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Creative Cedar Designs 84-in x 78-in Brown Octagon Wood Sandbox

20 Reviews
  • 84” L x 78” W x 9” H sand box with 3/4” thick timbers hold up to x 1000lbs of sand when assembled
  • Sandbox kit includes necessary panels and hardware, ground liner and top cover, and instructions for how to build a sandbox – does not include sand box sand
  • Wide seat boards surrounding kids sandbox allow for comfortable supervision and shared playtime


Covered sandboxes from Creative Cedar Designs are the perfect addition to your backyard play equipment! Make your children’s sandbox a central fixture of the neighborhood with hours of safe, collaborative play. DIY sandbox kit requires no special tools and includes sand box panels, seat boards, hardware, liner, cover and sand box plans with play-safe installation checklist.
  • 84” L x 78” W x 9” H sand box with 3/4” thick timbers hold up to x 1000lbs of sand when assembled
  • Sandbox kit includes necessary panels and hardware, ground liner and top cover, and instructions for how to build a sandbox – does not include sand box sand
  • Wide seat boards surrounding kids sandbox allow for comfortable supervision and shared playtime
  • Sandbox kits have stained cedar timbers and hardware that make building a sandbox that will weather years of outdoor use quick and simple
Weight 29.75 lbs
Dimensions 36.75 × 16 × 5 in

Latest reviews

  1. lcross

    loved it all…………soft cedar wood, easy to assemble……..well designed and good value!!

  2. Mimi

    We bought this sandbox for our 4 grandsons & they LOVE it!!! Our daughter put it together & said it was very easy. Then she added 800 lbs of sand – which is the perfect amount. The wood is smooth & the cover fits great. And there is enough room for them to all play at the same time!!!!
    We did a lot of research for a large sandbox at a good price. Lowe’s was the best & they delivered the box for free.

  3. CartersDaddy16

    Overall this sandbox is an awesome product. Everything came in-tact perfectly in the box. Every slot fit perfectly in the other. The only drawback is the bracing, as it is only braced by 4 small boards and by the seats. Overall, an awesome product. 800-900 lbs of sand is ideal.

  4. Erika

    It’s a hit! Took off one star because some of the pieces were missing the pre-drilled holes & were split in a few spots/had large splinters sticking out so be careful! (Sand it down smooth if you need to) Other than that it was a cinch putting it together much like connecting Lego blocks. I was able to put it together myself in about 20 minutes. The seats are wide enough for my six-year-old to sit on for reference We filled it with 800 pounds of sand but will probably go for the recommended 1,000. When closing it up for the day make sure to add a large bouncy ball in the middle underneath the tarp so the rainfall does not collect in the middle. The tarp is secure enough to have withstood a strong storm already. My three children plus my niece all fit comfortably in here with enough space to build their own castles. (Ages 7-1).

  5. SneakyCrocs

    We were on the fence for awhile with this purchase but I am so so glad we pulled the trigger! Easy set up in 5-10 minutes alone and it was easy to move to its permanent home after assembly. We are actually using it to house my daughters water table. We leveled the ground, compacted gravel & sand on the bottom, then placed a piece of artificial turf on top. It’s beautiful, functional and worth it!

  6. Grandpa Ted

    Purchased this item online to be delivered to our daughter and son-in-laws home for our grandson, due to the current lumber prices being so high, plus i did not want to haul up all my table and miter saw equipment. I ordered it prior to our visit with them in late May 2021, and assembled it upon our arrival. I was concerned about the reviews stating that others had pieces broken in the package.
    Upon arrival and my unboxing the sandbox kit, I inspected all the parts, and everything was in perfect condition. I did bring a countersink drill set with me, per other reviewers comments, but the cedar is very soft, and I probably could have gotten by without countersinking the predrilled screw holes. Took me about 30 minutes to put it together, very simple.
    I’d also ordered and scheduled delivery of 1,000 pounds of playsand to be delivered the day after I’d assembled the sandbox. 1,000 pounds (20 – 50# bags) was the perfect amount to begin with; I’m sure that over time all they’ll need to do is add a couple of bags to make up for that which is tracked out of the sandbox, or play shoveled out, or sticks to the grandson’s britches and feet.
    I tried the beach ball in the center to hold up the cover, then tried a plastic kiddy swimming pool with plastic flower pots both under the pool (to support the pool), and one on top, but didn’t like the sag. I found a plastic GripLid shrub/tree pot at a landscaper’s business in the trash, and that works perfect! Find one that is about 17 1/4″ top diameter and 15 1/8″ deep (approximately 13.19 gallons). Put that in the center, then install the supplied tarp cover. For added waterproofing, i got an 8 x 10 heavy duty tarp and put that over the supplied cover, and picked up 8 paver bricks, placing one each on a seat, and one each in the corners of the tarp. Works like a charm!

    Really satified with the sandbox (and my work!).

  7. KylahH

    For only being 100$ i thought it was worth it. The wood is thin, but not terrible. It was nice that it came with a lining and cover. Biggest tip i can give, make sure its on flat ground, bumpy ground will make the sand fall out.

  8. Tick

    Bought what we thought was a cedar sandbox figuring it was from wood from the USA. The company is located in Tennessee, but they import it from China. This is what’s wrong with business in our country. It’s a nice sandbox, but it could have been made here !

  9. Anonymous

    Easy assembly, nice finish

  10. wrenlake

    The bottom liner ripped before the kids even got in it.


    For the price and aesthetic, it’s a nice sandbox. Only issue is that the cover didn’t even last 3 months. The cover doesn’t fit very well. It’s too tight in some places and too loose in other places. As soon as it rains, it turns into a water collecting bowl. The weight from the water collection stretches out and rips the cover. I read reviews prior to buying and followed the recommendations to rig up some sort of center support to help drain the rainwater off the cover. I put 5 gallon buckets under it and tried various other Items. Nothing worked. I just spent $200 trying to build a homemade cover with a wooden frame, but it is turning out entirely too heavy and expensive. I’m stumped and still without a solution. This product really needs a decent cover. Otherwise, the sandbox is great.

  12. Hey Jude

    This is a cheap and awful product! If you use the “liner” sand pours between the wood pieces and under the wood. PLEASE don’t waste your money!!!!!

  13. DC64

    Kids loved it and it holds plenty of sand. The cover fits well and keeps the sand dry even after snow and rain storms

  14. grammie

    Don’t waste your money on this .I ordered this for my grandchildren they were so excited when it came until we opened the box and found the boards cracked and parts broken off. What a disappointment. We took it back to and bought better quality lumber to build one .My grandchildren are happy with the one their dad built. I’m sure it will last a lot longer.

  15. PeteRepeat

    Pretty cheap and chintzy overall. Let’s begin with the sides. The structure is not actually made of cedar. It is regular spruce that is stained to look like cedar with a synthetic cedar fragrence applied. The boards are cheap and thin, and have warped after just 2 days in the afternoon sun. The bottom: There is no way to fasten the bottom lining to the structure itself, the instructions would lead you to believe that you are to just set the wood frame on this thin piece of landscape fabric, then fill with 800-1000 pounds of sand and it will be fine. It won’t be fine. You are going to have half a ton of play sand floating around your yard in no time. The cover: according to the instructions, you’re supposed to also purchase a beach ball in order to vault the cover properly for drainage when it rains. beachball not included.

  16. Nana

    The product is well-made and easily understood to put together.

  17. SLC71

    Do not waste your money on this sand box. When I received boards were broke My Huss and was trying to make it work because our granddaughter was excited. More boards cracked while putting it together. Lucky if it lasts 3 to 6 months.

  18. Curtisy

    I’ll say that this box is ok, just ok. The wood used is very thin and feels really brittle. I had two broken pieces that needed to be glued to be fixed. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more. The wood pieces are slotted to fit together, and are held together by 4 small pieces of wood braces and the seats. Everything that needs to be screwed is pre-drilled, but none of the holes are counter-sunk. I had to do this myself. The screws given are just long enough to grab the piece it’s being screwed to but not long enough that the screw heads will be able to embed themselves into the wood, so yeah, you need to countersink them or prepare for cuts and ripped clothing. I have my doubts about the durability of this box. I also have doubts that the seats aren’t going to split in half after some use. You’re probably better off building your own sandbox. Price would be about the same if it cheaper.

  19. Anonymous

    Grandson loves it. Large enough for several kids. Easy to assemble. Some misalignment of pre-drilled seat holes. Play sand will pour out through seams.

  20. JCool82

    Very easy to put together, it took two of us about 30 minutes. And it comes with the cover! I didn’t realize this and ordered another one. I put 1,000 pounds of sand in and wouldn’t suggest less. It also comes with a liner, and we put it inside the bottom instead of underneath and that worked well.

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