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Delta Universal Showering Components Chrome Dual Shower Head 1.75-GPM (6.6-LPM)

12 Reviews
  • The In2ition® Two-in-One Shower gets water where you need it most using the integrated shower head and hand shower separately or together
  • Perfect for bathing loved ones and pets as well as keeping the inside of your shower and tub clean
  • Soft, rubber Touch-Clean® spray holes allow you to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up from the spray face of your shower head and hand shower with the touch of a finger


The Delta® In2ition® Two-in-One Shower features a detachable hand shower which can be used separately from or simultaneously with the shower head. This integrated dual-functionality gives you maximum flexibility without sacrificing warmth, as you can choose to have water streaming from the shower head only, the hand shower only or both the shower head and hand shower at once. While other products may gather unsightly mineral build-up over time, Delta soft rubber Touch-Clean® spray holes allow any mineral residue to simply be wiped away for an instantly refreshed look – with no need for soaking or the aid of chemical cleaners. The pause setting gives you ample space for shaving, lathering and other shower tasks, then easily restarts the water with the temperature where you left off. This spray setting helps you conserve water, so you can worry less about depleting your supply of hot water – and you help the environment too. Delta WaterSense labeled faucets, showers and toilets use at least 20% less water than the industry standard—saving you money without compromising performance. Create a luxurious shower experience with a Delta hand shower/shower head combination. Whether you’re remodeling your space or upgrading your existing setup, our hand shower/shower head combos will give you more flexibility and coverage in a variety of stunning styles.
  • The In2ition® Two-in-One Shower gets water where you need it most using the integrated shower head and hand shower separately or together
  • Perfect for bathing loved ones and pets as well as keeping the inside of your shower and tub clean
  • Soft, rubber Touch-Clean® spray holes allow you to easily wipe away calcium and lime build-up from the spray face of your shower head and hand shower with the touch of a finger
  • Installs in minutes
  • Spray settings include: Full Body spray, Fast Massage spray, Full Spray with Massage, Slow Massage spray
  • Pause feature reduces water to a trickle, giving you space for shaving, lathering and other shower tasks while maintaining your temperature settings
  • Includes 82-in hose
  • 2.00 gpm at 80 psi, 7.6 L/min at 550 kPa
  • Watersense® labeled showers use at least 20% less water than the industry standard—saving you money without compromising performance
Weight 10.445 lbs
Dimensions 15.6 × 9.7 × 7.75 in

Latest reviews

  1. Dana

    Our new two in one bronze shower head is less than 2 years old and has been leaking for months. Removed hose above and put on plumbers tape and it’s still leaking. Searching YouTube and it looks like it is probably a cartridge seal failure. How can that be so soon?

  2. MichaelC

    I bought this to be the shower head for the Delta Porter set. I had 10x pressure before installation, so I have to figure out how to fix that… There are 5 different settings and changing to each one is simple. The pressure is not enough for the massage setting… Also, the hose is still stiff after 2 weeks of use, but continues to get more pliable using it. It may never be the slinky hose that I am use to… I give it 3 stars because of pressure and the stiff hose… This was a new jet tub/shower walls and fixtures job. Complete bath area… haven’t trimmed it out yet.

  3. Tanya20

    We have loved this shower head for years but the on off handle has striped and I’m having a terrible time finding replacement parts.


    Delta producgts never let me down, they are the best in innovation and technology, especially DELTA IN2ITION 5-SETTING TWO-IN-ONE SHOWER HEAD. With a unique head that comes as a dual hand shower its great. You can also hit the pause button on the hand shower to pause the flow of water, which is awesome in the shower when you really dont need to waste water. It comes with four types of spray heads, full, massage, full spray with massage and slow. Easy to clean with the touch of your finger and removes all lime away and calium build up. Delta never lets me down, especially with Lifetime Warranty its sure worth your buy!

  5. Sara

    Have had this less that two years and it worked wonderful and I loved the setting up until that adjuster on the hand held part broke. Now I can’t change the settings back. Can’t figure out if I can buy just buy that shower handle part separately with out having to get the entire set up. Very disappointed

  6. camptownracer

    I’ve used this shower head for a few weeks now, and have found it to be convenient. When the ambient temperature is low, I appreciate its ability to spray from the top to keep my upper body warm while I use the wand to rinse lower body parts. The wand isn’t nearly as awkward and clunky as other models, and I also like the brushed silver finish and metal durability.

    A complaint which may not apply to others is that for my shower stall, the hose is too long, so the wand rests on the floor when it’s detached. In addition, the wand doesn’t have a positive snap/grip when it’s attached to the head. These are minor complaints which I’ll be able to work around. This shower head is a definite improvement over the last.

  7. Wood

    I purchased this shower head and I’m so happy.

  8. Terrabini

    This shower head offers so many different flow options. It really offers a flow for everyone, from soft and relaxing to wake you up get you going fast massaging. Installing the new shower head was a breeze. Seriously it took about 4 minutes from start to finish. I am by no means handy but I easily installed this shower head all by myself. My only negative would be I feel you need really strong water pressure to enjoy both of the shower heads at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, both will work at the same time but the pressure of the water that comes out is very light when both head are running at the same time. Overall, I am thrilled with the new shower head. It makes me feel like I am at a luxury resort. A small change made such a big difference!

  9. JesusisLord

    We had never had a shower head with a hand head before, and my Mother had a earlier model of this. When we used hers, we knew we wanted one as well. We love all the features and it is so nice to have the hand head option. When cleaning the shower walls, it makes that job so much more manageable to be able to use the hand head to wash down the walls afterwards. Now, we would never want another shower head without also the hand head. Also, if you are using a shower seat, this is a must have for anyone.

  10. HMS2010

    Just purchased this shower head. We just built our home and I wanted a delta handheld so that it would match the other plumbing fixtures in the shower and sinks. My husband and I are less than impressed by the lack of water that comes out. Sure, you can use both heads at the same time but won’t have enough pressure to get shampoo out of your hair. We have to turn only the smaller handheld head on to get enough but still then it’s not great. Our original shower head was strong and perfect.

  11. tara1965

    This is a cool shower head. I like that I can get several types of water flows. I also like that the handle can be removed from the base and the is water flowing from both the base and the handle. I can remove the handle to clean my body or the shower itself. The shower head looks very nice. The handle is easy to remove and put back into the base.
    The flaws that I find is that the shower head and the base seem to be made of plastic but it is a strong plastic and is holding up well.

  12. Mom2016

    I love this shower head! I have alot of problems and I have to sit in the shower, with this I can have part in my hand to use and still have the water on me like a regular shower. It really helps when my back is hurting, the way the water comes out relaxes my back pains. I wish I would have had this shower at least 10 years ago. I’m gonna make sure everyone I know, knows about this and definitely tries it. My husband loves it also.

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