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Delta Windemere with metal drain Oil-Rubbed Bronze 2-handle Widespread WaterSense Mid-arc Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain

29 Reviews
  • Fits 3-hole 6-16-in installation
  • Metal pop-up
  • ADA Compliant


You can install with confidence, knowing that Delta faucets are backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty. Delta WaterSense labeled faucets, showers and toilets use at least 20% less water than the industry standard—saving you money without compromising performance.
  • Fits 3-hole 6-16-in installation
  • Metal pop-up
  • ADA Compliant
  • 1.20 gpm at 60 psi, 4.5 L/min at 414 kPa
  • Watersense® labeled faucet uses at least 20% less water than the industry standard without compromising performance
  • WaterSense certified to promote water conservation
  • WaterSense certified to reduce water use without sacrificing performance
  • ADA compliant for safety and ease of use
  • Includes matching metal pop-up drain assembly to complete the look
Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 4.9 × 3.8 × 1.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. MarchBrown

    We purchased a new home not quite two years ago. Two of these faucets were installed in our master bath. On one the faucet shows some finish damage but it’s obvious the finish is coming off the sink drain pop-up. One the other the sink drain pop-up is fine but the faucet and both handles are losing their finish. It’s obvious the finish is gone and the underlying metal is starting to degrade as it is no longer smooth but bumpy.

  2. Mom of four

    6 months after installing this faucet in our bathroom it started to peel and change color.

  3. Taranome

    This faucet is a nice stylish design. The relatively high arching spout is comfortable to use for hand and face washing. The handles turn very easily and don’t leak, but they are a bit wobbly–that doesn’t affect function, but leaves a bit to be desired esthetically. The finish looks very nice, but water spots easily which detracts from it’s appearance. Installation was very easy, and the only problem was the nut holding the popup onto the bottom of the sink needed to be very firmly tightened to prevent leaking. All in all, I would buy it again, and I’m satisfied.

  4. Home repair Dad

    The hardest part of my installation was the removal of the older faucet and drain. FOLLOW the instructions as they will help you avoid problems later on. The unit is quiet and flows well. There is a lifetime guarantee so save your SKU numbers and receipts.

  5. tangelo653

    The new faucets replaced ten year old Delta units because the escutcheons on the old were pitted. We decided to update our bathroom faucets and hardware rather than buy a new house.

    The new faucets are very stylish but won’t go out of style.

  6. KCM986

    Product looks very nice. Installation was no problem.

    The only con I had was the hose that connects the hot and cold lines to the faucet. That hose has plastic connectors. They work fine now but I wonder how they will hold up over the long term.

  7. 1234321

    The faucet looks really good after being installed. We are extremely pleased with the way it looks, although we are a bit concerned with the durability of the handles. When we were researching this item, we found the identical item at another merchant and price was $60 less. Quite a bargain for the same thing.

  8. SeniorTechGuy

    We replaced some 20+ year faucets with this set and couldn’t be more pleased! I purchased and installed two in our master bathroom. I was impressed with the installation process and the ‘underneath fittings’ On the underside of the faucets the bolt now has 2 phillips-head screws to tighten the faucet to the sink — thank you, thank you that is the worst place to try to get a wrench to tighten things up! 🙂 The snap fittings between the faucets and the spout are a great improvement over our 20+ year prior fittings. We look forward to a long and useful faucet-life.

    PS: The cat loves the improved height of the spouts — it makes it much easier to drink the ‘drippy water’ 🙂

  9. J2121

    I purchased three new Delta faucets over a year ago when we were updating our bathrooms, and one for my kitchen as well. The Windemere in oil rubbed bronze being one of them. The other two were Addison in venetian bronze and they are still looking great and working perfectly. The Windemere however is already looking like it needs replacement. The handles are not holding up and neither is the finish, especially down toward the bottom of each handle and now even the base of the faucet. I can highly recommend the Addison with the venetian bronze finish but not this Windemere in oil rubbed bronze.

  10. mike

    I have this installed in my mother’s apartment… one day she went to turn on the cold water side and the handle came off… turns out the stem was cracked right where the screw threads into it… this should be from an expensive facet…

  11. David

    Inherited 2 of these faucets from seller in our master bath. FYI-our master bath is on opposite side of 2600sf 1 story house from hot water heater. So, these faucets with their so called “water sense” restrictors create no water saving waiting forever for hot water, or to simply fill a sink. Water “nonsense” is more like it.

  12. roxy21

    I bought mainly for the Delta reputation & warranty, but the styling isn’t bad either!

  13. Toni

    This faucet looks good on the picture and I was looking for high spout that will give some room between the sink and spout, and this faucet does it. The finish is good, and I have had the faucet for more than 6 months, so in terms of product quality, I think it is satisfactory. However, I see a design flaw in the handles. The bottom of the spout where it connects to the vanity is very large and looks beautiful, but the two handles look small (thus a little aquard) compared to the spout. Also, the handles are a little unstable during turning on and off.

  14. dredmoore

    Just purchased this faucet and have had to return this it twice because the push connect fittings keep leaking.

  15. DIer

    Delta is not the same company it used to be. I ordered three of these faucets, and two had issues. One was leaking pretty badly in the flexible mixing hose near the spout. The second box I had was missing the exact same flexible hose. There was no way to disconnect the hose, once the plastic tabs broke off and fell. I had to cut the spout off in order to remove the component. I talked to Delta support, and their responses have not been helpful. One support person said it wasn’t meant to disconnect once disconnected. Another said unhelpfully that the leak could have been resolved by “flushing the system.” You gotta be kidding me. They further said I invalidated the warranty by cutting the spout and offered 25% discount on identical faucet. After spending a frustrating several hours on this thing, only to find that 2 out of the 3 faucets I bought had issues, all they could offer was 25% discount?

    As for the design flaw, the metal rod assembly for the drain literally touches that same flexible hose so if you start out with zero issues, it’s likely that it would eventually leak. And even without any leaks, the movement ends up being not smooth (for lack of a better description). I don’t recommend this faucet, and I don’t recommend Delta.

  16. Lindy

    Needed to be replaced within six months. The Windemere stainless steel faucets were installed as a part of a bathroom remodel. The bathroom is a guest bathroom that has been used very infrequently in the last six months. I was lucky enough to be putting away towels and realized that the towels were soaking wet. Water was just pouring out of the base of the faucet. It has caused some water damage to the new cupboards. My old Kohler faucets were 30 years old and never cause any problems. I’m very disappointed in the quality of this item.

  17. LoweDownMan

    Make sure you read the manual to make sure all the parts are there before you start the install!

    Otherwise you might get your handles and spout installed and realize that Delta forgot to include their proprietary quick connect mixing host, and then you have to have to return the part and your afternoon is a bust.

    Not that I did anything like that of course.

  18. Jeremyswife

    Easily installed, looks great, and working well so far. The drain was the most difficult part of install. Overall it took my husband less than an hour. I hope the finish holds up but if not I have my receipt and upc for the warranty.

  19. tridar9300

    bought this, loved the color and the design. it was easy to install and works great. The bronze has began to wear off with cleaning so im not happy about that. i have had this faucet for about 3 years.

  20. Pam

    Very nice faucet. So far I have not had any issues with it and install was pretty simple for my installer. It has an elegant look that pairs well with my new vanity.

  21. subzero32

    Just installed this in my bathroom on granite countertop and it looks fantastic, has good weight and feel when operated, and was a breeze to install. It took me 30 min to install and was among the easiest I have installed in my house as of late. Also all hardware is very good quality which is a nice change from the plastic hardware found on a lot of other faucets. I have installed every major brand faucet you can buy at the big box stores and Delta is by far my favorite.

  22. Chris

    I purchased two of these faucets to install in a new dual vanity. One worked fine as installed. The other leaked from the base of the spout with or without the aerator. I’ve purchased and installed Delta faucets for 40 years and never had an incident. At 50% first time quality, this product is definitely an exception. I would not recommend purchasing this faucet.

  23. Brabston

    Faucet Delta – B3596LF-SS in use for about 1 month. Excellent metal construction. Excellent water line connections. I received it as advertised, on time and in excellent packing. Easy install. I am 72 years old and have never used any faucet other than Delta because of their warranty, service and reputation.

  24. kjw28

    We picked this faucet to replace a faucet that was at least 20 years old. I am not sure what the brand of our old faucet was, but after many years of experience with Delta faucets we knew we had to go with Delta. It matches the rest of our fixtures perfectly and doesn’t squeak like our old faucet did.

  25. DLDL

    It was time for an update our bathroom faucets after 10 years. Our previous faucets were a pain in the a** to clean because of ornate design. The design of these are simple
    but look great and easy to clean. Top that off with great Delta warranty it was a no brainier to purchase this faucet.

  26. Trevor84

    The design is stylish along with the oil-rubbed finish. It’s an average faucet in my opinion. It feels a touch flimsy when turning the quarter-turn handles. I’m not impressed with the water output. The stream is very slim and doesn’t compare to what my classic model faucet can output.

  27. josisb

    We bought several DELTA bathroom products for our addition in the house and we also have several problems, this one is looking like the bottom of the hot water handle is peeling. And it is not even a year in use. We paid for the quality that we’re not seeing.

  28. Chausmc1

    This faucet looks great. For the price it is a good buy. One handle I received was bent and would wobble. I called Delta and they are sending a replacement under their warranty. Thanks for honoring the warranty!

  29. ric

    hose connectors leak over time, they are the plastic (quick connect) push to connect type and not the screw on type. very expensive to replace. do not recommend this type of hose to any body at any time.

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