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Delta Lewiston Stainless Single Handle Pull-out Kitchen Faucet with Sprayer Function (Deck Plate Included)

17 Reviews
  • Stainless finish kitchen faucet from the Lewiston collection
  • 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-hole sink installation options
  • Lever handle is easy to use


Modern form with lasting function describes this Delta faucet from the Lewiston collection. This stainless finish faucet is practical and hard-working, providing you with a steady stream of dependable results in the kitchen. It swivels 120° for better sink coverage, and the pull-out spout reaches even further to efficiently rinse soapy dishes or the sink, making cleanup much quicker. The single-lever faucet adjusts easily, allowing you to control your water temperature and pressure with one hand. DIAMOND seal technology offers worry-free, leak-free, lasting durability, so your faucet delivers consistent performance year after year. The matching dispenser keeps soap at your fingertips without a messy bottle, so your kitchen always stays clean and neat.
  • Stainless finish kitchen faucet from the Lewiston collection
  • 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-hole sink installation options
  • Lever handle is easy to use
  • Pull-out spout and side soap dispenser make kitchen tasks a breeze
  • 1, 2, 3, or 4-hole 8-in installation
  • Optional escutcheon included for use with additional mounting configurations and a cohesive look
  • ADA Compliant
  • Pull-out spout swivels 120degrees
  • 1.80 gpm at 60 psi, 6.8 L/min at 414 kPa
Weight 7.44 lbs
Dimensions 23.87 × 10.25 × 3.25 in

Latest reviews

  1. Keyla

    After looking at a lot of kitchen faucets and reading many reviews, I picked this one to go with my new deep sink. I’ve had it for a couple of months and have had no problems. I really like the looks and the functionality. I also shopped for the best price for this faucet and found the every day price at Lowe’s was best.

  2. Koolio

    I have had this faucet for a few months now and have actually waited to write a review on this based on some of the bad ones I have read. Got this one anyway just to try it cause it looked more appealing to me than the others. Very easy to install on my new 9 inch stainless sink, had 4 holes on it so I dont know why the specs say its not compatible. It does spray or stream and again I dont know why specs say it dont. It has never leaked, didnt even need to tighten anything on first use. It works very well and most of all, it looks really nice. Admire it everytime I’m in the kitchen.

  3. Frustrated

    This faucet was easy to install. I was surprised at the amount of plastic and I was concerned about it’s ability to last. We live in the desert and plastic tends to not survive very well. After six months of use the water outlet to the pullout began to leak. The connection is plastic with two o-rings and it fits into a plastic receptacle and then a plastic “keeper” clip is placed on the outside to keep it from coming off. It appears that the o-rings are now leaking. For the price of this faucet, this should never happen. At this point I am not sure what to do to stop the leaking and I don’t want to have to replace the faucet again after only six months.

  4. Dee

    I purchased this Delta faucet because of it’s lower profile and the finish. It was easy to install. I love all of my Delta fixtures that is all I have in my home. I also chose this style because when I open my plantation shutters above my sink they now clear my beautiful Faucet.

  5. KHammerbeck

    I was pleasantly surprised after reading earlier reviews. We went with this product primarily due to my bride’s selection/elimination. I must admit that I was won over after using it for several months. No pressure problems and no problems with the hose retraction. I like it!! Having the Delta assurance of satisfaction made it an easier decision as well. I didn’t use the soap dispenser. It would be nice to have a purchase option without it. Teamed with Franke sink replacement, we are doing well.

  6. disappointed

    This faucet has poor ergonomics. The angle of the pull-out is awkward not only to pull out, but to use in the sink area. Strongly recommend against this model for a two basin sink. The water flow has to be turned off to move from one basin to the other unless you want to spill water over the sink divider. The buttons on the underneath side of the pull-out that switch the flow from spray to single flow are awkward to punch. The soap dispenser that comes with the faucet puts out a huge quantity of soap not allowing for a small amount. The pull-out is simply chrome plated plastic. Durability is bound to be short lived.

  7. n_shags

    I bought this faucet to replace an old ugly one that was leaking very badly, my husband was very busy and after a couple of days of waiting I decided to check out the installation instructions, it looked easy enough and surprisingly it was!!! With absolutely no plumbing experience I had this faucet installed in no time at all!!! I have had no issues with leaking or with the soap pump, but was initially concerned that the pull out handle portion was “plastic” but it has turned out to be very durable. I am very pleased with this faucet!

  8. cebe46

    Our landlord had this faucet installed yesterday to replace a similar design by another manufacturer. I absolutely love it. The spray/stream feature is easy to use. Although the aerated stream is thinner/narrow than some other faucets, there is plenty of pressure to do the job. The pull out handle is light and goes back in the faucet with little difficulty. The on/off handle is user friendly.. Because it takes is a gentle push upward, I can turn it on with the back of my hand. Great, if your fingers are messy. The only complaint is that it shows spots. But I can deal with that.

  9. CTFL2015

    It is superbly designed for installation, with clear, easy instructions. Most of the time I spent on this project was to remove the old faucet that was tightly secured and rusted into place. This design appears to be secured in such a way that this rusting into place is unlikely to occur.
    My only disappointment is that the connection to the spray nozzle is so close to the counter behind the sink that the working length is barely enough to cover the sink adequately. I would have liked a longer working length so that one could lift the faucet a few inches beyond the sink to aim the spray more easily at all points in the sink.

  10. ttekcol

    We replaced a moen set from our tract house to update the finish. This was easy to install, but after a year now drips unless the handle is positioned in just the right position. Guests who use the sink consistently leave the water on. Now, the base is oozing a blue, black powder that looks like corrosion at the base of the faucet. Very disappointed that our 15 year old Moen worked and looked better than this after just one year. will stay away from Delta because of this.

  11. Jennifer

    I have owned this faucet for exactly 2 years in March. For a while we had to find the sweet spot to pull the handle down to get the water to shut off all way. It drips & we have wasted a ton of water unless you find the exact spot to push the handle down to avoid drips or a stream still running. Now we have to fight to find the best way to push the handle down to stop any leaks or continual drips. This thing is JUNK! I have to buy a new faucet!

  12. Unhappy

    I was thrilled when my new faucet was put in. It worked great for the first 5-6 months however, a short time
    later the hot began to loose pressure, It started only to trickle out. The option underneath the faucet for stronger and less pressure no lorger worked. When the cold water began preforming in the same way. My husband took the faucet apart to clean it out for possible hardwater buildup etc, he found that he could not get to it.. He cleaned out our water lines and then took the pressure hose to blow the possible build up thru the faucet it self. Nothing seemed to work. Right now, there is very little pressure coming from that faucet, I can only use the spray option and that’s not too useful. I need to replace that attractive faucet.

  13. DaveR

    Disappointed that I’ve wasted money. The spray option is nice but that’s where nice ends. My last faucet lasted 12 years. After 5 months of use, this faucet has developed a tendency to drip if you don’t position the handle just right when turning off the water. It has to be positioned down and slightly to the right. Unacceptable. If you don’t get it right and walk away, you come back to dripping. Now, the handle is starting to squeak when lifting up or pushing down. I’ve applied some WD40, but it’s still doing it. Again, unacceptable. Complete waste of time and money.

  14. rickshelton

    I am really picky about things like faucets. I’ve installed several in my life and this is my favorite. I like the switch on the spout for aerated or spay mode. The aerated setting provides a normal flow. The spray setting provides needle fine streams that can gently rinse produce or cut food off of dishes. The long, pull-out hose allows the spout to go wherever needed. I even like the soap dispenser. It fits in a standard opening. We fill it with liquid hand soap and now use it all the time. The only negative is when trying to adjust for lukewarm water. There is not much room for error (thus the 4 star rating for ease of use). Overall a good buy that I would install again.

  15. travelrose

    I, my sister and niece all had this faucet attached to our kitchen sinks. Within one to two years, the faucets dripped. We had to push the faucet this way and that to stop the dripping. It got so bad that we all had to replace them. We found out from a plumber that there is an apparent defect in the design that causes the faucets to leak after about a year. Delta would do nothing to replace or repair faucets so we all bought different brands and stayed away from Delta entirely.

  16. Sharon

    I had this faucet installed in late 2011. I loved the wand. It was a little difficult to keep looking nice but that didn’t bother me too much. However, a couple of weeks ago we were using the wand to fill up a white bucket and notice a lot of black specs in it. Found out that while the wand is in place, the water is fine but using the wand releases a ton of black something. I looked on the internet and notices some of the same complaints. I called Delta today and they were awesome. They are sending a new hose and simply said you need a new hose and replace it as soon as possible. The service was excellent but I’m not so sure about the quality of parts they are using. Hopefully, it was a flawed hose and this one won’t develop the same problem

  17. Diane

    I did read the reviews here and had crossed this one off my list. However, when I went to buy, the name of the faucet was different at so I “accidentally” chose this one. The reason for my concern was all the reviews complaining of leaks. I asked my plumber about this and he said that most of the new faucets (any brand) come with factory attached supply lines. The instructions say you can cut these to fit your particular application. He said after cutting the supply lines to customize the fit and having many of them leak, he stopped doing it. He said he justs loosely forms the supply lines to fit and has had no incidents of leaks since then. So far, so good on mine. Dry as a bone.

    And I love the way this looks. My smaller sink couldn’t really support the look of a true high arc model. This one does give you a modified arc and looks very sleek. My plumber also said great price on this type of faucet.

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