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Eaton Type CH 100-Amp 2-Pole Standard Trip Circuit Breaker

16 Reviews
  • For use in Eaton Type CH load centers and meter breaker panels
  • Trip to OFF and simple 1-step reset breaker feature eliminates the need to turn the breaker OFF before turning to the ON position
  • May also be used as a main breaker


  • For use in Eaton Type CH load centers and meter breaker panels
  • Trip to OFF and simple 1-step reset breaker feature eliminates the need to turn the breaker OFF before turning to the ON position
  • May also be used as a main breaker
  • Requires (2) 3/4-in spaces
  • Interrupt rating is 10 kAIC
  • Eaton offers a full line of circuit breakers to meet all your protection needs including arc fault, ground fault, and surge protection breakers
Weight 0.73 lbs
Dimensions 15.1 × 0.8083 × 7.3 in

Latest reviews

  1. Dean

    This was a replacement for a breaker that an electrician didn’t tighten the lug down on. This thing really takes every bit of the load it promises. I couldn’t wait to get it home and tear the wrapping off, and allow it to take the double poles it claimed it could take, and by god it took them both like a champ. I felt it’s energy immediately as soon as I got it turned on. The juice flowed like never before and it took the full load without any problem. This is a must have no matter what size load you have (100amps and below).

  2. Justin

    Slightly deferance from the older ones but fits like a glove.

  3. Andy

    I do a lot of electrical and ch makes a great product.

  4. Flawless

    needed it for an upgrade from main to feed a sub-box with three independent 20-double pole to power each motor individually set for 240v. with 8/3 romex wire (6/3 also recommended as well).

  5. Jerry

    the only issue I had with this breaker is that it is not stocked at my local store. I had a neighbor stop at a he passes on way to work they stock it.

  6. TomNJ

    Hard to locate CH breakers was happy to find them at . I needed a 15 amp replacement, so thus one and others I put in my stock for just in case needs.

  7. Daryl

    These are currently hard to acquire. Lowe’s had it in stock and made it easy wirh online ordering and contactless pickup

  8. Chris

    Well designed as most CH model Eaton devices are. Works well, easily handles appropriately sized wire.

  9. samuel

    Had a main breaker malfunction on a piece of rental property able to fix it on a weekend

  10. JayB

    No other home improvement store, in the Dover area, had this product on their shelves.

  11. Missy

    I always buy these breakers because THEY LAST!!!! Just a great product!

  12. Zig

    Fits perfectly an works very well from house to get 100 amp garage

  13. Jay

    Installed as expected. NO surprises which is exactly what I want.

  14. Gary

    Excellent craftsmanship as expected from a Cutler hammer product

  15. JS

    What the panel called for. Went in quickly and easily.

  16. JCA1080

    Fits like a glove in older Cutler Hammer breaker box.

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