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Delta Becker Matte Black 1-handle Single Hole WaterSense High-arc Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain with Deck Plate

17 Reviews
  • Fits 1 or 3-hole 4 in. installations
  • Optional 6-13/16 in. deck plate included for use with additional mounting configurations and a cohesive look
  • Includes matching-finish plastic pop-up drain assembly


  • Fits 1 or 3-hole 4 in. installations
  • Optional 6-13/16 in. deck plate included for use with additional mounting configurations and a cohesive look
  • Includes matching-finish plastic pop-up drain assembly
  • Lever handles are ADA Compliant
  • WaterSense labeled faucet uses at least 20% less water than the industry standard without compromising performance
  • Rigid spout
Weight 3.825 lbs
Dimensions 11.654 × 7.874 × 4.252 in

Latest reviews

  1. Mikey7

    This is my second Delta faucet, and once again, I am impressed with the quality and appearance of their products. I’ve had my first faucet in the kitchen for over two years now, and I have had no complaints at all. This faucet is an upgrade in a bathroom that will soon be remodeled. Installation was straightforward, and relatively easy. Had this been a new install in a new sink/vanity, I think it would have been even easier. The faucet really makes a difference in the room, and has great water pressure, and smooth handle operation. I will likely be adding a matching shower head and faucet for the bathtub once I get going on the remodel.

  2. Happyhomeowner

    The DELTA “Becker Brushed Nickel Faucet” is an excellent, high quality bathroom faucet. The faucet alone weighs in at 2 lb. 3 oz., not a cheap plastic faucet like others I have seen. The package comes with some very nice features. The under sink mounting bracket is a heavy duty metal bracket with a long nut which is easier to reach than most. It has a “Worry Free ” drain catch which will stop hair, jewelry, pills etc. from going down the drain and catching on the horizontal pop-up rod. It comes with the water inlet supply lines (which most people try to reuse and is not recommended). The Brushed Nickel finish has “SpotShield Technology” reducing spots and keeps the faucet looking clean and new. The faucet can be used on either 1 or 3 hole sinks. 5 Stars for Quality, Appearance, Design and Ease of Installation.

  3. dbwalton

    I’d give this 4.5 stars if I could. The only reason I downgraded my rating was the instructions in the box were for a different faucet. Other than that, It deserves 5 stars.

    This comes with a couple of special tools for installation, however you’ll need an open end wrench for the plumbing attachments, and some Teflon tape. (I’m not sure why these faucet companies don’t throw it in. You need it, and it wouldn’t increase the cost too much. So, if someone from Becker is listening, please include a small roll of Teflon tape.)

    Because the instructions were for a different faucet, it took my figuring things out. Fortunately, it was all very intuitive. Even the small funny looking key was easy to figure out that it is for changing the strainer/aerator.

    It comes with two bases. The small one is good for one-hole counters. The wider one will cover the outer holes on some 3-hole counter tops.

    The drain piece is mostly ABS plastic for corrosion-free longevity. It also comes with a strainer for the drain. (Keep your wife’s wedding ring from going down the drain.)

  4. Matt

    I really like the design of the single handle on this faucet. It’s sleek and has hot and cold markings on it so you or guests won’t have to guess. On a DIY skill level from 1-10 this is a 4. Just need to be comfortable working with plumbing and under a sink. Total installation time took about a half hour. This includes removing the old faucet. This will work on a three hole or single hole sink. If you’re like me and have a three hole sink be sure to open the single hole base plate too, you’ll need both. The faucet comes with extra long braided hoses for your hot and cold water hookup which is nice. NOTE: you’ll need some silicone or a rubber gasket for where the drain and sink touch. This is not provided in the box. Really liking the brushed nickel look as there are no fingerprints or water spots on the faucet. This is a simple upgrade that’ll make your bathroom look night and day better over a basic builder grade faucet.

  5. Jim

    This is a very well made, solid and sturdy faucet fixture. It also is very attractive, and the matte finish is supposed to discourage spots from mineral deposits in hard water. So far, that has proven to be the case in that it hasn’t developed the usual spots you see on more reflective (e.g., stainless) units.

    The faucet comes with several options (see photo), including single hole and three hole installation, depending upon the type of sink you have. Installation is very easy and shouldn’t take longer than 20 minutes to complete (if a new installation; add the time required to remove previous fixture if an upgrade). The finished installation is quite attractive (see photos) and has the appearance of a good quality fixture.

    The flexible water supply hoses are long and should be easily adaptable just about any bathroom sink vanity. A very handy tool is included for reaching and tightening, from underneath, the faucet fixture in place. Note that the tool looks slightly different than indicated in the instructions, but, it should be pretty clear what this tool is for and how to use it. As a result, the only additional tool required for this installation is a 5/8” open faced wrench to attach the supply hoses to the water outlets from the wall. An adjustable crescent wrench may work as well, though depending upon what kind of shutoff valves you have, and how much space you have to work with, a crescent wrench may require many small partial turns to get the nuts turned down and tightened. With only snugging down the nuts, there was no leakage when the water was turned back on.

    The handle for flow rate and mixture of hot and cold water is very smooth, not too loose or tight. One other minor, but nice addition that I’ve not seen before, is a small “comb” that can be placed under the popup drain plug (see photo). Vanity sinks are very prone to having small items go down the drain. This small comb allows easy flow of water but will prevent anything the very small particles to pass through. Installation is optional. The water flow rate of the faucet is standard for today’s fixtures, and well aerated.

    Even for the DIY first time installation this unit should be pretty easy to install, given the few parts and clear instructions included with the fixture. I would highly recommend this faucet for installation, appearance, and function.

  6. Tyler

    This faucet has a smooth almost soft feel to it, its surprisingly heavy which gives it an even more high quality appearance as well. It comes with a plate so if you have 3 holes you can mask it or if you have a single hole it’ll fill that without using the plate. Looks great, might get a second. Fairly easy install.

  7. Joeheritage

    Faucet has a nice finish. Very easy to install. Only took about an hour to remove the old and install the new one. One thing I think could be improved is the stopper arm. It is too close to the back of the assembly and any one with even not too big hands would have a tough time grabbing it and pulling it up.

  8. Andrew

    My house was built in the 1960’s. The hall bath is original and doesn’t appear to have gone through any updates since it was built. While the old faucet in the sink was functioning, it looked as old as it was. The new faucet is a great improvement, and while I still want update the entire bathroom eventually, replacing the faucet at least makes it look a little better in the meantime.

    The faucet was relatively straight forward to install. I honestly had more difficulty removing the old one that was rusted on in places versus installing the new one. I appreciated that there was no need for supply hoses (even though I had some from the old sink that I had replaced previously) and that they came integrated into the faucet. I did need a tailpiece extension to make it work with my existing drain, but I believe that’s due to how low the plumbing sits versus the actual hardware provided.

    I’m very pleased with the quality of the faucet as well as the lifetime warranty that is offered by Delta for it. It turns on smoothly, the drain stopper works great, and none of the hardware felt cheap. There was more use of plastics versus the old one I removed, but I feel like that’s been the shift in general for a lot of things. I at least don’t have to worry about those components corroded, and they were under the sink so shouldn’t see too much abuse.

  9. DIYMyWayinNC

    I’ve installed a few faucets, and the instructions for this faucet are confusing, especially if you’re a homeowner and you don’t install them every day. The Delta video was also not very helpful. However I am very pleased with the style and spot-free feature. I also like the single handle. Time will tell if this faucet keeps its spot-free appearance. But it is an improvement on my existing stained and tarnished faucet.

  10. VENUS

    Renovating my bathroom with the BECKER single handle faucet by Delta. The brushed nickel is subtle and classy. A nice update to my old chrome finish faucet. The new spot shield technology is a wonderful feature.
    Includes instructions and hardware for an easy installation.

  11. Anonymous

    This faucet was exactly what I expected. High quality materials and easy installation directions. I have not had a chance to put the faucet handle on the sink yet, but I don’t foresee any issues. Delta always includes the right parts and tools that don’t leave you guessing. The brushed nickel is beautiful and matches our vanity lights perfectly.

  12. BubbaF

    This faucet has a nice brushed nickel finish, and operates very smoothly. Comes with a pop up drain, and has stainless braided hoses. The only thing I was not crazy about is the plastic spacer under the base is visible after its installed, it would look better if this was hidden, and it won’t work without it.

  13. Rod

    Great workmanship, Looks great, easy to operate and easy to install.

    My backsplash is tight so clearance for the lift rod is tight.

  14. Lin

    A very attractive faucet. Adds to the decor of my bathroom. I was hoping it would really be free of water spots, and I’m delighted to say it does. It was easy to install. Used only the tool seen in my photograph. My bathroom sink had 3 holes. The Becker Spot Shield Brushed Nickel one hole faucet/drain fit perfectly over the 3 hole sink

  15. Curveball

    I was very pleased with the much larger kitchen sink version of this faucet and I like the brushed nickel finish with the spot free feature. I don’t like the little plastic wrenches they give you, so do yourself a favor and get a 10 mm deep socket with an extension if you want this to go more smoothly and reliably. Also a small pair of adjustable channel locks makes everything else go off and back on quite easily. My only real complaint is the design of the pull handle for the sink stopper. Its movement is not as smooth as I would like and so small that it’s hard to grab onto. Other than that, a great addition to my bathroom.

  16. Stevo

    It was easy to install and the braided hoses were more than long enough to reach my shut off valves.

  17. HollyAnn

    Love the modern look!

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