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Delta Pivotal Black Stainless Wall Mount Single Post Toilet Paper Holder

13 Reviews
  • Wall mounted design for bathroom convenience and organization
  • Alluring black stainless finish gives a modern update to any bathroom
  • Has durable, long-lasting finish to help prevent corrosion, tarnish or discolor so you can enjoy a look you love for life


The Delta Pivotal Bath Collection makes a striking addition to any bathroom with its contemporary geometry. It’s modern and minimalist lines add a look that leaves a lasting impression. Complete your bathroom today with the Delta Pivotal Collection.
  • Wall mounted design for bathroom convenience and organization
  • Alluring black stainless finish gives a modern update to any bathroom
  • Has durable, long-lasting finish to help prevent corrosion, tarnish or discolor so you can enjoy a look you love for life
  • Zinc die cast construction provides reliability and durability
  • Designed to hold one roll of tissue and has pivoting arm for easy replacement
  • Perfectly coordinates with the Delta Pivotal Bath Collection (sold separately)
  • Features set screw mounting system for added durability
  • Included mounting hardware and hanging template makes for easy installation
  • Matches perfectly with the Delta Pivotal bath faucet
Weight 0.41 lbs
Dimensions 3.93 × 6.92 × 3.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. spydyrbyte

    The installation of this unit is pretty typical. Two screws mount a bracket, the bracket slides inside a pocket on the holder, a set screw tightens the holder onto the bracket. The only deviation I made is swapping the screws for bolts as I was mounting this unit into a cabinet rather than onto the wall. If mounting into drywall, the kit does provide wall anchors though with the weight of this unit I would consider replacing those with sturdier metal wall anchors over the provided plastic ones.

    Beginning to end (including gathering of tools and a brief search for dropped hardware) the whole install took approximately 15 minutes. Take special precaution to mount the bracket perfectly vertical as any amount of skew will cause the top plate to be less than level. I drilled two holes and mounted the bracket through the cabinet wall with two sourced bolts and nuts for a nice secure fit with no source of a sharp point inside the cabinet. From there it’s simply hang the holder on the bracket and tighten the set screw in the bottom. Just when you think you’ve got it tight enough, give it another turn or two to take all the wiggle out of the holder.

    I was concerned that given how I had to mount the holder that in tearing the TP the roll might try to slip off the end of the rod; however, the turned-up tip prevents any lateral movement of the roll.

    The only disappointment was that the finish shows any water spots (from cleaning, you all, get your minds out of the gutter) and fingerprints/oils really, REALLY badly. This wouldn’t be a huge issue, but the fingerprints/oils is not easily wiped off. I’m not sure if this is a function of the finish or the material itself, but it is not welcome. Other than that hiccup, I’m pleased with this addition to my bathroom decor.

  2. Stubbynolegs

    This is a heavy duty toilet paper holder. This thing weighs so much that long term I would be concerned for it ripping out the side wall of my bathroom cabinet. The fingerprints visible on my photos were from mere seconds of touching it. It took vigorous wiping to remove any of the smudges. I installed it and it looks beautiful aside from the smudges but I took it back down because I didn’t like how I would constantly be cleaning it and I was scared the weight would rip it out.

  3. Ann

    When I received the box I couldn’t imagine what was in it that was so heavy! The tissue holder weighs close to 3 pounds. Do not attempt to hang this unless your screwing it into a stud. I think it would damage your drywall otherwise. The tissue holder is sleek and modern. I love the design and the shelf is such a nice feature to hold a cell phone, candle, or an extra roll of toilet paper. I was disappointed in the color. I was expecting a true black, but it’s more of a dark gray pewter color. It’s also very difficult to clean. Just touching it leaves a finger print. It says to clean with only a damp cloth because cleaners can damage the finish. I found that all a damp cloth does is smear the finger prints around. My reason for the 3 stars is the weight and it’s hard to keep clean from finger prints.

  4. WILL

    High quality, heavy duty, solid, and very sleek looking. Easy installation, easy to get toilet paper on and off. Biggest advantage if we are honest with each other… a nice shelf to set your phone on while sitting on the toilet.

  5. KobaltKing

    This toilet paper holder is the heaviest holder I’ve ever seen. Not too heavy for the wall or anything, but just feels like a brick! That part of it seems high quality. It comes with wall hangars and drywall anchors, where it mounts behind the thick section where it touches the wall.

    I believe shelf is for your phone, which is pretty nice, because that’s the only thing that goes on it. It has a coating on it that seems to get smudges very easily, and is kinda hard to get them off. The unit I got had a couple small spots of discoloration, so we will see how it holds up. Otherwise, looks very good, with or without toilet paper.

    However, actual usage takes some getting used to. It can hold the BIG rolls of toilet paper, which is nice, but when you pull the toilet paper off, you have to pull kinda slowly or the TP will jump off and roll away (bad situation). The detent that holds the toilet paper on there is small and has a large radius or curve up it so the TP can walk off if you pull towards the detent. As you can see from my bathroom, I would have rather had the a mirrored version of this unit, so the TP wouldn’t try to escape after each use.

    Overall, a nice looking, modern style unit, just a couple small setbacks.

  6. Chris88

    This toilet paper holder is beautiful and functional. I love the look of the black stainless, and the shelf that sits above the toilet paper is exceptionally useful.

    My first reaction to unboxing this product was that it was far more substantial than I expected. It’s heavy and extremely solid. However, it only mounts to the wall on one side. I was able to mount mine into a stud, and I would strongly recommend that. Given how easy it would be to put weight on the unsupported side, I’d be afraid that wall anchors wouldn’t hold it up. The mounting process was quick and easy.

    I’ll also note that the edges and corners have been rounded, so you won’t catch or scratch yourself on it, which is a very nice touch. Overall, I’d highly recommend.

  7. Crystal23

    This toilet paper holder is very durable. On top its smooth and able to hold a phone on top for those moments. Like how there are other products from the same brand and color.

  8. BigT

    This is a nice paper holder! Heavy duty and paper rolls are easily changed and stay on bar well! Very convenient tray to place thing on for storing like keys phone ect!

  9. Jen-M

    Very nice piece. Very heavy duty. Would recommend a different mounting bracket for something so heavy; but it serves it’s purpose well. Love the shelf on top!

  10. Mari

    very durable product it even can hold a drink. Or phone. So strong

  11. mattyp57

    Toilet paper holder comes with a built-in shelf. Ideal for hold everything from a cellphone to whatever you carry with you
    into the bathroom. The best part is there is no need to place anything on the floor to conclude your business.

  12. Terry

    This toilet paper holder is the talk of the neighborhood it is hilarious. The. Reason I got it was because it hides the toilet paper from the bathroom door. My husband likes it for his phone. Win win

  13. larry

    Looks great and fits our bathroom with all the rest of the fixtures I purchased

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