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Custom LeatherCraft Carpenter Polyester Tool Apron

14 Reviews
  • 17 Pockets, sleeves and holders provide ample storage for nails and tools
  • Easy carry handle design provides simple adjustments, easy carrying and storage of apron without spilling contents
  • Totally versatile-all parts removable and interchangeable


Premium quality CLC 4-piece carpenter’s combo tool belt constructed from ballistic polyester fabric and includes a 5-in padded, double-tongue roller buckle belt, and 17 pockets and sleeves to hold for your favorite nails and tools.
  • 17 Pockets, sleeves and holders provide ample storage for nails and tools
  • Easy carry handle design provides simple adjustments, easy carrying and storage of apron without spilling contents
  • Totally versatile-all parts removable and interchangeable
  • Rugged, lightweight ballistic poly fabric
  • 5 In. wide padded belt comfort with double tongue steel roller buckle
  • Patented Sta-Open gusset pocket design for easy access to nails and fasteners
  • 7 Main pockets for nails and tools
  • 6 Small pockets for pencils, cutters, screwdrivers, squares and pry bar
  • Fits waist sizes 29 In – 46 In
Weight 3.52 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 23 × 4.6 in

Latest reviews

  1. PawPaw

    Looked to be very versatile tool belt. It is almost too much for me. With both bags on belt with tools and screws, I had problems keeping the belt around my too large waist. On the plus side the bags are adjustable and and removable. The inner belt has hook and loop material to help hold the bags in place on the belt. The bags have a handle built on so one can use them as independent tool/screw totes. The belt material is substantial and well put together. Could use a harness or suspender setup.

  2. Derrick522

    This 4 piece carpenter’s combo tool belt is professional quality with more than enough configurable pockets to accommodate the tools and accessories needed for most jobs. Although this is advertised as a carpenter’s belt, it is obviously capable of being tailored for other craftsman. The adjustable waist belt is padded with mesh and has both hook and loop fasteners as well as a double grommet buckle with enough loops for small, medium, and large waists. The belt also has two hammer loops, one integrated into one of two tool pouches and one by itself. Both tool pouches contain handles that can be used to help with adjusting belt. While the belt is pretty useful, one of the drawbacks is the weight of the heavy duty ballistic polyester fabric. The four piece belt alone weighs 6 lbs, so with the addition of tools and other hardware, the weight adds up quickly. This belt is designed for professionals or serious DIYers and will be a little excessive for novice occasional craftsman or hobbyists. All and all, this is well made belt that should endure, but I’ll probably have to find a way to attach suspenders to help distribute the weight to my shoulders as well as my waist.

  3. Happyhomeowner

    This is an excellent “carpenter’s” tool belt. Useable by many professions. It has rugged polyester pockets which are removeable and able to be placed on different locatioons on the belt. It has a 5″ wide padded belt which does not cut into your back and securely holds the pouches when loaded with tools. It has 2 hammer or prybar holders in addition to 17 different size pockets and a separate metal tape measure holder. Another excellent feature is that the belt has both velcro and a heavy duty double tongue steel belt buckle. 5 Stars!

  4. Jackmag

    This is by far the best tool belt I’ve ever had. 17 compartments to fit all your tools and 2 hammer loops. Very well made rugged it should last forever and a lifetime warranty how could you go wrong. The pouches are removable so you can put on whichever side works best for you. The 5” wide belt acts as a back support so I don’t have to wear my back support with this. And the handles make it easy to carry without dumping out my tools which also is great for hanging it up after use. The old saying works here “you get what you pay for” it’s well worth the price for great quality.

  5. Jeepstir

    First I must say I am not a professional tradesman, although I do have a lot of experience in multiple areas of the construction trades. I also have never owned a large tool belt such as this. I have always made do with smaller belts and nail pouches.

    My first impression was that this belt is massive, well-made, and big enough to hold my entire tool box! I haven’t used it in an actual work situation yet so I’m still sorting out what tools I will have on it and how they will be arranged. I think it may be fairly heavy when fully set up, but that will be taken into consideration, and I’m sure my tool arrangement will change for different situations. There are a ton of pockets, and several that will be appropriate for nails/screws/whatever, and one that holds my phone quite well.

    The velcro on the belt makes it easy to get on and the handles make it easy to get it settled on my hips comfortably before buckling up. I’m really excited about this tool belt and am looking forward to my next big project to really use it and get it set up.

  6. Yohan

    This carpenter’s tool belt is massive, in a good way, there is a wide variety of pockets everywhere you put your hands big pockets, little pockets, skinny pockets, two hammer holders and a metal tape measure clip. There are really two belts here a well padded 5 inch wide velcro belt that holds the pouches in position and sets the belt on your body. The second belt is a double tongue steel roller that overlays the velcro belt and supplies a secure fit. The pouches can be repositioned or removed to suit your taste. At the end of testing the belt was over loaded with a ridiculous amount of weight, about 40 pounds and even that was comfortable

  7. FAWA

    The belt is wide, padded and comfortable. Two large open mouth pockets, best part is that they are
    removable. Tool access is great, important to me.. nobody likes to fight to get tools out of slots. This is not a light in weight tool belt. I gave this 4 stars overall only because you really need suspenders if its loaded. I’m sure the company has been ask before, I’m just not aware if they sell them.

  8. Russell

    I used this belt for 15 hours Saturday with only 2 unbuckles. The pockets have good form. The handles on each side make hauling and saddling up easy. The Velcro is a quick install with a double pin belt to back it up. The padding helps this belt ride well, especially with a load of tools and fasteners. The small tool pockets on the right are too deep for nail sets and a razor blade, but just right for a crows foot, drywall saw, or chisels. The double nail rings give you a spot to hang your nail gun. The right pocket is big enough to hold a drill driver. Overall, a great belt. I might add a few more small pockets on the outside edges and maybe a screw gun clip, but only because I do more than just framing work. This will replace my leather pouches.

  9. Joe

    This week I made some repairs to my cedar fence. For this project I used this tool belt to hold all the tools I needed. I was surprised at how many tools it could hold. It was able to hold a hammer, drill, pliers, screwdrivers, tape measure, knife, nails, and screws. It has more than one pouch to hold different size screws and nails. It is easy to put on and take off. I didn’t have problems keeping it secured to my waist. It even has handles to comfortably carry it before you put it on or after you take it off. This tool belt is well built and made of quality materials. It’s going to last me forever. I look forward to my next project so I can use my new tool belt.

  10. Mike

    I replaced a blue hawk tool belt made from canvas with this. There is a huge difference in quality and ease. The belt is significantly heavier due to its construction and superior materials. It has several more pockets and a metal loop for the hammer instead of a cloth loop. I am a size 32 waist and this is just a little too big for me but and larger waist and this will fit well. It has 2 prong belt fastener with velcro. Overall this is the best belt i have ever had.

  11. Bill

    This is one heck of a tool belt. It is extremely well-built and it would take some real effort to damage it. You can fit just about anything you need into and onto this belt. It has pockets within pockets which you can see from the pictures I took. The belt has both a buckle and Velcro so you can fit it tightly around your waste. The apron pockets are built of a material that will not puncture even with the sharpest of nails. If you have need of bolts, nails, screws, drivers, hammers, or whatever, you can fit them all into or onto this belt. Two things to be aware of. I have a 42 inch waist and that is just about maximum if you’re going to fit this around jeans and a shirt. Also, this belt is extremely heavy for a tool belt and that is without tools. For most that will not be a problem, but it is something to consider.

  12. Superman212

    I wasn’t to sure about the padded belt. It definitely doubles as a back brace and makes the belt comfortable around the waist no matter how heavy it gets. It has all the pouches and pockets needed for tools and materials. Easy to adjust and the velcro helps from having the pouches spin around your waist. The double hole belt and buckle make this product feel durable and secure.

  13. RussKCKS

    Constructed with rugged ballistic polyester fabric. All parts removable and interchangeable.
    Innovative handle design for easy adjustment and carrying. 5 inch wide padded comfort belt with double tong steel roller buckle fits waist size 29 inches to 46 inches. I think it is built heavy duty with inovative design.

  14. Dan

    This is a great tool belt. Has many pockets, and a comfortable belt. I doubt I will use both pouches, just one on the left and the hammer loop on the right, but it’s all there if I need it. One of the pouches has a tape measure clip and a hammer loop and many pockets of various sizes for tools. The other pocket is probably suitable for nails and screws.

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