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Dial Steel, Copper, Zinc Evaporative Cooler Motor

16 Reviews
  • 115-Volt cooler motor
  • 100% Copper windings
  • Automatic thermal overload protection


This motor is intended for use in evaporative coolers requiring 3/4 HP and 2 speeds. It mounts in a standard 56Z frame.
  • 115-Volt cooler motor
  • 100% Copper windings
  • Automatic thermal overload protection
  • Permanently lubricated
  • Hi speed is 1,725 RPM and low speed is 1,140 RPM
  • Moisture resistant
  • All copper winding
  • Non-reversible
  • Shaft 1/2 x 2-1/2
Weight 20.2 lbs
Dimensions 11.1 × 7.5 × 7.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Ray

    Really bad noise and a nasty harmonic resonance at first installation, that will drive you nuts if you buy and install this. Removed from service after 2 summers of use because the bearings are dried out, starting to seize and there is NO WAY TO LUBRICATE. “LUBRICATED FOR LIFE.” In my case, the LIFETIME of this motor was 2 summers! My old Champion (Emerson EC) motor lasted 13 years through 13 hot summers. This is a terrible, cheaply made product and the manufacture warranty is only 1 year. Buyer beware! I will take my old motors in for rebuilding from now on before I would ever waste my money on one of these Dial products again.

  2. joe

    Read all the reviews here & went ahead & purchased the Dial 2206 3/4 HP evap cooler motor. Just completed the install about an hour ago & the reviewers that say it has an annoying hum are absolutely right. The hum is worse in some areas of the house than others. The burned out motor that was replace did not hum like this one does. It did produce a slight background noise but was mostly unnoticeable. I will try tweaking it, like the last reviewer said he did, in an attempt to get rid of, or minimize, the hum but if no success this thing will go right back to .

  3. Wade

    after 17 years of use on my old motor I upgraded to the 3/4 hp from the 1/2 hp after I installed the new motor I noticed a loud humming noise that other reviewers have mentioned, after a few checks I noticed the motor was fairly hot compared to the old motor, I adjusted the belt tension by sliding the motor in a little and adjusted the with of the pulley. After that the motor was quiet and was no longer hot. I have had no further issues

  4. Jimbo

    Purchased 1st motor 2 years ago and it burned out. I figured it must be related to the cord because I just re-used my old cord when I replaced the motor. (Possible unknown (maybe intermittent) internal cord short maybe through breakdown of insulation. Not always measurable.) So this time I replaced the motor and cord together. Just over 1 year later and after listening to some… well the same sound as everyone else on here is describing, and now only the low side of the motor works. No high speed on the two speed motor. High side coil winding in motor has burned out. Garbage motors. Warning Stay Away! They are cheap for a reason. Naturally always happens just after the 1 year warranty expires. But just barely after.

  5. EddieS

    I have had the same Champion 5500DD evaporative cooler now for 14 years. Always maintained it well. The second motor finally went out. I looked at website, and saw the motor was the EXACT same one: Made by A.O. Smith (now Century). It even says A.O. Smith on the box. I decided to move up from the 1/2 hp, 2 speed version to the 3/4 hp. Upon getting the motor, I immediately noticed it wasn’t the same motor at all shown in the picture. I took a closer look at the box, and “COPPERLINE” was not on this box, nor was “A.O. Smith.” But, I decided to give it a shot. After installing and starting it, the differences were much more than cosmetic. There was a very loud 60Hz hum, which could be heard not only throughout the entire house, but from the front and back yards. I thought that maybe my wiring just wasn’t up to the additional load (even though I was installed the same 1/2 hp motor pulley that I’ve been running for 14 years). So, I returned it for the 1/2 hp version. Again, this was not the same motor that is in the picture, and again, the box did not say “COPPERLINE” or “A.O. Smith.” It didn’t even have any reference to copper windings. But, I installed it, and again, a loud 60Hz hum came from this motor. I also noted that the motors took longer to get to running speed than my original. After some research, I found that Dial is no longer selling the motors made by A.O. Smith/Century. These are motors made by or marketed by Fanpac (can be found at Home Depot). They are also branded as Lasco. I was able to find a Century motor at a local HVAC supplier, and it was the exact same motor you see in these pictures, and the same as my original. I installed it, and the difference was amazing. It started much quicker, and was incredibly quite. I appreciate for taking back both motors, as this is not their fault. I looked at Home Depot and Sutherland’s websites, and they show the A.O. Smith/Century motor; even Dial Manufacturing’s own website show the A.O. Smith motors! But when I went to these stores, and the only thing any of them stocked were the Fanpac motors (except for two 1/3 hp COPPERLINE A.O. Smith/Century motors that were older stock. The newer motors Dial is stocking/selling are not good motors. Aside from just the loud 60Hz hum, they also ran much hotter than the A.O. Smith/Century motor. I DO NOT recommend the Fanpac motors.

  6. Jon

    Have bought several and all make it just past the one year warranty. Imported junk. Comparing lifespan to original mastercool motor I will invest $1200 to get the same use.

  7. Albert

    They work well for 3-5 years average. Bought several over the years. Other than that it’s a good two speed motor. If they had a longer life time or longer warranty I’d give them more stars.

  8. Dss995

    Only lasted 1.5 summers. At this rate it makes central cooling a much more affordable choice.

  9. mtnsnow

    After almost 50 years of use, the old motor died. This unit went in very easily. It’s running right now. Works great. I did replace the pulley too. I wonder if this motor will last 50 years?

  10. Walt

    After reading other reviews, I purchased this motor as I needed a replacement. My old Motor after 12+ years had failed. I selected a motor with a recent manufacturing date, and so far after running 12 hours straight it is performing as it should.

  11. Anonymous

    Purchased this motor to replace the same motor that was purchased 1 yr and 1 month ago. Bearings in motor are bad and squeal like crazy. Not happy at all.

  12. Maverick

    Happy to find this unit in stock at . Big Orange – it was a special order. Bought the matching pulley. Super quiet! Very satisfied!

  13. Steve

    Installed it just a couple months ago and had to replace it. So far two oit of the three i installed have failed

  14. John

    Motor has a terrible low droning hum or buzz. Tried every adjustment to the set-up possible and never was able to negate the noise that flowed through the ducts. Fortunately the old motor(18 years old) still works and was put back in operation. Good riddance to this obnoxious noisy mistake.

  15. Ralph

    I gave this motor four stars because motor has only been in use for two weeks. Will know more once summer is finished in three months. Arizona will put this motor to the test.

  16. Paul

    This Dial brand motor is less than 1 year old and has already failed. This is the second Dial in 3 years and I’ll never buy another !!

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