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Delta Classic Chrome Single Handle Low-arc Kitchen Faucet (Deck Plate Included)

30 Reviews
  • Practical and hardworking
  • DIAMOND™ Seal Technology offers worry-free, leak-free and lasting durability
  • Handle included


Delta is committed to supporting water conservation around the globe and has been recognized as WaterSense Manufacturer Partner of the Year in 2011, 2013, and 2014.
  • Practical and hardworking
  • DIAMOND™ Seal Technology offers worry-free, leak-free and lasting durability
  • Handle included
  • 8-in long spout swings 360° for added convenience
  • Single-lever handle for ease of control
  • Standard spout swivels 180degrees
Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 4.9 × 3.8 × 1.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. 777Shell

    This faucet works great. We did have a set back with my husband leaving the faucet on the kitchen table for 3 days while he got around to installing it. Our Great Dane helped himself to the plastic sleeve of the sprayer and destroyed it. I called customer service from the phone number on the box and they sent me a new part for free! It’s installed now and works wonderfully! Thanks Delta!

  2. MarshaD

    We replaced a 17 year old Delta Single Handle Kitchen Faucet because it had been repaired several times over the years and thought it best to replace it this time.

    Our new Delta 400-DST model is not sturdy at all. Any movement of the handle seems to cause the unit to rock. This faucet was installed by the same plumbers who had plumbed our entire house in 1998; we’re sure it’s installed correctly. Judging the quality between the old & new we will not be getting 17 years out of this unit. The quality has definitely declined over the years. We’re now sorry we didn’t have the old faucet repaired a third time.

  3. jerry56

    This is the second Delta single lever kitchen faucet I have bought in as many years-for different homes. I like the ease of which the single lever and spout operate and is so handy for my 91 year old mother. The models I used both had the pre-installed water lines and a snap together unit for connecting the sprayer. Have been very pleased with both units. My only suggestion would be to make the faucet lever longer for ease of reach and control as was the case with the first one I bought two years ago. Very happy with the product and customer assistance. Will buy again if the need arises.

  4. DesertQueen

    My husband (Contractor) & I put our faucet in 4/15/15. The delay was related to health issues; but we finally got it in! I use it the most as I am chief cook & bottle washer. I could NOT believe the difference!! I had uses the old faucet (installed in 1979) for 10 years and as a plumber’s daughter I waited forever for this faucet!! The sprayer was held together with a
    window latch & packing tape!! That was for 5 years.
    But I love my new faucet! iIt is sleek & shiny and the sprayer works every time I need it!!! I hope I don’t have to wait 10 years for the shower spray!!!!

  5. Jeff

    Two stars for looks and ease of installation. Purchased December 18, 2020 and installed on December 21, 2020. Faucet makes a moaning/creaking noise when handle is moved. Contacted Delta and instructed to remove/clean aerator and try draining the supply lines – that has not helped. Still have the same annoying moaning/creaking noise. Faucet is only three months old – should have kept my old Delta faucet. Have five other Delta faucets in the house and have not had problems. This one is not the same quality as the older ones. Probably will not purchase Delta again.

  6. Timmy Gee

    Could hardly believe how nice and smooth the operation of this faucet is.

  7. formerdeltafan

    On 11/16 my plumber installed a replacement kitchen faucet for the leaking very old faucet that was there. The next morning we looked under the sink and saw that whenever we used water there was a puddle under the faucet under the cabinet. It was determined that that faucet was defective and a 2nd 400-DST was installed Fri. 11/23. That too was leaking and had to be replaced. Today the problem was solved. It was replaced with a good quality Moen faucet. I had some Delta products previously installed in the house, but NO MORE after this hassle.

  8. Santana6145

    Bought two 400-DST faucets. one on 4-5-2016, the other on 4-14-2016 to replace the first. The first faucet leaked considerably when we hooked up our portable dishwasher to the faucet. We originally thought it was a defective faucet. The hardware store thought the same thing and let me purchase another with the intension that I would return the defective one for a refund. But the second one did the same thing. I couldn’t find any spec’s on how much water pressure this faucet is rated for. Very disappointed. now I have to buy an different faucet and return two 400-DST faucets. They only leak when the dishwasher is connected and the system is charged. I followed the instructions for installation and even tried tightening the bonnet as per the instructions.

  9. Stew

    I have owned Delta kitchen faucets since 1970 on my personal house and my rentals. Delta was recommended to me because of the quality, and the ease of repair. I am disappointed with the new model. There are 2 things I really don’t like.

    First, when water is running through the faucet, it makes a noise that can be heard throughout the house through the pipes. It sounds cheap. Never had that with the one it replaced.

    Second, the faucet must be positioned precisely or it does not shut off. The old models, when you moved in the general direction of off, it would guide the handle to stop the flow. This new one, does not. In fact you must be very careful to make sure it is exactly centered.

    I am not at all impressed, and doubt that I will be buying another Delta.

  10. markm

    The faucet had fairly easy installation, and shows good performance. The 1.8 gpm aerator gives a little less flow than I’m used to, and the flow with the new faucet is a bit “solider” (less diffuse and aerated) but less strong than the faucet it replaced; I tend to prefer the flow of the previous faucet–but the new Delta seems certainly okay (though a bit noisy, perhaps). And I also hear this new kitchen-faucet’s flow through the pipes of the shower in an adjacent bathroom, which wasn’t heard with the previous faucet; haven’t yet found out why that might be (not evidently from any leakage).
    This review sounds critical, but (other than the curious flow sounding in the wall 25 feet away when it runs) I’m happy with the faucet. Seems like a good design, especially with the diamond-coated valve.

  11. JDawg76

    The cartridge failed after <2 years, which to Delta’s credit was replaced under warranty. However, we were sick of the low flow from this faucet, and I finally attempted to pull out the flow restrictor at the nozzle only to find that it’s integral to the faucet, so not it’s ruined and have find a better faucet. Also, this faucet uses some oddball oversized rosette washers (the “nuts” that secure the faucet body to the sink) that seemingly aren’t available anywhere; why, I have no idea.

  12. OlliesMom

    I had replaced an old Delta single handled kitchen faucet with another major brand I bought from a big box store about 12 years ago. Big mistake. Should have stuck with Delta. When my plumber attempted to fix the ‘other’ brand, it broke. He asked what I wanted to replace it with and the first word that came out of my mouth was Delta! This is one of Delta’s basic kitchen faucets, but it’s very nice. Have only had it a couple weeks so far. I also have the same faucet on a sink in a basement kitchen without the side spray and it has worked fine since it was installed in 2014. I like that these come with a gasket between the faucet plate and the sink. The other product didn’t have that which is another reason I wanted another Delta faucet! I’m very happy with this product and hope it lasts for many years.

  13. Metalman

    Has a very nice design, and was very easy to install. No leaks on the first try, and I’m not a plumber. Excellent value for the price. Replaced a 28 year old Delta, and we have hard cold water, plus we drain the water for a couple of months while we travel, so when starting the pump back up, there’s a fair amount of debris that gets kicked up, but that
    faucet held up well, with minimal cleaning, so that’s why we went with Delta again. Again, the ease of installation was great

  14. Bubba

    I had the older style Delta single handle kitchen faucet with a ball and seats. I bought a new Delta 400 DST to replace it. I hate the new faucet!!!!!!!!! Do to the rounded base it dose not mount solid it rocks easy. It has very little water flow compared to my old Delta. I would put the old faucet back but my dad cracked the spout trying to hook up the dishwasher ( he did not know how ). Now I and stuck with this garbage faucet with little flow and it drips all the time.

  15. Paul1567

    We have had several Delta faucets in the past and have been very happy with them, so when the plumber replace our kitchen faucet with Delta DST-400 two years ago, we thought we were all set.

    Last week we started having a problem turning the faucet completely off. Now we have to shift the handle around until we find just the right spot or the faucet continues to run.

    I have to say that I am quite disappointed that we are having this problem after only two years.

  16. CapnBob

    I bought this faucet because a) lifetime guarantee b) it fit the holes in my kitchen sink, and c) it was the only one of its type that my local Alaskan hardware store had in stock.
    I’m very satisfied with this faucet so far, although installation was not easy. None of the new connections fit any of my old connections (which is NOT the manufacturer’s fault), so I had to replace valves, tubing, etc. In new or modern installation situations it would have been a snap.

  17. hope0922

    I purchased this Delta faucet to replace a similar Delta (faucet) that had completely worn out after 15 years of use. I had to hire someone to install it & he said it was really easy. I love the sprayer especially as the last one had also gone kaput. The only complaint I have about this faucet is that it doesn’t turn off completely with ease. Normally, you depress the handle & the water stops completely. With this one, it stays on at a small stream stage unless you depress it again, sometimes up to 3 times.

    If I had any way to know before now & if not already installed, I’d take it back for an upgrade. It looks really nice, however. The cut off issue is only an inconvenience. It doesn’t affect it’s functioning at all, so I’m giving it a good review. Good value faucet, but I suggest going up abit in quality if you are installing it yourself.

  18. hbmalewska

    I have had this faucet 4 months and I despise it!!!!!! It is almost impossible to completely turn off. One must be exactly in the middle for it to completely stop running/dripping. Many times you must turn it on again or release the sprayer for it to completely turn off. Our old cheap faucet was more reliable when turning off completely without needing to stand over it and check to ensure there were not remaining dribbles.

  19. noname

    Actually my faucet did not come with the sprayer. I just wanted a simple and inexpensive faucet and this one fit the bill. It looks nice and works just fine. I also liked that it has a lifetime warranty. Unfortunately, the plumber threw away the packaging, which must have contained all the warranty information, but I called Delta and the lady was super nice and got me all signed up and registered.

  20. Jeff

    The installation was easy, no need for a plumber if you’re at all handy with tools. Found that we also experience 2 problems as noted on other reviews. 1. Difficult to find the “sweet spot” to turn water off so that it doesn’t leak. 2. Rocks on the sink. It appears that the wrong gasket was furnished with the faucet, won’t snug down on the sink, rocks on the gasket.

  21. str8narrow

    I am very pleased with my new Delta kitchen faucet. I was looking for a no nonsense faucet for my kitchen that didn’t have all the bells and whistles that some of the other faucets that Delta offers have. This faucet was just what I was looking for. Low cost but quality construction and warranty.

    The faucet operates smoothly and feels the same as higher end products.

  22. MAPM

    I’ve installed several different faucets previously. This faucet was the easiest to install. I usually end up having to purchase
    addition parts. This faucet included everything I needed. Installation took about half an hour.

    We love the way it looks and performs. Very easy to keep clean since water spots don’t show up. I definitely would buy Delta in the future.

  23. DRYGUY

    I needed a replacement for old Moen kitchen sink faucet and decided to give Delta a try. The hardest part of the job was removing the old faucet. The large plastic mounting hand nuts installed with with my hands. The sprayer was even easier, pull out a plug, push in the end of the sprayer, flip a retainer and it is in. Glad I switched!

  24. Henry

    Basic faucet has been very good. For the 2nd time in 3 years
    the side spray hose & head has had to be replaced. It seems
    that the white plastic small disk fused to the end of the hose within the spray head has separated causing the hose to pull out of the head. This design should be improved to prevent this occurance.

  25. Carrie

    This faucet has dripped since I installed it four days ago. I was told today I need replacement parts for it which Delta is sending me. I bought Delta because I wanted a quality faucet. This is a brand new faucet which is defective. I regret buying and installing it. I will never buy Delta again.

  26. Paul

    I bought it because of the looks and it was on sale. I am very happy with it,however, after the install I notice a volume increase of the running water sound rushing when in use compared to the old faucet I had. It’s somewhat annoying and don’t know why that is. I wish that it would be more quiet.

  27. Rockstar

    This faucet was a great purchase! It is so nice to look at and has a nice curved sculpture to it which allows for greater space and ease and use of hands when working around the kitchen sink. The water flow is awesome and works so well with our portable dishwasher. So glad I spotted it.

  28. CAPTNC

    We’ve had this Delta faucet for two weeks. Good looking faucet that produces ample water flow. Faucet could of been manufactured a bit heavier though. Flexes a bit when called on. A bit more weight or steel in the base would probably correct this. Over a good product to date.

  29. Jeen

    I am happy with this faucet. My kitchen sink set up is an older one and because the faucet is attached to the sink rather than the counter we must be gentle when we turn it off or is wobbles. I think it needs something other than the plastic plate to secure it to the sink.

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