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Deka 12-Volt 410-Amp Mower Battery

18 Reviews
  • Reliable cranking power for most garden tractor needs
  • Maintenance-free, calcium construction for longer life while eliminating the need to add water


For the toughest, outdoor use that requires batteries to deliver plenty of cranking amps to power tractors and recreational vehicles across the roughest terrain. The flush cover group U1 is calcium maintenance-free, eliminating the need to add water and the danger of harmful acid spills and lost vent caps. These flush cover batteries deliver more power-per-pound and longer storage life season after season. Special envelope separators protect all sides of the plates, preventing internal shorting and providing superior cranking capacity. These batteries have the power to perform in winter’s bitter cold and summer’s scorching heat and are made in the U.S.A.
  • Reliable cranking power for most garden tractor needs
  • Maintenance-free, calcium construction for longer life while eliminating the need to add water
Weight 9.39 lbs
Dimensions 5.94 × 3.9 × 3.74 in

Latest reviews

  1. Rich

    This is one powerful battery and I kept my mover in the cold year after year for 6 years and this battery never failed me. I’m buying a new one because someone helped them self to my old battery while I was away. This battery cost over $100.00+ on line at the Bay but has the best price I’ve found. This 410-AMP kicks out whopping 350 CCA in the winter so there isn’t never a problem in the Spring. To get long life out of my battery I start my lawnmower up at least once a month for 3-5 minutes regardless. Batteries need exercise too and I know I can get at least seven or more good years out of my Deka 410 Amp battery. I give this battery 5 Stars!

  2. Hotrod3026

    I purchased this battery to replace the same model and manufacturer of battery currently on my mower. This battery has really withstood the rigors of a lawnmower battery. I am extremely happy with the durability, and lifespan of this battery. The battery I replaced lasted me 7 years, and 5 months. I couldn’t ask anything more of a battery. The battery was on my mower it’s entire life, including through our Pennsylvania winters. This battery died on me only 1 time when it was about 4 years old (due to my own fault), and I charged it, and never had another problem with it. I am confident with Deka batteries, and expect the same excellent results with my new battery.

  3. david

    had it 2 months … seems to be okay so far … ask me again in 3 years !!!
    … i also bought a Black & Decker battery tender … hopefully this battery will last longer than the Advance Auto one I had last time / it lasted two seasons …

  4. Bibbob

    Bought new on 4/16/2020, completely dead today and won’t hold any charge 04/03/2021. Six month warranty only.

  5. Josh

    Battery only lasted two seasons. I took the battery out for the winter but it still only barely made it through this summer and will no longer hold a charge.

  6. DaveW

    Installed this on my 14 HP Sears lawn tractor. It hadn’t cranked this fast in years.

    I also noted on other reviews that buyers were disappointed in the cranking amp ratings. Please note that the 32F CA rating is 410. That’s the standard rating temperature. The CCA (cold cranking amp rating at 0F) is 350. CCA is always lower than the CA at 32.

  7. Steven

    Looked for a replacement for my 7 year old mower battery and had the best price and delivered to my local sore in about 10 days. Replacement was easy and battery core charge was credited to my card. 22 HP Kawasaki engine started first time with outside temp of 38 degrees. Started smoothly each time since. No complaints!

  8. Phil

    I just got this battery a few days ago. It’s for my lawn mower and that season is several weeks away so I haven’t used it yet. But, I am replacing the exact same battery ( Outdoorsman ) as was in my 27 HP mower from the factory and it lasted 6 years!! That’s the reason I specifically purchased the exact same. I’m very pleased to say the least. This battery is sold at a few retailers and has one of the better price tags on it.

  9. kenac

    Works well in my Club Cadet zero-turn mower so far for a year

  10. Anonymous

    As advertised. BEWARE there are different capacities in this style battery. Be sure you get one with the right recommended CCA rating.

  11. J

    Upon bringing in my battery core I was told I couldn’t cause it was a different brand,a core is a core is a core it gets recycled, no time for ignorance,bought battery elsewhere,what a wasterrible of time!

  12. tboll01

    Replace old battery with this one and tractor started right up. We’ll see how long it lasts. No complaints thus far (2 weeks with new battery).

  13. Deedub

    The battery I purchased was identical to what I was replacing and the original one lasted for years. I hope to get the same service life out of this one.

  14. Sadler2010

    All engine starting batteries have two ratings, CA or cranking amps when temps are 32f and above, this number is always higher. And a CCA or cold cranking amps rating at 0f which is slightly lower due to cold temp power reduction. So when you see claims of not getting the right battery due to different cranking amps, that’s why, not any shady practices.

  15. Carl

    These batteries last only about 2 years max with proper maintenance and winter storage.

  16. Chackbay

    I ordered this battery for the main reason it stated that it was a 410 amp battery. I have a 24 HP Koehler engine and needs high amps for starting. Ordered online from Lowe’s but when I got it home it onlystates that it’s 350 CCA. Nowhere does it state that it’s a 410 amp CA. Very disappointed because this isn’t what I ordered.

  17. Doc

    Special ordered, delivered battery was 350 Amp, not 410. Battery number was correct but the battery is not as advertised. I’m not the first one with this problem, not sure why doesn’t correct it. The problem is in their Magnum Pro line too. I’m sure it’s a good battery, just not as advertised.

  18. Gene

    The pick up person told me I was not charged a core charge, but I left my old battery there anyway. But when I looked at the pick up receipt when I got home, it clearly showed a $10 core charge. Now I have to go back and hope the same person is there and remembers that I dropped off my old battery and gives me a $10 credit.

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