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Diamond Gresham 8.5-in W x 14-in H Foxhall Green Painted Foam Kitchen Cabinet Sample (Printed Sample)

24 Reviews
  • High-definition, printed styrene cabinet door sample provides accurate cabinet color and style visualization at an affordable price
  • At 8.5-in x 14-in x 0.25-in, this printed sample is lightweight and easily lets you envision the look in your space
  • Ships in 3-5 days direct to you


Think of a paint color swatch you can pick up at your local Lowe’s. Now think much larger. This 8.5-in x 14-in x 0.25-in printed sample takes into account your Diamond™ cabinetry door style and finish selection and is mounted to a firm backing for stability.
  • High-definition, printed styrene cabinet door sample provides accurate cabinet color and style visualization at an affordable price
  • At 8.5-in x 14-in x 0.25-in, this printed sample is lightweight and easily lets you envision the look in your space
  • Ships in 3-5 days direct to you
  • Diamond® offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10.5 × 1.25 in

Latest reviews

  1. JShelley

    My kitchen looks amazing but you need to talk to your paint department. Almost every box has a drawer or door with uneven paint or overspray on the sides. This is my second kitchen with you guys but for the basement remodel I’m think I’m going to try the internet stores at half the price. My installer said that some of the trim was mulled on different machines so he took pieces back to his shop to make them fit. Cabinets don’t really go in bay windows so I ordered extra boxes and he cut them custom to finish out the ends to make it look more complete. You should also offer crown in longer sticks as I continued the crown all the way around the room and if it came in 12’ sticks I would not of had any joints.

  2. Emma

    Out of 19 cabinets, 7 of the doors had to be replaced. Upon receiving the replacement doors, 3 of the 7 had to be rereplaced. One of the drawer fronts had to be replaced because it was not square. Some of the cabinets were not square and the fronts were concave and convex so they would not line up. Also several pieces of trim and molding also had to be replaced. Problems with the doors: Some were cracked, one had fingerprints in the stain, dents, scratches, saw marks. There was absolutely no quality control.

  3. Kori

    We are completing our first kitchen remodel and decided to use Lowe’s services. Big mistake. The Diamond cabinets are beautiful, and we are happy with the quality for the most part. There are a few things we are very unhappy with. First of all, the standard counter height is 36 inches. With our new countertops installed, the height is just under 35.5 inches. With a deep, undermount sink, this is uncomfortable for washing dishes. I am 5’5′ and it bothers me. My husband is 6’1″ and it’s just awful. I wish I would have thought to investigate cabinet height and depth before purchasing! I just assumed they’d be comparable or the same. Another problem is the 3 of the 4 drawers that were installed next to our stove are too shallow at just 2.5 inches deep. There is one deeper drawer at the bottom that is useful. You can barely store any utensils in these shallow drawers! We lost storage space and there is no pull-out cutting board anymore. The pullout cutting board was a favorite feature in our old kitchen as it was handy to have right there at the stove. The upper cabinets are more shallow than our old cabinets as well, and as a result, we lost storage space again. Then there is the kitchen “designer” from Lowe’s. He is a sales guy, not a designer. He made a 3-inch error when designing our kitchen. The drawers mentioned above could be wider to compensate for how shallow they are. So again, we lost storage space.
    For the positive, the Lazy Susan cabinet is wonderful and now I have easy access to my corner space. I also love the pullout drawers. It makes getting items out of the cabinet so much easier and convenient. We really love the style and look of the cabinets.
    When the cabinets arrived, one of them had a significant crack, so the project was delayed until a replacement was delivered. We were on a deadline so we just have to live with the way things turned out as we contemplated asking for a replacement 4-drawer cabinet with the correct size.

  4. Tab02

    I ASBOUTLEY love my cabinets. The shipment took way too long. The cabinets kept coming damaged 3 different timse and I had to wait 24 days each time. I went through 4 season waiting on these cabinets. At the end I was very pleased. My lowes Rep was excellent she was with me ever step away

  5. Lori Alaska

    I just remodeled my kitchen and upgraded from contractor grade-cabinets to the Diamond Distinction, Gresham, Square, Maple, White. These cabinets are solidly made and the white interior is really nice – I can see what’s in there! The interior hardware is solid and I’m loving the soft closures. (I installed my own handles, pulls and knobs.) I ordered these cabinets through Lowe’s and they were delivered as ordered with no missing parts and no mistakes. I recommend this line, this brand and if I have a future need, I will order them again.

  6. homeowner8971

    I bought full kitchen cabinets through Lowe’s, all plywood frame, framed cabinets, solid cherry doors, I chose Greshum light style and none glossy finish. I installed them myself. I was concerned some will arrive broken but none was. They were very well packaged to prevent damage. I had one warped door and defective crown molding they replaced it in a week. It took about 5 weeks to get them from the order date. They are well built, drawer rails slide smoothly, I have two lazy Susan and the plates are thick and high quality finish with chrome rails. Doors and drawers are self closing. They have 3 levels I chose the middle, it gave the features I want for a reasonable price. Pay attention to the how the doors open left or right when ordering so they don’t hit appliances and each other.

  7. MRKritz

    When the cabinets arrived, one had the drawers and rails laying in the bottom of the cabinet. My installer put them back together but they are very crooked. The other cabinet had doors that overlap and did not close right. Only ordered 5 cabinets and 2 are off. The other 3 look nice and all drawers and doors close properly. Spent too much money for this many issues. Overall they are nice but came with a bit of disappointment.

  8. teetoe

    I love the look of the shaker style and the clean white. The only issues that kept me from giving a five was there were some manufacturing issues with the plywood end panels on the end cabinets, which actually caused issues with installing.

  9. Mcleod

    I did a total remodel of my 2 bedroom condo. was wonderful. Completed project in 2 months from the time I moved out until I moved back in.

  10. Alaska1993

    We wanted to do a kitchen refresh. These cabinets were affordable, beautiful and great quality. The shipment arrived much sooner than expected.

  11. TeeJayUU

    We are remodeling our bath and added these two pieces. We are thrilled with how they turned out!

  12. Benniefitz

    While we like the overall look of our new cabinets, and feel that the build of the cabinets are good, it wasn’t without problems. We lost and entire slide out shelf in our floor to ceiling pantry cabinet due to a manufacturing error on drilling the holes. Then we went to request a refund due to the extra labor expenses of the contractor to fix these holes, they said Lowe’s was responsible. Which is funny, because all Lowe’s did was sell them to us. I felt like they didn’t stand by their product and were quick to blame the middleman. To me that is a poor way to run a company and has a way of catching up to you in the end. As stated earlier, the end product looks good.

  13. norm

    Ordered natural finished Alder. Most 80% of cabinet doors and drawers were lacking proper sanding of end grains and clear finish was sucked in leaving all end grains dry. Rep had to bring in furniture finisher to correct problem. Also many hinge to frame screws as well as hinge to door inserts were over torqued and stripped out. Rep had to replace multiple doors with stripped insert and supply longer length screws for hinge to frame.

  14. Siomay

    The cabinets look good in general, however, workmanship I feel is average as some arrived with minor defects – scratches, painting defect and one structural defect. What is poor is the shipping management (not to blame the shipping company, they were great).

    We had duplicate cabinets, some pieces were not delivered and others arrived in the wrong color.

    Expected better given the cost

  15. Nancy

    We recently purchased a home. The original cabinets were awful! So we decided to remodel the kitchen. We placed the order and waited for our cabinet delivery. We had never done a redo of this magnitude before but it turned out great. Love the look and quality of the cabinets. Soft close doors and drawers! Can’t say enough good things about the quality.

  16. Cas3839

    We did a complete kitchen remodel ripping out all the old cabinets and center island and built from the ground up. We absolutely love our diamond cabinets. Very versatile, durable and reliable. Best purchase we have made in years !

  17. Nick family

    We remodeled our Laundry Room and these Diamond Cabinets make it look like a very expensive remodel but it wasn’t! They are extremely well made and fit into the overall design perfectly!

  18. DF-SD

    We are very pleased with the look of our new kitchen in Rustic Hickory, BUT the finish lacquer or polyurethane coat is a bit rough. It feels like they should have sanded between coats.

  19. Coach0316

    We recently remodeled our kitchen. The shaker style cabinets were a great fit. Love the colors we chose, white and peppercorn. MCH Construction said the installation was very easy!

  20. Sunshine42

    Complete remodel on our kitchen. Designed from scratch. Love the quality and the available options to make our kitchen like a model home.

  21. Luke

    We added a home bar to our rec room. Used Diamond cabinets and they were perfect for the project. Great customer support throughout, too

  22. Syd/Matthew

    We updated our 70’s kitchen and couldn’t be happier with the style, quality and the customer service.

  23. Dad1

    We updated our kitchen with custom maple cabinets. This product turned out to be most amazing

  24. AshleyT

    Remodeled our kitchen and these cabinets look amazing! Love the buckskin stain color.

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