!! Looks like a return for this thing and back to my 1/2 inch Mac and air hose. I own several other Craftsman tools and have batteries and chargers and I’m quite happy with them. So it would’ve been nice to add this to my arsenal since I already have the accessories to make it work

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