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Diamond Culver 8.5-in W x 14-in H Dunes Stained Foam Cherry Kitchen Cabinet Sample (Printed Sample)

28 Reviews
  • High-definition, printed styrene cabinet door sample provides accurate cabinet color and style visualization at an affordable price
  • At 8.5-in x 14-in x 0.25-in, this printed sample is lightweight and easily lets you envision the look in your space
  • Ships in 3-5 days direct to you


Think of a paint color swatch you can pick up at your local Lowe’s. Now think much larger. This 8.5-in x 14-in x 0.25-in printed sample takes into account your Diamond™ cabinetry door style and finish selection and is mounted to a firm backing for stability.
  • High-definition, printed styrene cabinet door sample provides accurate cabinet color and style visualization at an affordable price
  • At 8.5-in x 14-in x 0.25-in, this printed sample is lightweight and easily lets you envision the look in your space
  • Ships in 3-5 days direct to you
  • Diamond® offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10.5 × 1.25 in

Latest reviews

  1. Redo-done

    My 20 year-old kitchen needed an update and these cabinets helped get the job done. I loved the flexibility of design and I’m enjoying the durability of the finish—so far—of the cabinets. With three large dogs, two cats, and one husband, the durability is being put to the test!

  2. C. Frauendorfer

    I remodeled a 1951 kitchen, bringing it up to date. We live in the country and wanted the country look! My new cabinets look great!!! Exceeded my expectations!!!

  3. Mindy

    We remodeled our home and kitchen in 2018!!! Love the quality of these cabinets so much we just ordered a vanity for our master bathroom this year as diamond as well!

  4. Halo Jumper÷

    I’m retired military in our forever home. I’ve completed most of the renovation with exception of some trim.

    We are so happy with our diamond cabinets.

  5. Anonymous

    We’re so pleased with our Diamond cabinet purchase. The cabinets are very good quality, and we’re tough customers! They even did a customized wine bar for us.

  6. Lowe’s in Boise

    I ordered Culver alder thicket finish on my cabinets and received something else. Completely different from the sample I picked at the store!
    Also the lazy susans in the corners that I received are miniature shelves made for gnomes. The whole corner cabinet is WASTED. As a consumer we can’t know exactly what we order and then we get this strange little thing in the cabinet wasting space.

  7. Orcabelle

    Remodeled our kitchen as a DIY home project. Old kitchen was stuck in the seventies. After new floors and new paint, cabinets were installed and are absolutely beautiful! We went 95% white cabinets, with island cabinets being dark blue (maritime) and couldn’t be happier!

  8. Anonymous

    I’m remodeling my kitchen. I looked at many cabinets for the past year and I found the cabinets very well constructed. I’m a cabinet maker and didn’t have the time to make my own currently. These cabinets are soundly constructed and the finish is excellent. All wood construction, no flakeboard sides or cheap hinges and drawer slides here! I would recommend these to friends.

  9. Lauren

    I am happy with the slow-close doors and drawers, and the all-wood construction. I am disappointed that the top drawer joint is so obvious. I expected that drawer front would not be installed or at least placed on the bottom where it could not be seen every time the drawer is opened.

  10. Anonymous

    We had to have 3 cabinets reordered due to poor quality control with their assembly. This added 6 weeks to the projects. Company would ship cabinets to a 3rd party local delivery company that would hold the cabinets for 2 weeks before they delivered. Replacement cabinets were shipped with damaged parts that appear to be damaged at the factory. So we have had to order replacement parts which have delayed project additional weeks. The cabinets are solid and beautiful. Unless you are local to factory I do not recommend. was also useless with communication to cabinet maker. Installer was awesome and provided exceptional feedback. They were able to adapt cabinets to our curvy kitchen floor and ceilings.

  11. Bob27

    Renovated a whole new kitchen in a modern rustic style. I love all the new cabinets and space

  12. Cjsison

    Nice cabinets but they are all damaged. Spent $30k and have issues is quite disappointing x

  13. Carter

    We bought Diamond Mid range cabinets for a kitchen remodel just a few years ago and were very satisfied with our purchase. Not one issue to report, great quality. However for another kitchen remodel in another home just a few months ago, we again bought Diamond mid range again, what a mistake that was. Quality was awful. We had to order several replacements because the cabinets we not square, missing paint, and the plywood used had holes. Quality control was just as bad, the replacements came back with some of the same issues. Won’t buy Diamond again!

  14. ….

    Our original order was received with 6 damaged cabinets. After waiting two months we received or replacement cabinets, which were perfect. We had hired a contractor to do the install, he could not wait and moved into his next job. We ordered in November, this has cost us additional money above and beyond. With the current situation we are still waiting, if only the original shipment would have been damage free my kitchen would have been installed for Christmas, instead it is completely filled our garage, very disappointing!

  15. Linnae

    I’ve had Diamond cabinets in a previous home (natural maple) and they lasted beautifully thru a familly of four usage. Decided to use again but with natural cherry, all wood boxes this round. Gotta say, they are gorgeous and make the kitchen look fantastic with a black granite top. Purchased thru and it was a great experience all around. Would totally recommend them if you’re looking for quality at a very fair price. I’ve had no trouble with them at all from delivery to install and am very happy.

  16. Dissapointed

    We purchased these cabinets through in Thomaston Maine. The delivery arrived on time but damaged due to the transport company they used. There were also some wrong cabinets shipped which then took months to arrive throwing our entire project off schedule. Our designer was eager to work with us on the front end, and did work with our contractor when things went south but did not communicate well with us once she became a remote online worker only.

  17. SunshineFL

    Great except for the tilt tray under the sink. Love the cabinets they are beautiful. We got the option with the paper towel holder which is so convenient. The tilt tray is worthless-it doesn’t hold a standard size drain stopper and once you have the countertop in you cannot remove the screws to move the tilt tray down. We were told it’s not designed to hold a stopper… Doesn’t make sense to me! Would’ve given it five stars except for the tile tray

  18. Puch

    We remodeled our kitchen and got our cabinets from . designer botched our design. After waiting two months for our cabinets to be delivered we had to reorder the correct cabinets and now we have to wait another two months. We have been without a kitchen now for three months. The finish on the cabinets are our concern. They are inconsistent and blotchy. I do not think they will hold up to normal day to day use.

  19. Auggie

    So far I have only received a small portion of my cabinets purchased through . Seems the Storage facility cannot find 10 of my cabinets, and crown molding. Opening one of the cabinets that I have received there is a noticeable difference in the shade of the doors. Hopefully the rest of my cabinets will be of better quality

  20. takemybag

    After living through the same kitchen for 19+ years, the same cabinets, the same old painting job, it was time for something new. And thank you to Diamond Cabinets through who delivered a fantastic product, excellent installations, and timeliness on all making this overall experience unparalleled. Thank you!

  21. Molly

    They were not glued up to 1/8 off in some corners (thankfully only in the back) the doors were off line. And the custom stain was supposed to be on all the sides and instead we have fingerprints. Very disappointed I returned some because they were so poorly made. It was a rush and I paid a lot.

  22. John Doe

    One of my cabinets is 1 inch too long and now I’m left one cabinet I don’t need and no cabinet I do need. Also, the cabinets took three months to come in, a whole month longer than the estimated time of delivery. I was left with no kitchen for over a month after my move in date.

  23. Rocco22

    I decided to remodel my kitchen and had someone design it. She recommended Diamond cabinets and I would recommend them to any one. The self closing feature is great, great quality in wood and if I had to do it all over again, Diamond would be my choice

  24. emma7117

    We redid our kitchen and while the cabinets look stunning, there were several issues with the way the cabinets were put together that we had to fix ourselves before hanging them up. For how much we spent on these cabinets, that should not be an issue.

  25. Charlie47

    There were several pieces damaged in shipment and several pieces with damage that appeared to be from the factory. That said, Diamond never questioned our claims and were very quick to replace. Final product is very satisfactory. Love that soft close.

  26. EGGC

    Remodeling my kitchen. Price was fine, turn around time was egregious. 4+ months for delivery..

    A couple of the cabinet boxes had some mis-aligned gluing of routed parts into side panels but not worth sending back. I will just fix myself.

  27. JFabbri82

    Beautiful cabinets but far too many flaws and defects, very long delays in getting replacements, wrong replacement pieces sent multiple times and the pricing just doesn’t align with the value and experience received.

  28. AOFB

    Love the wood range hood although it did arrive damaged. It wasn’t bad enough to have to wait for a replacement so we re dealing with it. Should probably request a touch up kit. It does look beautiful in our kitchen…

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