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Delta Woodhurst Matte Black 2-handle 8-in widespread WaterSense High-arc Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain

13 Reviews
  • 3-hole 4-1/2-16-inch installation
  • Solid brass fabricated end valves
  • 1/4 turn handle stops


The Woodhurst Bath Collection’s refined style and forward-leaning spout lends an alluring charm to your bath, while the button-cap detailing gives a classic familiarity. Delta® faucets with DIAMOND Seal® Technology perform like new for life with a patented design which reduces leak points, is less hassle to install and lasts twice as long as the industry standard. WaterSense® labeled faucets use at least 20% less water than the industry standard — helping you save water without compromising performance. You can install with confidence, knowing that Delta faucets are backed by our Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • 3-hole 4-1/2-16-inch installation
  • Solid brass fabricated end valves
  • 1/4 turn handle stops
  • ADA compliant
  • Delta® WaterSense® labeled faucets use at least 20% less water than the industry standard — helping you save water without compromising performance
  • Rigid spout does not swivel
  • 1/2-inch IPS connection
  • Backed by Delta faucet’s lifetime limited warranty
Weight 4.883 lbs
Dimensions 13.625 × 10.625 × 2.875 in

Latest reviews

  1. RonM

    I purchased three of these faucets in April 2019 and installed them myself in new poured marble counter tops. The faucets are gorgeous and work very well. I have been a Delta faucet purchaser for many years. I have installed numerous faucets over the years with no major problems and have found that virtually all faucets have their own installation idiosyncrasies. At any rate this faucet is retained by a single 5/16″ diameter screw which is offset from center and a steel clip included in RP60925. When I installed the faucets, the steel clip could be easily pulled/deformed into the counter top mounting hole and would cause the faucet to move/slide/squirm off of the desired mounting location. The RP100144 clear gasket would easily extrude from under the faucet during installation. I installed the second and third faucets without the gasket by just using silicone sealant to seal the joint, and this stopped the squirming issue. I had several 3/16″ thick steel clips laying around and drilled a 5/16″ mounting hole in them and also a 5/8″ hole to allow the lift rod to hookup and the faucet feed hose to pass and tossed the Delta provided steel mounting clips for all three faucets. The faucets were in use for about 7 months and all three of them exhibited faucet loosening. I figured that they just needed re-torquing. As I tightened the first faucet, the 5/16″ bolt turned easily and then pulled out of the bottom of the faucet assembly. When one finds a 5/16″ mounting bolt, one assumes that a bolt of this size is attached to something substantial up inside the faucet, but that is not the case. Upon disassembly of the faucet, the 5/16″ mounting bolt ties into a thin cast piece that is attached to the faucet body itself with two 10-24 thread screws and this piece easily breaks when very much torque is applied to the faucet mounting bolt – a very poor design. After studying the situation, I decided to insert two 2 inch long 10-24 screws into the two 10-24 mounting screw holes and then use nuts to attach the cast piece to the bottom of the faucet. Then I drilled two more holes into the previously made mounting brackets and attached nuts below the deck to hold the faucet in the desired location. Because the two-inch long 10-24 screws attach into a beefy section of the faucet itself, these two screws can be torqued aggressively to prevent faucet movement after installation. See marked up pictures. The valve installation designs are well done and install with no issues and stay tight. I still like the faucets. Faucet appearance and operations is a 5, but the faucet attachment design is a 1. If the friend was mechanically oriented, I would recommend, otherwise not. Without naming them, several Delta competitors have better mounting approaches.

  2. Marlo

    Love this faucet. It looks so nice in my powder room!

  3. Wendy6

    The Woodhurst Delta Bathroom Faucet was actually easy to install, I love doing my own Home Improvements whenever possible. and looks lovely in my bathroom .
    It nice chrome finish ,and a great sleek design, metal and very durable that will help give your bathroom an update but yet remain neutral and not so trendy as having to replace it every few years.

  4. Jgarcia058

    I tried the Delta Woodhurst bathroom faucet and love it! It was very easy to install and works great. It looks so nice in the bathroom. I love the style and it has high quality pieces. The water flow is very good too and doesn’t get all over the counter. I would definitely recommend.

  5. clemsonceleste

    Beautiful product. I purchased the Woodhurst in oil rubbed bronze and love it. A new product line when I purchased from the catalog without seeing in up front and close. A great decision. Easier to clean being spread apart instead of all combined.

  6. MissLynn96

    I love the look of this faucet. It’s a classic modern looking faucet. It looks amazing in my bathroom. The install was easy and the faucet works great. The handles are the perfect size and easy to turn on and off. I would recommend this to others.

  7. Nakivagyok253

    This faucet was easy to install. The model has modern/ contemporary lines that are very pleasing. The materials used are high quality and looks expensive! Highly recommending Delta brand and eapecially this model 3532LF-MPU.

  8. Janet

    It’s an upgrade over the squatty, originally installed faucet. Since my light fixture and cabinets are chrome, I chose to continue the finish. The higher faucet is more attractive and stylish.

  9. keetee31255

    the woodhurst bathroom faucet chrome color is sturdy, stylish and reliable. It was easy to connect DIY. Easy for the kids to turn on and off.

  10. JGraham6

    Beautiful faucet! Love everything about it. The design, the feel of the handles, and the ease of the install. Delta products are great!

  11. Jen4569

    Great design features. Water runs out very smoothly. Looks very nice, very sleak design.

  12. Marsha111

    Bought this for my newly renovated master bath and it’s just stunning. I love it.

  13. d0ct0rg

    Quality and value at a brand name price… But did not fit application …

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