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DEWALT 20-volt Max 165-Lumen LED Rechargeable Power Tool Flashlight

16 Reviews
  • Bright LED output – 165 LM
  • Integral hook for hands free use in multiple placements
  • Head rotates 120°


DeWalt 20V max lithium ion work light. This includes a 20 V max LED work light only (battery and charger are sold separately). Bright LED output – 110 lm which improves run-time. Head rotates 120°.
  • Bright LED output – 165 LM
  • Integral hook for hands free use in multiple placements
  • Head rotates 120°
  • Low heat output compared to xenon lights
  • Efficient LED bulb improves run-time
  • Maximum initial battery voltage = 20, nominal voltage = 18
Weight 0.63 lbs
Dimensions 6.31 × 12.25 × 3.25 in

Latest reviews

  1. sunfixer

    I wanted a standup flashlight that used my Dewalt 20 volt batteries. This is handy as the weight of the battery keeps it stable & the directional head allows me to point the light where I am working. It is convienent having rechargeable batteries as I usually have my Dewalt drill & multiple batteries with me on all my jobs.
    It will not light up a room, but provides enough light while working under a sink or on a light switch in a darkened room.
    I would recommend this product if you already have other Dewalt tools that use the 20 volt batteries.

    It would be nice if it came with the belt hook, as it is an available option and would probably add 10 cents to Dewalt’s cost.

  2. Hammerhead

    Ok, full disclosure, I didn’t “buy” my lights, I got them as part of combo packs. Very bright, almost too bright, but I can make that work. The directional head is very handy. An excellent light source during a power outage. Point it straight up and it very handily illuminates the whole room. The light head does get a little warm with prolonged use, however not to the point where you could burn yourself. I have noticed when the battery is reaching discharge limit the led will flash a few times to warn you. Don’t know if this is a function or coincidence. I have had one for about five years and have encountered no problems or failures with fairly frequent use.

  3. Beard

    Seriously, this thing will light up the sun. I’ve worked in the trades for the past 15 years and one tool that I’ve come to appreciate is a good flashlight. This light can fit in pretty much anywhere and the thing is so bright that you can shine it on a wall and illuminate a small/medium room. I’ve used mine consistently for about 5 years now and the thing still works like the day I got it. I’ve dropped it from roof tops, dropped it in water, forgot it outside, it’s been rained on, had plumbing fittings fail right above it, drug through the mud, been in situations where a direct flame briefly hit it a couple of times, and the list goes on for days. Not much more to say than the thing just works and works well.

  4. Rainbird

    Very bright. Beam is comparable to some lower end spotlights but is much smaller and more portable.

  5. ammocraig

    This DeWalt work light is extremely nice and seems very durable; Extremely bright using a 20V Li-on battery. Although pricey you get what you pay for, DeWalt is top-quality no question. Overall a great light which is a blast to use and is of the highest quality in my opinion. You get what you pay for.

  6. Cliff

    No warning, making me think it is the bulb, which is not replaceable, however, there is a great three year manufacturers warranty and I got a new one when mine quit. This is only available at a Dewalt service center.
    Not or the Depot. That warranty period is 90 days I think.
    One more point, the light is very bright almost to much. If I want to see something I need to point the intense beam away a few inches.

  7. EarlMac

    I bought this flashlight to be a worklight and it was almost a mistake! This light is almost too bright. I have learned to turn it at an angle so that it is not shining directly on the work piece and it works fine, but it is one heck of a flashlight. I was amazed at how far the light shines and how much it illuminates at a distance. The swivel head and it’s great balance are other great feature of this light. It is very well made and I am extremely pleased with this purchase.

  8. Zulu

    I love this light! When I first researched it on the web prices were fairly high but found it at at a newly reduced price. Perhaps still a little costly but have found that DeWaIt makes a good product and I don’t mind paying some extra for long lasting quality. Just wish that it was a “Made in the USA” item! However it does produces an ample amount of light with a very bright spot in the center and lower amounts surrounding the center bright spot. The size and weight of the battery/light are nice! Makes it easy to handle and get into smaller areas. Also love the fairly short recharge time. With two batteries I have not run completely out of light. I do find that the ratcheting adjustable head is too easy to move. If it gets bumped you will find yourself fumbling around to readjust the light. Also maybe a two position switch would be beneficial. One where you could chose a lower amount of light while extending the run time. Just small suggestions that might improve the product but are certainly not deal busters. I would certainly buy another one!

  9. LukeatLowes

    Very bright light, lov ethe tilting head. One thing you should know is that when your battery starts getting low the light will turn off instead of dimming. It might make you think the button isn’t working, but its just the battery.

  10. Kingmilly

    The only con I have is that it is very expensive if you don’t already own that specific set of tools with that battery style. Light was $50, battery ranged from $70-$90.

  11. GaryGnu

    Useful light for the Li-Ion battery family.
    Price a bit high for a flashlight by itself, but very easy to use and seems quite rugged.
    Good light output for many situations you might find yourself in.

  12. Guido

    It’s a light. It works with my platform of batteries. It’s overpriced for what it is.

  13. Amateur DIYer

    I got it on clearance for half the normal price and it is worth it at that price. It makes it easier to aim light where you want it since the batteries are normally heavier than the light.

  14. Dave

    This Dewalt light is very useful, powerful. Stands by its self and uses very little battery. Light beam is extremely bright and can be adjusted by moving the adjustable head

  15. HillsboroChris

    Bright LED light and very portable. The adjustable head is useful. The product has a cheap feel. I question the plastic case durability but haven’t dropped it yet to know for sure.

  16. Pete

    Like a good durable tool, investing in a product with a high price might seem iffy – you get what you pay for — see the “worth the investment….” review for the model 050 – These are great spot lights for single tasks – the habitat for humanity chapter i work with has 3 of the model 40 lights and at least 1 mdel 50. The folks at habitat like dewalt products so much- that is all they invest in when they buy tools – they only have a handful of other tools that were either donated or when dewalt doesn’t have a 20v model in its ever growing tool family

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