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Design House Brookings 30-in W x 15-in H x 12-in D White Painted Maple Door Wall Ready To Assemble Stock Cabinet (Shaker Door Style)

20 Reviews
  • 6-Way adjustable soft-close hinges
  • Ready-to-Assemble, using a pre-installed snap together clip system
  • 3/4-in Premium HDF door frame with full overlay


Create a stunning kitchen with Design House Brookings Kitchen Cabinets. We offer you a less expensive option, with quality and style comparable to competitors. Utilize these cabinets in a variety of rooms to create storage solutions throughout the home, in a kitchen, laundry room, garage, office, and more. All cabinets come equipped with 6-way adjustable soft-close hinges, with the availability of optional slow-close drawer glides, so your doors and drawers can remain as quiet as possible. Our RTA (ready to assemble) cabinets use a pre-installed snap together clip system, making the installation process fast and easy. Cabinets and cabinet accessories are sold separately for your ability to customize. Style of drawers/doors: Shaker, Number of drawers: 0, Number of doors: 2, Number of shelves: 0.
  • 6-Way adjustable soft-close hinges
  • Ready-to-Assemble, using a pre-installed snap together clip system
  • 3/4-in Premium HDF door frame with full overlay
  • 1/2-in plywood sides and 3/4-in plywood shelves
  • Touch-Up Repair Kit available (sold separately). Kit contains 1 marker, 1 fill stick, and 1 tool – plastic scrapper. Part # 921387-WH
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty
  • 5/8 in. Plywood Half-Depth Shelves
Weight 25.44 lbs
Dimensions 16.7 × 32.5 × 5.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. KSW1

    Purchased two of these cabinets for a laundryroom. Door arrived with a crack across the door, and the upper interior casing was crushed and side was dented. Do not recommend!

  2. Bill

    Particle board sides, top and bottom are not sealed. The bottom shelf got damp. The particle board absorbed moisture and swelled. It looks terrible.

  3. Jill in Germantown

    I purchased two cabinets (18x30x12) for my laundry room. My contractor put them together and said some of the seams didn’t line up exactly, but I think they look great. The two shelves inside are adjustable and are exactly what I needed.

  4. Fttt

    Came damaged, had to repaint all cabinets in kitchen to match for uniform finish, no time to reorder what was expected to be correct

  5. Handyguy


    Good Price, Easy assemble.

    Not So Good:

    Packaging, All 4 cabinets had damage.

  6. Bpartr

    Easy to assemble and fit perfectly into the space I needed.

  7. Fttt

    Camera damaged

  8. DIYdiy

    We ordered 2 cabinets and got an email the cabinets arrived at the store. We went to pick them up but only one was there. We brought the one home and opened the box only to find out it was so chipped and broken that we could use it. We then got an email the second canine was in 5 days later. We picked that one up and returned the first one. Then had to wait another 2 weeks for the 3rd cabinet. These to are perfect and my husband said the were easy to put together. Just a big delay in finishing the project and several trips to the store. Many phone calls.

  9. NeaTeo

    This cabinet is easy to assemble but I find it too expensive since it needs to be assembled by the customer.

  10. APLUS

    Cabinets were cracked and scuffed. Predrilled pilot hole DID NOT match adjoining pieces.

  11. Anonymous

    Very nice unit for a do it your seller. Easy to assemble and mount on the wall.

  12. Polly

    Loved that they were ready to install and delivered quickly

  13. ShirleyA

    We ordered two of these cabinets online. Arrived quickly. Assembly was fairly easy – watching video on youtube. The directions that came with it could have been better, but we managed.

  14. tooldiva

    This cabinet is described as having a “snap together clip system”. Far from it. I can’t speak for the base cabinets, but the wall cabinets are assembled using angle brackets you have to screw in. The screw locations are very tight up against the corners, so are difficult to install. The heads of the screws strip out, too.

    The biggest problem, though, is the lack of quality control. I had to move at least 8 of the pre-drilled holes for the corner brackets, and some of the hole locations weren’t pre-drilled at all, only dented to show where they go. Even the dents were off. For one of the sides I had to chisel out the groove so the side would sit flush into the groove. The instructions are less than helpful. They even provide a video of a guy putting one of these together, but you can’t see what he’s doing half the time!

    What saved me was someone here who reviewed one of the other cabinet sizes from this same manufacturer who suggested dry-fitting the whole thing before gluing it up. That way if you need to move holes or chisel anything out, you don’t have a big mess on your hands. Another thing I would suggest is to screw in the tiny 1/2″ screws into their holes with a power drill before trying to assemble. You’ll have to screw these in by hand once you start assembly and you can’t get the downward pressure on the screwdriver to seat these properly if they haven’t already been screwed all the way in beforehand. Be careful, though, because if you overdrive them, they’ll come out the backside. The material is only 5/8″ thick.

    One more thing I did that wasn’t in the instructions is put a line of 1 5/8″ screws down each side into the back piece for added strength. I’ll run a piece of trim down the side at the wall to cover the heads. I didn’t think the little 1/2″ screws at the top and bottom were adequate, even with glue holding the joint.

    On the plus side, the packaging was excellent, the finish is very nice, and once it’s together it looks good. But if you’re planning on a whole kitchen full of these cabinets, save yourself a lot of hassle and buy them already put together.

  15. Yoga

    Great Quality, assembly was pretty easy, was configured in a way that nothing could go in backwards or upside down. Instructions were very poor, and if you are hanging this on a wall, I would recommend buying other anchoring options. They have a video of the cabinet being put together, I would recommend watching that.

  16. 2HappyCampers

    Very well made product. We especially appreciated the extensive use of plywood which yield a stronger completed cabinet. If we need more cabinets, we will look to this product line first.

  17. MPWW

    This product solved my dilemma with bathroom cabinets under a sink counter top. In this unique space regular cabinets were either too wide or too deep.

  18. Mike

    Overall the cabinet feels stable.
    No pilot holes for hands which is very disappointing.

  19. Skyler21

    Nice cabinet but does require putting it together. Will need some wood glue.

  20. Kipp

    These cabinets were easy to assemble. They look clean in my garage.

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