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Diamond Jamestown 14.5-in W x 14.5-in H Balsamic Ombre Painted Wooden Maple Kitchen Cabinet Sample (Door Sample)

17 Reviews
  • See this Diamond® cabinet style and finish in your home
  • 14.5-in x 14.5-in wooden cabinetry sample
  • Ships in 3-5 days direct to you


Bring your vision to life with this Diamond® 14-1/2-in x 14-1/2-in cabinetry sample. See how this cabinet style and finish will look in your home to kickstart your project.
  • See this Diamond® cabinet style and finish in your home
  • 14.5-in x 14.5-in wooden cabinetry sample
  • Ships in 3-5 days direct to you
  • Diamond® offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty
Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 14.75 × 14.75 in

Latest reviews

  1. Craig’s

    Found the product and was very excited to see it placed in my home. When product in December of 2021 arrived it was found to be missing large item pieces. When inspected we found several items damaged and ordered replacements. One product delivered even showed “fault” written in yellow pencil on cabinets drawers because all were damaged. I have cabinet doors that are not even, slide hardware broken, bent brackets holding doors, doors warped, outside visible wood chipped, and chipped shelves just to name a few. Customer service was somewhat helpful when ordering new replacements, but some items shipped as replacements were also damaged or the wrong item all together.

  2. The retired tool-man

    We decided to update our old kitchen design by modernizing it to the latest kitchen designs of today. Our local retailer was knowledgeable about the Diamond product and the promotional specials that were in place at that time. These new cabinets made a 100% transformation to our home making it look like it came out of a Home and Garden Magazine as many of our friends have stated. Even the retailer called my workmanship “Stunning” when I showed him the new kitchen. The many available choices Diamond offers for the DIY makes any kitchen remodeling a breeze, but one should have some carpentry experience understanding how cabinets should be assembled properly; not for the faint of heart.

  3. L.A.-South Bay Kitchen

    I remodeled my kitchen in a post-war 1955 house in the Los Angeles area. The kitchen dimensions were 14’ x 7’. Diamon’s Jamestown shaker cabinets pictured have solid wood cabinets with painted maple doors. Everything arrived per specifications, undamaged, and look wonderfully elegant installed. I opted for a semi-concealed, 2-tone kitchen, and chocolate and shaker white finishes compliment each other nicely. I call it semi-concealed because you don’t see the chocolate pantries and base cabinets until you are standing inside the kitchen. I have received nothing but “WOW” from all my friends, and have included a dreadful “before” pic so you can fully understand the emergency I was facing.

  4. Eleanor21

    Aesthetically, my cabinets are gorgeous (Jamestown in natural stained hickory) – I am in love. However, our overall experience with Diamond was less than ideal. They manufactured specific cabinets incorrectly multiple times. After the first shipment arrived, we noticed that a couple of them were incorrect. No big deal – we understand that mistakes happen. However, when they had to send another 3 shipments because they kept screwing up the same cabinets, we realized that Diamond has a problem with their Quality Control department. Other issues included: misalignment of predrilled shelf holes, incorrect faux doors/panels, incorrectly drilled holes that were obviously patched, among other defects. Their repeat mistakes caused our kitchen reno to be delayed by months. Feeding 3 teenage boys on frozen pizzas and chicken tenders is fun for only so long.

  5. Notsure

    Wood quality
    Soft close

    6 drawers were crooked
    2 cabinet doors had a horizontal crease/line going through paint
    Glass cabinet doors very loosely hold glass which rattles upon open and close, even with the soft close.

    If it wasn’t for the poor quality control on the crooked drawers, paint issues, and loose glass, I would give a 5 star.

  6. Sjh10

    We are building a new home and went with the all plywood cabinets and they are gorgeous! The soft closing feature is my favorite! The thatch stain is beautiful and the cabinets clean up easily! We had the kitchen, laundry room, and master bathroom installed with a company through Lowe’s and all the bathrooms we installed ourselves which was quick and easy to do.

  7. Dinordh

    I recently had an addition put on my home with a very large kitchen. There were issues with some of the cabinets. I am amazed at how someone has one job (cabinet workers in the factory) and it still isn’t satisfactory but is allowed to go the the customers home.

  8. Rjohnson

    We decided to upgrade and expand a portion of our kitchen. We are very disappointed in the quality of the product received. Multiple doors were warped and did not close properly. all but one I was able to correct. There are multiple places the laminate on the plywood was peeling upon arrival, One of the cabinet doors was scuffed as if it had been previously used. One of the doors was placed in misalignment to the others and the screw holes drilled to remove the possibility of adjustment. In the island cabinet, the gripping section of the drawer was rough as if it hadn’t been sanded before being finished. Also, multiple places where the finish was spotty or bubbled. Luckily for us, these were in not easily visible locations. to top it off, one of the doors was even missing the little rubber bumper.

    Still waiting for a non-warped door and the rubber bumper, after speaking to the Diamond representative that happened to be in the store.

    due to the extended delivery time (the cabinets were almost a month late), I fixed what I could and installed them to regain my kitchen.

  9. Paul A

    I remodled my kitchen which had not been updated since 1991. After looking around I settled on Diamond because they had everything I wanted at a fair price. It took about 12 weeks for my order to arrive and I could not have been more please with the quality of construction or the materials used. I had three minor issues (a few pieces of missing trim, a drawer front with stripped screws, and a missing shelf) which were resolved with one phone call. The missing / defective items were next day aired to me allowing my contractor to finish on time. I can not remember when I have had such an enjoyable experience with a company. I proudly tell people that my cabinets are Diamond and whole heartedly recommend them!

  10. She is the best

    This is my new home with the new cabinets
    And is beautiful

  11. cabinets-new and needed

    We decided, after living in our home a long time, to remodel the kitchen. We used alder, rustic, in a natural finish, and we found counter tops and door hardware that matched/blended with the wood. We also added back splashes that brought out the highlights of the wood and door hardware.We love the pull-out shelves and soft-closing doors.

  12. AmyS

    I bought these cabinets after seeing how great my sister’s cabinets where in her kitchen remodel. However, the quality of her cabinets compared to mine was not the same. I ordered the shaker style cabinet and the inside of the cabinet door looks like it was just flipped around to create the flat look of the shaker cabinet as the inside has the grooves of a traditional looking cabinet. I have had people ask if the doors are reversible! Also, the spice rack does not have the shaker style outline, it is just flat and looks like it does not fit with the rest of the cabinets. There were also many imperfections on the cabinet doors such as bubbles, scratches, and dings. I did get several of the doors replaced, but even the replacements were not perfect. One thing I am in love with is the vent hood, it is beautiful and just what I wanted. The upper glass cabinets are another great feature. I really love the look of the cabinets, but am concerned about the overall durability of them in years to come.

  13. Lucia

    Everyone was wonderful in helping me fulfill my vision for thw new kitchen. Their expertise and skill to assist me with kindness and patience. Christina/Tammyand Dennis the carpenter. Couldn’t have had a better team.

  14. Twitch

    Remodeled my kitchen myself on a budget. Used crown molding and trim pieces to fancy it up. Upgraded the hinges on the doors with soft close hinges for that expensive feel for a low investment.

  15. jayggg54

    We’ve been remodeling our Kitchen with all new cabinets, granite countertop and new appliances.

  16. Stella

    I purchased five base cabinets and two pantry cabinets using particleboard construction. Absolutely horrible quality, three came with the sides completely smashed in. Fortunately my husband could repair them with some other wood since they needed to be installed quickly and we couldn’t wait for replacements. Also, the large panels in the pantry cabinets don’t match at all the door frame wood. Completely dissatisfied with the product. Would definitely not recommend

  17. Happy45

    I wanted a bright and cheerful kitchen. The beautiful light color of the cabinets is just the ticket. It’s a beautiful complement to my white countertops. I’ve had quite a few genuine gasps of appreciation from visitors. My experienced contractor was so impressed with the good quality he has decided to buy the same for his own personal renovation.

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